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Personal Property Taxes - Taxpayers, 1828

Orange Township

source:  Richland County List of Property Subject To Taxation, 1828

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* NOT presented in strict alphabetical order *

Artman, Solomon Alexander, Andrew Baughman, Abram Jr. Brody, Jesse
Biddinger, Christian Biddinger, Peter Biddinger, Christian Jr. Bishop, Joseph
Baughman, Abraham Baughman, Henry Bishop, John Brandeberry, Rudolph
Brandeberry, Philip Bowman, John N. Baughman, William Baughman, john
Baughman, Gabriel Brown, Thomas Barr, Nicholas Biddinger, Philip
Bryan, William Bryan, Caleb Bowerice, Christian Burge, John Y.
Cunningham, Joseph Chilcoat, John Chilcoat, Humphrey Culbertson, Robert
Clark, James Corbin, Margaret Crawford, Robert Clayburgh, Isaac
Donley, Thomas Edward, Henry Edwards, Ignatius Fulton, William
Fluke, Philip Fast, David Fast, Christian Fast, Jacob
Fast, Christian Jr. Fast, William Fast, Nicholas Freeborn, George
Fast, George Fitzgerald, William Fast, Francis Gribbin, Isaac
Heckard, Peter Heckard, Jacob Heckard, John Hall, George
Heffner, Jacob Haiden, Miles Heffner, Fredrick Hartman, David
Heffner, John Heffner, Henry Heffner, Jacob Jr. Hampson, Henry
Heffner, David Jours, Nicholas King, John Kiefer, William
Krips, Matthias Kreps, Christian Kilgore, James Koonse, Elizabeth
Linard, George Ledman, Isabel Mason, Martin Mason, Jacob
Mason, Andrew Mason, John Mason, David Metcalf, Vatchell
Murray, Patrick Murray, James Murray, William Murray, John (Capt.)
Mickey, Isaac Mickey, Robert Murphey, Elisha Markley, John
Murphey, William McDowel, James Murphey, James McConnel, Thomas
McConnel, John Mackerell, John Mackrell, Joseph Mackerell, Samuel
Mason, Jacob Jr. McConnel, William Malson, James Norris, Amos
Nipshell, John Piper, Samuel Patterson, William Rolston, Robert Jr.
Rowland, Christian Rowland, Joseph Ricket, Christopher Ridenour, Jacob
Rowland, Peter Shoemaker, Adam Stringer, John Shoemaker, Philip
Snider, Joseph Snively, John Snively, David Stull, John
Summers, Daniel Slater, John Slater, John Scoonover, Henry
Shaver, Samuel Tilton, Aron G. Tucker, Jonathan Tucker, John
Thomas, Peter Thomas, Henry Thomas, George Thomas, Josiah
Wasson, Robert Wheeler, Henry Wheeler, Edward Walker, Adam
Waters, Robert Worley, Francis Welch, Ephraim Witright, Peter
Young, Jacob Young, John Young, Abraham -

reference number = 1828 / 9152-9163

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