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Vinton County Ohio Covered Bridges

According to a pamphlet "Ohio Covered Bridges", published in 1972 by the Ohio Historical Society, there were five covered bridges remaining in Vinton County at that time. I have not attempted to verify this with other sources, though I did make some notes in square brackets.

1. In Jackson Township section 33, on Mt. Olive Rd. It spans Salt Creek, middle branch, one mile northeast of Allensville on U.S. Route 50 [this is impossible since SR 50 does not enter Jackson Twp, though SR 50 does go east and west through Allensville]. Its truss construction is of the Queen Post type.

2. At the Junior Fairground, northwest of McArthur via State Route 93. It was formerly in Clinton Township section 7, on Tinker Rd. It spanned Little Raccoon Creek, two miles north of Hamden just east of State Route 683. Its truss construction is of the Multiple King Post type.

3. In Wilkesville Township, on Geer Rd. It spans Raccoon Creek, four miles southwest of Wilkesville. Its truss construction is of the Burr Arch type.

4. In Vinton Township section 10, on Mound Hill Rd. It spans Raccoon Creek at Arbaugh, just off State Route 346. Its truss construction is of the Burr Arch type.

5. In Swan Township section 10, on Woodgeard Rd. It spans Brushy Fork, four miles north of Creola, just west of State Route 75 [now named SR 93]. Its truss construction is of the Queen Post type.

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