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Lafayette, 1900

(part of Butler Twp.)

Instructions:  Check each INDEX page for the name of your ancestor.  Once you've located the name, click on the coordinating section map to see where their property was located.

CLICK HERE to see how the sections in Butler Township are arranged.

Index Map

Name Index

Andersen                    Margaret                               13

Clawson                     John                                       19

Caton                        Thomas                                  2 north side

Crawford                  Amelia                                    20

Dencer                      D. S.                                       18

Eakin                        R. J.                                        3 south half

Gribben                    R. O.                                       2 & 3 Foulks Addition

Gipe                         Joshua                                    7

Hisey                       Joseph                                     14

Hisey                       Jacob                                      16

Kirkpatrick             H. W.                                      22

Leasure                   Eli                                           25

Murray                   E. A. & M.E.                           15

Owens                    Arch                                        23 & 24

Robinson                Geo. W.                                   17

Rife                         Mary                                       3 north half

Stauffer                   Henry                                      8 thru 12

Stauffer                   Melvin                                     4

Sloan                      Martha                                    21

Tharp                     Wm                                          1 & S pt of 2

White                     Milton                                      5 & 6

White                     J. W.                                        7

Thanks to Dina M. for helping to create this index.  (10/07)

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