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Vinton County Ohio - County Death Records


Special Comments for Volume 2:
All data was copied from the LDS microfilm of the Vinton County Ohio Death Records. All data has been entered here as near as possible to what was written on the original record. No attempt has been made to change spelling or apparently incorrect data. Of course, there is sometimes a question about the interpretation of the 19th century style handwriting.

I have added a comment line or lines after each person where there was some discrepancy within the record or interpretation of handwriting. The person's name and page number are repeated on the comment lines for sorting purposes.

There are no page numbers in Volume 2. The records are alphabetical by the first letter of the surname, so you need to go to the section of the book based on the first letter of the surname, then search through that letter section. The page number given here was made up by me. It is the first letter of the surname followed by the relative page within that letter's section of the record book. For instance if there were three pages worth of records in the 'A' section, they would be called pages A1, A2 and A3. The "M" and "Mc" surnames have separate sections in the record book, but many Mc's are also in the "M" section, so I have just combined the two sections into one "M" section when assigning page numbers.

Also be aware that there is a section of records that are not in alphabetical order between the "W" and "Y" surnames. I have called this section "X" for purposes of providing it with page numbers. There are no real surnames beginning with "X".

seq  	Vol-	                     	           	M	
num  	Page	Last, First Middle   	Death Date 	C	Age      	Place of Residence
-----	----	---------------------	-----------	-	---------	--------------------
1152a	2-M2	Mace, Amos           	1891 Jul 11	S	1y5m20d  	Vinton Tp.          	
1178a	2-M2	Mace, Armida         	1893 Jun 30	-	5m13d    	(died Brashears, O.)	
1178b	2-M2	Mace, Armida         	COMMENT: parents- Alonzo Mace and Mary Clewell
1193a	2-M3	Mace, David Earl     	1894 Sep 30	-	1y3m2d   	(died Zaleski, O.)  	
0925a	2-X1	Mace, Grace          	1899 Aug 24	S	8m1d     	Rue, O.             	
0924a	2-X1	Mace, James J.       	1899 Aug 24	M	94y8m21d 	Rue, O.             	
1232a	2-M4	Mace, John           	1898 Mar 09	W	86y4m2d  	Arbaugh, O.         	
1104a	2-M1	Mace, Leonard        	1887 Nov 25	-	1y4m     	Vinton Tp.          	
1179a	2-M2	Mace, Rachel         	1893 Nov 27	M	82y      	Arbaugh P.O.        	
1179b	2-M2	Mace, Rachel         	COMMENT: parents- Sam'l Lyons and Eliz. Lyons
1071a	2-X6	Mace, Silas          	1899 Sep 12	M	59y1m7d  	Vinton Tp.          	
1210a	2-M3	Magee, Celia A.      	1896 Jul 18	M	66y4m22d 	Brown Tp.           	
0921a	2-X1	Magee, Samuel        	1899 Aug 28	M	83y9m18d 	Brown Tp.           	
1171a	2-M2	Mahaffey, Catharine  	1893 Jan 13	S	14y      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1171b	2-M2	Mahaffey, Catharine  	COMMENT: the death day could be 10, it is overwritten
1233a	2-M4	Mahaffey, Jane       	1898 Jul 12	M	54y      	Hawk                	
1200a	2-M3	Mahaffey, Mary       	1895 Mar 21	S	23y21d   	Hawks, O.           	
1200b	2-M3	Mahaffey, Mary       	COMMENT: parents- James Mahaffey and Jane Buck
1170a	2-M2	Mahaffey, Thomas     	1892 Jun 29	S	22y      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1164a	2-M2	Malbrough, Bridget   	1892 Jul 17	W	65y      	Madison Tp.         	
1213a	2-M3	Malone, Cassie       	1896 Oct 08	-	4y5m1d   	Radcliff            	
1153a	2-M2	Malone, Richard      	1891 Aug 01	M	66y4m20d 	Vinton Tp.          	
1154a	2-M2	Malone, Roy?         	1891 Aug 08	S	1y1m20d  	Vinton Tp.          	
1154b	2-M2	Malone, Roy?         	COMMENT: the first name could be Ray, hard to distinguish
1217a	2-M3	Maloney, Kate        	1897 Apr 04	M	37y4d    	Clinton Tp.         	
1137a	2-M1	Maloney, Pat         	1890 Jul 14	W	-        	Clinton Tp.         	
1109a	2-M1	Mangan, Bridget      	1888 Nov 13	M	33y      	Elk Tp.             	
1208a	2-M3	Maple, Hannah J.     	1895 Oct 10	M	22y8m22d 	Byre                	
1103a	2-M1	Maple, Lucinda       	1887 Apr 30	M	68y5m9d  	Richland Tp.        	
1103b	2-M1	Maple, Lucinda       	COMMENT: parents- Edw'd Byers and Sarah Rein
1167a	2-M2	Maple, Rezin B.      	1892 Sep 28	W	80y4m17d 	Richland            	
1132a	2-M1	Maple, Ruth L.       	1890 Feb 16	M	27y8m8d  	Richland Tp.        	
1143a	2-M1	Marcum, Harvey       	1890 Dec 16	M	32y11m15d	Swan Tp.            	
1225a	2-M4	Martin, (twin)       	1897 Jun 21	S	21d      	McArthur            	
1225b	2-M4	Martin, (twin)       	COMMENT: parents- Henry Martin and Elizabeth Walker
1226a	2-M4	Martin, (twin)       	1897 Jun 21	S	21d      	McArthur            	
1226b	2-M4	Martin, (twin)       	COMMENT: parents- Henry Martin and Elizabeth Walker
1176a	2-M2	Martin, Aaron        	1894 Mar 09	M	67y6m11d 	Knox                	
1176b	2-M2	Martin, Aaron        	COMMENT: parents- Jeremiah Martin and C. Lewis
1224a	2-M3	Martin, Elizabeth    	1897 Jul 27	M	34y      	McArthur            	
1155a	2-M2	Martin, Emma         	1892 Jun 25	W	-        	Madison Tp.         	
1019a	2-X4	Martin, Miles Law.   	1900 Jan 16	M	1y10m20d 	Knox Tp.            	
1142a	2-M1	Martindill, Eliza    	1890 Jul 01	M	20y7m11d 	Richland Tp.        	
1198a	2-M3	Martindill, Mathias  	1895 Jan 01	S	22y4m23d 	Harrison Tp.        	
1166a	2-M2	Mason, Stella        	1893 Jan 04	-	1y6m     	Madison Tp.         	
1165a	2-M2	Mason, Thomas        	1893 Jan 07	-	3y       	Madison Tp.         	
1127a	2-M1	Mathews, William Fra+	1890 Jan 23	S	7m13d    	Zaleski, O.         	
1190a	2-M3	Matteson, Susan      	1895 Jan 17	-	41y7m27d 	McArthur, O.        	
1183a	2-M2	Matthews, William F. 	1893 Apr 03	S	49y10m10d	Zaleski, O.         	
1211a	2-M3	Mays, Stella M.      	1896 Oct 07	S	7y3m7d   	Hawk                	
1285a	2-M6	McAlister, Margaret  	1897 Jan - 	W	-        	Zaleski             	
1283a	2-M6	McBride, Matthew     	1897 Jan 25	W	84y8m17d 	Vinton Sta.         	
1262a	2-M5	McCafferty, James    	1894 Mar 11	M	63y11m22d	Radcliff, O.        	
1262b	2-M5	McCafferty, James    	COMMENT: parents- Chas. McCafferty and Nancy Duffey
1275a	2-M5	McCafferty, Melissa  	1895 Sep 08	M	50y5m    	Vinton Tp.          	
1275b	2-M5	McCafferty, Melissa  	COMMENT: both the married and widowed columns are marked
0809a	2-J1	McCall?, (unnamed)   	1887 Apr 22	S	stillborn	Zaleski             	
0809b	2-J1	McCall?, (unnamed)   	COMMENT: parents- Pat'k McCall and Marg't Gallager
0809c	2-J1	McCall?, (unnamed)   	COMMENT: this is recorded in the "J" section
1298a	2-M6	McCann, Chas. W.     	1898 Nov 05	M	31y      	Vinton Tp.          	
1261a	2-M5	McCartney, Catharine 	1892 Nov 02	M	60y      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1246a	2-M5	McCartney, John      	1888 Oct 01	W	87y11m11d	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1299a	2-M6	McCarty, Rynell Wood 	1899 Mar 23	S	2y9m7d   	Vinton Tp.          	
1189a	2-M3	McClain, John        	1893 Jul 21	M	74y1m21d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1096a	2-X7	McClain, Loyd        	1899 Apr 04	S	1y11m18d 	Wilkesville         	
1251a	2-M5	McClanahan, Mary A.  	1891 Jun 12	M	73y6m17d 	New Plymouth        	
1273a	2-M5	McClannahan, Alexand+	1896 Jan 13	W	82y6m    	New Plymouth        	
1288a	2-M6	McClaskey, Geo. Henry	1897 Apr 01	S	10y9m10d 	S. Richland         	
1271a	2-M5	McClory, Michael     	1895 Oct 29	M	78y      	Minerton            	
1118a	2-M1	McConnell, Julia     	1890 Jan 08	S	75y5m1d  	Clinton Tp.         	
1281a	2-M6	McCormick,           	1897 Mar 21	S	1d       	Ray, O.             	
1281b	2-M6	McCormick,           	COMMENT: parents- A. L. McCormick and Ella Clark
1272a	2-M5	McCormick, Anna      	1896 Mar 28	W	80y      	Wilkesville         	
1260a	2-M5	McCormick, James     	1892 Aug 14	M	82y      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1268a	2-M5	McCormick, L. O.     	1895 Feb 04	S	6y4m20d  	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1268b	2-M5	McCormick, L. O.     	COMMENT: parents- John McCormick and Mary Kruskamp
1284a	2-M6	McCrary, Arvill S.?  	1896 Oct 06	S	5y9m24d  	(died Vinton Co.)   	
1284b	2-M6	McCrary, Arvill S.?  	COMMENT: the surname could be McCray
1055a	2-X5	McCray, Hattie Agnes 	1899 Jun 20	S	1y4m11d  	Creola, O.          	
1289a	2-M6	McCullaugh, Wesley S.	1898 Apr 03	S	24y      	(died Brown Tp.)    	
1243a	2-M5	McDaniel, George     	1887 Sep 07	M	52y10m3d 	Brown Tp.           	
1243b	2-M5	McDaniel, George     	COMMENT: parents- Jas. McDaniel and Hannah Williams
1269a	2-M5	McDaniel, Henry      	1895 Mar 21	-	stillborn	Alice, Ohio         	
1269b	2-M5	McDaniel, Henry      	COMMENT: parents- Lafe McDaniel and Linnie Shurtz
1282a	2-M6	McDonald, Pearle     	1897 Jan 07	S	1y3m26d  	McArthur            	
1257a	2-M5	McFarland, Eliza J.  	1891 Aug 31	S	29y11m26d	Knox Tp.            	
1276a	2-M5	McFarland, James J.  	1895 Sep 21	S	23y11d   	S. Richland         	
1276b	2-M5	McFarland, James J.  	COMMENT: parents- John J. McFarland and Jane A. Davis
1276c	2-M5	McFarland, James J.  	COMMENT: the age might be 73y11d, hard to distinguish
1255a	2-M5	McFarland, Jennie A. 	1891 Jul 11	W	39y2m    	Richland Tp.        	
1278a	2-M6	McFarland, Sarah     	1897 Mar 26	S	27y4m14d 	Knox Tp.            	
1266a	2-M5	McFarland, William   	1895 Mar 09	M	73y10m10d	Knox Tp.            	
1136a	2-M1	McGarry, Joseph      	1890 Dec 04	W	70y      	Elk Tp.             	
1195a	2-M3	McGee, James         	1895 Jan 01	W	82y9m    	Eagle Tp.           	
0958a	2-X2	McGee, Martha E.     	1900 Jan 22	S	10m3d    	Eagle Tp.           	
1290a	2-M6	McGiffin, Amanda J.  	1897 Dec 29	W	67y1m14d 	Wilkesville         	
1264a	2-M5	McGill, Weal         	1894 Mar 02	M	-        	-                   	
1274a	2-M5	McGillwray?, James   	1895 Dec 27	M	80y1m16d 	Jackson Tp.         	
1141a	2-M1	McGlaughlin, A. J.   	1891 Apr 12	M	62y25d   	Madison Tp.         	
1141b	2-M1	McGlaughlin, A. J.   	COMMENT: Male is noted beside the name
1027a	2-X4	McGurty, Farral      	1899 Aug 21	M	69y5m19d 	Zaleski             	
1036a	2-X5	McKee, Mary          	1899 Nov 07	W	92y9m8d  	Richland Tp.        	
1242a	2-M5	McKeever,            	1887?-   - 	-	stillborn	McArthur            	
1242b	2-M5	McKeever,            	COMMENT: parents- Dan. McKeever and Kate Dempsey
1286a	2-M6	McKenzie, Aaron      	1898 Mar 06	M	72y9m2d  	Vinton              	
1147a	2-M2	McKenzie, Anna       	1890 Oct 26	S	7d       	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1245a	2-M5	McKenzie, Charley    	1887 Jul 30	-	1y10m    	Minerton            	
1245b	2-M5	McKenzie, Charley    	COMMENT: parents- Wm. McKenzie and Kate Donohue
1244a	2-M5	McKenzie, Lucina     	1887 Aug 04	-	10y      	Minerton            	
1244b	2-M5	McKenzie, Lucina     	COMMENT: parents- Wm. McKenzie and Kate Donohue
1146a	2-M1	McKenzie, Mary       	1890 Oct 30	S	11d      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1297a	2-M6	McKenzie, Mary E.    	1899 Mar 24	W	63y      	Hawk                	
1296a	2-M6	McKenzie, William    	1899 Dec 18	M	45y      	Minerton            	
1184a	2-M2	McKibben, Allen      	1893 Jun 19	S	17y11m11d	Zaleski, O.         	
1267a	2-M5	McKibben, Lucinda    	1894 Dec 06	W	74y      	(died Vinton Co.)   	
1128a	2-M1	McKibben, Martin     	1889 Sep 19	S	1d       	Madison Tp.         	
1279a	2-M6	McKinnis, Emma M.    	1897 Feb 17	S	18y10m20d	Hawk                	
1250a	2-M5	McKinnis, Emmett     	1888 Sep 16	S	15y11m   	Hamden Jct.         	
