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Mifflin Twp., 1920

Instructions:  Check each INDEX page for the name of your ancestor.  Once you've located the name, click on the coordinating section map to see where their property was located.

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Section Index Maps

Name Index

Section 3 & 4


Kohler, Jacob & Alice E.

Lightner, John S.

Sleigwald, Mary A.

Brokaw, William

Devies, Charles A.

Kohler, Jacob & Alice E.

Lightner, John S.

Simpson, Alice & Chas.

VanDyke, W.



Section 5 & 6


Burns, John J.

Hale, Jos. W. & Emma M.

Hale, Willard

Hale, Rodney D.

Hout, Walter

Hout, Walter L.

McCormick, Andrew

McCormick, John

Broach, Alice & August

Bush, Mary E. & Roy G.

Dolittle, H. O.

Hale, Avery

Hale, Hugh

Hale, Rodney D.

Hoover, A. B.

Kauffman, Daniel

Koogle, Ollie

McCormick, A. A.   et al

McCormick, Andrew

Osbun, Freeman

Zitzer, Marie

Hout, E. J.

Houston, Fred L.

Hale, J. W. & E. M.

Shanks, Ada & Ralph

Dolittle, H. O.

Hout, Elmer

Senambre, Adam & Eva

Hout, Mary H.

........, Alexander

Some Unreadable



Section 7 & 8


Hale, Avery

Hale, Rodney D.

Hale, Hugh

Hout, B. B.

Hout, C. B.

Burns, John J.

Boals, Wade P.

Charles, Milton O.

Ditch, Henry O.

Hale, Avery

Koehler, Emerson D.

Maiwurm, Dale Esteela

Reed, Samantha M. & Mell A.

Vantilburg, Mary K. & Lucilla S.

U.B. Church

Shoup, Walter & John

Boy Scout Camp Avery

Hout, Mary H.

Painter, Harold & Helen



Section 9 & 10


Unsbaugh, Sarah (sp. Amsbaugh on map)

Boals, Bryan F.

Boals, Josiah

Culler, R. E.

Harlan, Samuel

Hoover, Christ

Crider, William

Culler, Ezra

Fogel, Anton & Sophia

Hursh, Arthur J.

Steigwald, Mry A.

Tucker, W.

The Prendorgast

Winter, T.E. & Anna B.

Culler, Webster

Heilman, Joseph & Jos.

Landis, Florien & Mabel




Section 15 & 16


Boals, Frank L.

Culler, Ezra H.

Hursh, Arthur J.

Lewis, Elzy

Page, Frank

Sacket, C. D.

Tucker, Norman

Tucker, Webster

Boals, Frank L.

Boals, Josiah

Hout, Cyrus B.

Hout, David Wesley

Hout, Elmer J.

Snyder, Casper

Swoveland, Beny (Benjamin on map)


Sackett, C. D.

Schmahl, Rosa

Hout, Roy



Section 17 & 18


Barnheel, Thos. Y.

Cole, Barbara

Hoover, Gideon E.

Hoover, Jacob

Hoover, Catherine

Hout, David

Hout, Samuel

Hout, Samuel S.

Reed, Mary L. & C. L.

Boals, Beatrice M.

Boals, Wm. L.

Brindle, Jennie

Gongwer, Isabel Mary

Hannan, Lillie D.

Harper, L. W.

Hout, Lorenzo F.


Johnson, Harvey P.   et al

Koogle, Ollie

Pettit, Mary

Shellhass, Lennie O. & David W.

Hout, Estella F.

Miller, Anton & Christina

Kovac, Mike & Susan

Thrush, Glenn A.

Zeitler, Fred

Barr & McApline



Section 19 & 20


Boals, William L.

Gongwer, Mary Isabel

Lauer, Peter & Catherine E.

McBride, Chas.

McBride, Mary A.

Pettit, Mary

Pettit, Christian   et al

Schenk, Daniel W. & Mary M.

Thrush, Ernest S.

