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Personal Property Taxes - Taxpayers, 1834

Perry Township

source:  Richland County List of Property Subject To Taxation, 1834

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Algier, Jacob Acton, Henry Algier, John Jr. Acton, Osbon
Algier, George Ackerman, Abraham Aungst, Samuel Buckingham, Benjamin
Brown, John E. Black, Peter Blackburn, Anthony Broadbeck, John K.
Baughman, John W. Bigby, William Bowman, Henry Baker, Christopher R.
Baker, Christopher Broadrick, Paul Baker, Peter Baughman, Francis W.
Boughner, Martin Bowers, Daniel Bigby, George Beckley, ____ (widow)
Broombaugh, Jacob Coffman, ___ (widow) Clevenger, Thomas Carr, David
Culp, David Craven, John Culp, Philip Jr. Cook, John Esq.
Combs, Benjamin Chambers, Robert Culp, Lawrence Coon, Jacob
Chambers, John Culp, Philip Sr. Coon, ____ (widow) Carey, Reuben
Close, John Craven, Welling Carey, William Culp, Abraham
Craven, Anson Coon, George Jr. Culp, Jacob Chambers, James
Dyer, Bracket Dennis, Samuel Devebaugh, Jacob Dalley, Charles
Dick, Peter Ely, John Edwards, Elexis Ely, David
Eby, David Evans, David Fallen, Brewer Fallin, Daniel
Fielding, John Fringer, George Fisher, Elias Fish, Henry
Fish, Robert Greeno, Samuel Grayham, John Green, Benjamin
Greeno, John Goss, George Grubb, John Grayham, David
Greeno, Jacob Householder, Abraham Hosler, George Hetrick, Isaac
Hart, Abner Henry, John Huntsman, Jeremiah Hetrick, Abraham
Hart, Benjamin Huntsman, Jonathan Huntsman, Jesse Huntsman, James
Hetrick, Abraham J. Halferty, ____ (widow) Hoosac, Adam Hashner, Lawrence
Hart, Levi Herring, Samuel Huffmire, William Herst, Samuel H.
Hannawalt, Jacob Jamison, Charles James, Elias Krysher, Jacob
Keller, John Klinefelter, Michael Kegg, Jacob Lucas, Daniel
Lance, Frederick Lucas, Jacob Lucas, Adam Lumm, Samuel
Lamb, Lawrence Lamb, Timothy Lewis, John Lavring, Nathan
Moore, Josiah Miller, Michael Miller, Jacob Morrison, Daniel
Mitten, James McIntire, John Null, John Oakes, Isaac
Ogle, Asenath Olp, John Patterson, Samuel Packer, Nathan
Poland, John Perkypil, Jacob Poorman, Elizabeth Poorman, Michael
Poorman, Adam Packer, Eve Painter, Andrew Parker, Robert
Poorman, Peter Philips, Thomas Perkeypile, Peter Painter, John
Powel, David Rule, Henry Rule, Levi Rinehart, George Jr.
Rule, John Rule, George - east Rinehart, George Rinehart, Michael
Rule, George Jr. Rinehart, Barbara Rickle, Henry Rinehart, Jacob
Sents, David Stiltz, Philip Sheffer, John Salsberry, S.S.
Stevens, Abraham Sheffer, Henry Sheffer, Frederick Stevens, Wm. H.
Samms, William Shade, Henry Smith, Abraham Singrey, John
Singrey, Jehu Samms, Henry Sheffa, George Stevens, Henry Esq.
Shauck, John Samms, ____ (widow) Samms, Laird Smith, John F.
Shaeffer, Jacob Sheffer, Martin Stillwell, Joseph Snider, John
Samms, Peter Samms, Abraham Shauck, Elah Samms, Abraham Jr.
Stout, John Stout, George Silvey, Benjamin Vail, Nathan
Vanbuskirk, John Jr. Vanbuskirk, John Sr. Vanbuskirk, Elkenna West, William
Weyrick, Samuel Weyrick, Jacob Walker, Christopher Walters, George
Woodward, Nathaniel Weyrick, John - west Williams, Benjamin Windham, Hezekiah
Winan, John Walters, Thomas B. Zeigler, Frederick Zeigler, Christian
Zeigler, Nicholas Zeaman, Samuel - -

reference number = 1834 / 8816-8829

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