1250b	2-M5	McKinnis, Emmett     	COMMENT: parents- C. W. McKinnis and Electa Wilbur
1149a	2-M2	McKinnis, Jeremiah   	1890 Jul 13	S	1m4d     	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1149b	2-M2	McKinnis, Jeremiah   	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
1301a	2-M6	McKinnis, Nillie E.  	1898 Apr 27	-	7d       	Hamden Jct.         	
1135a	2-M1	McKnight, Virginia   	1890 Jun 01	S	36y      	Elk Tp.             	
1292a	2-M6	McLain, Cora         	1898 Jan 01	S	19y5m9d  	Vales Mills, O.     	
1151a	2-M2	McLain, John Lewis   	1892 Feb 11	S	20y4m22d 	Vinton Tp.          	
1293a	2-M6	McLain, Maggie M.    	1898 Sep 19	M	21y3m14d 	Arbaugh, O.         	
1247a	2-M5	McLaughlin, Bell     	1888 Dec 10	S	17y1m15d 	Vinton Tp.          	
1256a	2-M5	McLaughlin, Jas. Alf+	1892 May 18	-	18y10m30d	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1291a	2-M6	McLaughlin, Minnie B.	1897 Sep 12	S	19y9m28d 	Wilkesville         	
1259a	2-M5	McMahan, Bridget     	1893 Mar 08	W	73y      	Madison Tp.         	
1140a	2-M1	McMahon, Mary        	1891 Feb 16	M	63y      	Madison Tp.         	
1280a	2-M6	McMannis, Goldie     	1897 Mar 03	S	4m9d     	Clinton Tp.         	
1252a	2-M5	McMannis, Seth       	1891 Dec 14	S	1y9m11d  	Clinton Tp.         	
1265a	2-M5	McMannus, Cora       	1894 Feb 11	S	1y10m3d  	Clinton Tp.         	
1265b	2-M5	McMannus, Cora       	COMMENT: parents- Joe McMannis and S. King
1258a	2-M5	McMannus, Jesse      	1892 Jul 01	S	40y3m17d 	Clinton Tp.         	
1263a	2-M5	McMannus, Ray?       	1894 Mar 02	S	6m3d     	Clinton Tp.         	
1263b	2-M5	McMannus, Ray?       	COMMENT: the first name could be Roy, hard to distinguish
1287a	2-M6	McMillen, Robert     	1897 Nov 17	M	77y8d    	Wilkesville         	
1185a	2-M2	McNamara, Ellen      	1893 Aug 10	M	-        	Zaleski, O.         	
1253a	2-M5	McNamara, Michael    	1892 Mar 01	S	29y8m1d  	Zaleski, O.         	
1254a	2-M5	McNight, William     	1891 Sep 05	M	54y6m25d 	Eagle Mills         	
1125a	2-M1	McVeigh, Dora L.     	1889 Sep 14	S	7y5m5d   	Jackson Tp.         	
1248a	2-M5	McVeigh, Joseph      	1889 Feb 26	M	81y11m21d	Siverly             	
1270a	2-M5	McVey, Dora F.       	1894 Apr 15	-	30y13d   	Swan Tp.            	
1277a	2-M6	McWhorter, George    	1897 Feb 05	M	51y5m28d 	(died Zaleski)      	
1300a	2-M6	McWhorter, Joseph W. 	1898 Jun 19	S	7y       	(died Athens)       	
1249a	2-M5	McWhorter, Sarah J.  	1889 Mar 06	W	67y3m    	Knox Tp.            	
1294a	2-M6	McWilliams,  (twin)  	1897 Jun 10	S	-        	Clinton Tp.         	
1294b	2-M6	McWilliams,  (twin)  	COMMENT: parents- David McWilliams and Susan Murphy
1294b	2-M6	McWilliams,  (twin)  	COMMENT: parents- David McWilliams and Susan Murphy
1295a	2-M6	McWilliams,  (twin)  	1897 Jun 10	S	-        	Clinton Tp.         	
1197a	2-M3	Meadows, Ulyssus G.  	1895 Mar 15	M	29y8m10d 	Inghams, O.         	
1158a	2-M2	Medor?,              	1893 Mar 13	S	born dead	Brown Tp.           	
1161a	2-M2	Meek, John           	1892 Apr 29	M	60y9m22d 	Eagle Tp.           	
1105a	2-M1	Meeks, Albert B.     	1888 Feb 25	S	23y6m24d 	Hamden              	
1105b	2-M1	Meeks, Albert B.     	COMMENT: parents- Robt. W. Meek and no mother listed
1097a	2-X7	Mehaffy, Aloysius    	1899 Jul 19	S	22y11m23d	Hawk                	
1098a	2-X7	Mehaffy, Sherman     	1899 Mar 03	S	15y7m10d 	Hawk                	
1204a	2-M3	Mercer, Ada          	1895 Oct 08	-	18y5m18d 	Eagle Mills         	
1157a	2-M2	Mercer, Dorsy Wilson 	1892 Jan 30	S	8y3m30d  	Eagle Mills         	
1218a	2-M3	Mercer, Harrel S.    	1897 Sep 17	S	27y7m3d  	Jackson Tp.         	
1156a	2-M2	Mercer, Mary         	1892 Feb 12	W	77y2m21d 	Eagle Mills         	
1219a	2-M3	Mercer, Sarah        	1897 Sep 13	M	38y4m20d 	Eagle Tp.           	
0959a	2-X2	Mercer, Una Am-Gelia 	1900 Mar 17	S	9y10m26d 	Eagle Tp.           	
1138a	2-M1	Merritt, Edna        	1890 Jun 07	S	1y7d     	Madison Tp.         	
1162a	2-M2	Merritt, Ida May     	1893 Jan 29	M	25y5m    	Madison Tp.         	
1221a	2-M3	Merritt, Mary        	1898 Jan 20	M	74y8m22d 	Madison Tp.         	
1163a	2-M2	Merritt, Roy Desilvey	1893 Jan 13	S	1y8m     	Madison Tp.         	
1192a	2-M3	Miller, Adam         	1895 Jan 02	W	92y11m   	(died Zaleski, O.)  	
1148a	2-M2	Miller, Della        	1890 Sep 10	S	1y1m     	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1173a	2-M2	Miller, Effie        	1893 Mar 13	S	26y7m6d  	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1212a	2-M3	Miller, Elizabeth    	1896 Aug 24	W	83y19d   	Wilkesville         	
1134a	2-M1	Miller, George W.    	1891 Mar 01	M	63y21d   	Brown Tp.           	
1123a	2-M1	Miller, Ida May      	1889 Jul 13	-	1m       	Wilkesville         	
1186a	2-M2	Miller, James G.     	1893 Feb 10	M	44y      	Warren Co., Ind.    	
1222a	2-M3	Miller, Janette      	1897 Dec 04	S	16y11m7d 	Richland            	
1150a	2-M2	Miller, John         	1892 Feb 28	M	99y      	McArthur, O.        	
1216a	2-M3	Miller, John         	1896 Jun 11	M	60y7m4d  	Jackson Tp.         	
0979a	2-X2	Miller, John A.      	1900 Jan 09	S	11y8m26d 	Elk Tp.             	
1133a	2-M1	Miller, Joseph       	1890 Oct 26	S	1m26d    	Brown Tp.           	
1108a	2-M1	Miller, Lewis        	1888 Dec 15	M	42y7m4d  	Hamden Jct.         	
1108b	2-M1	Miller, Lewis        	COMMENT: parents- Chas. Miller and Elizabeth Musnan?
1220a	2-M3	Miller, Louisa M.    	1897 Dec 04	M	56y11m28d	Wilkesville         	
1115a	2-M1	Miller, Marg't J.    	1889 Jan 25	M	53y      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1174a	2-M2	Miller, Margaret     	1892 Jun 18	W	82y5m6d  	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1201a	2-M3	Miller, Martha       	1895 Feb 04	S	15d      	(died Minerton, O.) 	
1201b	2-M3	Miller, Martha       	COMMENT: parents- James Miller and Mary Barnes
1037a	2-X5	Miller, Noah         	1899 Nov 04	S	22y7m    	Richland Tp.        	
1129a	2-M1	Miller, Sarah        	1889 Dec 15	S	15y6m10d 	Harrison Tp.        	
1116a	2-M1	Miller, Sarah W.     	1888 Sep 22	M	59y2m11d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1116b	2-M1	Miller, Sarah W.     	COMMENT: parents- Zimri Wells and no mother listed
1035a	2-X5	Miller, Susan        	1900 Mar 09	M	56y8m5d  	Richland Tp.        	
1188a	2-M3	Miller, Thos.        	1894 Jan 31	M	30y2m23d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1238a	2-M4	Mills, Henry         	1899 Mar 07	W	60y      	Richland Tp.        	
1239a	2-M4	Mills, Jane          	1899 Feb 27	M	69y      	Richland Tp.        	
1160a	2-M2	Miner, Nathan H.     	1892 Oct 25	M	61y1m    	Eagle Tp.           	
1139a	2-M1	Minister,     (male) 	1891 Mar 13	S	stillborn	Madison Tp.         	
1139b	2-M1	Minister,     (male) 	COMMENT: parents- George Minister and Jessie Rand
1191a	2-M3	Minister, Charles F. 	1895 Feb 07	W	74y6m29d 	(died Zaleski, O.)  	
1187a	2-M3	Minton, Mahala       	1893 Oct 29	W	83y4m8d  	(died at Stella)    	
1177a	2-M2	Mitchel, Liza J.     	1893 Nov 17	S	53y6m12d 	Knox                	
1111a	2-M1	Molboro, Cornelius   	1888 Nov 16	M	55y      	Zaleski             	
1231a	2-M4	Moler, W. J. B.      	1897 Nov 13	S	1y1m3d   	Vinton              	
1175a	2-M2	Molihan,             	1893 Mar 12	S	1d       	Vinton Tp.          	
1181a	2-M2	Monahan, Stephen W.  	1894 Jan 28	M	49y1m14d 	Hamden Jct., O.     	
1228a	2-M4	Moore,               	1897 Aug 15	S	stillborn	McArthur            	
1228b	2-M4	Moore,               	COMMENT: parents- J. M. Moore and Alma Newton
1124a	2-M1	Moore, Catherine     	1889 Apr 23	S	34y      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1215a	2-M3	Moore, Howard        	1896 Jun 12	S	1d       	Minerton            	
1112a	2-M1	Moore, John L.       	1888 Oct 29	-	1y16d    	Creola              	
1106a	2-M1	Moore, John M.       	1888 Dec 26	S	30y      	Richland Tp.        	
1106b	2-M1	Moore, John M.       	COMMENT: parents- Andrew Moore and Eve Gardner
1234a	2-M4	Moore, John P.       	1898 Aug 07	S	8m       	Wilkesville         	
1194a	2-M3	Moore, William       	1894 Sep 06	M	64y11m   	Eagle Tp.           	
1172a	2-M2	Moran, Bridget       	1893 Mar 03	W	99y      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1054a	2-X5	Morehead, Conners    	1899 May 01	M	81y1m11d 	Creola, O.          	
1237a	2-M4	Morgan, Anna         	1898 May 23	M	70y      	Orland              	
0980a	2-X2	Morgan, Benjamin L.  	1899 Sep 14	S	8d       	Elk Tp.             	
1205a	2-M3	Morgan, Margaret Mab+	1895 Nov 14	S	18y3m1d  	Brown               	
1236a	2-M4	Morgan, Simeon       	1898 Sep 25	W	76y      	Orland              	
1230a	2-M4	Moris, John F.       	1897 Oct 20	S	2m       	Vinton              	
1227a	2-M4	Morris, Amelia       	1897 Aug 29	M	43d      	McArthur            	
1126a	2-M1	Morris, John         	1889 Jun 02	S	26y4m6d  	Zaleski, O.         	
1199a	2-M3	Morris, Louis R.     	1895 Feb 17	S	40y2m25d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1110a	2-M1	Morris, Mary J.      	1888 Dec 20	M	48y6m23d 	Harrison Tp.        	
1202a	2-M3	Morris, Nancy        	1894 Dec 07	W	81y15d   	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1113a	2-M1	Morris, Romaine      	1888 Apr 28	M	33y      	Vinton Tp.          	
1121a	2-M1	Morris, Sarah L.     	1890 Feb 18	M	22y11m2d 	Knox Tp.            	
1144a	2-M1	Morris, William Guy  	1890 Jul 30	S	6m       	Vinton Tp.          	
1241a	2-M4	Morris, Willis       	1898 Dec 09	S	25y      	Hamden Jct., O.     	
1131a	2-M1	Morrison, Adaline    	1889 Sep 14	M	52y      	Infirmary           	
1223a	2-M3	Morrison, Clara Belle	1898 Mar 05	S	8y7m28d  	South Richland      	
1130a	2-M1	Morrison, John       	1889 Jul 01	M	27y      	Infirmary           	
1120a	2-M1	Morrison, Joseph     	1889 Apr 19	M	58y10m10d	Clinton Tp.         	
1206a	2-M3	Morrison, Lulu May   	1895 Sep 19	S	8d       	Vinton Sta.         	
0935a	2-X1	Morrison, Martha J.  	1900 Jan 31	S	41y2d    	Dundas              	
1180a	2-M2	Morrow, Grover       	1893 Jul 30	S	11m      	Clinton Tp.         	
1180b	2-M2	Morrow, Grover       	COMMENT: parents- Vance Marrow? and C. Arnette
1114a	2-M1	Mossman, Lilley      	1889 Feb 24	S	17y5m2d  	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1203a	2-M3	Mossman, Ralph       	1895 Nov 22	S	6m       	Minerton            	
1182a	2-M2	Mulholand,           	1894 Feb 19	S	stillborn	Wilkesville, O.     	
1182b	2-M2	Mulholand,           	COMMENT: parents- J. E. Mulholand and Verna Grapes
1122a	2-M1	Mulholand, Hannah H. 	1889 Sep 12	-	1m12d    	Wilkesville         	
1099a	2-X7	Mulholand, Rosana    	1899 Sep 20	S	2m6d     	Hawk                	
1145a	2-M1	Mulholand, Sarah Eli+	1890 Nov 01	M	37y16d   	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1119a	2-M1	Murdock, Catherine   	1889 Apr 15	W	74y8m8d  	Clinton Tp.         	
1159a	2-M2	Murphy, H. W.        	1892 Jun 07	W	86y      	McArthur            	
1235a	2-M4	Murphy, Leslie       	1899 Mar 17	S	1m12d    	Eagle Tp.           	
