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The Richland County – Shelby Chapter
Of The Ohio Genealogical Society

- - - Shelby in 1880 - - -

(Number of Business, Houses, & Etc.)
Mr. Editor (J. G. Hill): - Please publish the following for the information of the public:
In making survey of our town to carry out the provisions of the ordinanace to provide
for the numbering of the buildings and houses on the various streets of the village,
I find the following facts:

    378 Dwellings
    7 Churches
    3 School buildings
    (besides the high school building)
    1 Dry goods store
    5 Grocery stores
    1 First National Bank
    2 Printing offices
    1 Furniture factory
    2 Furniture stores
    1 Marble shop
    3 Shoe shops
    3 Shoe stores
    3 Drug stores
    4 Clothing houses
    1 Hat and cap store
    3 Jewelry stores
    1 Sewing machine firm
    1 Photograph gallery
    1 Carriage works
    3 Wagon shops
    6 Blacksmith shops
    3 Harness shops
    3 Barber shops
    1 Book store
    5 Millinery establishments
    5 Dress making rooms
    4 Hotels
    2 Boarding houses
    1 Hardware and stove store
    1 Stove and tin ware room
    1 Tin shop
    1 Hardware store
    1 Drain tile works
    2 Brick yards
    1 Tannery
    1 Broom factory
    1 Pump factory
    1 Woolen factory
    1 Wringer factory
    2 Resturants
    10 Saloons
    1 Wholesale liquor store
    1 Bakery
    1 Foundry
    1 Planing mill with lumber yard & office
    2 Flouring mills
    2 Saw mills
    4 Grain houses
    4 Meat markets
    1 Town and Township offices
    1 Collecting and Tax paying office
    3 Cigar manufactories
    1 Fire engine house
    2 Insurance companies
    4 Lawyer's offices
    7 Physician's offices
    2 Public halls
    1 Resident dentist office
The following societies and orders are represented here:

          F. & A. Masons
          K. of H.
          Moreb Encampment
          Royal Arcanum
          AE Literary Society
          Shelby Light Guards
          3d Troop Cavalry
          O. N. G.
    Those wishing the number of their respective houses and business rooms can obtain
    the same by calling at the office of the village clerk.
    Respectfully, John Ward


This letter to the Editor was published in the Shelby Times - February 7th, 1880

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