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Personal Property Taxes - Taxpayers, 1827

Madison Township

source:  Richland County List of Property Subject To Taxation, 1827

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Antibus, John Armstrong, William Albsbaugh, Valentine Armstrong, Thomas
Angivine, Aaron Boland, Robert Buckingham, Joshua Baker, Christian
Bowman, Simeon Bartley, Mordecai Buckins, Samuel Billings, Newman
Beam, Jacob Bogart, Russell Barr, John Bushey, Abraham
Barker, Peter N. Bunting, Michael Blenn, William Beam, Henry
Balentine, Saml. Brache, Peter Beam, Joseph Bachelor, Daniel
Billings, Solomon Coates, W.R. Cook, Abel Carothers, Samuel
Casebear, Elijah Creigh, Samuel Curr__, Joseph Coulter, James
Cairns, Joseph Cunningham, Francis Creigh, David M. Craighead, John B.
Camp, Harvey Cook, Jabez Cantwell, William Cline, Michael
Crooks, Benjamin Crooks, John Cantwell, Thomas Caldwell, Joseph
Clark, Alvea Cornwall, Francis Curtis, Moses Clark, Thomas
Cook, Luther Cook, Solomon Crusan, Garret Day, Matthias
Day, _.B. Downs, John B. Downey, William Dille, Isaac
Daniels, Jesse Deal, John Dickey, David Dukes, Daniel
Edgington, Thomas Ford, Benjamin Franks, Uriah Finney, Mary
Fulton, John Finney, Thomas Flint, Eliphalet Finch, Nathaniel
Grant, Edwin Gates, John Glenn, William Gibbeny, George
Garrison, Jason Garrison, William Gibbeny, Samuel Hooper, John W.
Harmon, Horatio Hoy, William Hedges, Ellzey Harvey, Thomas
Harter, John W. Hedges, James Hazlett, C. & T. Huffman, John H.
Henry, James Handley, Isaac Hazlett, Samuel Hilton, John
Hoy, Richard Johns, Benjamin Jaques, Jeremiah Johnson, John
Day, S.B. Mains, Frederick Jaques, Sanford Jaques, Margaret
Jumper, Joseph Jumper, Henry Jaques, David John, John
John, Thomas Johnson, James Keith, Henry Kelley, Matthew
Keith, Michael Lamberton, Christopher Lindley, Jacob Lindley, Joseph
Lofland, Thomas Little, David Lind, Matthew Larrimore, James
Laughridge, James Like, Barnet Like, Adam Mitchel, Thomas
Mains, John McBride, James Mercer, Boyd Marshall, Wm.
McCombs, James McCombs, Robert McFall, Hugh Mains, Frederick
McCullough, John McCombs, Robert Mull, George Jr. Mull, George
Miller, A.G. Mann, John May, John U. Morrison, Ann
Mumford, James McConnel, John G. Maxwell, William Morrow, Matthew
McConnel, William Morehead, Robert Mullin, Thomas Mann, Samuel
McCurdy, David Miller, David McDonald, William McElroy, Alexander
Newman, Henry Newman, Michael Newman, George Newman, John
Newman, Henry Niman, John Niman, William Niman, Henry Jr.
Niman, Samuel Nail, Henry Jr. Nail, Henry Neil, Martin
Newman, Susanna Ozier, Stephen Overdeer, Samuel Peterson, David
Parker, Jacob Pugh, John Patterson, William Pollock, Clement R.
Pudy, James Price, John Painter, Jacob Painter, Andrew
Painter, John Parker, John Pratt, Thomas Pepple, Catharine
Price, Benjamin Polland, Silas Parker, John Pyatt, Thomas
Pyatt, John Pluck, Nathaniel Price, William Roop, Henry
Reed, Joseph H. Ridgeway, Richard Roberts, George Roadpouch, Philip
Rorick, William Reed, Joseph Rowland, James Redding, Edward
Sturges, E.P. Smith, Josiah Swiney, Daniel Smart, James
Stewart, James Sutliff, Plumb Smith, Elisha D. Smith, Davis
Swisher, John Sanderson, John Sheldon, Nathaniel Stafford, James
Scott, John Sibley, John Sloan, John Stewart, William
Smith, William Shaeffer, john Smith, John Shauks, William
Shell, Henry Terry, Thomas C. Tanner, John U. Taylor, Samuel
Tingley, William Tarr, Levi Tiler, Timothy Tarr, Samuel
Vanhorn, William Wise, David Wolfe, Samuel G. Weldon, Rowland
Wiler, John Weldon, John Wilson, George Welch, john
Walters, John Walters, Moses Williams, Sarah Wiley, John
Walker, John Wallace, John Whistler, John Williams, Mary
Williams, Miles Westfall, Harvey Wise, John Young, George

reference number = 1827 / 8643-8658

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