1117a	2-M1	Murphy, Mary         	1890 Feb 09	W	35y6m10d 	Hope Furnace        	
1207a	2-M3	Murray,              	1895 Oct 23	-	1d       	Vinton Tp.          	
1207b	2-M3	Murray,              	COMMENT: parents- Ora Murray and Lettie Riffle
1214a	2-M3	Murray,              	1896 Sep 14	-	stillborn	Oreton              	
1214b	2-M3	Murray,              	COMMENT: parents- Ora Murray and Lettie Riffle
1229a	2-M4	Murray, Clarence W.  	1898 Sep 17	S	4y3m21d  	S.Richland          	
1240a	2-M4	Murray, Lottie Bell  	1899 Jan 19	S	7m       	Richland Tp.        	
1168a	2-M2	Murray, Mamie M.     	1892 Jul 30	S	2y6m27d  	Richland            	
0936a	2-X1	Murray, Mary E.      	1900 Jan 20	M	49y11m6d 	Hamden              	
1196a	2-M3	Murray, Miletus      	1894 May 05	M	39y2m    	Allensville, O.     	
1209a	2-M3	Murray, Thresa       	1895 Jul 13	S	6m10d    	Bee                 	
1107a	2-M1	Mussy, Henry W.      	1888 Dec 04	S	2y3m10d  	Richland Tp.        	
1107b	2-M1	Mussy, Henry W.      	COMMENT: parents- Jesse Mussy and Jennie Steinbrook
1169a	2-M2	Myers, Vada May      	1892 May 25	S	2m       	Jackson Tp.         	
1317a	2-N1	Napper, Moses        	1892 Aug 14	S	13y1m1d  	Vinton Tp.          	
1308a	2-N1	Napper, Walter       	1889 Feb 09	-	21d      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1305a	2-N1	Neal, Mary J.        	1887 Sep - 	-	1y4m     	McArthur            	
1305b	2-N1	Neal, Mary J.        	COMMENT: parents- Frank Neal and Johanna Steele
1309a	2-N1	Nelson,              	1889?-   - 	-	stillborn	Zaleski, O.         	
1309b	2-N1	Nelson,              	COMMENT: parents- R. W. Nelson and Martha A. Kinney?
1310a	2-N1	Nelson,              	1889?-   - 	-	stillborn	Zaleski, O.         	
1310b	2-N1	Nelson,              	COMMENT: parents- R. W. Nelson and Martha A. Kinney?
1318a	2-N1	Nelson,              	1893 Aug 04	S	5d       	Richland Tp.        	
1318b	2-N1	Nelson,              	COMMENT: parents- R. W. Nelson and Lena Dempsy
1323a	2-N1	Nelson, Flora May    	1897 Mar 28	-	stillborn	Hawk                	
1320a	2-N1	Nelson, Nioma L.     	1896 Jan 06	S	3m3d     	S. Richland         	
1072a	2-X6	Nesser, Jacob        	1899 Dec 17	M	62y9m8d  	Vinton Tp.          	
1303a	2-N1	Newlun, David A.     	1888 Feb 08	S	17y2m    	Elk Tp.             	
1302a	2-N1	Newlun, Geo. R.      	1887 May 24	S	18y5d    	Elk Tp.             	
1304a	2-N1	Newlun, Patience     	1888 Mar 04	M	49y10m18d	Elk Tp.             	
1329a	2-N1	Newlun, William      	1898 Aug 16	S	1y2m7d   	Eagle Tp.           	
1086a	2-X6	Newsom, Edward M.    	1899 Jun 17	W	65y5m    	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1319a	2-N1	Newson, Francis Arth+	1893 Jan 02	M	50y1m19d 	Wilkesville, O.     	
1321a	2-N1	Newton, Dorathy M.   	1896 Jun 11	S	15d      	McArthur            	
1307a	2-N1	Nichols, Catherine   	1888 May 09	M	40y22d   	Zaleski             	
1327a	2-N1	Nichols, Frank       	1898 Aug 27	M	43y      	(died Vinton Co.)   	
1326a	2-N1	Nichols, William     	1898 Jun 25	M	73y      	Harrison Tp.        	
1314a	2-N1	Nickels, Mary        	1890 Jul 02	S	8m25d    	Richland Tp.        	
1324a	2-N1	Nickels, Winnie M.?  	1896 Jul 27	S	7m30d    	S. Richland         	
1315a	2-N1	Nickols,             	1892 Feb 27	-	1d       	Richland Tp.        	
1315b	2-N1	Nickols,             	COMMENT: parents- Charles Nickols and Sarah Stout
1038a	2-X5	Niswonger, Nancy     	1900 Jan 17	W	85y      	Richland Tp.        	
1313a	2-N1	Nixon, Nannie B.     	1890 Jun 17	M	18y2m    	Richland Tp.        	
1306a	2-N1	Nixon, Rachel        	1887 Jul 28	M	77y2m12d 	Richland Tp.        	
1312a	2-N1	Nixon, William       	1891 Feb 07	W	84y11m23d	Richland Tp.        	
1328a	2-N1	North, Clyde         	1898 Oct 16	S	3y       	Jackson Tp.         	
1316a	2-N1	Norton, Ellen        	1893 Feb 01	W	58y      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1325a	2-N1	Norton, Seth         	1898 Jan 05	S	17y2m17d 	Radcliff, O.        	
1311a	2-N1	Nulan, Mauda J.      	1891 Mar 21	S	16y2m6d  	Brown Tp.           	
1311b	2-N1	Nulan, Mauda J.      	COMMENT: the first name could be Manda, hard to distinguish
1322a	2-N1	Nunnemaker, Julia A. 	1897 Feb 13	W	90y1m4d  	Radcliff            	
1330a	2-N1	Nunnemaker, Malinda  	1898 Oct 28	M	68y      	Vinton Tp.          	
0937a	2-X1	Nutt, Perry R.       	1900 Jan 07	S	2y3m     	Hamden              	
1100a	2-X7	O'Brien, Agnes       	1899 Nov 10	S	52y      	Hawk                	
1334a	2-O1	O'Brien, Joanna      	1891 Dec 03	W	73y      	McArthur            	
1347a	2-O1	O'Rourk, Linna M.    	1898 Mar 23	S	11m17d   	Jackson Tp.         	
1003a	2-X3	Oaks, Joseph         	1900 Jan 14	M	75y10m27d	Harrison Tp.        	
1341a	2-O1	Ogan, Jone? L.       	1893 Sep 28	W	79y      	Elk Tp.             	
1336a	2-O1	Ogan, Joseph D.      	1892 Sep 15	M	55y      	McArthur            	
0981a	2-X2	Ogan, Nancy J.       	1899 Oct 10	W	58y5m9d  	McArthur            	
1343a	2-O1	Ogg, Alaxander       	1894 Jan 03	M	73y      	(died at Stella)    	
1344a	2-O1	Ogg, Mary E.         	1893 Sep 15	M	25y      	(died at Stella)    	
1337a	2-O1	Ogg, Oscar R.        	1892 Jun 04	S	11m      	Jackson Tp.         	
1346a	2-O1	Ogh, Elizabeth       	1896 Dec 14	M	58y9m18d 	Ratcliff            	
1338a	2-O1	Oiler, Frankie       	1892 Sep 30	S	1y       	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1331a	2-O1	Oiler, James         	1889 Apr 28	S	2y       	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1340a	2-O1	Oiler, Jerry         	1893 Jan 18	S	11d      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1335a	2-O1	Oiler, John          	1891 Nov 06	M	74y8m    	Vinton Tp.          	
1339a	2-O1	Oiler, Sarah         	1893 Jan 10	S	4d       	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1342a	2-O1	Oliver, William A.   	1894 Feb 27	S	1d       	Harrison Tp.        	
1342b	2-O1	Oliver, William A.   	COMMENT: parents- Lorenzo Oliver and Anna Nichols
1332a	2-O1	Oshman, Charlotte    	1891 Apr 20	W	81y7d    	Madison Tp.         	
1345a	2-O1	Ottoman, Maggie      	1894 Jun 02	M	23y10m26d	(died Madison Tp. ) 	
1333a	2-O1	Ozier, William       	1891 Sep 08	M	73y7m    	(died Hamden Jct.)  	
1372a	2-P1	Paffenbarger, A. Ger+	1890 Aug 18	S	1m12d    	Elk Tp.             	
1350a	2-P1	Paffenbarger, Bertha+	1887 Nov 04	S	4d       	McArthur            	
1349a	2-P1	Paffenbarger, Geo. W.	1888 Jan 01	W	74y3m17d 	Elk Tp.             	
1380a	2-P1	Page, J. M.          	1891 Jan 10	M	54y4m27d 	Clinton Tp.         	
1362a	2-P1	Paine, Joseph A.     	1889 Jan 28	S	2y8m12d  	Hamden Jct.         	
1362b	2-P1	Paine, Joseph A.     	COMMENT: parents- B. R. Paine and Alice Wilcox
1430a	2-P3	Palmer, Lydia H.     	1898 Oct 15	W	65y      	Hamden Jct.         	
1421a	2-P2	Park, Thomas         	1898 Jul 29	M	79y      	Harrison Tp.        	
1374a	2-P1	Parker, Artie May    	1890 Jul 22	S	1y3m27d  	Harrison Tp.        	
1374b	2-P1	Parker, Artie May    	COMMENT: Female is noted beside the name
1387a	2-P1	Parker, Clarence     	1891 Dec 29	S	2m6d     	Harrison Tp.        	
1414a	2-P2	Parrish, Solomon     	1898 Mar 30	M	91y8m6d  	Jackson Tp.         	
1395a	2-P2	Partlow, Charles W.  	1895 Feb 04	S	2y11m4d  	McArthur, O.        	
1429a	2-P3	Patrick, Ora         	1898 Oct 19	S	10y      	Clinton Tp.         	
1400a	2-P2	Patterson,           	1896 Dec 19	S	11d      	Richland Tp.        	
1400b	2-P2	Patterson,           	COMMENT: parents- J. S. Patterson and Nancy Atwood
1365a	2-P1	Patterson, Temperance	1889 Jun 23	S	3d       	Richland Tp.        	
1365b	2-P1	Patterson, Temperance	COMMENT: parents- J. S. Patterson and Nancy Atwood
1359a	2-P1	Patton, Melinda      	1887 Jul 30	W	89y      	Wilkesville         	
1375a	2-P1	Payne,               	1891 Mar 26	S	3d       	Swan Tp.            	
1375b	2-P1	Payne,               	COMMENT: parents- J. R. Payne and Harriet R. Croy
1375c	2-P1	Payne,               	COMMENT: Male is noted beside the name
1373a	2-P1	Peacock, Irene       	1890 Jun 12	S	3y2m6d   	Elk Tp.             	
1352a	2-P1	Pearce, Anna D.      	1887 Oct 08	S	18y4m3d  	McArthur            	
1358a	2-P1	Pearce, Eliza R.     	1887 Jul 29	M	31y5m    	(died Vinton Tp.)   	
1356a	2-P1	Pearce, Rebecca      	1887 Dec 14	M	33y3m2d  	(died Hocking Co.)  	
1405a	2-P2	Pearse, Francis      	1896 Nov 10	M	69y9m    	Vinton Sta, O.      	
0960a	2-X2	Peck, George Elmer   	1899 Nov 21	S	24y8m3d  	Eagle Tp.           	
1417a	2-P2	Peck, Hannah J.      	1897 Aug 23	M	55y5m16d 	Eagle Tp.           	
1363a	2-P1	Peck, Herby          	1889 Mar 27	-	2y1m6d   	Eagle Tp.           	
1357a	2-P1	Peck, Lohman         	1887 Jun 22	M	43y      	(died Vinton Tp.)   	
1425a	2-P2	Peck, Luther J.      	1898 Nov 09	S	3y2m23d  	Eagle Tp.           	
1368a	2-P1	Peck, Mary           	1889 Nov 29	M	36y3d    	Eagle Tp.           	
0962a	2-X2	Peck, Myrtle Irene   	1899 Jun 04	S	18y2m7d  	Eagle Tp.           	
1369a	2-P1	Peck, Ollie Arletha  	1889 Apr 05	S	6m4d     	Eagle Tp.           	
1418a	2-P2	Peck, Orland         	1897 May 05	S	10y9m2d  	Eagle Tp.           	
0961a	2-X2	Peck, William Everitt	1899 Sep 07	S	9m5d     	Eagle Tp.           	
1424a	2-P2	Peck, William S.     	1898 Sep 23	S	27y      	Eagle Tp.           	
1367a	2-P1	Pendergrass, Ella A. 	1889 May 06	S	19y9m    	Knox Tp.            	
1371a	2-P1	Pengilley, Michael   	1891 Jan 25	S	14y      	Elk Tp.             	
1416a	2-P2	Penrod, Charles Jr.  	1898 Jan 29	-	17d      	Brown Tp.           	
1416b	2-P2	Penrod, Charles Jr.  	COMMENT: parents- Geo. Penrod and Mary Piddock
1393a	2-P2	Penrod, Christian    	1893 Jul 09	M	34y      	(died Brown Tp.)    	
1412a	2-P2	Penrod, David        	1897 May 01	S	1d       	Brown Tp.           	
1412b	2-P2	Penrod, David        	COMMENT: parents- Caler? Penrod and Mary Medows
1376a	2-P1	Peoples, Elizabeth   	1891 Mar 24	M	45y10m8d 	Vinton Tp.          	
1381a	2-P1	Peoples, Mary C.     	1891 Jan 19	W	72y3m25d 	Dundas, O.          	
1427a	2-P2	Peoples, Robert M.   	1898 Jul 30	-	1y       	Hamden Jct.         	
0938a	2-X1	Peoples, Zoa L.      	1899 Dec 16	S	14y11m16d	Hamden              	
1407a	2-P2	Perkins,             	1896 Sep 07	-	stillborn	Oreton              	
1407b	2-P2	Perkins,             	COMMENT: parents- Alonzo Perkins and Jane Hale
1406a	2-P2	Perkins, Eliza       	1897 Mar 14	M	60y1m1d  	McArthur            	
1404a	2-P2	Perkins, John L.     	1896 Jul 18	S	8m13d    	McArthur            	
1420a	2-P2	Perkins, Ruth        	1898 Jul 18	S	1y1m6d   	McArthur            	
1403a	2-P2	Perry, Earl Russell  	1896 Nov 17	-	1m7d     	Vales Mills         	
1384a	2-P1	Perry, John H.       	1891 Sep 01	M	66y3m20d 	Vinton Tp.          	
