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David Crall

David Crall was born in Dauphin County, PA in Nov. 25, 1821. David was a son of
Henry (born abt 1779) and Elizabeth Henshaw / Crall. David was the youngest of
six children:
Henry II
David worked on the family farm until he was about 22 years of age. In 1844,
David and his oldest brother Simon, came to Ohio on horseback and purchased
about 230 acres of land in Sharon Township, Section 19. He returned to PA and
stayed for about a year before returning in 1845, to "improve" his land. On
April 12, 1846, in Richland County, David married Mariah "Mary" Stentz
(or Stein) born March, 1825. David and Mary had nine children:
William Rhinehart
Mary Sophia
Emily Alice
Henry Nelson
Anna Eliza
David and Mary also owned land in Section 24, Sharon Twp. Their land was a large
part of that which became the center of Junction City (and later Vernon Junction), founded in 1872.

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