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Van Wert County Ohio Squirrel Hunters


Squirrel Hunters

The "Squirrel Hunters" were citizen volunteers called in September 1862 to defend Cincinnati, Ohio from possible attack by Confederate soldiers. These volunteers provided their own weapons, ammunition and dress. The volunteers from Van Wert county Ohio are listed here. (Source: History of Van Wert County and Representative Citizens, pages 343-344, extracted by Donald L. Kear)

See typical discharge paper

Commissioned Officers
Thaddeus S. Gilliland,
Alonto W. Baker,
1st lieutenant
Frank B. Bickford,
2nd lieutenant

Noncommissioned Officers
Andrew McGavern,
1st sergeant
George S. Edson,
2nd sergeant
Charles P. Richey,
3rd sergeant
John A. Smith,
4th sergeant
Benjamin A. Welch,
5th sergeant
John Strode,
6th sergeant
David S. Hoit,
1st corporal
Chas. W. Goss,
2nd Corporal
Stephen Capper,
3rd Corporal
George W. Mosure,
4th Corporal
Austin Gish,
5th Corporal
C. C. North,
6th Corporal
Benjamin F. Swineford,
7th Corporal
James Mount,
8th Corporal

Louis Anchutz Elijah Arnold Charles P. Baird
John C. Baker Enos E. Barkdull Peter Beatty
William G. Bebb John Brodnix J. Boyd Brodnix
John Brodnix J. Boyd Brodnix William 0. Brown
William Buck John L. Budd John W. Chambers
William Cochran George Copeland Reason Corder
Dana Davis George Eagy Johnathan Eagy, Jr.
Jonathan Eagy, Sr. Oliver Eagy Sylvester Emerson
Franklin Emerson David W. Evans Levi Frickbinder
Zen Faulkner Henrv Flagg Jame J. Foster
William Faulkner John Gordon Darius Green
George M. Hall William High H. R. Hoghe
Henry C. Hedges David Heitsman I. I. Hunter
John Hunter Lesley Jewell Wesley Jewell
Homer Johnson Luserne Jones Daniel Kuhl
Philip Kuhl Calvin Larue Judson Larue
Nelson W. Losing Edward Mather William D. McClure
Stephen Mead Elijah Mills Emery Mullen
Thomas Myers John Parent David Ralston
John C. Ramsey Augustus Rogers Christian Sands
David Sands Laurens B. Shaffer William Stem
William Swartz Abel K. Sweet A. 0. Smith
John Thacker Joseph Terry Elijah Todd
S. I. Todd John Troup J. P. Underwood
Samuel I. Weaver James Welker George Wells
Perry Willer    

Source: History of Van Wert County And Representative Citizens, pages 343-4.