1422a	2-P2	Perry, Persley       	1899 Feb 26	M	42y      	(died Vinton Co.)   	
1415a	2-P2	Perry, William R.    	1898 Jan 12	M	48y9m6d  	Radcliff, O.        	
1411a	2-P2	Peters, America      	1897 Apr 04	S	33y      	Madison Tp.         	
1354a	2-P1	Peters, Jas. Elsinore	1887 Dec 28	S	3m9d     	Zaleski             	
1354b	2-P1	Peters, Jas. Elsinore	COMMENT: parents- Luicon Thos. Peters and Lydia Margt. C. Reeves
1426a	2-P2	Peters, Martha       	1898 Jun 06	M	65y      	Zaleski, O.         	
1398a	2-P2	Peters, William McK. 	1896 Jul 20	S	1y5m4d   	Zaleski             	
1398b	2-P2	Peters, William McK. 	COMMENT: parents- James Peters and no mother listed
0982a	2-X2	Petitt, Amanda       	1899 May 11	W	74y9m4d  	McArthur            	
1382a	2-P1	Pettit, Hariette? M. 	1891 Dec 22	M	46y10m3d 	Jackson Tp.         	
1353a	2-P1	Pettit, John         	1887 Jul 11	M	70y2m16d 	Jackson Tp.         	
1353b	2-P1	Pettit, John         	COMMENT: parents- Samuel Pettit and Margaret Sniff
1075a	2-X6	Petty, Julia         	1900 Feb 18	S	3m13d    	Vinton Tp.          	
1423a	2-P2	Philips,             	1898 Oct 01	S	1m       	Wilkesville         	
1423b	2-P2	Philips,             	COMMENT: parents- Frank Phillips and Mattie Phillips
1392a	2-P2	Philips, Blanch      	1892 Dec 11	S	7y       	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1391a	2-P2	Philips, James N.?   	1892 Jan 01	M	44y11m19d	Jackson Tp.         	
1386a	2-P1	Phillips, Elmer      	1892 Feb 27	-	1y8m     	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1413a	2-P2	Phitteplace, Ansel   	1897 Jul 20	M	51y2m24d 	Wilkesville         	
1379a	2-P1	Piddock, Elizabeth   	1892 Dec 07	W	67y2m7d  	Carbondale          	
1012a	2-X4	Pierce, Elizabeth    	1899 Dec 06	M	55y      	Jackson Tp.         	
1360a	2-P1	Pierce, Hulda        	1888 Aug 03	M	19y10m27d	Vinton Tp.          	
1377a	2-P1	Pierce, Isaac        	1890 Apr 09	M	31y      	Vinton Tp.          	
1402a	2-P2	Pierce, James        	1896 Apr 29	W	75y2m20d 	Radcliff            	
1385a	2-P1	Pierce, Lilley Ethel 	1892 Mar 17	S	4y2m1d   	Vinton Tp.          	
1074a	2-X6	Pierce, Myrta Vell.  	1899 Aug 22	S	20y10m25d	Vinton Tp.          	
1361a	2-P1	Pierce, Thurman A.   	1888 Dec 11	W	21y1m27d 	Vinton Tp.          	
1401a	2-P2	Pierce, William      	1896 Oct 26	S	7y5m25d  	Radcliff            	
1348a	2-P1	Pilcher, C. B.       	1887 May 25	M	61y6m11d 	Elk Tp.             	
0983a	2-X2	Pilcher, George W.   	1899 Jul 30	M	69y2m21d 	McArthur            	
1397a	2-P2	Pilcher, James H.    	1895 Aug 31	-	44y11m15d	McArthur            	
0995a	2-X3	Pinney, Amy          	1899 Sep 06	S	1y10m8d  	Infirmary           	
1378a	2-P1	Pinney, Mary B.      	1891 Oct 26	S	9m17d    	Brown Tp.           	
1378b	2-P1	Pinney, Mary B.      	COMMENT: parents- Albert Pinney and Martha D. Pinney
1409a	2-P2	Pinney, Perthean     	1896 Sep 16	W	90y7d    	Hope Furnace        	
1048a	2-X5	Pletcher, Elizabeth  	1899 Dec 12	M	73y8m    	Richland Tp.        	
1087a	2-X6	Plummer, Eva         	1900 Mar 04	S	13y10m18d	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1394a	2-P2	Poland, Rohannah     	1893 Aug 03	S	1y1m10d  	Creola, O.          	
1394b	2-P2	Poland, Rohannah     	COMMENT: parents- Chas. Poland and Frances Sprouse
1370a	2-P1	Polick, Eliza        	1890 Feb 01	M	61y3m    	Clinton Tp.         	
1388a	2-P1	Potts, Arthur        	1893 Aug 03	S	3m20d    	Clinton Tp.         	
1388b	2-P1	Potts, Arthur        	COMMENT: parents- Geo. Potts and Lucy Jolly
0940a	2-X1	Potts, Cressie       	1900 Jan 31	S	2d       	Oreton, O.          	
0939a	2-X1	Potts, Della         	1900 Apr 13	S	18y1m20d 	Hamden              	
1390a	2-P1	Potts, Lorena        	1894 Jan 07	-	-        	Clinton Tp.         	
1390b	2-P1	Potts, Lorena        	COMMENT: parents- Harvey Potts and no mother listed
1364a	2-P1	Potts, Margaret      	1889 Jan 25	-	41y      	Creola              	
1408a	2-P2	Potts, Ollie Otta    	1896 Dec 17	S	7m25d    	Clinton Tp.         	
1389a	2-P1	Potts, Ora           	1894 Feb 03	S	1y13d    	Clinton Tp.         	
1389b	2-P1	Potts, Ora           	COMMENT: parents- Wm. Potts and Susan Walker
1428a	2-P3	Potts, Thomas        	1899 Jan 10	M	60y      	Clinton Tp.         	
1399a	2-P2	Potts, William Henry 	1896 Jun 29	M	69y29d   	Jackson Tp.         	
1366a	2-P1	Powell, Lydia Ann    	1890 Jan 17	W	87y9m20d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1383a	2-P1	Priest, Charles W.   	1891 Oct 23	S	11y4m9d  	Swan Tp.            	
1355a	2-P1	Priest, Harrison     	1887 Nov 15	M	70y4m12d 	Creola              	
1351a	2-P1	Pugh, Ada Grace      	1887 Aug 24	S	8m       	McArthur            	
1419a	2-P2	Pugh, Ellis B.       	1899 Jan 28	W	79y      	McArthur            	
1056a	2-X5	Pullew?, Shelburn    	1899 Aug 10	M	48y      	Swan Tp.            	
1396a	2-P2	Pyle, Hazen Bundy    	1894 Jul 21	S	4m25d    	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1410a	2-P2	Pyle, Hortensia      	1897 Oct 10	M	48y      	Dyesville, O.       	
1438a	2-Q1	Queen,               	1897 May 03	S	1d       	Vales Mills         	
1438b	2-Q1	Queen,               	COMMENT: parents- William Queen and Eliza Boring
1435a	2-Q1	Queen, Albert        	1892 Aug 31	S	2y5m19d  	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1431a	2-Q1	Queen, Catherine     	1888 Feb 12	W	84y      	Wilkesville         	
1433a	2-Q1	Queen, John          	1891 Aug 17	M	65y      	Vinton Tp.          	
1076a	2-X6	Queer, Joseph        	1899 Jul 11	S	32y9m10d 	Vinton Tp.          	
0987a	2-X3	Quick, Benjamin F.   	1899 Aug 26	M	82y8m10d 	McArthur            	
1434a	2-Q1	Quick, Edna C.       	1893 Jan 22	S	1y       	Clinton Tp.         	
1437a	2-Q1	Quick, M. J.         	1895 Mar 25	W	51y1m10d 	Knox Tp.            	
1432a	2-Q1	Quick, Moses         	1889 Mar 14	M	86y      	Knox Tp.            	
1436a	2-Q1	Quinn, Flora         	1893 Oct 04	S	3m       	Zaleski, O.         	
1556a	2-R3	Radcliff, Ephraim    	1898 Dec 15	M	51y      	Vinton Co., O.      	
1473a	2-R1	Radcliff, John       	1891 Mar 13	M	67y10m7d 	Knox Tp.            	
1483a	2-R1	Radcliff, Mahala     	1891 Sep 19	W	69y      	Hamden Jct.         	
1077a	2-X6	Radcliffe, Andrew    	1900 Mar 11	W	91y6m26d 	Vinton Tp.          	
1078a	2-X6	Radcliffe, Martha    	1899 Aug 23	S	46y4m20d 	Vinton Tp.          	
1101a	2-X7	Rafferty, Isabel     	1899 Oct 27	S	13d      	Minerton            	
1102a	2-X7	Rafferty, Mary E.    	1899 Jun 13	M	30y9m3d  	Hawk                	
1498a	2-R2	Ragan, Catharine     	1892 Apr 16	W	60y      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1452a	2-R1	Rainells, Thomas     	1888 Jun 06	M	75y1m24d 	Swan Tp.            	
0963a	2-X2	Rains, George Riley  	1899 Dec 20	S	41y1m27d 	Eagle Tp.           	
1514a	2-R2	Rairdain, Harry E.   	1894 Oct 01	S	11m15d   	New Plymouth, O.    	
1544a	2-R3	Ralph, Elizabeth     	1897 Aug 11	S	3y7m2d   	Eagle Tp.           	
1544b	2-R3	Ralph, Elizabeth     	COMMENT: parents- Jonah Ralph and Susan Walch
1527a	2-R3	Ralph, Ray Emery     	1895 Aug 29	S	stillborn	(died Eagle Mills)  	
1510a	2-R2	Ramsy, Allie May     	1893 Sep 17	S	7m5d     	Harrison            	
1510b	2-R2	Ramsy, Allie May     	COMMENT: parents- F. Ramsy and Hannah Buck
1492a	2-R2	Randal, Freedom B.   	1893 Feb 23	W	88y8d    	Brown Tp.           	
1515a	2-R2	Randall, Cromwell F. 	1894 Sep 01	M	52y3m17d 	New Plymouth, O.    	
1552a	2-R3	Randall, Jared B.    	1898 Jul 11	M	85y      	Jackson Tp.         	
1455a	2-R1	Randall, Lena        	1888 Jul 07	-	3m15d    	Eagle Tp.           	
1536a	2-R3	Randall, William     	1896 Jun 20	M	61y2m14d 	Eagle Tp.           	
1541a	2-R3	Randerson, Wm.       	1898 Jan 15	W	69y5m7d  	Richland            	
1535a	2-R3	Rankin, William      	1897 Mar 18	S	18y1m8d  	Vinton Sta.         	
1548a	2-R3	Rannells, David V.   	1898 Apr 17	M	65y      	McArthur            	
1518a	2-R2	Rannells, Gertrude C.	1894 Jul 09	-	10m28d   	McArthur, O.        	
1484a	2-R2	Rannells, Mahala     	1892 Jan 16	W	72y      	Swan Tp.            	
1501a	2-R2	Rannells, Thomas M.  	1892 Apr 02	S	40y      	Swan Tp.            	
1557a	2-R3	Rannels, Joseph A.   	1899 Mar 26	-	55y      	Kansas              	
1534a	2-R3	Ratcliff, Alma       	1896 Aug 08	S	25y      	Allensville, O.     	
1486a	2-R2	Ratcliff, Cleda Evert	1891 Jul 14	S	8m23d    	Eagle Mills         	
1439a	2-Q1	Ratcliff, Eliza      	1899 Jan 13	S	25y      	(died Harrison Tp.) 	
1439b	2-Q1	Ratcliff, Eliza      	COMMENT: this person was recorded in the "Q" section
1467a	2-R1	Ratcliff, Louie Viola	1891 Mar 20	S	3y5m9d   	Eagle Tp.           	
1491a	2-R2	Ratcliff, Simon W.   	1892 May 22	M	47y8m14d 	Harrison Tp.        	
1523a	2-R3	Ray, Ora             	1895 Dec 11	S	5y7m     	(died Vinton Co.)   	
1550a	2-R3	Raynor, Mary         	1898 Sep 25	M	71y1m17d 	McArthur            	
1499a	2-R2	Reardon, John        	1892 Apr 15	S	36y      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1448a	2-R1	Reardon, Wm.         	1888 Jun 16	S	18y9m1d  	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1485a	2-R2	Rearley, John        	1891 Oct 26	S	5d       	Zaleski, O.         	
1494a	2-R2	Reasoner, Clara Ethe+	1892 Sep 20	S	5y1m10d  	Brown Tp.           	
0922a	2-X1	Reasoner, Maria      	1899 Aug 08	M	55y2m8d  	New Plymouth        	
1549a	2-R3	Redd, Horace         	1898 May 13	M	81y5m15d 	McArthur            	
1521a	2-R2	Redmon, Kate J.      	1894 Oct 28	M	30y4m24d 	(died Zaleski, O.)  	
1446a	2-R1	Reed,                	1888 Mar 12	-	stillborn	Wilkesville         	
1446b	2-R1	Reed,                	COMMENT: parents- Hiram E. Reed and Urlinda Whetzel
1551a	2-R3	Reed, Charles        	1899 Jun 15	S	24y      	Harrison Tp.        	
1447a	2-R1	Reed, Eda            	1888 Jun 17	S	4y       	Wilkesville         	
1447b	2-R1	Reed, Eda            	COMMENT: parents- H. E. Reed and no mother listed
1508a	2-R2	Reed, Ethie          	1893 Dec 17	S	3m2d     	Siverly, O.         	
1508b	2-R2	Reed, Ethie          	COMMENT: parents- Thos. Reed and Emma Walker
1481a	2-R1	Reed, George         	1892 Feb 01	M	29y5m26d 	Clinton Tp.         	
1454a	2-R1	Reed, Martha         	1888 Aug 27	S	4y8m     	Harrison Tp.        	
1512a	2-R2	Reed, Mary?          	1893 Oct 23	M	52y4m12d 	Zaleski, O.         	
1507a	2-R2	Reed, Thomas         	1894 Feb 01	M	30y8m6d  	Siverly, O.         	
1507b	2-R2	Reed, Thomas         	COMMENT: parents- Jeramiah Reed and Nancy Albin
1502a	2-R2	Reed, Zena           	1892 Jun 20	S	6y       	Swan Tp.            	
