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 Marriage Records. Vol III

Record Book Vol. III St. John's Lutheran Church New Washington, Ohio

   January 9, 1873    Konrad Kahler s/o Herman, Cran. Twp.    Sara Elis Hossler d/o John Chat. Twp
 February 13, 1873  John Utz s/o Jacob Cran Twp.  Maria Klein d/o Conrad Cran. Twp.
May 1, 1873  Louis Donnenwirth s/o George, Bucyrus  Helena Guiss d/o Christian, N. W.
 June 26, 1873  Michael Schoefter  Margatha Koehler d/o Herman, Cran. Twp.
 December 11, 1873  J. Assenheimer of Bucyrus  Caroline Scheetz d/o J. A. & Margaretha N. W.
 January , 1875  Adam Schafer s/o George Sr. Chat. Twp  Lena Hoeh d/o Mike, Cran. Twp.
 April 22, 1875  Jefferson Kibler s/o Mattias, N. W.  Elisabeth Herr d/o George Venice Twp.
 May 20, 1875  Henry Reichart, N. W.  Anna Schaefer d/o George, Chat. Twp.
 December 9, 1875  Alexander High, N. W.  Rosina Cronenberger, N. W.
 November 13, 1876  A. Gottl. Donner, s/o A. Donner Wuerttemberg  Caroline Schanzenbach, d/o C. Schanzenbach N. W.
 March 8, 1877  George Wolf, s/o G. Wolf , Ashland, Oh  Lise Huber, d/o Carl, N.W.
 June 7, 1877  Parker Witcum, s/o A. Witcum, N.W.  Emma Gangluff, d/o Widow Gangluff
 July 15, 1877  Noah Nigh, s/o Mich, N.W.  Marie Bibler, d/o Jak., N.W.
 October 10, 1877  John Guiss, s/o Christian N.W.  Louise Sheetx, d/o J.A., N.W.
  March 21, 1878  Fr. Nussbaumer, s/o J, Waynesburg  Maria Hofsaes, d/o Jak, Waynesburg
  March 21, 1878  John Kahler, s/o Conrad , N.W.  Marg. Heinmiller, d/o John., N.W.
 June 25, 1878  John G. Braun, s/o J. Chat. Twp.  Chatr. Schwemley, d/o John
 August 27, 1878  John Erler, s/o John., Baden  Ch. Laufer, d/o Geo. , Braden
 December 26, 1878  Wm. H. DeRoche, s/o J., Chat. Twp  Susan Hanes, d/o Chris, Chat. Twp.
 January 26, 1879  John M. Sutterlein, s/o John, Kansas  Caroline Carle, from Wingert Corners
 March 30, 1879  John Sutter, s/o Jacob, Chat. Twp.  Marg. Lou. High, d/o Mike, Chat. Twp.
 May 29, 1879  Gottlieb Schieber, s/o Jacob, Calmus, LA  Elisabeth Knodel, d/o Daniel Knodel, Cran. Twp.
 June 8, 1879  Wilh. Kaehler, Sr., s/o John H.  Louise Huber, d/o Carl Sr. N.W.
 March 4, 1880  John W, Heabler, s/o John, Attica, Ohio  Marie Schaeffer, d/o Georg Jr. Huntington, IN.
 March 17, 1880  Albert Norris, s/o Chris, DeKalb, Oh.  Marg. Koehler, d/o Conrad. Sr.
 April 8, 1880  Jessie Kaler  Marie Fischer
 August 31, 1880  Georg Klein, s/o Conrad  Marie Vollmer, d/o Jacob
 September 23, 1880  August Marquart, s/o Michael  Mary Jane Tilton, d/o Arthur
Information Transcribed by Kim Butler Histed

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