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Vol 2


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 Vol. 2.


ROLL OF CAPT. DAVID LYON'S CO. (Probably from Ross County Continued)



Rank and Name of Soldier

Rank and Name of Soldier

Rank and Name of Soldier





Foster, Joseph Jr. Foster, William Foster, Isaac
Guthrie, George Higginbotham, James Hampton, Francis
Hellenbach, William Howard, Ephraim House, John
Higginbotham, William Johnston, John Johnston, George
Kellenger, Jacob Kellison, John Loney, James
Lewis, Samuel Lewis,, Joseph Lewis, John
Mathews., Joseph Mathews, John Moore, Edward
Mounts, Asa Miller, David McCray, Alexander
McCray, Nathan Nolland, William Nixon, Allen
Ogg, John Ottwell, John Pry, Jacob
Peters, Thomas Phillips, Benjamin Provott, Thomas
Parsons, Ezeklal Pittenger, James Summers, Benjamin
Sewell, Joseph Sergeant, James Switzerv Abraham
Thorp, Thomas Wright, James Williams, John


Pages 263-264-265-266.


ROLL OF CAPT. THOMAS MORGAN'S CO. (From Ross and Scioto Counties).

Served from July 28, until September 9, 1813, and from February 13, until March 18, 1814.


Capt Thomas Morgan

Lieut James Emerson     

Ensign James McLain

Ensign John Clemens

Sergt Nathaniel Barber 

Sergt John Barber

SergL Samuel Wilson

Sergt George Weider

Sergt Job Goslee

Sergt Isaac Johnston

Corp James Dawson

Corp Jesse Martin

Corp William Sullivan

Corp Thomas Lasborough

Corp James Furnace

Corp John Thebus

Fifer, John Funk

Drummer, Isaac Wheeler








        Armstrong, Jeremiah

   Baccus, James

   Black, James

        Bell, Benjamin

   Baty, Alexander

   Bramble, James

        Brown, William

   Beyely, R

   Ballard, Fountain

        Bilsley, William

   Baker, Henry

   Berer, Peter

        Colegrove, William

   Crull, John

   Cutright, William

        Colwell, Thomas

   Coon, Jacob

   Cline, Jacob

        Cochran, Benjamin

   Dawson, John

   Duncan, John

        Daniels, Samuel

   Denny, John

   Dealle, Adam

        Eiza, Nicholas

   Eakin, William

   Essex, Isaac

        Ferguson, Eli

   Ferguson, John

   Fisher, Frederick

        Greene, Blinn

   Grafton, Ambrose

   Gilliland, John

        Grins, James

   Hall, John

   Hard, James

        Hatticks, Phillip

   Hively, Jacob

   Harper, John

        Hewitt, William

   Howard, Martin

   Hook Jacob

        Robb, Richard

   Hughs, James

   Hugh, Nathan

        Kirkendall, Daniel

   Knight, William

   Julin, John

        Justice, Jesse

   Lutz, John D

   Lawson, Enoch

        Louderbach, John

   Louderbach, Peter

   Louderbach, Conrad

        Moore, William

   Melvin, Jonothan

   Mathews, James

        Miller, John Sr

   Miller, John, Jr

   Monroe, Aaron

        Morris, Richard

   Murray, George

   Moore, Douglas

        McCann, Daniel

   McCann, John

   McCanly, John

        McCoy, William

   McCullough, John

   McFarland, John

        McAlister, John

   McDonald, Thomas

   Niece, George

        Niece, Andrew

   Peters, Jacob

   Ridnour, Frederick

        Runcle, George

   Retter, Frederick

   Starkham Aaron

        Salada, David

   Stuckman, Aaron

   Sallady, David

        Wheeler, Isaac

   Watt, James

   Wolford, Frederick


Pages 267-268


ROLL OF CAPT JOHN RUSSELL'S COMPANY (Probably from Ross County).

Served from       July 28, until September 9, 1813.


Capt John Russell

Lieut David McMullin

Ensign William Carpenter

Sergt William Hadley

Sergt. Christian YingUng

Sergt. David Jamison

Sergt. John McCall

Corp. John Salisbury

Corp. Presley Gilliland

Corp. Walter Meal

Corp. John Liston

Drummer, John Smith

Fifer, John Brooks








Abbot, Jeremiah

   Brown, Aaron

  Aldwick, Luke

Bump, Ignatius 

   Broner, John

  Bell, Isaac

Cohall, Edward

   Curtis, William

  Cross, John

Curry, William

   Chemith, Richard

  Clark, Cornelius

Cattim, Samuel

   Didmerty, William

  Conard, John

Gilruth, James

   Grubb, William

  Fisher, John

Green, Clark

   Hepler, Jacob

   Haley, Andrew

Jones, Isaac

   Kimmel, Andrew

   Link, Jacob

Lewbarger, Peter

   Lewis, William

   Lee, Daniel

Moore, David

   Miller, Abraham

   Nottingham, Thomas

Nichlass, William

   Powell, William

   Reeves, Thomas

Russell, James

   Slaughter, Ezekial

   Stover, John

Spary, Francis

   Shute, Richard

   Suiter, Hiram

Tawey, George

   Vantine, Samuel

   West, Samuel

West, William