1532a	2-R3	Reetons?, Louisa     	1896 Nov 03	S	1y1m28d  	Hope Furnace        	
1462a	2-R1	Reeves, Percena      	1890 Jan 25	M	69y11m28d	Swan Tp.            	
1516a	2-R2	Reeves, Samuel       	1894 Nov 06	M	73y7m1d  	(died Madison Tp.)  	
1478a	2-R1	Reisinger, Henry Gil+	1890 Jul 01	S	3m10d    	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1554a	2-R3	Reisinger, James H.  	1898 Oct 26	M	69y      	Wilkesville         	
1083a	2-X6	Reisinger, Maude May 	1899 May 29	S	17y1m26d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1487a	2-R2	Remy,                	1892 Mar 07	S	14d      	Richland Tp.        	
1487b	2-R2	Remy,                	COMMENT: parents- John Remy and Mandana Young
1488a	2-R2	Remy,                	1891 Jan 19	M	5d       	Richland Tp.        	
1488b	2-R2	Remy,                	COMMENT: parents- David Remy and M. A. Remy
1488c	2-R2	Remy,                	COMMENT: the married column is marked, which has to be wrong
1539a	2-R3	Remy, Mandana        	1897 May 07	M	32y      	South Richland      	
1444a	2-R1	Remy, Margaret       	1887 Nov 29	W	97y9m    	Richland Tp.        	
1444b	2-R1	Remy, Margaret       	COMMENT: parents- Wm. Lamb and mother not known
1443a	2-R1	Remy, Milbury Eunice 	1887 Apr 18	-	-        	Richland Tp.        	
1443b	2-R1	Remy, Milbury Eunice 	COMMENT: parents- Jas. Remy and Sarah Bolen
1504a	2-R2	Remy, Orel           	1893 Apr 04	S	5d       	Richland Tp.        	
1451a	2-R1	Reynolds,            	1888 Dec 28	-	2d       	Dundas              	
1451b	2-R1	Reynolds,            	COMMENT: parents- C. N. Reynolds and Minnie C. Miller
1529a	2-R3	Reynolds,            	1896 Nov 26	S	2m5d     	(died McArthur)     	
1529b	2-R3	Reynolds,            	COMMENT: parents- David Mackey and Anna Reynolds
1543a	2-R3	Reynolds, Elyda      	1898 Feb 04	M	77y3m25d 	(died Swan Tp.)     	
1442a	2-R1	Reynolds, James      	1887 Jul 01	W	65y10m   	Richland Tp.        	
1463a	2-R1	Rhoads, Anna         	1889 Jul 18	-	1y4m     	Swan Tp.            	
1503a	2-R2	Rhodes, Sinthy       	1893 Oct 19	S	13y21d   	Brown Tp.           	
1503b	2-R2	Rhodes, Sinthy       	COMMENT: parents- Benj Rhodes and Mary McCarty
1555a	2-R3	Rhodes, William      	1898 Jan 21	S	5y1m21d  	Brown Tp.           	
1555b	2-R3	Rhodes, William      	COMMENT: parents- Ben Rhodes and (no first name) McRay
1505a	2-R2	Rich, Dora           	1893 Jul 06	S	1y4m     	(died Radcliff)     	
1505b	2-R2	Rich, Dora           	COMMENT: parents- Domino Rich and Ann Scidmore
1538a	2-R3	Richmond, Mary       	1897 Nov 27	W	84y      	McArthur            	
1547a	2-R3	Richmond, Nelson     	1897 Aug - 	S	69y      	McArthur            	
1531a	2-R3	Riddle, Margaret     	1897 Feb 16	M	24y3m2d  	Eagle Tp.           	
1082a	2-X6	Rife, Perry          	1899 Sep 04	S	-        	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1461a	2-R1	Riffle, Martin V.?   	1889 Jun 22	-	8m       	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1530a	2-R3	Rifle?, Hannon       	1895 Jun 28	-	9m23d    	Vinton Tp.          	
1466a	2-R1	Rinehart, Elmer      	1889 Apr 17	-	2y2m17d  	Children's Home     	
1475a	2-R1	Rinehart, Samuel     	1891 Mar 18	S	2m       	Richland Tp.        	
1496a	2-R2	Rinehart, Samuel     	1892 Dec 27	M	60y26d   	Richland Tp.        	
1546a	2-R3	Rineheart, Frankin   	1897 Aug 17	S	1y6m10d  	Richland Tp.        	
1528a	2-R3	Rineheart, George W. 	1896 Feb 16	M	32y8m    	Jackson Tp.         	
1553a	2-R3	Ring, Bridget        	1898 Jul 15	S	18y      	Minerton            	
1519a	2-R2	Ringer, Earnest W.   	1895 Jan 16	S	4m7d     	Allensville, O.     	
1522a	2-R2	Rinschild, Freddie   	1894 Sep 14	S	10m18d   	(died Swan)         	
1450a	2-R1	Ritchey, Andrew      	1889 Mar 15	M	51y1m18d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1495a	2-R2	Roach, Milbery, H.   	1893 Mar 25	M	69y5d    	Richland Tp.        	
1506a	2-R2	Robb, James L.       	1894 Mar 18	W	84y7m11d 	Elk Tp.             	
1464a	2-R1	Robb, Nancy          	1889 Aug 31	M	77y3m19d 	Elk Tp.             	
1525a	2-R3	Robbins,             	1895 Jun 03	-	9d       	Knox                	
1525b	2-R3	Robbins,             	COMMENT: parents- Jno. F. Robbins and Martha McVey
1526a	2-R3	Robbins, Betsy       	1896 Jan 22	W	78y10m26d	Hamden, O.          	
1490a	2-R2	Robbins, Elihua A.   	1891 Nov 26	M	45y4m11d 	Knox Tp.            	
1482a	2-R1	Robbinson, Earl C.   	1891 Jan 20	S	13y3m20d 	Hamden Jct.         	
1489a	2-R2	Roberts, David       	1891 May 09	W	79y3m    	Knox Tp.            	
0941a	2-X1	Roberts, Grace H.    	1900 Feb 06	M	26y2m6d  	Hamden, O.          	
1456a	2-R1	Robertson,           	1989 Jan 30	-	-        	Elko                	
1456b	2-R1	Robertson,           	COMMENT: parents- E. Robertson and Sarah Johnson
1517a	2-R2	Robertson, Henry     	1894 Jan 06	M	62y10m   	(died Madison Tp.)  	
1471a	2-R1	Robinet, Joseph W.   	1890 Apr 19	S	born dead	Harrison Tp.        	
1440a	2-Q1	Robinett, Alma       	1898 Aug 11	S	11y      	(died Harrison Tp.) 	
1440b	2-Q1	Robinett, Alma       	COMMENT: this person was recorded in the "Q" section
1004a	2-X3	Robinett, Cora       	1900 Jan 18	S	23y      	Harrison Tp.        	
1468a	2-R1	Robinett, E. E.      	1890 Jul 13	S	8m8d     	Elk Tp.             	
1500a	2-R2	Robinett, George B.  	1892 Apr 29	S	20y2m8d  	Vinton Tp.          	
1537a	2-R3	Robinett, Levi       	1896 Apr 23	W	61y6m19d 	Knox Tp.            	
1545a	2-R3	Robinett, Marion T.  	1897 Nov 20	S	2m15d    	Vinton              	
1472a	2-R1	Robinett, Ozilla     	1890 May 16	M	27y4m21d 	Knox Tp.            	
1542a	2-R3	Robins,              	1897 Dec 06	S	1d       	Jackson Tp.         	
1542b	2-R3	Robins,              	COMMENT: parents- W. T. Robinson and Annie F. Wine
1474a	2-R1	Robison, Belinda     	1891 Mar 01	M	72y7m    	Richland Tp.        	
1533a	2-R3	Rodgers, Florence    	1896 Oct 05	S	7y5m25d  	(died Richland)     	
1453a	2-R1	Rogers, Edwd. D.     	1889 Jan 24	M	62y4m10d 	Knox Tp.            	
1441a	2-R1	Romine, Chartny? T.  	1888 Mar 25	M	39y5m    	Knox Tp.            	
1509a	2-R2	Rop?, Eliza          	1894 Mar 09	M	42y7m8d  	Zaleski, O.         	
1509b	2-R2	Rop?, Eliza          	COMMENT: parents- John Mitchell and Eliza Mitchell
1509c	2-R2	Rop?, Eliza          	COMMENT: surname could be Ross? or something else
1013a	2-X4	Rose, Chloe E.       	1900 Mar 09	S	10y      	Jackson Tp.         	
1014a	2-X4	Rose, David Newton   	1900 Mar 09	M	51y25d   	Jackson Tp.         	
1520a	2-R2	Ross, Calvin C.      	1895 Mar 17	S	30y10m8d 	Harrison Tp.        	
1445a	2-R1	Ross, Cameron L.     	1887 Nov 07	S	2y23d    	Swan Tp.            	
1497a	2-R2	Ross, Daniel M.      	1893 Mar 10	S	50y10m11d	Knox Tp.            	
1469a	2-R1	Ross, Jehiel         	1890 Jun 17	S	40y      	Elk Tp.             	
1524a	2-R3	Ross, Mary           	1896 Jan 30	M	55y3m11d 	Harrison Tp.        	
1513a	2-R2	Ross, Sarah E.       	1894 Oct 03	S	18y9m27d 	Swan Tp.            	
1558a	2-R3	Rosser, Charles      	1898 Dec 27	S	17y      	(died Vinton)       	
1476a	2-R1	Rosser, James        	1891 Feb 17	M	60y6m17d 	Swan Tp.            	
1460a	2-R1	Rosser, Rodney Vernon	1890 Mar 26	-	2m20d    	Knox Tp.            	
1540a	2-R3	Rowland, Hazel       	1897 Aug 10	S	10m11d   	Vinton              	
1477a	2-R1	Russell, Alice       	1890 Aug 12	S	1y3m     	Vinton Tp.          	
1479a	2-R1	Russell, Charles D.  	1890 Aug 12	S	49y1m20d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1465a	2-R1	Russell, Lance M.    	1889 Aug 06	M	38y9m26d 	McArthur            	
1480a	2-R1	Russell, Nolis H.    	1890 Aug 12	S	1y3m19d  	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1470a	2-R1	Rutter, Harriet M.   	1890 Aug 09	M	70y      	Elk Tp.             	
1493a	2-R2	Rutter, Harvey O.    	1892 Sep - 	S	2y2m24d  	Brown Tp.           	
1511a	2-R2	Rutter, Mathew       	1893 Dec 27	M	80y10m6d 	(died Harrison)     	
1449a	2-R1	Ryan, Lawrence J.    	1888 Jul 06	S	33y6d    	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1633a	2-S2	Sain, Samuel D.      	1892 Feb 01	S	1y6m     	Swan Tp.            	
1571a	2-S1	Salts, Ellen         	1887 Nov 12	M	39y7m4d  	Dundas              	
1583a	2-S1	Salts, Francis L.    	1889 Feb 27	M	28y      	Harrison Tp.        	
0945a	2-X1	Salts, Hugh          	1899 Oct 01	S	2m8d     	Dundas              	
1720a	2-S4	Sampson, Clarence Ray	1896 Jun 10	S	2y8m24d  	Jackson Tp.         	
1694a	2-S4	Sampson, Curtis D.   	1895 Jul 09	S	1y5m     	Hamden, O.          	
1572a	2-S1	Sampson, Laban       	1888 Jun 29	W	77y11m20d	(died Jackson Tp.)  	
1684a	2-S3	Sands, Frank C.      	1895 Feb 07	M	28y7d    	(died Zaleski, O.)  	
1650a	2-S3	Sauerbrey?, Charles  	1892 May 23	M	49y      	Madison Tp.         	
1641a	2-S2	Saxon, America       	1891 Oct 01	M	60y6m29d 	Wilkesville, O.     	
1714a	2-S4	Saxton, Helen        	1896 Jun 30	M	68y      	Wilkesville         	
1085a	2-X6	Saxton, Jane         	1899 Sep 21	M	75y      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1084a	2-X6	Saxton, Thomas       	1900 Jan 03	M	84y      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1459a	2-R1	Scanlan, Lizzie      	1888 Aug 19	-	19m3d    	McArthur            	
1459b	2-R1	Scanlan, Lizzie      	COMMENT: this person was recorded in the "R" section
1590a	2-S1	Scanlan, Lizzie      	1888 Aug 19	-	19m3d    	McArthur            	
1590b	2-S1	Scanlan, Lizzie      	COMMENT: the age has a 19 in the months column, should it be years?
1755a	2-S5	Schafer, Leo         	1898 Dec 17	-	15d      	Clinton Tp.         	
1727a	2-S4	Schall, Annie        	1897 Aug 31	S	1d       	Vinton              	
1617a	2-S2	Schall, Celia        	1890 Jun 23	S	5m28d    	Madison Tp.         	
1618a	2-S2	Schall, E. A.(female)	1891 Apr 05	M	34y8m20d 	Madison Tp.         	
1667a	2-S3	Schall, Edward       	1893 Sep 30	S	12d      	Zaleski, O.         	
1651a	2-S3	Schall, Ralphial     	1892 Jun 15	S	5y2m     	Madison Tp.         	
1668a	2-S3	Schall, Rosa         	1893 Dec 15	S	1m20d    	Zaleski, O.         	
1741a	2-S5	Schall, Wm.          	1898 Feb 26	S	2m12d    	Zaleski             	
1028a	2-X4	Scheer, Charles Fred+	1899 Jul 28	S	28y3m6d  	Zaleski             	
1634a	2-S2	Schlatterbach, Mary A	1891 Apr 20	W	75y6d    	Swan Tp.            	
1679a	2-S3	Scott, Arthur        	1895 Jan 23	S	23y8m19d 	Harrison Tp.        	
1598a	2-S1	Scott, Charles W.    	1889 Jul 08	S	30y4m18d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1709a	2-S4	Scott, Elva N.       	1896 Jan 19	S	6m13d    	Richland Tp.        	
1692a	2-S4	Scott, F. M.         	1895 Nov 23	M	38y      	Lone Star, O.       	
1622a	2-S2	Scott, Ida May       	1890 Jul 08	S	1y1m14d  	Richland Tp.        	
1666a	2-S3	Scott, Jacob Edward  	1894 Feb 09	S	23y11m10d	Wilkesville, O.     	
1735a	2-S5	Scott, James         	1897 Jul 25	M	63y3m4d  	Knox                	
1632a	2-S2	Scott, Malissa       	1892 Feb 29	M	60y      	Clinton Tp.         	
