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The Richland County – Shelby Chapter
Of The Ohio Genealogical Society

- - - Mystery Picture 1 - - -

Genealogists or history buffs seem to have a special attraction to pictures.
Whether they depict events, families, places, or structures, they are valued
for the information that they hold. An image that is in some way related to
us is highly valued. For those of us that hold these feelings, it's difficult to
explain and accept the number of vintage photographs that are cast - off,
no matter the reason. We have all seen many of these and wonder who
might have originally owned and valued these now discarded items.
From time to time we are going to feature a photograph that has been
reclaimed from such a fate and we'll post it in this section along with
as many details as we have available. If you can supply information on
the picture(s), please contact us and your comments will be added to the
page. Thank you for helping us rescue some treasures from the past.
See enlarged view of the left and right sides of the picture.
The picture was purchased at an estate sale, and while that is not unusual,
the size of the gathering and the ribbons that are worn indicate a special
event. We assume that the picture was taken in the Shelby area, but we
can not be sure. The locale could be one of many country settings suited
for groups, large and small, used in that period (maybe 1890 -1920)? Please
examine the detailed (left and right) pictures and give us your opinions.
When, where, who, why? We'd really like to hear from you !
The photo was rescued by John and Doris Yetzer and they submitted it
to be our first mystery picture.

If you have information about this picture, please email us...
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