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DuBois - Mickey
On Thursday eve., Dec. 19th (1867) at the residence of the bride's father,
Capt. Frank A. Dubois to Miss Sallie Mickey.
Every town and village is expected to have what is termed
"the event of the season", at occasional intervals. This time
honored affair came to us this season on the occasion of the
celebration of the marriage of Miss Sallie R. Mickey, only daughter
of our well known townsman, Thomas Mickey, to Capt.
Frank A. DuBois.
Never has Shelby been on the qui vive on this occasion to
witness the ceremony, that gave to one of our fairest and most
estimable young ladies a gallant soldier and genial gentleman
for a husband.
Photos c. 1867 - courtesy of Robert Sponseller

Miss Sallie Mickey

 Capt. Frank A. DuBois
The preparation for this brilliant affair had been arranged with
a master-hand and no event occurred to mar the happiness of the
assembled throng, the ceremony was one of the most interesting
that has ever taken place in our village.
The bridal party entered the parlor at half past seven Mr. Chaumway
and Miss Cummins, headed the party, followed by Mr. Holbrook
and Miss DuBois, Mr. Mickey and Sallie, Capt. DuBois and Mrs. Mickey.
The trousseau of the bride was very beautiful, consisting of white
more' antique trimmed with lace. She wore a wreath of orange flowers,
from which fell in undulating folds a magnificent lace veil. Miss Mickey,
now Mrs. DuBois, is of a tall commanding appearance, and is the
acknowledged belle of the place. Her age is about twenty, and she is
of that stately type of beauty so rarely met with in this country.
The attendant ladies were beautifully dressed in white, the gentlemen
in black with white vests. The excitement, as the party entered, was
intense, some of the ladies could not refrain from climbing up on
the chairs and piano, every person arose on tip toe to witness the
bride and groom. The ceremony was that of the Episcopal Church,
and was performed by the Rev. J. K. Kost, pastor of the
Presbyterian Church, of this place, and was of course impressive.
The addressing and arraying of forms did honor to the occasion,
and the curiosity and enthusiasm of the audience were creditable
to the highest degree. More should be said, but words fail to do their
duty in representing in it's true light such a wedding picture.
After the ceremony the guests offered their congratulations to the
newly married pair, this through with, refreshments were announced,
it is not our business to tell how much each one ate, but there were
enough of the good things to satisfy the cravings of the most
voracious of appetite.
Among the many presents given the fair bride we found the
following worthy of notice:
Two sets of silver spoons; two toilet sets;
two very fine linen table spreads;
one silver butter stand; one silver jelly stand;
one molasses pitcher, silver; one set of silver forks;
one set of jewelry; one gold chain, pin and pair of buttons;
two gold thimbles; one work case; two large Bibles;
two handsome pictures; one set of vases.
The Capt. and his lovely bride left on the 11 o'clock train,
Thursday for an extended bridal tour.
The above article appeared in the Shelby Chronicle on
December 26, 1867.
Photos courtesy of Robert Sponseller

 Sarah Sallie Roberta Mickey/ DuBois

 Franklin Asbury DuBois
Franklin and Sadie DuBois as they appeared later in life,

Franklin Asbury DuBois was the son of Hobart Graves DuBois, who was
a noted pastor in this immediate community. H. G. DuBois moved with his parents,
Abraham and Elizabeth Graves / DuBois to Ohio from Oneida County, New York in 1824.
Frank A. DuBois was born May 1843 and served as a Captain in Co. A of the
12th Regiment during the Civil War.
Sarah Roberta Mickey born c. 1846 was the only daughter of Thomas and
Rebecca Mickey, Thomas Mickey began in his career in general
merchandising in Shelby in 1839. This business went through many name changes
over the years and finally became in 1868, T. Mickey & Co. This company
consisted of a large general merchanising store and had control of the
"Farmers' Exchange Bank". Both of which were housed in the building that
still exists at the Southwestern corner of Main and Gamble Streets.

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