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Found this picture have no idea who it is Do not know who this is. real photo found by dumpster vancouver writing
on back or front. Its a real photo and is 11x13.If you know anything would be nice.yours sincerly
mark bowman

This photo was found admist photos that were given to me. I was hoping that you could post this to your website and see if anyone
recognizes the man in the photo or perhaps the company? It looks to be a mug shot for an ID card.

I do not know who the man in the picture is, but he is likely related to Schouster, York, Essman or Nahm families. Possibly
Hunt or Pack families as well. Up in the corner, I was able to digitally flip the letters to figure out that his hat says:

Operator 213
______ Ohio Elec. Co.

But I cannot make out the first word(s).

Thanks so much.

I can be reached via e-mail at

The men in this picture belong to some type of class or organization. All of the men are wearing a ribbon, an award maybe?
The only known individual in this picture is John Krick (Back row, 2nd from left).
I would appreciate any help identifying the other individuals, the ribbon and anything about the organization.
Thank you!
Bill Krick






















To view a larger photo - please click on it.

The photos above were submitted by Barbara Hattono, who writes:

I have quite a few photos containing persons I know should be family to me but have no clue of names or how they would
relate - they are unmarked.
If they could be posted and allow me to provide a link so persons with the family surname that come across my genealogical path
could view and provide me information, it would be great.
Then we both gain - me knowledge and them a photo and contact with extended family for tree information and linkage.
There are about 20 scanned so far.
I attach several of my unknown collection and await your feedback.
They are of individuals born with the Compton surname or married into it in some fashion.

I also have unwanted photos given to me by a second cousin that are also unmarked; the persons are unknown family to her
but not me. Hating to just throw them but unable to store indefinitely, I consider scanning them and posting on the internet sometime.

Thank you.
Barbara Hatton






The pictures above were submitted by Mr. Floyd E. Weaver who writes: "photographs of various members of the Furnier Family
of Adams County. I have no idea who the individuals are. Anyway you can assist me in finding out will be much appreciated."

Floyd E. Weaver


My name is Rick Whisman and I’m a local historian in the Huntington, WV area. Recently, I purchased 3 photographs from the
1800s taken in Portsmouth, Ohio. As these photographs appear to be people of possible local (i.e., Portsmouth, Ohio area)
notoriety (e.g., politicians, etc.), I was hoping that you might be able to identify them for me. Anyway, any help you could provide
me with the identification and possible biographical information on these individuals would greatly be appreciated.
Also any information on the photographer would additionally be appreciated. I would like to thank you in advance for your help regarding this matter/request. I look forwards to your response.
Again, thank you for your help.

Rick D. Whisman, MA

I recently received about 100 pictures that were my grandmother's. Only about 8 were identified. The two pictures are probably from the Chick or Maddy family. I believe the two men with beards are the same person. If anyone can help I would be grateful. Kathleen Bennett Keenan

Please contact Kathleen Keenan with any information at

Unknown Lady.
I found the picture in a book I purchased from the Ye olde book shoppe on 9th Street in Portsmouth Ohio.

Please contact with any information.

I am descended from Robert Keppler Burns born in Columbus/Bexley, OH, son of my Grandfather Andrew William Burns born in Lucasville to Great Grandfather Michael Burns (born Byrne in County Laois, Ireland) and Great Grandmother Mary (Crowe) Burns. I came across several old matted photographs with the attached one done by Lutz's Studio and bearing on its back the reference "Mike Burns?" and "Second Street" pertaining either to my Great Grandfather Michael Burns or to his son my Great Uncle Michael Burns. I have a photograph of my Grandfather Andrew Burns' brother John A. Burns and wife also taken at Lutz's Studio bearing on its back the reference "88 West Second St."

The attached photograph taken at Lutz's Studio has the same background as the photograph at your website described as follows:

Unidentified male taken at "Lutz" studio in Portsmouth, Ohio.
Date unknown.

I have an old photograph of a young woman who I believe to be a sister of my Grandfather Andrew Burns bearing on its back L.Kiefer Artistic Photographer, and an old photograph of another young woman who I believe to be another sister of my Grandfather Andrew Burns bearing on its back H.B. Hull Paragon Art Gallery; both photographers/galleries were of Portsmouth.

I have a number of photographs, e.g., one of a baby who I believe to be a brother of my Grandfather Andrew Burns showing on its front stock B.G. Harris, one of a young woman showing on its front stock Harris Art Gallery, another believed to include a niece of my Great Grandfather Michael Burns showing on its front stock B.G. Harris of Portsmouth.

