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Pension Record of
Robert E. Baxter
Company A, 52nd Regiment, O.V.I.

Excerpts from Robert E. Baxter's civil war pension file:
June 1, 1889
Declaration for Original Invalid Pension
State of Ohio, Van Wert County

On the 1st day of June 1889, personally appeared, Robert E. Baxter, aged 48 years, a resident of the city of Convoy, county of Van Wert, State of Ohio, who being duly sworn, deposes and says: that he is the identical Robert E. Baxter who was enrolled on the 7th day of August 1862, in Company A of the 52nd Regiment of Ohio Infty Vols., and was honorably discharged at Little York, PA on the 23rd day of June 1865; that his personal description is as follows:
Age: 48 yrs; Height: 5 feet 10 inches; complexion: light; hair: light; eyes: blue.
   That while a member of the organization aforesaid, in the service and in the line of his duty at Peach Tree Creek, in the State of Georgia, on or about the 19th day of July 1864, he contracted a general weakness of limbs from the hardships of prison life; and while in service and line of duty in the Hospital in Baltimore City, Maryland near Washington Square (name and number not remembered) between March 10, 1865 and April 27, 1865 he contracated lung fever which resulted in a disease of the lungs.
   That since leaving the service the applicant has resided in Van Wert County in the State of Ohio and that his occupation has been that of a farmer by proxy.
   That his post office address is Convoy, Van Wert County, Ohio.
Signed, Robert E. Baxter
Aug 1889, VanWert County, Ohio
Robert E. Baxter, late of Company A 52 Reg. O.V.I., personally came before me a notary public in and for said county. Robert Baxter, a citizen of Convoy O., whose post office address is Convoy, O., well known to be to be reputable and entitled to credit and who being sworn according to law declares as follows:
I was taken prisoner at Battle of Peach Tree Creek, GA. July 19, 1864 and was taken to Atlanta, GA where remained 3 or 4 days and then taken to Andersonville where near kilt, until they removed us to Charleston, South Carolina sometime in October of November, I cannot give dates, as my physical condition was bad in the extreme and my mental faculties near impaired to such an extent that I could not remember anything. We were at Charleston a few days camped on a ?? grounds, then we were taken to Florence Carolina where we was kept til ??? when we was taken to Golsboro, NC where we stayed only a few days, when we were taken back to Welmington where we were parolled.  I was taken then to Annapolis, Maryland from there to Baltimore where I remained in the hospital til in the latter part of May except 30 days of furlough, I was at home.  When I was then sent to Convalescent Camp at York, PA where I was mustered out June 23, 1865.  I cannot remember any of my comrades ?? while in prison and cannot find any one that took care of me while in the hospital as my memory has so bad owing to weakness and starvation.    I was carried by my comrades while we were moved to ???, at Florrence, we went 90 days without meet or salt of any kind, I had to cary ??? to severe hardship til i broke down with fever and had to ??? one half mile every day and was sick from that time on til I was discharged. Signed, Robert E. Baxter
Sept 1890
Proof of Disability
State of Ohio, County of Van Wert
On this 29th day of Sept 1890, personally appeared, Robert E. Baxter, age 50, a resident of Convoy, in the county of Van Wert, state of Ohio, says:
That I cannot furnish evidence of my disability, for while in prison at Andersonville for seven and one half months, it occured and my comrades know nothing about it.  And the only time even a physician examine me was when the examining surgeon at VanWert Ohio did, I have never taken any medical treatment for the disability as I thought it of no avail?, and really did not know what was the matter with me until the examining surgeon told me my disability is on the increase.
Signed, Robert E. Baxter
April 1895
State of Ohio, Van Wert County
In the matter of pension claim of Robert E. Baxter, No. 645411 Now comes Robert E. Baxter who is well known to me and entitled to credit after being duly sworn according to law.
I can't state any definite time that was brung on but know I went into the servic with out any akes or pains in mylegs.  This was brot on by heavy marching and exposure and I was taken prisoner on the 19th of July 1864 and taken to Andersonville and parolled at Wilmeton the 26th of Febuary 1865, was not able to walk without the help of some body.  I haven't been with out severe fever pain in my legs since the service when I have to stand on my feet or follow the plow.  I could not get my rest at night for the pain from my knees to my toes the vanes are large and blue, there is times the paine seems more than I can bear.  This is my own hand write with out the influence of any one.
Signed, Robert E. Baxter
April 12, 1895
Dept of Interior, Bureau of Pensions
Washington, D.C.
Re: Robert E. Baxter
To: Elias Baxter, Convoy, O
Be kind enough to answer in your own handwriting the following questions, giving complete details:
When did you first see the claimant after he returned from the Army and how do you fix the date:
