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Roth Henry F [ Mary ], collector, res 457 Sherman
Roth Ida, wks B G Work  
Roth John E, wks Goodyear Co, res 607 Allyn
Roth Joseph A, clerk Hardware & S Co, res 177 W Thornton
Roth Louise,   rms 82 S Howard
Roth Louise M,   res 607 Allyn
Roth Mrs. Matilda ( wid Carl ) res 577 Grant
Roth Mrs Mitilda ( wid John ), res 81 Wood
Roth Myrtle A, stenog W & B Mfg Co, res 385 Perkins
Roth Paul L [ Clara A ], plasterer, res 497 Cuyahoga
Roth Rose, waiter, rms 82 S Howard
Roth Rose E,   res 607 Allyn
Roth Sebastian, wks Goodyear Co, bds 135 Halstead
Roth & Silverman ( E Roth, E J Silverman ) saloon 307 S Main
Roth Wm C [ aurie C ] salesman, res 53 Jewett
Rotharmer Steve [ Eva ]. laborer, res 123 Cross
Rothaug Mrs Sadie M,   res 714 Bellevue
Rothberg James, wks Tirestone Co, rms 31 N Broadway
Rothen Albert J [ Minnie L ], wks L W Camp Co, res 840 Coburn
Rothenbiller Peter [ Mary ] laborer, res 403 Washington
Rothermel Emil J [ Jennie A ], milk dealer, res 797 Harvard
Rothermel Paul P [ Margaret A ], carpenter, rca 507 Sherman
Rothermundt Martin D [ Marie ], clerk, res 899 Miami
Rothfus August [ Philopena ], wks Buckeye K Co, res 432 Spicer
Rothrock Amos [ Mattie V ], wks Plower Mantel Co, res Lucile ave
Rothrock Christian,   res 660 Carroll
Rothrock Fern O, sutdent, res 450 S Maple
Rothrock Gretta P, clerk Goodyear Co, res 450 S Maple
Rothrock James, wks Buckeye R Co, bds 31 N Broadway
Rothrock John J [ Pearl E ], with Akron C & I Co. res 450 S Maple
Rothrock Mrs Leah ( wid Elias ), res 690 Coburn
Rothrock Levi L, hostler, bds 264 Rockwell court
Rothrock Wm H [ Mary B ],   res 718 Coburn
Rotschko John, laborer, brds rear 1029 S Main
Rotschko Martian, laborer, brds 1029 S Main
Rottenberg Charles A, linotype opr, res 817 Grant
Rottenberg Charles W [ Ida M ], wdk Q Oats Co, res 817 Grant
Rottenberg Clara L. unitype opr Ak Germaina. res 817 Grant
Rottenberg Wm H, machinist, res 817 Grant
See also Rotenberg    
Rottman Percy G [ Bertha M ], painter, res Wooster Ave, Kenmore
Rottrnayer Anna, dressmaker O'Neil & Co, res 721 Sherman
Rottmayer Gernhardt [ Pauline ], wks Firestone Co, res 712 Sherman
Rottmyer Carl, wks Firestone Co, res 712 Sherman
Rottmyer Eugene, machinist, res 712 Sherman
Rouch Aurthur [ Hattie M ], wks W & B Mfg Co, res 359 Edgewood ave
Rouch Eber, wks Firestone Co, rms 808 Harvard
Rouch Mrs Eva ( wid Joseph ) res 189 Jewett
Rouch Julia, laborer, res 189 Jewett
Rouch Nathan [ Ellen ]   res 599 Wooster ave
Rouch Wilber, wks Firestone Co, rms 808 Harvard
Rouch Wm A, wks W & B Mfg Co, rca 359 Edgewood ave
Rouche Cyrus, wds D Rubber Co, rms 290 E Exchange
Rouche Walter, wks D Rubber Co, rms 209 E Exchange
Roundy Mrs Clara J ( wid Charles ), res 157 S Balch

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