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Surnames A - F

  County Twp City Reg Dist No File No Primary Reg Dist Registrar No. Deceased Sex Race DOB Age Marital Status Spouse POB Occupation Residence Father Mother Informant Filed DOD POD COD Burial Undertaker
02 Ross Union Yellowbud   59942     Bennett, Lydia F                     Peter Bennett     Yellowbud arteriosclerosis Springbank Cemetery, 05 Oct 1919  
01 Warren Turtle Creek   1328 6409 6032 4 Clark, William W M W 24 Dec 1856 69y1m8d M Mary Clark Ross Co OH Farmer   Robert Clark (b OH) Julia Miller (b OH) Mrs. Mary Clark, Mason OH 23 Jan 1926 22 Jan 1926 Warren Co OH Dropsy; nephrilis & enlargement of heart contributory Mason Cemetery Frank Waikuis, Mason OH
01 Ross Buckskin           Cokonougher, Zach[ariah] M W [02 Apr 1853] 52y5m12d M   Adams Co OH Farmer   [Adtson Ellsworth Cokonougher] [Elizabeth Shoemaker]     14 Sep 1904 Ross Co cancer    
Notes: The State of Ohio, Ross County, SS -- I, Gerald E. Radcliffe certify that I am Judge of the Probate Court, within and for said County, which is a Court of Record and Ex-Officio Clerk of said Court, and by law the custodian of the records and papers required by law to be kept in said Court, that among others a Record of Deaths is required to be kept therein; that the following is a true and correct transcript from said Record of Death. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and the Seal of the Probate Court, at Chillicothe, Ohio this 6th day of May, 1976. Gerald E. Radcliffe, Probate Judge; By S/Barbara Dearth, Deputy Clerk


01 Ross Paxton Bainbridge 71 48816 7100   Cokonougher, Howard William M W 14 Aug 1922 62y M Viola Mae Hester Cokonougher OH Farmer 2255 Cliff Run Road, Bainbridge John Henry Cokonougher Amelia Irene [Miller] Cokonougher Viola Cokonougher 11 Dec 1984 05 Dec 1984 At residence Cardio-respiratory arrest due to, or as a consequence of, probable coronary oclusion. Approximate interval between onset and death: immediate. South Salem Cemetery Dane A Clyburn, Murray Funeral Home, Greenfield
01 Ross Scioto Chillicothe 71 48816 7101 203 Cokonougher, Amelia Miller F W 13 Jul 1900 62y     Ross Co Housewife Lyndon, Rt 1, Ross Co George Miller Henrietta Steinmentz John Cokonougher 05 Jun 1962 02 Jun 1963 Ross Co Arteriosclerotic heart disease, due to arteriosclerosis; general, due to 4200 Cremation Thomas R Badgley, embalmer; Ralph Clyburn, Undertaker, Murray's Funeral Home, Greenfield OH
01 Highland [Madison] Greenfield 36 69309 3602   Cokonougher, John Henry M W 06 Jul 1883 80y Wid   Ross Co Farmer Lyndon, Ross Co Zachariah Cokonougher Mary Wisecup Cecil Cokonougher 17 Sep 1963 12 Sep 1963 Greenfield, Highland Co metastatic carcinoma of lungs, interval between onset and death: 6 months; due to carcinoma of stomach, interval between onset and death: unknown; Thomas L. Jones, MD South Salem Cemetery Murray's, Greenfield
01 Ross Buckskin South Salem 1127 95 343 139 Cox, Mary Elizabeth F W 14 Feb 1856 78y2m13d M Edward Cox Adams Co OH Housekeeping South Salem Joseph Wisecup (b Adams Co OH) Provy Frost (b OH) Anna Smith, South Salem 30 Apr 1934 27 Apr 1934 Ross Co   South Salem Cemetery RB Walker, Greenfield


  1. Ralph Cokonougher
  2. Carla Mascara