I have a photograph who I suspect to be of my Great Great Grandmother Mary (O'Laughlin) Crowe as a young woman showing on its front stock Gillett of Portsmouth, another of my Great Grandmother Burns as a young woman, a young man either her brother or husband (my Great Grandfather Michael Burns), and presumably my Great Great Grandparents Andrew Crowe and Mary (O'Laughlin) Crowe showing on its front stock Gillett of Portsmouth, and a photograph of an elderly woman believed to be my Great Great Grandmother Mary (O'Laughlin) Crowe (but maybe one of my great aunts) who lived well into her 100s (1807-1911).

My grandfather and his siblings were born as follows: John A. Burns in 1870, Mary (Burns) Williams in 1872, Michael Burns in 1876, Elizabeth "Lida" (Burns) Martin in 1879, Andrew Burns in 1882, Margaret (Burns) Moulton in 1884, and Charles Burns in 1887. My Great Grandmother Mary (Crowe) Burns was born in 1844. My Great Grandfather Michael (Byrne) Burns was born in 1843.

I would greatly appreciate any knowledge any of you folks have about the years the galleries/photographers above were in operation. I suffering through the process of posting photographs to my website and when completed I'll send you the links. I have quite a few Lucasville-area photographs.

Please Contact Robert Burns with any information at

I found the following pictures in my great great grandmother Ruth Anna Salsbury Garvin's photo album and do not recognize any of them. We have identified most of the pictures in the album but these have been difficult. They may be from the Morgan or Salsbury side of our family history. My family lived in Scioto County. If anyone knows anything about the identity of the people in the pictures they can contact me at
Bobbie Headley

My ggrandparents lived in Scioto..Lawrence and Jackson Counties.. My ggrandfather was Wesley Howard who married Julia Ann Coyer...He served in the Civil War..and was buried in LOPP cemetery...Do you know where this is? I am told it might be somewhere near Beaver...My cousin who lives in Wellston,Ohio..has a Civil War marker he would like to put on his grave but no one knows where this cemetery is..maybe it changed names..I would appreciate any help you can give me..
Becca Howard Clark,Roanoke,Va..


This is my Grandfathers Father ? Farrington. My Grandfathers scrapbook had this photo in it and on the back has Williards Father, whom was my Grandfather. Am hoping someone may know what his first name was. Most of our family lived in Iowa, Maine and came from England. This Man and my great Grandmother Elizabeth were my Grandfathers parents.


The picture on the left is the same as the one below. I can't tell if this is Will b. 1865, maybe his brother, James Thompson Crain b. 1868, or someone else altogether.
The one on the right is William Edward Crain and wife, Elizabeth VanSkiver with their children Elsie M. b. 1889 and Clarence Albert b. 1890, both in Indiana.
Will was born in Portsmouth, Ohio and James was born in Missouri, I think their father died in MO, prior to 1870.
Will and James lived with Henry and Ann Wiley Paden in Portsmouth until after 1880 when they came to IN. James died 1888 unmarried.
Barbara Crain-Caldwell

Unidentified male taken at "Lutz" studio in Portsmouth, Ohio.
Date unknown.

Barbara Crain-Caldwell

This is a photo of my great-grandfather, William Edward Crain, b. 1865, Portsmouth, Ohio, to A. J. or J. A. and Mary Ann Paden Crain. It is a copy of a tin-type.
I have been trying to find my Crain relatives for over 40 years to no avail. Also would like to know what happened to siblings of Mary Ann Paden.
Her parents were Henry and Ann Wiley Paden. Sibs; William, Maggie, John, Sarah and Ellie of Portsmouth, Ohio, later Green Twp. I can find no records of these people except census with Henry and Ann.
Barb Crain-Caldwell
Unidentified male taken at Central Gallery in Hamilton, Ohio. I thought this might be a Crain because he looks a lot like a Crain cousin of mine. This photo and the photo Unidentified male taken at "Lutz" studio were on facing pages of my g-grandmother Crain's album.
Barb Crain-Caldwell
This is one of my favorite photos. We have no idea who he is. The filigree around the picture is gold and the picture has been cut out and glued into the oval.
Possibilities are Crain or Paden who were from Portsmouth, Ohio or VanSkiver or Parker who were from Preble and Butler Counties.
Some of the families stayed and some went to Indiana, in the 1870's.
Barb Crain-Caldwell
Family of William T. and Christina Miller Mackey

