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- - - Mystery Picture 3 - - -

Phyllis Frazee submitted this photo. She indicates that it came from her mother - in- law, Bertha Viola Hole Frazee, wife of George Roland Frazee. Bertha Frazee's parents were Charles and Mary "May" Philena Snyder Hole. Phyllis says that Bertha suspected that those in the photo may have been related to the Snyder side of the family. May Snyder Hole's parents were Rudolph C. and Emma Caroline Chapman Snyder. Rudolph and Emma were born c.1851 and lived the majority of their lives in the New Haven, Huron County area. Emma had an older brother Henry Chapman, born c. 1841, who could be in this picture. Rudolph Snyder's parents were Reuben and Philena Curtis Snyder and were born c. 1824 in Northampton County, Pa. and moved the Huron County area prior to starting their family. Perhaps it is Reuben or a brother who is the family connection to this picture.
Phyllis thinks the picture might have been taken in the New Haven area.
Who these people are is a puzzle At least five of the six pictured are wearing GAR medals. (See the enlargement below.) Also please note that those five are also wearing Civil War vintage coats. The person on the left in the front row has a button on his left lapel and the person standing on the right has a button on each lapel. Could this indicate an officer? Also there is an extra bar attached to the medal worn by the person seated to the left as well as the person standing to the right. (see enlarement)

Do you recognize anyone in the picture?
When, where, why, who? We'd really like to hear from you !

On September 17th, 2014 we received this email:
This afternoon I refound your "mystery picture" as I had seen it before but didn't take the time to answer some of your questions about it.
Since the picture came from a descendant of Rudolph and Emma Chapman Snyder, one of the men pictured may be Rudolph's uncle, Abner Snyder who served with the OVI 123rd Company C from 1861 or 1862 through June 1865. He rose to be a Captain in the Regiment. He died in the very early 1900's in New Haven, Ohio. Perhaps there was a reunion of Civil War veterans about 1900 or so.

Abner is a brother to Reuben Snyder, the eldest son of Rudolph and Mary Heller Snyder (my ggg grandparents) and Reuben is my g-g grandfather. He, too, served in the 123rd OVI Company C as did Jacob Seitters (my g grandfather). By the time this picture was taken Jacob and Edith Amelia Snyder Seitters were living in McMinnville, Oregon as they moved to that area about 1874. Reuben and Philena Curtis also moved to Oregon in the early 1880's to Dayton, Oregon (about 7 miles from McMinnville).

Reuben and Philena were married in Huron County and she was born there in 1824. Reuben was born in Pennsylvania prior to the family moving to Tompkins County, New York where Abner was born.

The article also stated that Emma Chapman Snyder was the sister to Henry Chapman. She was actually his half sister and was much younger than Henry. Henry married Eliza Snyder, a younger sister to Reuben and Abner. They, too, left Huron County in the 1890's (I think; I am trying to write most of this from memory but I do have it written down) and moved to Dayton, Yamhill County, Oregon

This was sent to us from Jean Green who has much information and photos of these and others from era and area.
Phyllis Frazee passed away recently. She would have been so happy to know Jean and to share and exchange her family knowledge.
If you would like to contact Jean, please email us and we'll forward your email to her.

If you have information about this picture, please email us...
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