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Surnames Beginning with the letter B


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5 Bader, ____ W M 23 Jan 1889 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp Charles Bader Mrs Bader
2 Bahr, ____ W F 30 Mar 1883 Deerfield Twp Unknown Ellen Bahr
1 Bates, Infant W 07 Nov 1871 Concord Twp Benjamin Bates Elizabeth Maddox
1 Baless, ____ C M 23 Oct 1899 Concord Twp Stewart Baless Lucy Ligans
1 Bangs, David C M 05 Nov 1899 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp William Bangs Alice Jones
1 Banks, Louvernia S W F 01 Feb 1900 Scioto Twp George W Banks Louvernia Stewart
1 Barclay, Loyd Carson W M 03 Jan 1900 Springfield Twp James S Barclay Laura M Miller
1 Barnes, ____ W F 07 Mar 1900 Colerain Twp John Barnes Minnie Kates
1 Barton, Floyd W M 01 Apr 1899 Franklin Twp John Barton Anabell Hatfield
1 Bateman, Ethel W F 23 Jul 1900 Union Twp Ralph Bateman Gussie Kilmer
1 Bauer, Edith Annie W F 21 Feb 1900 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp Charles Bauer Jr Annie Annes
1 Baum, William Robert M W 11 Sep 1899 Twin Twp Jacob Baum Mary Coscoran
1 Bell, Lera W F 08 Oct 1899 Huntington Twp ___ Bell Christina Walls
1 Benner, Inez F W F 12 Jan 1900 Paint Twp Levi Benner Mary Brown
1 Bennett, Infant W F 07 Mar 1900 S Salem, Buckskin Twp Lincoln Bennet Anna Sampson
1 Bennett, Sylva Maria W F 16 Dec 1899 Richmondale, Jefferson Twp Alfred Bennett Ella Luzader
1 Bennit, Stewart W M 06 Apr 1871 Concord Twp Hugh Bennit Eliza Jane Seightel
2 Bernett, Peter E W M 11 Aug 1880 Franklin Twp William Bernett Mary E Holterman
1 Bichler, William Eberle W M 25 Apr 1899 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp Geo Veter Bichler Elizabeth Eberle
1 Biechler, Ralph W M 27 Aug 1899 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp Fredrick Biechler Nancy Ferrin
1 Bier, Catherine W F 10 Mar 1900 Scioto Twp Edward W Bier Clara E McRoberts
1 Binkley, Harold M W M 28 Feb 1900 Adelphi, Colerain Twp C L Binkley Joanna Karshner
1 Binns, Nellie Mairee W F 03 Nov 1899 S Salem, Buckskin Twp John A Binns Sarah Hester
2 Bishop, Floyd W M 07 Sep 1882 Deerfield Twp Charles Bishop Jennie Long
1 Bixler, Levey W M 25 Jun 1899 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp Emerson Bixler Elizabeth T Uhrig
2 Bland, Luley W F 09 Oct 1880 Franklin Twp David Bland Mary Cline
1 Bloom, Edna Marquerita W F 19 Nov 1899 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp Charles Bloom Emma Alexander
1 Bobbitt, Robert A W M 30 Jul 1899 Decatur IN Robert Bobbitt Puss Harbert
3 Boltz, Catharine W F Huntington Twp 03 Nov 1874 John Boltz Isabell Black
1 Bondle, Herold Cesoll W M 09 Jul 1899 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp William Bowdle Rosa E Stauffer
1 Borst, Farrie W F 19 May 1899 Paxton Twp Frank Borst Rosa Campbell
1 Bost, Loel W M 25 Oct 1899 Franklin Twp Benjamin Bost Mary Hammond
1 Bost, Rebecca Ellen W F 22 Dec 1899 Franklin Twp Edward Bost Addie Blair
3 Bowers, Martin W M Huntington Twp 17 Jun 1874 Christopher Bowers Elizabeth Williamson
2 Bowman, Charles Eratis W M 07 Apr 1880 Franklin Twp John Bowman Harriet Cydrus
1 Bowman, Eldon A W M 25 Sep 1899 Ross Co Beecher Stephen Bowman Rinnie Skinner
2 Bowman, Lillian W F 20 Jul 1880 Franklin Twp Edward Bowman Alice Hood
1 Brand, Earl Edward W M 07 May 1899 Springfield Twp John F Brand Ammelia Waly
1 Bridenbaugh, William W M 25 Feb 1899 Franklin Twp William Bridenbaugh Maggie Bennett
2 Britenbach, Letty W F 31 Jan 1881 Franklin Twp William Britenback Anna Riley
1 Brofft, Hazel Edna W F 18 Aug 1899 Huntington Twp Charles Brofft Delilah England
6 Brooks, W W M 14 Jul 1869 Harrison Twp, Vinton Co John W. Brooks Mary Brooks
2 Brown, Alfa Pearl W F 08 Jul 1882 Deerfield Twp Alison Brown Nancy Liston
2 Brown, Blanche W F 25 Nov 1882 Clarksburg, Deerfield Twp Unknown Margaret J Brown
1 Brown, Francis W F 07 Dec 1899 Concord Twp Orley Brown Stella Mowbray
1 Brown, Gracie C [Georgia Ellen] W F 24 Nov 1899 Union Twp Frank Brown Laura Day
1 Brown, Hazel Marie W F 30 Dec 1899 Hallsville, Colerain Twp Amos Brown Rosa Delong
1 Brown, Herbert W M 25 Oct 1899 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp Austin H Brown Mary E Uhle
1 Brown, Robert W M 04 Feb 1899 Deerfield Twp Joseph S Brown Carrie Stitt
2 Brown, Robert W M 09 Jan 1883 Scioto Twp Jessie Brown Anna Colegrove
2 Brown, ____ W F 09 Mar 1881 Franklin Twp Isaac Brown Julia Ann James
6 Brown, ____ W F 25 Jul 1869 Buckskin Twp Blutcher Brown Susan J. Brown
1 Brown,Floyd A W M 03 Jun 1899 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp Edward John Brown Nellie R Barman
1 Brust, Estella W F 15 Nov 1899 Scioto Twp John H Burst Laura Butler
1 Buchmiller, Ruth W F 21 Jul 1899 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp William Buchmiller Annie Rutherford
4 Bryan, William J W M 11 Jan 1835 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp William C Bryan Elizabeth Gaskill
1 Burgoon, Helen W F 07 Jul 1899 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp George Burgoon Della Motes
2 Burk, Burns W F 11 Jul 1882 Deerfield Twp Benjamin Burk Emma Meirs
1 Burns, Clarence Ellsworth W M 30 Apr 1899 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp James E Burns Rosa McCann
2 Burns, Jennie Samantha W F 15 Aug 1880 Franklin Twp John Burns Susan Farmer
1 Bush, Jacob W M 06 Oct 1871 Concord Twp Allen Bush Mary Ellen Surgeon
1 Buskirk, John Everett W M 31 Mar 1899 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp John Buskirk Anna May Mackey
1 Butler, Robert Nathaniel C M 12 Aug 1899 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp George D Butler Daisy Hubberd
1 Butler, Ruth Ursula W F 21 Oct 1899 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp John Butler Petranella Thoman
1 Byers, William B W M 19 Apr 1899 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp George B Byers Bertha Haynes