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The Shelby Museum Of History
23 East Main St., Shelby, Ohio 44875
The Shelby Museum of History was organized by a group of women who were members
of "The Questers' Inc.", an organization dedicated to preserving the past.. The Museum
was incorporated on March 16, 1976, as a non - profit organization. The dedication was
on June 11, 1976.
The dedication served as a tribute to the memory of Raymond Wilkinson, a well-known
historian and former Shelby Mayor, who often expressed the wish that Shelby have a museum.
At the time of his death, a fund was created by a group of citizens to start the museum
and the city agreed to provide space. His heirs donated his Shelby photographs, paper
and memorabilia collection that pertained to this project and these dedicated Gamble's
Mill Quester members saw the museum come to life.
The museum started in one room provided by the city of Shelby in the current city
building at 23 West Main Street. The museum immediately outgrew that space and
in 1979 moved to the Sutter-Roush room at 23 East Main Street, which is also owned
by the city of Shelby.
Shelby Museum, Shelby, Ohio (Photo 6/2004)
The Shelby Museum of History, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors. The
original members were: Leonard Waines, Kort Broomhall, Kathryn Douglas,
Ronald and Janet Scheid, Zorada Bussom, and Corene Humphrey.
Volunteers serve as museum caretakers.
Shelby Museum, Shelby, Ohio (Photo 6/2004)
The museum houses a collection of artifacts and memorabilia from businesses and
the people of Shelby, Ohio. Across the street from the museum, in Central Park, is a
log cabin discovered under the siding on a house being razed at 16 Walnut Street. The
cabin was moved and restored in time for Shelby's Sesquicentennial celebration in 1984.
Shelby Museum, Shelby, Ohio (Photo 7/2000)
Shelby Log Cabin, Shelby, Ohio
Shelby Museum, Shelby, Ohio (Photo 7/2000)
Life in Early Shelby (Log Cabin Interior) - as re-enacted for the Shelby Bicycle Days Festivities.

Admission to the museum is free, but donations are greatly appreciated. The
museum is open 2 - 5 P.M. on Sundays from May through October,
except Mother's and Father's Days. It is also open by appointment.
Samples from the Museum
Featured Items:
Shelby Museum, Shelby, Ohio
The Shelby Electric Company and their light bulbs

J. C. Fish and A. A. Chaillet and The Shelby Electric Company.

Chaillet Bulb Found !
110 year old Shelby Bulb recently discovered in the Adolphe Chaillet home!

Join the Livermore, California Celebration of their
110 year old Shelby Electric Company Light Bulb!
A Rare Part of Shelby History:
Did you know that between the years 1918 and 1922, farm tractors and
trucks were assembled in Shelby?
There is only one remaining operational Shelby Tractor in the world!
Shelby Area Historical Beauty
Shelby Area Coverlets and the Weavers who created them
Recorders of Shelby Pictorial History

Early Shelby Photographers and their Photographs
Shelby Gum Company
Copies of the Shelby Sesquicentennial book are currently available.
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