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From: The Janaury 27, 1919, Shelby Daily Globe.
More Births than Deaths
Births and Deaths reported to the local registrar during 1918.
Tiro village and Auburn township.
The following is from the record of the local registrar of vital statistics for
district No. 258, primary districts No. 2260 and No. 4392:
      Sada Hammend died, February 10, 1918
      Mary Hooffeie? died, Janaury 26, 1918
      Gerald Winefred Ross, died, March 12, 1918
      George Phillip Lechner, died, April 27, 1918
      Austin Edwin Fox, died, June 6, 1918
      Mary Anna DuBois, died, June 29, 1918
      Theodore S. Gruesbeck, died, July 31, 1918
      Infant Son of A.W. Mellick,died, August 2, 1918
      Elizabeth Kaufman, died, August 8, 1918
      Catherine Irene Jones, died, September 29, 1918
      Melvin Ray Weller, died, November 4, 1918
      Hilda Hiler, died, October 21, 1918
      Francisco Roneali, died, November 16, 1918
      Jesse Jonio, died, November 23, 1918
      Mary May Crouse, December 20, 1918
-Tiro world
*Note: The above births were typed from the Janaury 27, 1919 Shelby, Daily Globe .
Originally appering in the Tiro World. Question marks appear where there was
uncertainty in the copy.
Submitted by Kim Butler Histed

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