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Surnames Beginning with the letter J


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1 Jacobs, Helen Catherine W F 12 Aug 1903 Colerain Twp James, William Sims, Amanda
1 Jakes, ____ W 17 Jun 1870 Green Twp Jakes, Wm. McManas, Margaret
1 Jakes, ____ W 28 Mar 1887 Green Twp Jakes, David Wiles, Mary
1 Jakes, Dorrel Egan W M 08 Jun 1883 Springfield Twp Jakes, David O. Wills, Mary A.
1 Jakes, Jessie M. W F 09 Dec 1874 Green Twp Jakes, William McMahon, Margaret
1 Jakes, Minerva W F 21 Nov 1877 Green Twp Jakes, David Wills, Mary
1 Jakes, Wm. Lawrence W M 05 Oct 1894 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp Jakes, Michael Edw. Dietrick, Katie
1 Jamagin, Albertice W F 13 Oct 1871 Paint Twp Jamagin, D.S.. Hart, Sarah J.
1 James, Ella C F 02 Feb 1888 Buckskin Twp James, Basil ____, Charlotte
1 James, Emma C F 12 Sep 1877 Union Twp James, Henry Clark, Frona
1 James, Emma C. W F 16 Aug 1877 Franklin Twp James, Alexander Bangs, Nancy Ann
1 James, Harold Edison W M 03 Mar 1908 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp James, Jno. W. Ross, Clara
1 James, Lida Jane Ethel W F 05 Dec 1880 Franklin Twp James, Chas. E. Jordan, Susanah
2 James, Mada W F 27 Feb 1872 Concord Twp James, Strawder Rebecca Ruth
1 James, Mary Catherine C F 03 Aug 1903 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp Banks, George James, Elen Jane
1 James, Mirtie W F 22 Nov 1891 Twin Twp James, Elmer Bryant, Susan
1 James, Rosa W F 17 Nov 1873 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp James, B..O. Weider, Mary
1 James, Ruth W F 16 Jan 1897 Twin Twp James, Elmer OՂryant, Susan
1 James, S.M. W F 02 Apr 1870 Twin Twp James, Samuel N. Ward, Rebecca
1 James, Samuel W M 29 Feb 1872 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp James, Benjamin not reported
1 James, Strawder Marion W M 07 Aug 1891 Kingston, Green Twp James, Charles B. McLean, Nettie
1 James, Thomas Porter W M 11 Sep 1893 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp James, Thomas J.. Phillips, Mary E.
1 James, Velma W F 11 Jun 1894 Twin Twp James, Elmer OՂriant, Susie
1 James, Verna M. W F 24 Mar 1905 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp James, Edward Khune, Mary
1 James, Walter McLean W M 20 Jul 1893 Green Twp James, Charles B. McLean, Nettie
1 James, William James C M 26 Jan 1892 Chillicothe, Scioto Twp James, Bazzle Lochlair, Lottie
1 James, Willie A. C F 05 Jan 1870 Huntington Twp James, Jno. F. Sparrow. Amy
1 James, ____ W 09 Aug 1867 Buckskin Twp James, Rueben James, Elizabeth
1 James, ____ W 16 Aug 1869 Lyndon Station, Buckskin Twp James, G.W. James, Mary E.
1 James, infant C F 07 Mar 1873 Union Twp James, Morris Washington, Henrietta
1 James, ____ W F 21 Apr 1875 Concord Twp James, H.Brown James, Margaret E.
1 James, ____ W M 21 Apr 1876 Concord Twp James H.Brown James, Margaret E.
1 James, ____ W F 06 Dec 1879 Franklin Twp Brown, Isaac James, Julia
1 Jamison, ____ W F 28 Dec 1871 Concord Twp Jamison, Samuel Worthington, Ellen
2 Jamison, ____ W M 28 Dec 1871 Concord Twp Samuel Jamison Ellen Worthington
1 Jamison, ____ W F 24 Dec 1890 Buckskin Twp Jamison, J..N. Ross, Libbie
1 Jamison, Elizabeth W F 05 Apr 1895 Buckskin Twp Jamison, James N. Ross, Elizabeth
1 Jamison, H.L. W M 06 Sep 1874 Concord Twp Jamison, B.F. McLean, Clara
1 Jamison, Margaret W M 17 Dec 1891 Buckskin Twp Jamison, James Ross, Libbie
1 Jamison, Robert Washington W M 13 Oct 1873 Concord Twp Jamison, Samuel Worthington, Ellen J.
1 Janes, Albert W M 02 Jul 1878 Springfield Twp Janes, Joseph Craftefer, Nettie
1 Janes, Bessie W F 20 Dec 1882 Springfield Twp Janes, Joseph Crofther, Nettie
1 Janes, Clarence W M 24 Feb 1875 Springfield Twp Janes, Joseph Crofthaver, Nettie
1 Janes, Florence I. W F 12 Mar 1898 Twin Twp Janes, J.W. Baum, Jennie
1 Janes, Glenmore L. W M 16 Aug 1899 Twin Twp Janes, Joseph W. Baum, Jennie B.
1 Janes, Helen Rose W F 04 May 1907 Springfield Twp Janes, Albert Orr, Jessie
1 Janes, Henry F. W M 28 Sep 1870 Springfield Twp Janes, Eward Remley, Eliza Jane
1 Janes, Jane W F 01 Jan 1876 Union Twp Janes, Thomas Ulm, Hannah
1 Janes, ____ W F 27 Aug 1867 Springfield Twp Janes, Edward Janes, _____
3 Janson, Thomas W M 10 Feb 1881 Franklin Twp Chalres Janson Charlotte Waldron
2 Jenkins, Mary Ellen W F 03 Feb 1872 Concord Twp Isaac P. Jenkins Eliza Jane Shepherd
5 Jenkins, ____ W M 25 Mar 1869 Twin Twp John Jenkins (reputed) Mary McMullen
4 Jewel, John Mauris W M Huntington Twp 06 Jan 1875 Jonathan Jewel Permelia Roberts
4 Johnson, Jacob W M Huntington Twp 25 Mar 1875 R C Johnson Julia Ackley
3 Jones, Luella W F 04 Jul 1882 Clarksburg, Deerfield Twp J M Jones Laura E Goldsberry
6 Jones, Maria 14 January 1825
3 Justus, James Arthur W M 14 Aug 1882 Deerfield Twp William Justus Rebecca J Alden