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The Richland County – Shelby Chapter
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- - - SURNAMES - - -

Richland County - Shelby Chapter of O.G.S. - Family Surnames.

We are currently researching the following surnames and would be happy to hear from you concerning
these families. If you would like to add your surnames to this list, please contact us (see below).
Thanks for looking !
 Amick  Tom Clabaugh
 Ashcraft   Phyllis Frazee
 Baer   Darlene Baer
 Baird  Susan Sergent
 Bakenstow  Iris Crall
 Baker  Phyllis Frazee
 Ball  Ruby Bonecutter
 Barber   Ken Barber
 Barnhisel   Peggy Price
 Barr  Ruby Bonecutter
 Beckel   Peggy Price
 Bockoven   Susan Sergent
 Bogdan  Ruby Bonecutter
 Bonecutter  Ruby Bonecutter
 Border / Bader   Tom Clabaugh
 Boyce Connie Charles
 Brady  Carrie Foster
 Bradley  Phyllis Frazee
 Bricker   Dale Bricker
 Briggs   Steve Gates
 Brown  Tom Felt
 Brown   Steve Gates
 Burns   Steve Gates
 Butler  Ruby Bonecutter
 Carlson   Steve Gates
 Cattey  Peter Mott
 Cattey  Jim Williamson
 Chapman  Phyllis Frazee
 Clabaugh  Tom Clabaugh
 Clark   Steve Gates
 Cline    Susan Sergent
 Cook  Ruby Bonecutter
 Cook  Tom Clabaugh
 Cooper  Tom Clabaugh
 Cooper  Ruby Bonecutter
 Cox  Lori King
 Crall  Iris Crall
 Creveling   Steve Gates
 Cring  Judi Proctor
 Crow  Ruby Bonecutter
 Curtiss  Phyllis Frazee
 Cutler  Ruby Bonecutter
 Cutright  Carrie Foster
 Dick   Susan Sergent
 Dickson  Phyllis Frazee
 Diehl / Deal   Tom Clabaugh
 DuBois  Tom Clabaugh
 Dye  Judi Proctor
 Eichhorn   Susan Sergent
 Elben  Ruby Bonecutter
 Enis  Jim Williamson
 Farnsworth  Judi Proctor
 Felter  Ruby Bonecutter
 Fesler  Susan Sergent
 Fisher  Judi Proctor
 Flautt   Steve Gates
 Fletcher  Tom Clabaugh
 Fogle William Fogle
 Forinash  Carrie Foster
 Foster  Carrie Foster
 Foster  Julia Carol Levesque
 Frank  Tom Clabaugh
 Frank   Peggy Price
 Frazee  Phyllis Frazee
 Frownfelter  Phyllis Frazee
 Gamble  Margery Gamble Borger
Gamble  Susan Sergent
 Gates   Steve Gates
 Goodyear  Phyllis Frazee
 Gould  Carrie Foster
 Guenther  Tom Clabaugh
 Gutchall/Gutshall  Ruby Bonecutter
Gergor/Gregory  Vicki Kimberlin
 Gregory  Julia Carol Levesque
 Grumman   Steve Gates
 Hahn / Hand   Tom Clabaugh
 Haight  Susan Sergent
 Hawk   Peggy Price
 Heller  Phyllis Frazee
 Hetler   Peggy Price
 Hewitt  Phyllis Frazee
 Henning  Phyllis Frazee
Hinds  Susan Sergent
 Hines  Iris Crall
 Hoak  Susan Sergent
 Hole  Phyllis Frazee
 Hopper  Judi Proctor
 Hubbard  Ruby Bonecutter
 Hughes  Phyllis Frazee
 Hurne  Judi Proctor
 Hursh   Steve Gates
 Irons   Tom Clabaugh
 Jenkins  Ruby Bonecutter
 Johnson  Carrie Foster
 Kady  Susan Sergent
 Kaylor  Susan Sergent
 Kidwell  William Fogle
 Kline  Phyllis Frazee
 Knable  Phyllis Frazee
 Lafever  Ruby Bonecutter
