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McLaughlin's Squadron of Cavalry

Name Co.
Allen, Nathaniel B
Fife, Robert B
Merrick, Adam A
Merrick, James J. A
Stauter, John A
Taylor, Eli A

Source: History of Van Wert County, Ohio and Representative Citizens,                 page 341.


Miscellaneous Units

Last Name First Name Co. Regiment
Aldrich Theodore P. E 7th O.V.I.
Allbright John D 82nd O.V.I.
Allen Harrison L. E 7th O.V.I.
Barber Levi E 118th O.V.I.
Barnhart * David Marion I 174th O.V.I.
Beall William W. E 80th O.V.I.
Beall William W. E 129th O.V.I.
Bowers Josiah E 188th O.V.I.
Brewer James
Brubaker George F. B 102nd O.V.I.
Brubaker John W. B 102nd O.V.I.
Clouse Michael A 41st O.V.I.
Crooks James R. B 178th O.V.I.
Filler Benjamin F. F 66th O.V. I.
Flagler George G 57th O.V.I. Pension Record
Freck William F 38th O.V.I.
Geissler Frederick C 41st O.V.I.
Gibson William H. G 34th O.V.I.
Hawkins Abraham D 69th O.V.I.
Heffelfinger James I 3rd O.V.I.
Heffelfinger James B 43rd O.V.I.
Hook Ruben A 41st O.V.I.
Hudspeth Henry S. H 169th O.V.I.
Hilton John C 74th Ind. V.I.
Johnson Samuel D 34th O.V.I.
Jolly Edward D 180th O.V.I.
Kesler Wesley 4th O.V.I.
Landon Charles C 3rd O.V.I.
Lewis Francis D 27th U.S.C.T.
Lillich Frederick B 2nd O.M.
Long James G Ohio Heavy Art.
Longsworth Jesse
McVicar Alexander F. K 118th O.V.I.
Meely William G 43rd O.V.I.
Melchi John B. L Ohio Heavy Art.
Moneysmith Solomon R. A 5th O.V.I.
Pearson Richard G 110th O.V. I.
Reed * Samuel J. G 67th O.V.I.
Reid Frederick G Ohio Heavy Art.
Roop * Jacob Lewis B 192nd O.V.I.
Roop * John H.   192nd O.V.I.
Rutan Justice I 9th O.V.I.
Sands William C 3rd O.V.I.
Shaw Felix B. I 3rd O.V.I.
Simms James H. C 34th O.V.I.
Snyder + David I 126th O.V.I.
Sterling William T. E & K 96th O.V.I.
Sterling David F 31st O.V.I.
Switzer John A. D 9th O.V.I.
Swoveland Peter H O.V.I.
Tindall Henry A. G 54th O.V.I.
Weller Henry F 65th O.V.I.
Whitcraft John B 31st O.V.I.
Wyant John F 41st O.V.I.
Zelner Henry F 118th O.V.I.
Zentz** Harrison W. H 98th O.V.I.  Pension Record

Source: History of Van Wert County, Ohio and Representative Citizens, page 341.

* Submitted by Margie Roop Pearce.
** Submitted by Candace Gravelle.
+  Submitted by Leroy R. Snyder, ggg grandson