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Ross Percy R [Florence M], representative R G Dunn & Co, res. Springfield Lake
Ross Ralph C., Student res. 412 S. High
Ross Roberta, stenog. Goodyear Co.  
Ross Samuel, rubberworker, rms. 62 Schafer
Ross U G, wks Goodyear Co, rms 53 S College
Ross Walter N, laborer, res 196 Neiman
Ross Wm L [ Lula M], driver Lyman-H L Co, res 412 S High
Ross Willis, clerk Taplin, Rice C Co, rms 828 Corburn
Ross Zoa A,   res 412 S High
Rosse James [ Rosa ], laborer, res 873 E North
Rosse Joseph [ Katie ], laborer, res s s E North ext
Rossel Ralph M, clerk D Rubber Co, rms 417 Kirn ave
Rossen Dorathy E,   res 194 Carroll
Rossen Isac J [ Katie ], glazier 194 Carroll, res same
Rossen Maurice A, glazier, res 194 Carroll
Rosser Mrs Elisibeth (wid James),   res 254 Russell ave
Rossi Alex laborer, bds 73 McCoy
Rossi Andy, painter, bds 104 Furnice
Rossi Clement [ Josephine ], rubberworker, res 303 Arch
Rossi Nicholas, laborer, bds 145 McCoy
Rossi Pasquale, tailor Guttridge & Rand, rms 108 N Prospect
Rossill James, laborer, bds 241 E North
Rossiter Mrs Alice M ( wid H W ), res 331 Graves Court
Rossiter Alice W, teacher, res 331 Graves Court
Rossiter Evelyn V, music teacher, res 331 Graves Court
Rossiter Walter T, wks Star Rubber Co, res 331Graves Court
Rossiter Wm J, wks Star Rubber Co, res 331 Graves Court
Rossmann Augusta M,   res 37 N Walnut
Rossman Martha T,   res 37 N Walnut
Rosswurm William elevator opr, rms 73 E Walnut
Rost Mrs Caroline E (wid Carl A ), res 128 Oakdale ave
Rost George A, clerk Simmerly Bros Co. res 128 Oakdale ave
Roster Ann L, bookeeper, res 154 E North
Roster John W [ Anna ], clerk C R King, res 154 E North
Roster Mary J, bookeeper, res 154 E North
Rostock Mrs Agnes ( wid Max ), res 247 Rhodes ave
Roswell Albert, teamster, res 147 E Exchange
Rotenberg Louis [ Jennie], grocer 654 Bowery, res same
Rotenberg Samuel, clerk L Rotenburg res 247 Goodwin ave
Roth Arnold, carpenter rms 549 Waelde
Roth Besse L, stenog D Rubber Co, res 81 Wood
Roth Charles S [ esther ], saloon 41 N Chase ave, res 1093 Laird
Roth Christ [ Elizabeth ], wks Q oats Co, res 607 Allyn
Roth Edward ( Roth & Silverman ), res 307 S Main
Roth Ellisworth H [ Grace E ], broker 432-434 Hamiton Bldg. both phones res 403 Perkins
Roth Eva, wks B G Work  
Roth Frank [ Katie ], labor, res 785 Allyn
Roth Frank A [ Tillie L. ], bartender, res 359 Buckeye
Roth Fred, wks Goodrich Co. rms same
Roth George. engineer City Hospital, rms 580 Sherman
Roth Geutrude, student, res 177 W Thornton
Roth Grace, student, rms 77 Fir
Roth Harry,   res 53 Jewett

ATTENTION. Corner Mill and Howard Streets

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