Thrush, Ernest

Au, Viola J.    et al

Gongwer, Cyrus

Hoover, B. F.

McBride, Chas.

McBride, Charles

Kisling, Katherine M.]

McBride, Arthur A. & Mary I.


Johnson, Anna L.




Section 21 & 22


Hines, William A.

Koogle, Martin L.

Koogle, Mary E. (sp. May on map)

Lutz, W. H.

McNaul, Lucy

chwan, J. Fred

Swoveland, Beny

Aby, Isaac

Aby, J. B.

Bailiett, L. C. (sp. Balliet on map)

Bailiett, Lewis  (sp. Balliet on map)

Braden, Nettie

Brown, Henry

Cole, John

Cole, Malissa

Doerrer, Wm. H. (sp. Dorrer on map)

Harlan, John D.

Hines, Margaret  (sp. Heines on map)

Henry, M. A.

Koogle, May E.

Lewis, Nathan

Harland, Raymond & Goldia



Section 27 & 28


Barr, D. H.

Doerrer, Edmond F.

Harlan, John D.

McConnell, Mary E.

Simpson & Maglott

Snook, Chas.

Snook, Chas. Jr.

Barr, J. L.

Cook, Harry & Etta

Griffeth, Eva & Earl C.

Griffeth, Ira

Griffeth, William

Griffeth, William Jr.

Keefer, J. F.

Miller, Daisy & Lewis

Painter, Chas.

Pugh, B. E.

Schneck, F. W.

Thoma, Emery

Smith, G. V. & Josephine

Enderle, Henry & Eliz.

Walbert, John  & Eliz.



Section 29 & 30


Aby, Mary

Balitch, Wasa & Catherine

Barr, John L.

Griffeth, Ira

Maglott, John

Peterson, W.E. & Treka P.

Schneck, F. W.

Schneck, Daniel W. & Mary M. (sp. Shenk on map)

Williams, Clementine L.

Baker, Ira A.

Balliett, Arena B.

Bell, Catherine M.

Beel, Catherine M.

Daubenspeck, Ira

Ford, S. N.]

Hess, Fianna

Schenk, Daniel W.  & Mary M. (sp. Shenk on map)

Walters, Willis C.

Cook, Harry & Etta

Dauterman, Joseph & Johannia

Emanuel Church



Section 31 & 32


Amsbaugh, Geo. Riley

Balliett, D. H.

Balliett, Drusilla

Bell, Nettie M.

Brubaker, John

Brubaker, Mary

Carpenter, Ross

Chew, James A.

Chew, Cephus

Foltz, Sidney A.

Hess, Feanna

Glenn, Susan

Stewart, James

Aby, Soloman

Balliett, Geo. & Clara P.

Balliett, Luther G.

Lemon, S. & R. W.

Lemon, R. W.

Sturgeon, J. G. & C. E.

Sturgeon, J. G.

Sturgeon, C. E. & J. G.

Wigton, Doyle D. & Navie

Feske, J> Henry

Cinise, Otis

Snyder, Sarah J.

Lissekam, Peter & Elizabeth

Carpenter, Reid

Wilemon, S. & R.

Carpenter & Ross



Section 33 & 34


Barr, Albert H.

Barr, Emma

Hoover, Ellen

Hostetter, R. G.

Lambright, Wesley

Lampbright, Amelia

Lewis, Lovina

Painter, Chas.

Purdy, Garfield

Snook, August W.

Snook, Mary & August

Snook, Orpha M.

Sturgeon, Clara E.

Tucker, John A.

Blust, H.

Blust, Magdalena

Culler, Charles T.

Ernsberger, W. W.

Ernsberger, Nora E.

Ernsberger, Samuel

Maglott, Arthur

Miller, Wm. M.

Mowery, Geo. B.  (sp. Mowry on map)

Snook, Mary

Snook, R.A. & A. W.

Blust, O. B.   et al

Blust, C. A.

Thanks to Dina for creating this name index.  (4/08)

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