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Herman KNOCH

Probate Record


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The State of Ohio, Ross County,
Nicholas Throckmorton, Judge of the Probate Court for the said County of Ross
To Mary Knoch Greeting:

Whereas, At a Court held by me on the 18 day of Aug. one thousand eight hundred and sixty six at the Court House, in Chillicothe, in the County aforesaid, it was made to appear unto me that Herman Knoch of said County, had lately died intestate, having at the time of his death, goods and chattles within said County - by means whereof the ordering and granting administration of, all and singular, the goods, chattles, moneys, rights and credits belonging to said deceased, at the time of his death, and also the auditing, allowing and finally discharging the account thereof, doth appertain unto me, therefore, I do grant unto you the said Mary Knoch full power to administer and faithfully dispose of according to law, all and singular, the goods, chattles, moneys, rights, credits and proceeds of all the real estate of said deceased; that may be sold for the payment of his debts, and all other asets [sic] belonging to the estate of said deceased, that may come into your hands to be administered, to ask, demand, sue for and receive the debts which unto the deceased, at the time of his death did belong to; to pay the debts to the extent of the assets that may come into your hands, and the requirements of law; and generally to perform all and singular the duties of administratrix of said estate. Hereby requiring you, within three months, to cause a notice of your appointment to be published in some newspaper of general circulation in said county, for three consecutive weeks; to make and return (after giving due notice thereof, according to law,) upon oath, into this Court, a true inventory of all the goods, chattels, moneys, rights and credits of the deceased, which are by law to be administered, [blank line] all of which shall be appraised by Samuel Posey, William Kellenberger and George Lightle under oath or affirmation; which inventory shall contain a particular statement of all bonds, mortgages, notes, and all other securities for the payment of money belonging to said deceased, specifying the name of the debtor and each security, the date, the sum originally payable, the endorsements thereon, if any, with their dates, and the sum of which, in the judgment of said appraisers, can be collected on each security; and also a statement of all other debts and accounts belonging to the deceased, specifying the name of the debtor, the date, the balance or thing due, and the value or sum that can be collected thereon, in the judgment of said appraisers, and also an account of all moneys, whether in specie, bank bills or other circulating medium, and shall be signed by the appraisers. To adjust and settle up the accounts of said estate, and file an account of your administration in said Court, within eighteen months, unless further time is allowed. And generally to perform all and singular the duties of administratrix of said estate. And I do by these presents, depute, constitute and appoint you administratrix of all and singular the goods, chattels, rights, moneys, credits and other effects which were of the said deceased.

Witness, Nich Throckmorton Judge of the said Court,
this 18 day of Aug. A.D. 1866
Nich. Throckmorton Probate Judge