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Smithville Community Historical Society

Pioneer Log Cabin
   Photo by   DAVID ZIMMERMAN of Smithville, OH 

Our log cabin gives us a glimpse into the world of our pioneer forefathers (and mothers) who settled this area when Wayne County was the wild, wild West!

Early settlers made their way through the vast forests along Indian trails.  When they found a plot of land they wished to claim, they faced the arduous task of clearing the land.  It made sense to use some of the trees they needed to fell for their homes.  Since blacksmith-forged nails were a pricey luxury, they fashioned wooden pins for nails and made wooden hinges and latches.  There is a latchstring on the cabin's front door.

The hearth was the very heart of this home.  The fireplace provided heat in the winter, light and of course fire for cooking.  Utensils were hung on the swinging crane to cook food over the open fire.  To be certain that some firewood was always dry and ready to burn, the long wooden box stored wood and also served as a bed for a weary traveler. The family slept upstairs.

The Log Cabin is located in the center of Smithville, Ohio.

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