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Surnames M - P

  County Twp City Reg Dist No File No Primary Reg Dist Registrar No. Deceased Sex Race DOB Age Marital Status Spouse POB Occupation Residence Father Mother Informant Filed DOD POD COD Burial Undertaker
01 Ross Concord   1128 35858 5724 17 Maddux, Samuel F M W 27 Apr 1837 80y12d M   OH Farmer   John Maddux Susan Fisher Mrs Samuel Maddux, Roxabelle OH [wife] 05 Jun 1917 09 May 1917   valescular heart disease [see notes] Greenlawn Cemetery, Frankfort; 11 May 1917 WA Fisher, Frankfort
Notes: I hereby certify, that I attended deceased from May 1, 1917 to May 9, 1917 that I last saw him alive on May 9, 1917 and that death occured, on the date stated above at 11 am. The cause of death was as follows: valescular heart disease. Duration 300 days. -- B Hughes MD 5/11/1917 Frankfort, OH


02 Pickaway       18441     Mader, Frederick C M W 07 Jan 1840 82y2m1d M   Chillicothe, Ross Co Carriage builder, retired   Jacob F Mader (b Germany) Johanna Sterr (b Germany) EC Ebert   02 Mar 1922 Circleville, Circleville Twp, Pickaway Co OH Abcess of prostrate Forest Cemetery; 10 Mar 1922 Mader & Ebert  
02 Ross Scioto Chillicothe 1132 19731 8430 134 Mader, Frederick C M W 29 Aug 1866 72y11m7d     Chillicothe Artist   William H Mader (b Germany) Anna Margaret Heinline (b Germany) Mrs. Fred C Mader   20 Mar 1918   Organic heart disease with chronic intestinal gastritis Grandview Cemetery CW Ware  
02 Muskingum       24271     Mader, Frederick C M W 22 Nov 1850 62y4m18d M   Ross Co Undertaker   Jacob F Mader (b Germany) Hannah Sterr (b Germany) Mrs. FF Mader, 30 S Fourth St, Zanesville OH   10 Apr 1913   organic heart disease Greenwood Cemetery; 07 Apr 1913 RS VanDivine  
02 Athens Athens Athens 62 5536 4109 133 Mader, William F M W [23 Dec 1852] 69y M Kate S Mader Chillicothe School teacher, unemployed Ashville, Pickaway Co OH [Jacob F Mader] [Magdalena Mader] Hospital Records, Athens State Hospital 23 Apr 1923 20 Apr 1923 Athens Arterio Sclerosis and Chronic Interstitial Nephritis [see notes]    
Notes: I hereby certify that I attended deceased from July 4, 1922 to April 20, 1923, and that I last saw him alive on April 19, 1923, and that the cause of death was as follows: Arterio Sclerosis and Chronic Interstitial Nephritis. Duration is unknown, contributory Uraemia.
Kate S (or J) Mader resided at 418 Mouth (Month?) Street, Saratoga FL; son Frank P. Mader resided at 685 Carpenter Street, Columbus OH. Clergyman named Troutman.
02 Muskingum       4743     Mader, Theodore Heinrich M W 10 Apr 1849 74y9m15d M   Ross Co Carriage manufacturer, retired   Jacob [F] Mader (b Germany) Miss [Hannah] Stair [Sterr] (b Germany) Mrs R Tarrier, 144 S Sixth St, Zanesville OH   25 Jan 1923   Septicemia, with an enlarged prostrate Greenwood Cemetery; 28 Jan 1924 RS VanDivine  
Notes: An operation did precede death on 24 Jan 1924; no autopsy; surgery confirmed diagnosis.


02 Campbell Co KY   Fort Thomas   690     Mader, Anna M F W 13 Sep 1858 70y4m16d Wid John W Mader Ohio At home 248 Rosemont St George A Gartner (b Germany) Philophenia Haubiel (b Germany) George W Mader, Ft Thomas KY   29 Jan 1929   chronic myocarditis Evergreen Cemetery; 01 Feb 1929 CA Smith Sons, Newport KY  
02 Ross Scioto Chillicothe 1132 5536 8430 11 Mader, Charles Frederick M [W] 29 Jan 1860 72y11m7d     Chillicothe Grocerey   Willam H Mader (b Germany) Anna Margaret Heinline (b Germany)     06 Jan 1933   angina pectoris Grandview Cemetery    
02 Campbell Co KY   Newport   20095     Mader, John William M W 29 Feb 1858 64y M   OH Millinery, Whoesale 25 E Third St William H Mader (b USA [sic; b Germany]) Anna M Heinlein (b USA [sic; b Germany]) George Mader, Newport KY   12 Aug 1923   carcinoma of liver Evergreen Cemetery; 15 Aug 1923 CA Smith Sons, Newport KY  
02 Pickaway Circleville Circleville   5281     Mader, John F M W 24 Nov 1845 80y2m6d M Rosa Mader Chillicothe Retired baker   Jacob F Mader (b Germany) Hannah Stoer (b Germany) EC Ebert   30 Jan 1926 Circleville, Circleville Township, Pickaway County OH Endocarditis and Myocarditis with contibutory illness of apoplexy and (maybe hepititis). No operations/autopsy. Forest Cemetery, Circleville Mader and Ebert  
02 Ross Scioto Chillicothe         Mader, Louise D F W 12 Dec 1868 60y3m5d S   Chillicothe Bookkeeper 253 Vine St, Chillicothe Willam H Mader (b Germany) Anna Heinlein (b Germany) Carl Hagemann, nephew   17 Mar 1929   Adenitis, with contributing factor of middle ear infection Grandview Cemetery CJ Ware  
03 Ross Paxton Bainbridge 71 48816 7100   Miller, Nancy F W   74y10m10d Wid   OH   Lyndon, Ross Co     Viola Cokonougher   12 Jan 1905 At residence dropsy    
Notes: Transcript of a small note that accompanied Nancy Miller's death certificate: 10/6/76. Dear Sir: Enclosed please find the copy of the death record which you requested in your letter of October 3, 1976. You will notice that in the blank marked "Remarks", III -3-4 has been noted. These remarks are what are found in the old book of death records; however, we can offer no translation of what these refer to since we do not know ourselves. If we can be of any further assistance in the future, please feel free to contact us. Sincerely, /s/ Katherine J. Murray, Dep Clk
02 Ross Concord Roxabel         Porter, George W M W 25 Jan 1847   M   OH merchant   John Porter (b PA) Rachel Middleton (b OH) William W Long   25 Dec 1916 Ross Co chronic myocarditis with acute bronchitis Greenlawn  


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