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Nearby Happenings
articles in Van Wert newspapers

Van Wert Daily Bulletin, July 2, 1928, pg2

Mrs. Otto Krimendahl, of Celina, suffered cuts about her face that required fifteen stitches to close when she went head first through the windshield of a Chevrolet coupe driven by Mrs. Ernest Krimendahl, also of Celina.  The Krimendahl car was ditched on the St. Marys-Celina road near the North Short Golf club when the front wheel was caught in the bumper of an automobile, driven by an Indiana dealer, that had come to an abrupt stop directly ahead of the coupe.


Van Wert Daily Bulletin, July 3, 1928, pg2

Police of Tiltin are investigating clews given by Warren Feasel, aged 20, of Bascom, Seneca county,
who was attacked in his auto as he was driving with a Tiltin girl. Feasel was dragged from his car and beaten according to a report to police. Search for his assailants was started after he had supplied police with descriptions of two men he said were unknown to him. Police believe Feasel was mistaken for another youth. No attempt was made to rob him, Feasel said.

While arguing politics with a neighbor across the street, Rev. E. G. Morris, pastor of the Ada Presbyterian Church
was struck by an auto and injured about the body. He was standing in a drive bordering his home when the mishap occurred. The machine was being backed out of a garage by T. J. Smull, executive secretary of the Ohio Norther University, who did not see Rev. Morris in the drive.


Van Wert Daily Bulletin, July 3, 1928, pg3

Burt Street Resident Suffers Injury to Hand When Firecracker Explodes

Osmond Sidle, a son of Mr. And Mrs. L. C. Sidle of Burt street suffered an injury to his left hand on the Fourth by the explosion of a firecracker.  One finger of the hand was lacerated.  Dr. L. P. Jackson dressed the wound.

J. L. Barfel, employed at the Gaddis stone quarry northwest of town, sustained injuries to his right side when he feel on the handle of a motor.  He was given surgical attention by Dr. L. P. Jackson.

J. E. Pennell of Ohio City has been called to Toledo to visit the bedside of his little granddaughter, aged 3 years, who was injured in a Fourth of July celebration.

Eugene Harmon of Ridge township was severely burned on his right hand on the Fourth when a firecracker which he had just lighted, backfired.


Van Wert Daily Bulletin, July 11, 1928

Gladys Reidling, aged 18 years, of Fostoria, was severely injured when struck by an automobile.  The car had bounded from the road after crashing into the rear end of a machine driven by Darrel Cochard of Cleveland.  Cochard had stopped suddenly to avoid striking the young woman.  Her injuries are not serious.

Paul Paluter, manager of the Bluffton Grocery Company, is in a hospital at Greenville, suffering from injuries received in an automobile accident near that city.  He received gashes about the legs and body bruises.  Reports from Greenville are to the effect that his injuries are not serious and he will be able to leave the hospital in a few days.

Little Buddie Bradley, aged four and a half years, son of Mr. And Mrs. George S. Bradley of Sidney, suffered a broken arm when he fell while playing.  The accident happened at the summer cottage of Mr. And Mrs. W. J. Pfell at the Grand Reservoir, where the little boy and his parents were spending the day.


The Van Wert Daily Bulletin, Thursday, July 12, 1928

Bob King of Lima was to sail Wednesday for Amsterdam, Holland, where he will lead America’s contingent of high jumpers at the Olympic contests.  In the trials conducted on the Harvard campus, King outclassed twenty of the world’s best performers when he leaped over a bar at a height of six feet and five inches.  He is 21 years of age.  King sails under the colors of Leland Stanford university.

Alonzo Duff, aged 61 years, died suddenly from heart disease while topping beets at the George Thompson farm west of Liberty Center.  His illness is thought to have been brought on by over exertion in the hot son.  Surviving are the wife, three children, his mother, Mrs. Rebecca Duff and several sisters and brothers.

Eli Geyer of Craigville lost three fingers of his right hand while at work at the Settergren piano factory at Bluffton, Indiana when his hand was caught in a rip saw.  The fingers were so badly mangled that removal was necessary.

Mrs. Viola Uhrich of South Harrison street sustained a fracture of the bones of her left wrist, the result of a fall.

The Van Wert Daily Bulletin, Thursday, July 12, 1928

John Kostecki, 8 year old son of Mrs. Sophia Kostecki of Fort Wayne was drowned Wednesday afternoon while swimming in Spy Run creek near Lawton park.  The body was pulled from the river by Gerald Teeters, aged 14 years, who heard other boys on the bank about that a boy had drowned.  He searched the creek for fifteen minutes before he recovered the body.

Physicians in St. Rita’s hospital, Lima, who feared an operation would be required to remove the eye of Donald Will, son of Robert Will of Delphos, report they were able to save the sight of the youth who was injured by a firecracker July 4.

Mrs. Clarence Lee received a badly cut left arm at her home in Spencerville when she attempted to open a can of fruit with a butcher knife.  The knife slipped striking her arm.

Services for A. A. Vendenbrock were held from St. Augustine’s Church at Napoleon Wednesday morning.  He leaves his widow, one son, two daughters and five brothers.


The Van Wert Daily Bulletin, July 14, 1928

Word from relatives is being awaited before funeral arrangements are completed for Edward Becker, aged 60 years, laborer, who was found dead, shot through the heart, beneath a hay rake on a farm east of Kenton.  Sheriff John W. Crooks and Coroner R. G. Schutte expressed the opinion that the man committed suicide.  A rifle was found beside the body by three farmers as they went into the field to pitch hay.  The man had been working recently as a farm hand.
Coroner Charles Smith of Lima gave a verdict of death from heart disease after an inquest for a man found dead in a freight car on the A.C. and Y railroad by a train crew at Delphos.  The man’s body has not been claimed.  His left arm was tattooed with the name, "W. A. Ferguson".  Chief of Police R. T. Edwards is attempting to establish the man’s identity.  Burial probably will be made in the Hartshorn cemetery east of Delphos near the Auglaize river.

Submitted by Kaye Watson


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