"About the first of May 1865, a paroled prisoner.  I lived in VanWert,. He stayed with me on return.
Of what disability did he complain and how was he affected: "A weakness of the limbs, was friteful to see when he came to my house.
How frequently have you seen him since your first acquaintance:
"I have been intamly acquainted ever sence."
If he has continued to suffer with disability, describe the symptoms, etc.:
"still continuing, the weakness of his lims; went on a farm after he came out of the war and was so weak he cood not farm, July 1872 he quit the farm and went into the shew business and in 1879 went to farmin agoin, had to get a hired help all the time, had to leave the farm is now living in town of Convoy, Ohio.    I dont think he is able to do amy manuel laber but does some, my name is Elias Baxter, P.O Convoy, Ohio
June 4, 1898
Dept of Interior, Bureau of Pensions
Washington, D.C.
Please favor me by returning this circular with replies to the following questions:
Are you married, and if so, state your wife's full name and her maiden name: Yes. Mary Ellen Baxter. Maiden name: Capper
Where, when and by whom were you married: Nov 23, 1865 Rev. Eddmons
What record of marriage exists: Probate Court, Van Wert County, Ohio
Were you previously married: No
Have you any children living, if so, state their names and dates of their birth: Yes. Marion Baxter July 15, 1869; Clarah Bell Baxter Feb 7, 1876
Signed, Robert E. Baxter
March 15, 1915
Dept of Interior, Bureau of Pensions
Please answer at your earliest convenience, the questions enumerated below:
Date and Place of your birth: Sept 18, 1840, Harrison County, Ohio
State your Wife's full name and maiden name: Mary E. Baxter; Mary E. Capper
State the names and dates of birth of your children, both living and dead: Our first were twins, born dead, born 1866; Marion Baxter born July 15, 1869; Clarah Baxter born Feb 7, 1876, and all living in Van Wert County.
Signed, Robert E. Baxter
Dec 7, 1915
Declaration for Pension
State of Ohio, Van Wert County
On the 7th day of December 1915, personally appeared, Robert E. Baxter, who being duly sworn, declares:
That he is 75 years of age, and a resident of Convoy, county of Van Wert, state of Ohio. That his personal description at enlistment was as follows:
Height: 5 feet 10 inches;
complexion: light;
color of eyes: blue,
color of hair: Sandy;
that his occupation was farming;
that he was born Sept 18, 1840 at Harrison County, Ohio.  That since leaving the service his residences have been: Van Wert County, Ohio.
Signed, Robert E. Baxter
Nov 24, 1920
State of Ohio, County of Van Wert
In the matter of the increase of pensions of Robert E. Baxter, Company A. 52nd Regiment Ohio Infantry...On this 24th day of November, personally appeared Hazel H. Kear who being duly swown says she is 26 years of age and a resident of the city of Van Wert, Ohio;  that she follows nursing as a profession and is now and has been for the past six weeks empoyed as a nurse for the claimant, Robert E. Baxter of Convoy, Ohio.  That Mr. Baxter is very weak physically and mentally and is confined to his bed most of the time and requires her personal aid and attendance constantly to care for him; that in her opinion his disabilities are of a permanent nature and there is little chance for improvement of his condition.
Signed Hazel H. Kear.
April 5, 1921
Pensioner Dropped from the Rolls
Robert E. Baxter, due to his death on Jan 23, 1921.
April 13, 1921
Application for Widow's Pension
Claimant: Mary E. Baxter, Widow
320 West Maple Avenue
Van Wert, Van Wert, County,Ohio
Proof of Marriage:
State of Ohio, Van Wert County
I hereby certify that on the 24th day of November 1865, I joined in matrimony Mr. Robert Baxter and Mary E. Capper.
Signed, Robert Edmond, Minister
Jan 31, 1921
Declaration for Widow's Pension
On this 31st day of January 1921, personally appeared, Mary E. Baxter, aged 77 years, a resident of Tully Township, county of Van Wert, State of Ohio. Said widow declares; that the soldier died on Jan 23, 1921 at Convoy, Ohio.  That the said soldier left no children under the age of 16 years; that her said husband drew a pension under certificate no. 645411. That her post office address is : 320 W. Maple Ave, Van Wert, State of Ohio.
Signed: Mary E. Baxter
Feb 1, 1921
General Affadavit by Martin Showalter
In the matter of the claim for widow's pension of Mary E. Baxter, widow of Robert E. Baxter. Personally appeared, Martin Showalter, aged 74 years of No. 421 So. Race St., Van Wert, Ohio, declares as follows:
"that he has been personally acquainted with the above named soldier Robert E. Baxter and Mary E. Baxter since before they were of marriagable age, went to County School with both of them for awhile and know that neither of them had married prior to their marriage to each other, that they lived together as man and wife from their marriage to the date of his death and were not divorced. Signed, Martin Showalter
June 14, 1927
Dept of Interior, Bureau of Pensions
Mary E. Baxter, widow
Drop Report - - Pensioner dropped from the rolls due to death on May 19, 1927.
I.J. Randall, Chief, Finance Division

Submitted by Candace Gravelle
PO Box 3
Albany, Oregon 97321