1578a	2-S1	Scott, Margaret      	1888 Jul 30	W	85y11m29d	Richland Tp.        	
1578b	2-S1	Scott, Margaret      	COMMENT: parents- Abe Shafer and no mother listed
1676a	2-S3	Scott, Mary Ann      	1894 Jan 02	-	58y8m23d 	Bee P. O.           	
1734a	2-S5	Scott, Otha          	1898 Mar 01	W	70y4m7d  	Clinton Tp.         	
1614a	2-S2	Scott, Robert        	1891 Jan 02	M	63y2m22d 	Jackson Tp.         	
1752a	2-S5	Scott, William       	1898 Jul 26	-	71y      	Richland Tp.        	
1750a	2-S5	Searls, Hulda Alice  	1898 Nov 05	M	36y      	Vinton Tp.          	
1592a	2-S1	Searls, William F.   	1890 Feb 20	M	27y8m8d  	Richland Tp.        	
1702a	2-S4	Seitz, Blanche E.    	1896 Mar 26	S	1m26d    	Jackson Tp.         	
1701a	2-S4	Seitz, Carrie J.     	1896 Mar 14	M	29y9m11d 	Jackson Tp.         	
1615a	2-S2	Seitz, Jesse F.      	1891 Mar 19	S	20d      	Jackson Tp.         	
1638a	2-S2	Seymore, John        	1891 Oct 23	M	54y      	Harrison Tp.        	
1643a	2-S2	Seymore, John        	1891 Oct 23	M	-        	Harrison Tp.        	
1739a	2-S5	Seymour, Elsworth    	1898 Jan 02	S	2y       	Eagle Mills         	
1739b	2-S5	Seymour, Elsworth    	COMMENT: parents- Wm. Seymour and Sarah E. Scott
1652a	2-S3	Seymour, Joseph      	1892 Jul 19	S	43y      	Harrison Tp.        	
1613a	2-S2	Seymour, Sanford W.  	1891 Sep 08	S	5m25d    	Harrison Tp.        	
0942a	2-X1	Shafer, Elma         	1900 Feb 12	S	18d      	Hamden              	
1635a	2-S2	Shannon, John        	1892 Jan 01	M	80y      	Swan Tp.            	
1594a	2-S1	Shannon, Katy        	1889 Dec 05	S	22y      	W. Va.              	
1712a	2-S4	Sharp, Elizabeth R.  	1896 Jun 24	M	48y5m1d  	Radcliff            	
1629a	2-S2	Sharp, Emmet         	1890 Apr 16	S	17y6m    	Vinton Tp.          	
1736a	2-S5	Sharp, Harry         	1897 Sep 03	S	11y      	Radcliff, O.        	
1628a	2-S2	Sharp, Iva           	1891 Jan 17	S	47y7m    	Vinton Tp.          	
1737a	2-S5	Sharp, Seth W.       	1897 Jul 02	M	58y5m2d  	Radcliff, O.        	
1705a	2-S4	Shaw, Alaxander      	1896 Mar 27	M	49y1m23d 	S. Richland         	
1705b	2-S4	Shaw, Alaxander      	COMMENT: parents- John Shaw and Ruth Cox
1587a	2-S1	Shaw, Jefferson      	1888 Aug 13	-	68y8m9d  	Eagle Tp.           	
1677a	2-S3	Shaw, Sallie Ann     	1894 Sep 03	-	57y8m13d 	Allensville, O.     	
0966a	2-X2	Shaw, Sarah          	1900 Feb 15	W	77y10m2d 	Eagle Tp.           	
1579a	2-S1	Shea, Cornelius      	1888 Aug 01	-	1y1m     	Madison Tp.         	
1646a	2-S3	Shea, John           	1892 May 01	M	37y      	Brown Tp.           	
1621a	2-S2	Shea, Margaret       	1890 Sep 03	M	41y      	Madison Tp.         	
1603a	2-S1	Shea, Mary A.        	1890 Jan 08	W	77y6m12d 	Hope Furnace        	
1620a	2-S2	Shea, Thomas         	1890 Aug 31	S	20y6m    	Madison Tp.         	
1746a	2-S5	Shearwood, Mary Jane 	1898 Jul 12	M	52y      	(died Harrison Tp.) 	
1637a	2-S2	Sheline, Samuel      	1891 Jul 24	M	33y10m4d 	Vinton Tp.          	
1631a	2-S2	Shelton, Richard     	1891 Feb 15	M	83y1d    	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1658a	2-S3	Shephard, Ella       	1892 Jun 08	M	20y6m28d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1744a	2-S5	Sherwood, Alice      	1899 Jan 05	M	41y      	Elko                	
1458a	2-R1	Shields, Celinda     	1889 Jan 05	-	66y      	Infirmary           	
1458b	2-R1	Shields, Celinda     	COMMENT: this person was recorded in the "R" section
1591a	2-S1	Shields, Celinda     	1889 Jan 05	-	66y      	infirmary           	
1568a	2-S1	Shifflett, Levi      	1887 Nov 15	M	60y      	Hawks               	
1568b	2-S1	Shifflett, Levi      	COMMENT: parents- John Shifflett and no mother listed
1691a	2-S4	Shiflet, John        	1895 Oct 11	S	2y7m     	(died Hawk)         	
1728a	2-S4	Shiflet, Sarah       	1898 Mar 31	S	1d       	Vinton              	
1566a	2-S1	Shipley, Freddie     	1888 Mar 08	S	1y11m1d  	Richland Tp.        	
1566b	2-S1	Shipley, Freddie     	COMMENT: parents- Ira Shipley and Arilla Muncie
1565a	2-S1	Shipley, Ira         	1887 Dec 24	M	63y9m    	Richland Tp.        	
1565b	2-S1	Shipley, Ira         	COMMENT: parents- John Shipley and Mary Fierce
1706a	2-S4	Shipley, William A.  	1895 Dec 27	M	33y6m10d 	S. Richland         	
1706b	2-S4	Shipley, William A.  	COMMENT: parents- John Shipley and Ellen Nantz
1655a	2-S3	Shively, Isaac       	1893 Mar 25	W	66y11m23d	Jackson Tp.         	
1654a	2-S3	Shively, Nancy       	1893 Jan 05	M	58y16d   	Jackson Tp.         	
1648a	2-S3	Shoemaker, C. S.     	1892 Nov 25	S	21d      	Eagle Tp.           	
1724a	2-S4	Short, Hannah        	1897 Oct 09	W	94y      	Infirmary           	
1636a	2-S2	Shry, Andrew         	1891 May - 	M	57y2m15d 	McArthur, O.        	
1725a	2-S4	Shry, Sarah A.       	1897 Jul 07	M	56y10m16d	Zaleski             	
1725b	2-S4	Shry, Sarah A.       	COMMENT: everything after occupation is written on the preceding line
1561a	2-S1	Shry, Susan          	1887 Sep 12	S	75y      	Elk Tp.             	
1577a	2-S1	Shurtz, Jane         	1888 Sep 08	M	60y4d    	Swan                	
1626a	2-S2	Shurtz, Jane         	1890 or 91?	S	1d       	Swan Tp.            	
1029a	2-X4	Shuster, Charles Wat+	1899 Oct 22	S	26y9m4d  	(died at Zaleski)   	
1738a	2-S5	Sickels, Jehilu E.   	1897 May 25	M	35y      	Vales Mills         	
1700a	2-S4	Sill, Philip         	1895 Nov 30	M	72y8m22d 	Jackson Tp.         	
1605a	2-S2	Simenton, Mary       	1890 May 14	W	77y9m18d 	Brown Tp.           	
1683a	2-S3	Simmons, Hannah      	1895 Feb 17	M	83y4m18d 	Elk Tp.             	
1751a	2-S5	Sims, Jane C.        	1898 Sep 25	W	54y      	Creola              	
1610a	2-S2	Sisson, Harvey       	1890 Sep 17	S	26y3m16d 	Elk Tp.             	
1616a	2-S2	Skelly, Anna         	1891 Mar 27	W	67y8m    	Knox Tp.            	
1619a	2-S2	Skinner, Cloe(female)	1890 Apr 13	S	2y       	Circleville, Ohio   	
1664a	2-S3	Skinner, Jane        	1893 Dec 24	-	81y      	Elk Tp.             	
1748a	2-S5	Slagle, John         	1898 Jul 04	W	92y11m9d 	Eagle Tp.           	
1642a	2-S2	Slater, Tharen?      	1891 May 07	M	45y11m28d	Harrison Tp.        	
1642b	2-S2	Slater, Tharen?      	COMMENT: the first name might be Thareu or Thoreu
1584a	2-S1	Sloane, Elizabeth    	1888 Nov 19	M	62y9m22d 	Harrison Tp.        	
1713a	2-S4	Slone, Mary          	1897 Jan 10	W	91y9m15d 	Richland Tp.        	
1612a	2-S2	Smallwood, Alfred    	1890 Jul 16	S	19y7d    	Harrison Tp.        	
1689a	2-S4	Smallwood, Emma J.   	1896 Mar 27	M	21y2m4d  	Harrison Tp.        	
1611a	2-S2	Smallwood, Rosa      	1890 Jul 06	S	21y4m3d  	Harrison Tp.        	
1688a	2-S4	Smallwood, Susan     	1896 Mar 17	S	30y2m9d  	Harrison Tp.        	
1569a	2-S1	Smathers, Henry      	1888 Feb 07	M	56y      	Hawks               	
1647a	2-S3	Smiley, Ella         	1892 Sep 16	S	23y      	Clinton Tp.         	
1580a	2-S1	Smith, Alsia         	1889 Jan 01	W	70y8m10d 	Zaleski             	
1707a	2-S4	Smith, Anna E.       	1895 Sep 21	M	36y6m21d 	S. Richland         	
1567a	2-S1	Smith, Barbara       	1887 Dec 25	W	82y      	Wilkesville         	
1567b	2-S1	Smith, Barbara       	COMMENT: parents- Edward Fletcher and no mother listed
0965a	2-X2	Smith, Della         	1899 Aug 02	S	1d       	Eagle Tp.           	
1696a	2-S4	Smith, Dorris        	1895 Aug 07	-	3y6m     	Allensville, O.     	
1595a	2-S1	Smith, Gracie Opal   	1889 Aug 27	S	1m11d    	Madison Tp.         	
1697a	2-S4	Smith, Huldah        	1896 Mar 22	W	65y11m6d 	Hamden, O.          	
1586a	2-S1	Smith, Jerimiah      	1888 Nov 26	-	72y5m6d  	Eagle Tp.           	
1608a	2-S2	Smith, John          	1891 Mar 08	M	32y9m10d 	Elk Tp.             	
1693a	2-S4	Smith, Margaret      	1896 Feb 01	M	62y      	Madison Tp.         	
1671a	2-S3	Smith, Mary          	1894 Sep 08	W	73y      	(died Zaleski, O.)  	
1457a	2-R1	Snook, Andrew        	1888 Nov 09	S	22y      	McArthur            	
1457b	2-R1	Snook, Andrew        	COMMENT: this person was recorded in the "R" section
1589a	2-S1	Snook, Andrew        	1888 Nov 09	-	22y      	McArthur            	
1559a	2-S1	Snook, Mahala        	1887 Jul 25	S	28y9m18d 	McArthur            	
1681a	2-S3	Snyder,              	1894 Jul 20	S	stillborn	Harrison Tp.        	
1681b	2-S3	Snyder,              	COMMENT: parents- D. M. Snyder and Anna Byer
1560a	2-S1	Sockle,              	1888 -   - 	-	stillborn	McArthur            	
1560b	2-S1	Sockle,              	COMMENT: parents- Henry Sockle and Sarah Martin
1570a	2-S1	Souders, Sarah O.    	1887 Sep 22	S	7y8m22d  	Hamden              	
1570b	2-S1	Souders, Sarah O.    	COMMENT: parents- J. G. Souders and no mother listed
1665a	2-S3	Soule, Almond        	1894 Aug 23	W	73y9m4d  	Wilkesville, O.     	
1625a	2-S2	Sowders,     (female)	1891 Mar 28	S	1d       	Swan Tp.            	
1625b	2-S2	Sowders,     (female)	COMMENT: parents- David Sowders and Elizabeth Taylor
1624a	2-S2	Sowders, Elizabeth   	1891 Mar 28	M	28y10m11d	Swan Tp.            	
1039a	2-X5	Sowers, Eliza        	1899 Sep 26	-	28y4m22d 	Richland Tp.        	
1040a	2-X5	Sowers, G. W.        	1899 Aug 13	M	62y8m3d  	Richland Tp.        	
1733a	2-S5	Spangenberg, Robert  	1897 Jan 01	W	51y10m9d 	Clinton Tp.         	
1723a	2-S4	Speakeman, John N.   	1897 Jan 02	S	4m       	Harrison Tp.        	
1674a	2-S3	Speakman,            	1894 Sep 23	S	1m12d    	Eagle Tp.           	
1600a	2-S1	Speakman, Albert     	1889 Sep 23	S	20y7m7d  	Eagle Tp.           	
1600b	2-S1	Speakman, Albert     	COMMENT: parents- J. J. Speakman and Fannie? White
0964a	2-X2	Speakman, Mary Jane  	1899 Oct 21	S	1m       	Eagle Tp.           	
1695a	2-S4	Speery, Able         	1896 Jan 12	M	68y5m3d  	Hamden, O.          	
1588a	2-S1	Spence,              	1888 Jul 04	-	-        	Elk Tp.             	
1588b	2-S1	Spence,              	COMMENT: parents- Sylvester Spence and E. Wade
1585a	2-S1	Spencer, Janney      	1889 Mar 28	S	1y6m20d  	Harrison Tp.        	
1661a	2-S3	Sprouse, Austis      	1892 Dec 19	M	71y3m8d  	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1640a	2-S2	Sprouse, James Sanfo+	1892 Jan 21	S	19y10m25d	Wilkesville, O.     	
1575a	2-S1	Sprouse, Laura L.    	1888 Aug 10	S	16y10m   	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1657a	2-S3	Sprouse, Mary        	1892 Jul 21	M	41y      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1670a	2-S3	Sprouse, Mary I.?    	1894 Jul 12	S	17y22d   	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1670b	2-S3	Sprouse, Mary I.?    	COMMENT: parents- D. A. Sprouse and M. C. Cameron
1662a	2-S3	Sprouse, Melissia    	1892 Dec 09	S	25y6m24d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0989a	2-X3	Stancher, Joanna     	1900 Feb 09	W	72y      	Infirmary           	
1581a	2-S1	Stanley, Bertha J.   	1888 Jul 26	-	10y8m22d 	Knox Tp.            	
