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The Richland County – Shelby Chapter
Of The Ohio Genealogical Society

Sharon Twp., Richland Co., School District # 3
Vernon / Cattey School Class of 1903
Photo - courtesy of Mrs Paul Gosser

Class Members:
Front row (left to right):
(Standing) Harvey Cattey, Ray Mott, Eulalia Mott; (seated) Unknown, Ernest Wright,
Unknown, Billie Gosser; (standing) Clarence Fisher, Hilda Fisher
Middle section (left to right):
Irene Mott, Ralph Fisher, Minnie Mott, Unknown, Unknown, Ollie Bishop, Stella Finnegan - teacher
Back Row (left to right):
Charles Biglin, Maude Cook, Claude Fisher, Unknown (in front), Elizabeth Gosser, Ramey Frish,
Lena Palletier
Vernon / Cattey School Class of 1905?
Photo - courtesy of Mrs Paul Gosser

Class Members:
Standing - extreme back (left to right):
Clem Till, Harry Sutter, Hilda Fisher, Edna Fisher, Lewis Purdy
Middle row (left to right):
Billie Gosser, Lizzie Gwirtz, Gusty Laubie, Nellie McMahon, Corlis Biglin, May Purdy, Ramey Frish,
Veronica Gwirtz, Glenn Nelson (in back), Clarence Hartz, Pete Gwirtz, Stella Finnegan - teacher
Front row (left to right):
Park McMahon (standing), Ralph Fisher, Stella Hartz, Claude Fisher, Liddie Frish,
John Fisher, Carl Hartz
Vernon / Cattey School Class of 1907?
Photo - courtesy of Mrs Paul Gosser

Class Members:
Front row (left to right):
Carl Hartz, Gertrude Tracht, Ernest Wright, Ramey Frish, Lydia Frish, Glenn Nelson, Lydia Hartz
Back Row (left to right):
Billie Gosser, Stella Finnegan - teacher, Harry Sutter, Clem Hill, Elizabeth Gwirtz, Henry Biglin, Stella Hartz
School pictures and identification - courtesy of Mrs. Paul Gosser.
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