"This family photo was taken in Portsmouth in early January 1950 after the funeral of my grandmother, Chrisina Miller Mackey. I have long wondered about the location and names of the buildings in the background. Is anyone able to identify the buildings for me?"
Chester L. Sheffer, 8611 Arran Road, Richmond, VA 23235

Ohio Civil War Veterans - 1915 - Portsmouth Ohio
Picture submitted by: Richard Doll, who writes:
"I would guess that the church (in the background) might be the Old Methodist Church in West Portsmouth. The third from the right is Abraham Doll, and I think the second from the right is his brother, my great-great-grandfather, Peter G. Doll." If you know any of the people in this photo, please email Richard Doll at
"Mrs. Rosemary Crabtree recognized the photo (above), posted in the last edition of SCCOGS News. She said it was taken at the Bethany Baptist Church in Rushtown - which is still standing.
It is a photo of the members of the Robinson Post GAR.
She said she knew that Abraham Doll was in that Post but had info that Peter was in the Bailey Post at Portsmouth, but he could have transferred maybe."
Picture submitted by: Chris Robinson, who writes:
These two unidentified pictures belonged to my Great-grandfather Edwin Godwin Turner (1872-1952), who lived most of his life in Scioto Co., OH. Edwin G. Turner was the son of Martin Slocum Turner and Emaline (Rose) Turner. His grandparents were Joseph and Aurilla (Slocum) Turner AND Simon S. and Mary (Griffith) Rose. All of these lived in Scioto Co., OH. It is believed that these pictures might be of Edwin G. Turner's grandparents. Any information on these pictures would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Chris Robinson
Picture submitted by: Donald H. Caudill, who writes:
This photo has been identified as Miss Rawley's 6th grade class. I am guessing that the class is in the Valley School district in the 1930s. If anyone can give a clue, I would appreciate hearing from them.

Donald H. Caudill
Morgantown, WV.

Picture submitted by: Donald H. Caudill, who writes:
"This photo that has a notation on the back "Miss Moore's 6th Grade Class". I am guessing that it may be of a group of students in the Valley School District (Lucasville). I would guess from the dress that it was taken in the early 1930s. I am hoping that someone will be able to identify persons in this photo."
Donald H. Caudill
Morgantown, WV.
Picture submitted by: David Cayton, who writes:

"The photo was found in my father's trunk after his passing.   His family has a direct connection to Scioto county with my gggrandfather, ggrandfather, and grandfather being from the area.  I'm told that Thomas Katon, my gggrandfather, is listed as the county's first blacksmith.  The Katon name has been spelled Caton, Keton, and finally Cayton.....there may even be some other spellings that I haven't run across yet.

The photo has an embossed matt with the name Harris'  Art Gallery, Portsmouth.   If I could find the time that the Harris Art Gallery/Photo Studio was in operation, I might be able to narrow the time frame, but I haven't been able to find the right Portsmouth records yet.  The type of clothing design may also help.  The apparel seems to be before the 1900's and suggests even Victorian collars, etc.---possibly 1880-90's.  I have both aunts and uncles from that time frame so I can't narrow the search from that standpoint.    If anyone recognizes either of these faces from this or other photos, I would appreciate a source for such information is gone.

I would be willing to share digital copies or computer printed images with anyone interested.  I can be contacted by snail mail at David Cayton, 24477 Dixie Highway, Perrysburg, Ohio, 43551 or e-mail at "

Picture submitted by: Janet Huffman, who writes:
"When my husband's cousin passed away, two old photo albums were given to us. Most of the pictures were labeled. This picture was loose and stuck inside of one of the albums. It was not labeled. This is a beautiful family picture and we would love to know who they are.

The cousin's name was Roberta Wrightsel and her parent's were Ralph Victor Wrightsel and Hazel Dell Huffman. This picture could be on either the Huffman or Wrightsel side. If you recognize any of them, please let us know! Thank you."

Pictures submitted by: Cheryl Skinner

1930 Wheelersburg High School Football Team

Wheelersburg High School

If you recognize anyone in the photos, you may contact Cheryl at
Cheryl J Skinner (CJ)

This photo was submitted by Corresponding Secretary Pat Russell who writes:

" It's thought to be taken about 1951-52, some old gentlemen in Lucasville. Jesse Caudill, was identified sitting as the first man sitting in the front row. Don Caudill has written me about this. It was supposedly in the Portsmouth Times about 1951-52 and we're trying to find the names of the other fellows." If you have any information regarding this photo, please contact:

Pat Russell at or send mail to PO Box 812, Portsmouth OH 45662.

If you have a photo of unknown ancestors and would like to have it posted here, please send it to us, along with what you do know about the photo

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