1754a	2-S5	Stanley, Chloe       	1898 Sep 18	S	15y      	(died Knox Tp.)     	
1753a	2-S5	Stanley, Earl M.     	1898 Nov 28	S	10y      	(died Knox Tp.)     	
1718a	2-S4	Stanley, Elza        	1897 Feb 17	S	1m10d    	Knox Tp.            	
1717a	2-S4	Stanley, Ida B.      	1896 Nov 27	S	1m14d    	Knox                	
1599a	2-S1	Stanley, Joseph      	1889 Jul 11	M	58y      	Knox Tp.            	
1730a	2-S5	Stanley, Samantha    	1898 Feb 17	W	56y      	Knox                	
1716a	2-S4	Stanley, Susan M.    	1896 Jun 30	M	36y4m7d  	Knox                	
1690a	2-S4	Stanley, William     	1896 Feb 11	M	75y9m20d 	Knox Tp.            	
1597a	2-S1	Stanton, Francis     	1889 Dec 29	-	3d       	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1564a	2-S1	Starr, Hannah        	1888 Mar 02	M	63y      	Jackson Tp.         	
1564b	2-S1	Starr, Hannah        	COMMENT: parents- Thos. Ball and Mary House
1563a	2-S1	Starr, Mary          	1888 Feb 11	W	87y3m3d  	Jackson Tp.         	
1563b	2-S1	Starr, Mary          	COMMENT: parents- Philip Windel and Barbara Black
1721a	2-S4	Staughton, Josiah    	1897 Mar 18	M	80y      	Vinton Co., O.      	
1726a	2-S4	Ste___s?, M. Marie   	1897 Jul 25	S	3y1m14d  	Wilkesville         	
1726b	2-S4	Ste___s?, M. Marie   	COMMENT: everything after occupation is written on the preceding line
0943a	2-X1	Steale, Caroline     	1900 Apr 11	W	84y5d    	Hamden              	
1687a	2-S3	Steel, Ella          	1894 May 24	S	10y10m20d	Swan Tp.            	
1686a	2-S3	Steel, Harriett      	1894 Aug 26	S	54y9m7d  	Swan Tp.            	
1576a	2-S1	Steel, James W. Sr.  	1888 Jun 18	M	71y10m21d	Swan                	
1747a	2-S5	Steele, Marguirite A.	1899 Mar 29	W	70y      	Wilkesville         	
1703a	2-S4	Steele, Nathan       	1895 Jul 29	M	84y2m24d 	(died Siverly)      	
1644a	2-S2	Steinbrook, Geo. F.  	1891 Aug 09	S	28y1m    	Harrison Tp.        	
1006a	2-X3	Steinbrook, S. C.    	1899 Jan 01	M	75y12d   	Harrison Tp.        	
1743a	2-S5	Stephenson,          	1898 Apr 30	S	stillborn	(died McArthur)     	
0988a	2-X3	Stephenson, Thomas K.	1899 Nov 09	M	-        	Elk Tp.             	
1731a	2-S5	Sterling, Hellen B.  	1897 Nov 29	M	20y2m16d 	New Plymouth        	
1573a	2-S1	Sterrett, Frank E.   	1889 Mar 14	S	3y5m1d   	Brown Tp.           	
1678a	2-S3	Stevens,             	1895 Mar 25	S	1m10d    	Harrison Tp.        	
1678b	2-S3	Stevens,             	COMMENT: parents- A. C. Stevens and Nancy J. Graves
1602a	2-S1	Stevens,    (female) 	1889 Oct 20	S	stillborn	Eagle Tp.           	
1698a	2-S4	Stevens, Bertha E.   	1895 Aug 11	-	16d      	Pike Run            	
0944a	2-X1	Stevens, Emza        	1899 Apr 25	M	41y1m23d 	Hamden              	
1582a	2-S1	Stevens, Eva M.      	1889 Feb 29	S	6y5m     	Harrison Tp.        	
1740a	2-S5	Stevens, Everett     	1897 Oct 06	S	2y2d     	Eagle Tp.           	
1740b	2-S5	Stevens, Everett     	COMMENT: parents- Simon Stevens and Arminda Tatman
1005a	2-X3	Stevens, Flossie Cloy	1900 Jan 18	S	3y10m22d 	Harrison Tp.        	
1682a	2-S3	Stevens, Grover      	1894 Nov 19	S	7m19d    	Eagle Tp.           	
1669a	2-S3	Stevens, Jennie Bell 	1893 Nov 20	S	8m9d     	Eagle Tp.           	
1719a	2-S4	Stevens, Jesse       	1896 Jun 20	M	61y2m14d 	Eagle Tp.           	
1672a	2-S3	Stevens, John        	1895 Mar 27	M	72y10m4d 	(died Jackson Tp.)  	
1656a	2-S3	Stevens, Margaret    	1892 May 08	M	61y1m1d  	Jackson Tp.         	
1604a	2-S2	Stevenson,           	1891 Aug 24	S	1m7d     	Brown Tp.           	
1604b	2-S2	Stevenson,           	COMMENT: parents- R. E. Stevenson and Helen Finney
1604c	2-S2	Stevenson,           	COMMENT: Female is noted beside the name
1609a	2-S2	Stevenson, Margaret A	1890 Oct 22	S	25y7m    	Elk Tp.             	
1722a	2-S4	Stevenson, Thomas H. 	1896 Dec 21	-	5y4m10d  	New Plymouth        	
1699a	2-S4	Steward, Osee O. D.  	1896 Mar 19	S	3y10m14d 	Eagle Mills         	
1030a	2-X4	Stewart, Heber Frank+	1900 Mar 09	S	32y3m2d  	Lone Star           	
1601a	2-S1	Stewart, Martin Linc+	1889 Nov 11	S	stillborn	Eagle Tp.           	
1601b	2-S1	Stewart, Martin Linc+	COMMENT: parents- Manly Stewart and Mary Ralph
1606a	2-S2	Stewart, Minnie Bell 	1891 Mar 18	S	17y1m9d  	Eagle Tp.           	
1729a	2-S5	Stewart, Myrta A.    	1898 Feb 20	M	22y6m21d 	Point Rock          	
1711a	2-S4	Stewart, Osee        	1896 Jun 20	S	3y10m14d 	Eagle Tp.           	
1680a	2-S3	Stewart, William E.  	1894 Sep 19	W	64y9m18d 	Wilkesville, O.     	
1715a	2-S4	Stilwell, Myrtle A.  	1897 Jan 16	-	2y3m18d  	Vinton Co.          	
0926a	2-X1	Stitweel, Emma       	1899 Aug 21	S	6m17d    	Rue, O.             	
1649a	2-S3	Stocklin, Mary M.    	1892 Aug 09	M	61y5m    	Madison Tp.         	
1596a	2-S1	Stocklin, Rosa       	1889 Jun 15	S	12y11m25d	Zaleski             	
1745a	2-S5	Stone, Samuel        	1898 Oct 18	M	77y      	Harrison Tp.        	
1645a	2-S2	Stoneburner,         	1891 Nov 01	-	15d      	Harrison Tp.        	
1645b	2-S2	Stoneburner,         	COMMENT: parents- J. Stoneburner and E. J. Stoneburner
1708a	2-S4	Storer, Richard      	1895 Jun 04	W	70y3m21d 	Richland Tp.        	
1639a	2-S2	Storer?, Elizabeth   	1892 Jun 19	M	66y9m11d 	Richland Tp.        	
1749a	2-S5	Stover, H. C.        	1899 Mar 08	M	55y      	Vinton Tp.          	
1756a	2-S5	Strahl, Hannah J.    	1899 Jan 17	W	87y      	Hamden Jct.         	
1659a	2-S3	Strasbaugh, Hattie   	1893 Jan 31	M	23y2m    	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1660a	2-S3	Strasbaugh, Peter    	1892 Aug 11	M	86y6m14d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1673a	2-S3	Strawser, Cora Ann   	1894 Oct 31	S	4y4m4d   	Eagle Tp.           	
1710a	2-S4	Strawser, Millie Jane	1896 Sep 27	S	2y1m19d  	Eagle Tp.           	
1630a	2-S2	Strong, Katie Miller 	1891 Mar 03	M	37y11m3d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1607a	2-S2	Stroud, Rachel J.    	1890 Jul 14	M	54y      	Elk Tp.             	
1623a	2-S2	Stuck, Mary Ann      	1890 Nov 23	W	66y2m10d 	Richland Tp.        	
1574a	2-S1	Sumpter,             	1889 Mar 28	S	1d       	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1574b	2-S1	Sumpter,             	COMMENT: parents- Andrew Sumpter and no mother listed
1593a	2-S1	Swaim, Leveret Dunkle	1889 Aug 21	-	6m10d    	Elk Tp.             	
1653a	2-S3	Swany, Jesse A.      	1892 Dec 28	S	10m29d   	Harrison Tp.        	
1704a	2-S4	Swartz, Mary Eva     	1895 Sep 19	S	1y3m     	McArthur            	
1627a	2-S2	Swepston, Kinsie Els+	1890 Nov 14	S	34y10m   	Swan Tp.            	
1685a	2-S3	Swepston, Love S.    	1894 Sep 12	M	64y10m12d	Swan Tp.            	
1732a	2-S5	Swepston, Thomas     	1898 Jan 20	M	72y10m10d	Mt. Pleasant        	
1663a	2-S3	Sweringen, Asbery    	1894 Apr 09	M	46y6m11d 	Hamden              	
1562a	2-S1	Swift, Luella        	1887 Dec 29	S	17y7m17d 	New Plymouth        	
1562b	2-S1	Swift, Luella        	COMMENT: parents- John Swift and Malinda Snyder
1742a	2-S5	Sydenstricker, Sam'l 	1898 Apr 10	W	86y      	Richland            	
1821a	2-T2	Tatman,              	1896 Apr 14	-	-        	Eagle Tp.           	
1821b	2-T2	Tatman,              	COMMENT: parents- Jesse Tatman and Ella Ankrom
1809a	2-T2	Tatman, Cornelius    	1894 Jan 01	M	69y8m2d  	Eagle Tp.           	
1832a	2-T2	Tatman, Daniel       	1898 Feb 18	S	6m28d    	Eagle Tp.           	
1813a	2-T2	Tatman, Isaiah       	1894 Aug 13	S	17y10m27d	Eagle Tp.           	
0968a	2-X2	Tatman, Iva Ester    	1899 May 06	-	6d       	Eagle Tp.           	
1791a	2-T1	Tatman, Percery?     	1891 Sep 09	S	7m       	Eagle Mills         	
1843a	2-T3	Tatman, Stanley L.   	1898 Apr 18	S	17y      	Eagle               	
1771a	2-T1	Tatman, Wesley       	1890 Mar 25	S	10m19d   	Eagle Tp.           	
1771b	2-T1	Tatman, Wesley       	COMMENT: parents- George Tatman and Samantha Wine
1764a	2-T1	Taylor, Almeda       	1888 Mar 17	S	13y      	Wilkesville         	
1764b	2-T1	Taylor, Almeda       	COMMENT: parents- Alex Taylor and Leclitin?? Taylor
1764c	2-T1	Taylor, Almeda       	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
1759a	2-T1	Taylor, C.           	1888 Mar 11	M	22y15d   	Elk Tp.             	
1759b	2-T1	Taylor, C.           	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
1837a	2-T3	Taylor, Charles W.   	1899 Jan 13	M	91y      	(died Mcarthur)     	
1837b	2-T3	Taylor, Charles W.   	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
1758a	2-T1	Taylor, Chas. E.     	1888 Mar 11	-	4m26d    	Elk Tp.             	
1784a	2-T1	Taylor, Clinton      	1892 Jan 29	S	2y6m11d  	Hamden Jct.         	
1778a	2-T1	Taylor, E. Rachel    	1891 Feb 12	M	-        	Clinton Tp.         	
1757a	2-T1	Taylor, Eva M.       	1888 Mar 20	-	6m       	Elk Tp.             	
1760a	2-T1	Taylor, Geo. S.      	1888 Jan 09	S	15y3m23d 	McArthur            	
1779a	2-T1	Taylor, Guy O.       	1890 Oct 30	S	4y10m28d 	Clinton Tp.         	
1787a	2-T1	Taylor, James E.     	1892 Jan 10	M	82y      	Elk Tp.             	
1781a	2-T1	Taylor, Jane         	1890 Jun 24	M	22y      	Vinton Tp.          	
1781b	2-T1	Taylor, Jane         	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
1804a	2-T2	Taylor, Myrta        	1894 Apr 28	S	1m24d    	Arbaugh P.O.        	
1804b	2-T2	Taylor, Myrta        	COMMENT: parents- Geo. Taylor and Catherine Napper
1804c	2-T2	Taylor, Myrta        	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
1782a	2-T1	Taylor, Warren       	1890 Jul 06	S	9m9d     	Vinton Tp.          	
1782b	2-T1	Taylor, Warren       	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
1845a	2-T3	Tedrow, Fay          	1898 Oct 16	S	2y5m16d  	Lone Star           	
1835a	2-T2	Tedrow, Lovisa       	1897 Sep 25	-	2m       	(died Knox)         	
1835b	2-T2	Tedrow, Lovisa       	COMMENT: parents- Lindley Tedrow and Salle? Tedrow
1847a	2-T3	Tedrow, Pearl Edith  	1899 Jan 15	S	3y       	(died Knox Tp.)     	
1824a	2-T2	Tervy, Esta          	1897 Apr 06	S	3m6d     	Inghams             	
1816a	2-T2	Tetrick, Jacob S.    	1895 Mar 19	M	85y9m4d  	(died Jackson Tp.)  	
1840a	2-T3	Thacker, Ann         	1898 Jul 20	M	87y      	(died Harrison Tp.) 	
1801a	2-T2	Thacker, Annie       	1892 Jun 17	S	10y      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1766a	2-T1	Thacker, Arty        	1888 Feb 21	-	1y       	Hawks               	
1766b	2-T1	Thacker, Arty        	COMMENT: parents- Henry Thacker and Sarah Thacker
1815a	2-T2	Thacker, Catharine   	1894 Dec 28	S	80y10m16d	Harrison Tp.        	
1802a	2-T2	Thacker, Grace       	1892 Dec 08	S	1y       	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1810a	2-T2	Thacker, Grace       	1895 Feb 08	S	8m13d    	Hawks, O.           	
