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in War of the Rebellion she furnished more than her full quota of patriotic and faithful soldiers, as will be seen from the following roster kindly compiled for us by Ambrose W. Bliss, Esq., supplemented by the assessors' enumeration for 1865 :

Jacob C. Armstrong, Levi Burroughs, George Brower, Augustus A. Belden, Lucian Bliss, Daniel Boyle (died in service), Alonzo Bain, Francis W* Bliss, Harmon H. Bliss, Theodore Bordeman, K. A. Butterfield, George L. Bishop, Horace P. Bliss (died at home of lung fever, Feb. 20, 1863), O. A. Bishop, Albert L. Bliss, Philip Brandt, Adam Bowles, Frederick Belden, Robert Brown, John Brown, Cornelius Boyle, David Boam, Augustus Curtiss, B. C. Carpenter, J. C. Chamberlain, Frank R. Clements, Lester J. Crittenden, Edward Connor, James Clark (died in service), J. C. Cranmer (died in service), Marcus D. Cross, Joseph Clifford, Edward Cromax, George Cross (lost on Sultana), Andrew J. Cross, Jeremiah H. Cranmer, John Christian, Albert Case, Emery Case, Jonathan Criss, Dwight Case, Lafayette Cranmer, George Cooley, Thomas Drennen (died in service), W. H. H. Deisman, Nathan W. Doty (lost on Sultana), George Dusenbury, John Duseiibury, Simon Dallas, James A. Emmons, Henry Eggleston, Alexander Forbes, Asa H. Fitch. John Fitzwater (died in .rebel prison), Alfred Fell, W. W. France, William Fields, John Goetz, Philander Hewitt (died at Cincinnati, Oct. 1862), Sylvester Honey, Albert Herriman, Hine, Willis Honey, Hiram H. Johnson (died of heart disease at Camp Chase, Oct. 1862), John H. Johnson (died in service), Henry Large, James Large, Albert Lawrence, James Miller, Milton B. Miller (died in service), James McElroy, Peter Murphy, John A. Means, John Montona, James H. Miller, Marion McKisson, Samuel D. McElroy, Urvan Murphy, F. D. Murphy, Daniel Martin, C. M. Myers, O. McClintock, James Nesbit, D. G. Nesbit, T. B. Nichols, Henry Pile, Geo. W. Pile, A. M. Palmer, Geo. W. Palmer, H. H. Palmer, L. L. Palmer, E. A. Palmer, Thomas Pacy (died in service), Wm. H. H. Polhamus, Samuel Perry, Thomas Parkhurst. Matthew Phaff, Edward G. Ranney (killed at Gettysburg), Jacob Rusher (killed at Shiloh), Otto Runge, John Rose, John Ririe, Nelson Stebbins, William E. Smith, John C. Seidel, Conrad Schoch, Cyrus Singletary (died in service).

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Charles Skinner, Edwin Soden, George Soden, L. C. Spafford, John Sharp, Charles Scott, L/ucian Stanley, Wilbur Stanley, John Sproutberry, Smith Tryon, Lucas Tryon (died in service), Alfred G. Thompson, Hiram Turner, Myron Tupper (died in service), M. L. Trotter, Willard Trotter, Abraham Truby, George Thomas, Walter Thompson, Frederick Ungerer (died in service), C. A. Vail, J. J. White, J. C. Wilkinson, Robert F. Watson, Charles W. Way (lost on Sultana), John Wilkins, Josiah Wood.

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Fifty Years and over of Akron and Summit County
By Samuel A. Lane
Beacon Job Department, Akron, Ohio: 1892

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