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Richland County - Shelby Chapter
of The Ohio Genealogical Society

Richland County, Ohio was first organized in March of 1813, and Sharon Twp., in
which Shelby was to be located, was organized in 1819. A year prior to this, Stephen
Marvin and his new wife came to this area from Connecticut on their honeymoon.
They were followed shortly by Eli Wilson and family, and then Henry Whitney, also
from Connecticut. In 1823, James Gambell /Gamble arrived from New York State.
On July 26, 1834, James Gamble laid out 23 lots in an area that is now the southwest
corner of West Main and South Gamble streets and referred to it as the "Town of Shelby".
Henry Whitney on May 3, 1835, laid out lots 24 through 49 as an "Addition to Shelby".
This largely constitutes the beginnings of Shelby, our hometown.

The Richland County - Shelby Chapter of The Ohio Genealogy Society was organized in
1984 and chartered in 1989 with the purpose of supporting individual and group research
in family history, especially those families that lived in and around Shelby in
Northwestern Richland County, Ohio. Our website is part of our on-going program to
connect with those, both near and far, who may be interested in Shelby area family research.
To search our website for a surname or other keywords of interest,
type in the word, or words, and then press "Find". Good Hunting !

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Shelby Area Locations & Current Map

Shelby Football - Beginings: 1894 - 1906
Shelby's 1913 Flood

Shelby Area Sherman Brigade Civil War Veterans

Shelby Buckeye Band Association

Shelby Area Interurban
Shelby's Garrett Building - Napoli's Demolished

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