Tuscarawas County Ohio - Lookup volunteers

Here you will find some resources for Tuscarawas County. If you are willing to help, or have Tuscarawas Co. information to share, please let me know. We can always use new volunteers to help lookup genealogical information! email me .

Please request only 1 or 2 names with approximate dates. If you need extensive lookups, consult with a genealogist in the area. .

The following need to be varified, some emails may not work.

  • General Indexes 
    Marriages 1808-1844 (from indexes)Bryan Tolka
    Marriages 1845-1863 (from indexes)Bryan Tolka
    Marriages 1864-1880 (from indexes)Colleen Frank
    Census Indexes for 1830, 1870, and 1880Kathy Anderson
    Census indexes for 1820, 1840Kathy Anderson
    Census Indexes for 1850Kathy Anderson
    Census Indes for 1880 (LookUp 1880 Tusc. Co in Subject Line)Check Family HistorySite
    Census Indexes for 1900Kathy Anderson
    1830, 1840, 1850, and 1860 Census CD's from the original census
    (complete -- everyname) but they are not indexed. when someone is
    requesting a lookup they MUST include the TOWNSHIP that they want checked. 

    It would take forever to go through each census completely looking for a name.

    Connie Schumaker
    Veterans & Widows Census index 1890
    Death records, 1867-1884 Vol IJoanette Saba-Sturm
    Death Records, 1884-1895 Vol IIFrank Strebel
    Joanette Saba-Sturm
    Death Records, 1895-1908 Vol IIIFrank Strebel
    Joanette Saba-Sturm
    Our Noble Dead: Abstracts .. Tuscarawas County Advocate 1866
    Birth Records, 1867-1873 Vol 1Joanette Saba-Sturm
    Birth Records, 1873-1879 Vol 2, part one Bryan Tolka
    Birth Records, 1879-1883 Vol 2, part two Colleen Frank
    Will Records Index 1809 - 1902 (1910) Bryan Tolka
    Joan Berkey
    Index to Applications & Naturalizations 1819-1854 Bryan Tolka
    History of Tusc. Co. 1884Colleen Frank
    Debra Short
    1878 Directory of Tuscarawas and Carroll CountiesColleen Frank
    Biographical Record Civil War Veterans 1892Gerald Finney
    Portrait & Biographical Record of Tusc. Co 1895volunteer needed
    Index to Probate records 1808 - 1888Joan Berkey
    Colleen Frank A to G
    Historical Atlas Tuscarawas Co 1875 & 1908Colleen Frank
    History of Schools in Tuscarawas County, Ohio
    (Does not contain a listing of Students)
    Patti Olsson
    History of Old Saint Peter's (1844-1867)Lesa Haswell
    Beersheba Church Book 1805Linda Hoelscher
    Aaron Winklepleck 's Family HistoryLaura Feist

    German Churches
    Churchbook-St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran, Ruslin Hills, Dover Twp.
    Churchbook-St. John's, Auburn Twp. 1879-1929
    Churchbook-German United Evangelical Lutheran & Zions, Upper
    Stonecreek, Jefferson Twp. 1849-1889
    Church Book-Jerusalem Reformed Congregation
    1811-1880; 1903-1930 ----- York Twp.
    St. Jacob's Congregation, Jefferson Twp. 1856-1923
    St. John's Congregation, Strasburg, Franklin Twp. 1863-1922
    St. John's Congregation, Canal Dover, 1846-1902
    Please Limit to Only 3 Church books per lookup

    Please Limit to Only 3
    Church books per Lookup

    Patti Olsson

    Include Township info in
    your request info.

    Cemetery Books 
    Sugarcreek, Auburn, Bucks, Franklin, Wayne Twp.Joan Berkey
    Laura Feist
    Dover & Dover TwpColleen Frank
    York, Jefferson, Salem, Warwick Twp.Carol Sliffe
    Linda Hoelscher
    Mill Twp 
    Oxford, Perry, Rush, Washington Twps.Linda Hoelscher
    City of New PhiladelphiaLisa Gettling
    Goshen Twp. 
    Washington Twp.Gerald Finney



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