This photo shows my Great Aunt Arvadia Harclerode Burbank with her husband, William C. Burbank. Mr. Burbank was Mayor of Warren, Trumbull County, OH from 1952-1959. This photograph was taken in 1952 at Warren's City Hall, inside the Mayor's Office. William Burbank was sworn in as Mayor just before this photo was taken.

The city of Warren went forward in many areas under his administration. The Water Filtration Plant and a gigantic sewer program were completed. The Packard Music Hall was built. A program of repairing and widening streets were started during his administration. Commercialized vice and gambling were banished. Organized crime was elimated form Warren. Land was side aside for recreational parks in sections of the city including Veteran's Park and Burbank Park. Warren was nationally recognized as the "All American City for 1954" by Look Magazine.

Bill Burbank died in 1972.

Dontated by: jil loewit