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Surnames G - L

  County Twp City Reg Dist No File No Primary Reg Dist Registrar No. Deceased Sex Race DOB Age Marital Status Spouse POB Occupation Residence Father Mother Informant Filed DOD POD COD Burial Undertaker
04 Ross Springfield     34356     Gartner, Adam M W 10 May 1824 86y1m18d     Germany   Ross Co Leonard Gartner (b Germany) Margaret Schaffer (b Germany) Miss Kate Gartner   27 Jun 1910 Ross Co la grippe/old age Grandview Cem  
04 Ross Springfield           Gartner, Melissa H F W 18 Feb 1834 83y0m6d Wid   Germany     George Hankle (b Germany) Kathrine Schrank (b Germany)   Filed 24 Feb 1917 Ross Co la grippe/senility Grandview Cem  
03 Ross Buckskin South Salem 71 23370 7100 23 Hester, Frank M W 05 Oct 1877 84y Wid Rosa Hester Ross Co Farmer Lyndon Joseph Hester Sarah Hanna RL Clyburn 23 Mar 1962 19 Mar 1962 South Salem coronary thrombosis due to arteriosclerotic heart disease South Salem Cem Ralph L Clyburn
03 Ross Buckskin   1127 23101 5722 12 Hester, Hannah F W 02 May 1852 64y10m27d M Hester, Joseph OH housewife   Alexander Long Rebecca Long Joseph Hester 01 Apr 1917 29 Mar 1917 Ross Co cerebral hemmorhage, duration 10 days. Contributory - Bright disease, duration - 2 yrs. South Salem Cemetery AL McWilliams, Greenfield
03 Highland Madison Greenfield 36 25179 3600 520099 Hester, Rosa Clark F W 11 Dec 1883 68y M Frank Hester Ohio Housewife Buckskin Twp, Ross Co Wesley Clark Mary Sinclair Frank Hester 03 Apr 1952 31 Mar 1952 Greenfield cerebral hemorrhage due to arteriosclerosis with hypertension South Salem Cemetery Ralph Clyburn
01 Ross             Hurtt, Lavina D F W 1825 87y     Ross Co Housekeeper   Thomas Junk (b USA)   Emory Hurtt, RR#3, Chillicothe   22 Jan 1912   Facial Parysepelas (?) Browns Chapel; 24 Jan 1912 WA Fisher, Frankfort OH  
02 Ross     71   7100 89 Lee, Martha F W 15 Dec 1896 87y Wid   OH [sic; KY] Housekeeping Frankfort, Ross Co Perry Rhoden Sarah Sarton Helen Lykins   19 Mar 1984 Ross Co pneumonia Greenlawn Cemetery, Frankfort    


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  4. Sandy Holliday