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Trumbull County Genealogical Society
To foster an interest in all of the peoples who contributed in any way, however great or small, in establishing and perpetuating Trumbull County and the State of Ohio.
To search for the reasons and forces behind the migrations of the early settlers of Ohio.
To secure and hold copyrights and plates of books, periodicals, tracts and pamphlets of genealogical and historical interest to the people of Ohio.
To publish, print, buy, sell and circulate literature relative to the purposes and acquisitions of the chapter, its records and discoveries. To promote genealogical and historical research, and to aid in publication, dissemination, preservation, biography and family and local history, for carrying on the work of education and for educational purposes.
To receive and hold gifts and devises of real and personal estate from any source for the benefit of such association and to dispose of real estate not needed. To use solely for the purposes of the Chapter any funds derived therefrom or from gifts generally, and to do all things incident to the perpetuation of the purposes of the association and generally to exercise the powers legally and properly requisite thereto.
All of the foregoing are for carrying on the work of the Chapter for educational purposes and to operate solely for educational purposes.

The Chapter annually budgets an amount of money for the purchase of genealogically related books for this room on the second floor of the Warren-Trumbull County Public Library. A genealogist and assistants aided by Chapter volunteers staff the Local History and Genealogy Center.

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