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Upcoming Event

Model-T truck owned by William Reep of Sharon Center, Ohio,
a member of the Greater Akron Model-T Club


On Sunday, September 21 The Smithville Community Historical Society will pay tribute to the Model-T Ford.  The Model-T was built between October 1, 1908 and May 26, 1927.   The first cars were $825.00 which would be $18,000.00 today.  They were powered with a 22 horsepower, 4 cylinder engines which traveled at 40 mph.  In 1914 the assembly line would produce thousands of cars every week and by 1924 the River Rogue plant cast more than 10,000 Model-T cylinder blocks in a day.  The company’s engineers had developed a system of interchangeable parts.  The Model-T came in just one color “Black.”  With the change in tastes wanting more style and choices the last Model-T rolled off the Assembly line on May 26, 1927.


The Greater Akron Model-T Club founded in 1960 has been committed to preserving a monumental piece of history.  For the past two years the Greater Akron Area Model-T Club has been housed next to the Mishler Weaving Mill. On September 21 they will re- assemble a Model-T chaise in record time.

The Pioneer Village and Mishler Weaving Mill will be open from 1 P.M. to 4 P.M. as part of the Wayne County Historical Societies Museum Tours.  Our craftsmen will be in the Blacksmith Shop, Potter's Shop and Tin Shop.  Come listen to the music which will be played by local musicians.


There will be no admission charged for this Open House.



 Welcome to the Smithville Community Historical Society online.

  Come See Our Buildings.
Group Tours can be arranged.
Group Tour Fee information is available by request.
Send requests to the email below. 

Other than the group tours,
the Mishler Weaving Mill is open
to visitors on Wednesday afternoons
1:30 to 4:00 year round.  No Fee.
Please visit!
381 East Main St, Smithville, OH

Smithville Historical Society Special Events
Open House Fees

The Mishler Mill is free but there is a charge
for the Pioneer Village for non-members.
Fees are:
$3 per adult
$1 per child grades K to 12
$7 for a family of 2 adults and 2 or more children

Schedule 2014 Open Houses
All buildings will be open
from 1:30 to 4 pm

Sunday, May 18

Saturday, June 21, Youth Day

Sunday, July 20, Band Concert 3:30 pm and Ice Cream Social

Saturday, August 16, Antique Festival 9am to 3pm [Buildings open 1:30 to 4pm]

Sunday, Sep 21, Model T Day

Saturday, Oct 18, Apple Butter Day

 Other Special Events 

2014 Christmas in the Village
Saturday, 6 Dec, 6 to 8:30 pm
Sunday, 7 Dec, 1:30 to 4 pm

Watch for scheduling of Old Time Baseball Games

Thanks to all the Volunteers who make this possible!

 Click on the photos below to learn about the buildings.

Blacksmith Shop
Blacksmith Shop

The Cabin
Pioneer Log Cabin

The Sheller House
 The Sheller House

Carriage Barn
The Carriage Barn

The Mishler Weaving Mill
Mishler Weaving Mill

The Tin Shop
 The Tin Shop

Lydo Barn Exhibit

Historic Church of God
The Historic Church of God

Caboose at Smithville Historical Society
Caboose and Train Station

 The Spring House
The Spring

 NewTaping took place at the Society buildings on 7 May 2013.
See it here.

The Weaver
by Edgar A. Guest

The patter of rain on the roof,
The glint of the sun on the rose;
Of life, these the warp and the woof,
The weaving that everyone knows.
Now grief with its consequent tear,
Now joy with its luminous smile;
The days are the threads of the year--
Is what I am weaving worth while?

What pattern have I on my loom?
Shall my bit of tapestry please?
Am I working with gray threads of gloom?
Is there faith in the figures I seize?
When my fingers are lifeless and cold,
And the threads I no longer can weave
Shall there be there for men to behold
One sign of the things I believe?

God sends me the gray days and rare,
The threads from his bountiful skein,
And many, as sunshine, are fair.
And some are as dark as the rain.
And I think as I toil to express
My life through the days slipping by,
Shall my tapestry prove a success?
What sort of a weaver am I?

Am I making the most of the red
And the bright strands of luminous gold?
Or blotting them out with the thread
By which all men's failure is told?
Am I picturing life as despair,
As a thing men shall shudder to see,
Or weaving a bit that is fair
That shall stand as the record of me?

Published in 1917 in the book 
of his poems called Just Folks


Some help in researching families
in the Smithville area

Past SCHS Newsletter Clippings
Steam Engine Speeds Through Smithville
Smithville News from the Past

  Please help identify
the people in the photos.
Smithville Freshman Class 1927,
other High School Photos, and Burkholder Family

Number 3 School


 On Saturday April 26, 2003  
a Dedication was held for
The Ohio Bicentennial Historical Marker
at the John Mishler Weaving Mill in Smithville
and the Grand Opening of
the Historical Society Reception Center
at 391˝ East Main Street [State Route 585]
Smithville, Wayne County, Ohio.

  Purpose of the Society
Membership: How to Join
 See Map of Smithville Here

Society Programs on the Calendar
Meetings begin at 7 pm at the Church of God in Smithville unless otherwise stated


All programs are presented at the historic Church of God unless otherwise noted and begin at 7:00 P.M.

January 6--cancelled

February 3--Rob Gregory, collector of hand organs; Refreshments: Pat Chambers, Ruth Ann Chambers

March 3--Marcus Ladrach, performing folk music on old-time instruments; Refreshments: Margo Stafford, Nita Downey

April 7—Historical Tour of Zoar and Zoar Hotel, tour from 3-5 P.M., fee of $7.00; supper following tour at nearby restaurant
The Smithville Community Historical will meet on Monday,April 7.  Members are to travel to Zoar Village to tour the complex. 
The tour will start from the Zoar Hotel parking lot.  We are asked to start the tour at 3 P.M. and will be completed at 5 P.M.
There will be an admission fee of $7.00.  The group will then travel to the Amish Door Restaurant at Wilmont for dinner.
For directions to Zoar Village visit their web site at
www.historiczoarvillage.org .  
Reservations are required, please call 330-669-3283
or 330-669-3969.
Check with reservation number for possible car pooling.
Reservations must be called in no later than April 1.

May 5--Michael Hocker, history of Lincoln Way Highway; Refreshments: Lyn Miller, Pat Keirstead

June 2--Karen Ramseyer, history of Ramseyer Farms; Refreshments: Joanne Turner, Lila Smucker

July 7--Tour of Keith and Ruth Ann Chambers' home; eat supper at nearby restaurant at 5 P.M.

August 4--Tour of MAPPS Museum (military aviation museum) near Akron-Canton airport; eat supper at nearby restaurant (time to be announced)


September--no meeting due to Labor Day holiday

October 6--Annual picnic at Rex and Diane Miller's farm at 5:30; bring a dish to share and table service, beverages provided by officers; Recognition of our 25th year as a historical society!

November 3--Marty Gitlin, author of The Great American Cereal Book, a history of breakfast cereals in the U.S.; Refreshments: Patty McFadden, Nancy King

December 1--Wayne Co. Choral Union presenting a Christmas musical program; Refreshments: members bring cookies and treats to share, officers provide beverages.

Special thanks to the committee: Nita Downey, Kathy Meitzler and Harlene Steiner.

 Other Special Events 

2014 Christmas in the Village
Saturday, 6 Dec, 6 to 8:30 pm
Sunday, 7 Dec, 1:30 to 4 pm

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