 Lemons  Carrie Foster
 Lepp  Susan Sergent
 Lincoln  Susan Sergent
 Lipe  Susan Sergent
 Livingston  Ruby Bonecutter
 Long    Judi Proctor
 Love   William Fogle
 Ludwick  Judi Proctor
 Manville  Ruby Bonecutter
 Markley  Judi Proctor
 Masters  Phyllis Frazee
 McCartney  Carrie Foster
 McFarland   Ken Barber
 McKee  Phyllis Frazee
 Mellick   Steve Gates
 Millard  Susan Sergent
 Moats  Carrie Foster
 Mock   Judi Proctor
 Molder  Tom Clabaugh
  Molder  Susan Sergent
 Monroe  Ruby Bonecutter
 Montgomery  Phyllis Frazee
 Moore  Maggie Moore
 Morrow  William Fogle
 Mott  Peter Mott
 Mulford  Phyllis Frazee
 Mundwiler   Tom Clabaugh
 Myers  Connie Charles
 Newell  Jim Newell
 Nickel  Tom Felt
 Nichols  Susan Sergent
 Oakley  Ruby Bonecutter
 Peck  Susan Sergent
 Pettit  Judi Proctor
 Phillips  Carrie Foster
 Picking  Ruby Bonecutter
Rathburn  Margery Gamble Borger
 Rietschlin/Ruetschlin  Jim Williamson
 Riffle  Carrie Foster
 Ritter  Ruby Bonecutter
 Robison   Tom Clabaugh
 Rockwell  Phyllis Frazee
 Rogers  Susan Sergent
 Ross  Ruby Bonecutter
 Rumfeld/Rumfield  Judi Proctor
 Runfeld/Rumfield  Vicki Kimberlin
 Saltzgaber   Steve Gates
 Schaub  Ruby Bonecutter
 Schiffer  Susan Heuchert
 Schneider/Snyder  Vicki Kimberlin
 Schondal  Ruby Bonecutter
 Sergent  Susan Sergent
 Seydell  Phyllis Frazee
 Shafer  Susan Sergent
 Shaffner/ Schaffner  Jim Lewis
 Sheldon  Ruby Bonecutter
 Siegfried   Peggy Price
 Simmons  Carrie Foster
 Simmons  Judi Proctor
 Slater  Judi Proctor
 Smedley  Julia Carol Levesque
 Smith  Ruby Bonecutter
 Smiley  Maggie Moore
 Snyder  Phyllis Frazee
 Spicer  Ruby Bonecutter
 Sponseller  Tom Clabaugh
 Sponsler  Susan Sergent
 Stacklin   William Fogle
 Steavenson  Kirsten Steavenson  chieromancer@hotmail
 Steed  Judi Proctor
 Stephan   Peggy Price
 Stevenson  Kirsten Steavenson  chieromancer@hotmail
 Steward  Phyllis Frazee
 Stiving  Jacqueline Stiving
 Sutter  Kathy & Rick Lombardi
 Swartz  Ruby Bonecutter
 Tackett   Ken Barber
 Taylor  Judi Proctor
 Temple  Phyllis Frazee
 Tenney/Tinney  Carrie Foster
 Tooker  Susan Sergent
 Tousley  Ruby Bonecutter
 Van Horn  Margery Gamble Borger
 Urich   Iris Crall
 Utterback   Ken Barber
 Vanasdale Steve Van Ausdale
 Vastine  Phyllis Frazee
 Watson  Phyllis Frazee
 Weaver  Ruby Bonecutter
 Weidner Jacqueline Stiving
 Weimer   Tom Clabaugh
 Wentz   Lisa Wentz-Steiner
 Whitney   Steve Gates
Wilkinson   William Fogle
 Williams  Phyllis Frazee
 Willson  Ruby Bonecutter
 Wilt  Phyllis Frazee
 Wimer  Carrie Foster
 Wallick  Tom Clabaugh
 Whitenack  Susan Sergent
 Wolfe  Carrie Foster
 Wynn  Susan Sergent
 Yarman  Jim Yarman
 Zartman  Phyllis Frazee
 Zehner   Peggy Price

If you would like to add to the surnames on this page,
please contact us.

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