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Charles C. Schaeffer's Will

source:  Semi-Weekly News:  02 March 1897, Vol. 13, No. 18

Henry Schaeffer, by his attorneys, Cummings & McBride, has begun suit in common pleas court against Maria M. Schaeffer et al. to set aside the will of Charles C. Schaeffer, deceased, of Troy Township.

The petition which is a lengthy one, states that Charles C. Schaeffer died May 25, 1895, leaving as heirs Henry Schaeffer, Charles Schaeffer and Mulvina Jacoby.  That on June 8, 1895, a paper writing purporting to be the will of the deceased bearing date of April 2, 1894, was presented and duly admitted to probate.  Letters testamentary were issued to Maria M. Schaeffer as executrix, who is now acting in such capacity.  By the terms of the will referred to, Maria M. Schaeffer is named as the sole legatee and beneficiary.  Plaintiff now claims that the paper writing referred to is not the last will of Charles C. Schaeffer and that at the date of the making of the will he was not of sound mind and memory and by reason of age and sickness, was mentally incapacitated from making a will or proper distribution of his property.  Also that he was persuaded and coerced into signing the paper by the undue influence of the defendant, Maria M. Schaeffer, and others conspiring with her.  Plaintiff, therefore, prays that the will be set aside and declared not the will of Charles C. Schaeffer, and for such other relief as the court may deem proper.

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