1810b	2-T2	Thacker, Grace       	COMMENT: parents- James Thacker and Nancy Thacker
1819a	2-T2	Thacker, Henrietta   	1896 Mar 31	S	45y      	Hawk                	
1830a	2-T2	Thacker, Holmon      	1898 Jan 24	W	82y5m24d 	Vinton              	
1826a	2-T2	Thacker, Laranso? V. 	1896 Oct 16	S	9y7m12d  	Minerton            	
1826b	2-T2	Thacker, Laranso? V. 	COMMENT: the first name might be Larauso?
1007a	2-X3	Thacker, Mary S.     	1899 May 19	M	63y11m19d	Harrison Tp.        	
1808a	2-T2	Thacker, Nimrod      	1893 Jul 01	M	78y      	Hawks               	
1783a	2-T1	Thacker, Roxey Ann   	1890 Sep 07	M	76y1m    	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1783b	2-T1	Thacker, Roxey Ann   	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
1839a	2-T3	Thacker, Thomas      	1899 Feb 20	W	89y      	Harrison Tp.        	
1827a	2-T2	Tharp, Mahala Elland 	1896 Sep 11	M	69y6m19d 	(died Richland Tp.) 	
1836a	2-T3	Thomas, Abigail      	1897 Aug 27	W	83y2m15d 	(died Richland)     	
1807a	2-T2	Thomas, Carrie       	1893 Aug 03	M	25y19d   	(died at Royal)     	
1057a	2-X5	Thomas, Charles H.   	1899 Jun 26	-	22d      	Creola, O.          	
1769a	2-T1	Thomas, Elizabeth A. 	1888 Jul 21	S	16y9m    	Eagle Tp.           	
1833a	2-T2	Thomas, Frederick    	1898 Jan 15	M	70y      	(died Knox)         	
1776a	2-T1	Thomas, Susan        	1890 Nov 24	M	38y      	Elk Tp.             	
1785a	2-T1	Thomas, Uriah        	1891 Apr 22	M	52y3m12d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0967a	2-X2	Thomas, William E.   	1900 Jan 08	S	19y7m22d 	Eagle Tp.           	
1763a	2-T1	Thompson, Alzada     	1887 Nov 11	S	65y      	Wilkesville         	
1763b	2-T1	Thompson, Alzada     	COMMENT: parents- Giba Thompson and mother "unknown"
1763c	2-T1	Thompson, Alzada     	COMMENT: "imbecile" is written in the right hand margin
1820a	2-T2	Thompson, Arthur     	1895 Jul 17	-	6m25d    	Hamden, O.          	
1780a	2-T1	Thompson, Daniel How+	1890 Jul 28	S	1y4d     	Swan Tp.            	
1834a	2-T2	Thompson, Ellen      	1898 Jan 08	M	62y2m20d 	Clinton             	
1789a	2-T1	Thompson, Florence   	1892 Jan 19	S	3d       	Zaleski, O.         	
1058a	2-X5	Thompson, Gladys J.  	1899 Jun 29	S	1y2m4d   	Creola, O.          	
1767a	2-T1	Thompson, Goldie B.  	1888 Sep 07	-	3m9d     	Swan                	
1825a	2-T2	Thompson, Leonard L. 	1896 Dec 03	S	5y9m     	Wilkesville         	
1848a	2-T3	Thompson, Lewis B.   	1899 Feb 23	S	15y      	Clinton Tp.         	
1872m	2-W1	Thompson, Warren?    	1888 Oct 10	S	5m       	Wilkesville         	
1872n	2-W1	Thompson, Warren?    	COMMENT: See Warren, Thompson in the "W" section
1818a	2-T2	Thorn, Lee           	1894 Aug 19	-	13y5m19d 	Knox Tp.            	
1803a	2-T2	Thorn, Ray Evert     	1893 May 14	-	6m8d     	Knox Tp.            	
1803b	2-T2	Thorn, Ray Evert     	COMMENT: parents- E. M. Thorn and Nora Vanbiber
1806a	2-T2	Thorp, Eli           	1893 Jan 04	-	84y      	McArthur, O.        	
1811a	2-T2	Throckmorton, Cathar+	1895 Mar 25	W	72y9m    	Knox Tp.            	
1814a	2-T2	Tilton, John         	1894 Jul 08	M	74y6m8d  	Eagle Tp.           	
1675a	2-S3	Tilton, Lucinda      	1894 Oct - 	W	65y      	Eagle Tp.           	
1675b	2-S3	Tilton, Lucinda      	COMMENT: This person is recorded in the "S" section
1761a	2-T1	Tilton, Margaret     	1888 Mar 15	-	39y      	Eagle Tp.           	
1794a	2-T1	Timmons, Clara       	1891 Oct 09	M	28y1m10d 	Harrison Tp.        	
1795a	2-T1	Timmons, Eliza       	1892 Feb 13	S	16y2m15d 	Harrison Tp.        	
1790a	2-T1	Timmons, Rachel      	1891 Jul 12	W	87y1m    	Cox                 	
1823a	2-T2	Timmons, Ray         	1897 Jan 24	S	6m17d    	Hamden Jct.         	
1828a	2-T2	Toill, Rachel Gladys 	1896 Oct 18	S	8m16d    	Hanging Rock        	
1786a	2-T1	Tomilson, Elizabeth  	1892 Jan 11	M	61y11m   	Jackson Tp.         	
1762a	2-T1	Tomlinson, Thomas    	1887 Jul 11	M	63y4m    	Jackson Tp.         	
1800a	2-T2	Toney, Charlotte     	1892 Jun 08	W	74y      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1846a	2-T3	Townsend, Elmer      	1898 Nov 26	M	30y      	Vinton Tp.          	
1829a	2-T2	Townsend, Laura Mable	1896 Oct 29	S	2y4m4d   	Vales Mills         	
1773a	2-T1	Toy, John            	1890 Feb 05	M	86y      	Infirmary           	
1796a	2-T1	Tracy, Edith Enza    	1892 Oct 08	-	stillborn	Eagle Tp.           	
1772a	2-T1	Trainer, Alpheus     	1889 Apr 03	S	22y5m17d 	Madison Tp.         	
1844a	2-T3	Trainer, Hubert      	1898 Oct 31	S	3y9m     	Madison Tp.         	
1812a	2-T2	Trainor, Ollie       	1895 Jan 28	-	28y7m18d 	Oreton, O.          	
1049a	2-X5	Traphagen?, Charles  	1900 Mar 17	M	80y1m6d  	Richland Tp.        	
1049b	2-X5	Traphagen?, Charles  	COMMENT: surname could be Fraphagen?, hard to distinguish
1798a	2-T1	Traphagon, Jane M.   	1892 Apr 24	M	27y7m    	Richland Tp.        	
1770a	2-T1	Trimmer, Louisa J.   	1888,89,90?	-	-        	-                   	
1770b	2-T1	Trimmer, Louisa J.   	COMMENT: the record looks partially erased, only name is entered
1822a	2-T2	Trimmer, Otto F.     	1896 May 02	S	1y2m12d  	Vinton Sta.         	
0990a	2-X3	Trimmer, Rebecca     	1900 Feb 25	S	52y2m17d 	McArthur            	
1775a	2-T1	Tripp, Holdren       	1890 Sep 25	M	64y9m23d 	Elk Tp.             	
1793a	2-T1	Trout, L. Bell       	1891 Jan 03	S	11m18d   	Knox Tp.            	
1792a	2-T1	Trout, Margaret F.   	1891 Dec 22	M	34y1m4d  	Knox Tp.            	
1768a	2-T1	Tucker, David        	1888 Apr 22	S	22y6m10d 	Allensville         	
1768b	2-T1	Tucker, David        	COMMENT: parents- S. S. Tucker and Rebecca Dixon
1831a	2-T2	Tucker, Delvin       	1897 Aug 26	S	1y11m5d  	Eagle Tp.           	
1831b	2-T2	Tucker, Delvin       	COMMENT: parents- Edward Tucker and Martha Landman
1788a	2-T1	Tucker, Ernest Freem+	1892 May 10	S	1y10m10d 	McArthur, O.        	
1838a	2-T3	Tucker, Hobert       	1899 Jan - 	S	2m       	(died McArthur)     	
1797a	2-T1	Tucker, James S.     	1393 Feb 20	S	7m9d     	Richland Tp.        	
1805a	2-T2	Tucker, Mary E.      	1893 Sep 13	M	43y      	McArthur, O.        	
1842a	2-T3	Turner, Able C.      	1898 Nov - 	S	29y      	Jackson Tp.         	
1015a	2-X4	Turner, Annie Grace  	1900 Mar 28	S	2y10m16d 	Jackson Tp.         	
1020a	2-X4	Turner, Effie        	1900 Jan 10	S	28y6m24d 	Knox Tp.            	
1799a	2-T2	Turner, James S.     	1892 Nov 22	S	5m1d     	Jackson Tp.         	
1817a	2-T2	Turner, John         	1894 Dec 29	W	63y8m22d 	Knox Tp.            	
1841a	2-T3	Turner, John W.      	1898 Sep - 	S	27y      	Jackson Tp.         	
1777a	2-T1	Turner, Maud I.      	1890 -   - 	S	-        	Elk Tp.             	
1774a	2-T1	Turner, Maude Ivy    	1889 Dec 16	S	5m6d     	McArthur            	
1765a	2-T1	Tyler, Judith        	1887 Aug 01	M	31y21d   	Wilkesville         	
1765b	2-T1	Tyler, Judith        	COMMENT: parents- James Mitchel and Mary Gillin
1765c	2-T1	Tyler, Judith        	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
1849a	2-U1	Ullom, Helen M.      	1887 Sep 02	S	17y1m1d  	McArthur            	
1850a	2-U1	Ullom, Sam'l B.      	1888 Jul 08	M	62y      	McArthur            	
1859a	2-V1	Vale, Bertha         	1896 Dec 24	S	10y9d    	Vales Mills, O.     	
1858a	2-V1	Vanbibber, H. C.     	1897 Feb 20	W	48y      	McArthur            	
1855a	2-V1	Vanbibber, Rhoda     	1894 Jul 19	M	43y8m10d 	Knox Tp.            	
1854a	2-V1	Vandeford, John D.   	1891 Apr 28	M	54y1m    	Elk Tp.             	
1857a	2-V1	Vanderford, Wm.      	1896 Apr 29	M	84y11m   	McArthur            	
1851a	2-V1	Vansky, Aaron        	1888 May 06	W	79y1m21d 	Zaleski             	
1853a	2-V1	Vest, Delilah        	1891 Nov 07	M	59y6m8d  	Swan Tp.            	
1860a	2-V1	Vest, Thomas D.      	1897 Mar 10	M	75y8m    	Vinton Co., O.      	
1016a	2-X4	Vickers, Effie Jane  	1900 Jan 08	S	18y7m    	Jackson Tp.         	
0969a	2-X2	Vickers, Mary        	1900 Jan 20	W	78y9m11d 	Eagle Tp.           	
1856a	2-V1	Vinson, Alvah        	1894 Jul 04	S	1m10d    	Harrison Tp.        	
1856b	2-V1	Vinson, Alvah        	COMMENT: death month could be November?, column has an 11 or ditto marks for July?
0946a	2-X1	Vollemweider, John   	1899 Jun 07	M	66y1m18d 	Hamden              	
1852a	2-V1	Vowell, Alice Jane   	1891 Feb 15	S	37y1m27d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1957a	2-W3	Wadson, Charles      	1895 Dec 12	S	7d       	S. Richland         	
1957b	2-W3	Wadson, Charles      	COMMENT: parents- Chas. Wadson and Maggie Douglas
1898a	2-W1	Walburn, Bruff?      	1890 May 20	S	2y8m     	Richland Tp.        	
1898b	2-W1	Walburn, Bruff?      	COMMENT: Male is noted beside the name
1959a	2-W3	Waldren, Asbury      	1895 Jul 23	M	68y      	Richland            	
1923a	2-W2	Waldren, Ellen C.    	1894 Mar 30	W	74y      	McArthur, O.        	
1919a	2-W2	Waldren, Jacob W.    	1893 Oct 06	S	16y4m20d 	Richland Tp.        	
1866a	2-W1	Waldren, Soloman     	1887 May - 	W	88y14d   	Richland Tp.        	
1906a	2-W2	Waldren, Thomas      	1891 Jun 16	M	57y9m3d  	Richland Tp.        	
1981a	2-W4	Waldron, John        	1898 Nov 22	M	67y      	McArthur            	
1930a	2-W2	Waldron, Laura B.    	1895 Mar 31	M	20y6m13d 	Allensville, O.     	
1945a	2-W3	Waldron, Thomas      	1894 Apr 13	M	36y8m9d  	Allensville, O.     	
1041a	2-X5	Walker, Della        	1899 Aug 12	M	21y10m   	Richland Tp.        	
1938a	2-W2	Walker, Sallie       	1894 Dec 31	W	72y3m13d 	Swan Tp.            	
1939a	2-W2	Walker, William      	1894 Dec 23	-	71y6m30d 	Swan Tp.            	
1972a	2-W3	Wallace, Robert E.   	1897 Sep 27	S	34y1m7d  	(died Coalton, O.)  	
1912a	2-W2	Wallace, William     	1892 Oct 10	S	21y8m    	Richland Tp.        	
1883a	2-W1	Waller, Rhoda E.     	1888 Aug 25	M	35y6m22d 	McArthur            	
1985a	2-W4	Walton, Blanche      	1898 Jul 16	S	10m6d    	Elko                	
1976a	2-W3	Walton, Boaz         	1897 Sep 02	M	95y      	Eagle Tp.           	
1865a	2-W1	Walton, Hiram        	1888 Jan 18	W	75y      	Elk Tp.             	
1863a	2-W1	Walton, John         	1887 Aug 18	S	8y1m3d   	Elk Tp.             	
1881a	2-W1	Walton, John         	1888 Jul 16	S	9y       	Oreton              	
1875a	2-W1	Walton, Martha E.    	1889 Mar 15	M	36y1m14d 	Oreton              	
1875b	2-W1	Walton, Martha E.    	COMMENT: parents- Isam Garrett and Cath. Bowen
1903a	2-W2	Walton, Susan        	1891 Dec 19	W	74y      	Vinton Tp.          	
1935a	2-W2	Ward, Arthur E.      	1894 -   - 	S	4m       	(died Hamden, O.)   	
0948a	2-X1	Ward, Catherine      	1899 May 18	W	68y16d   	Clinton Tp.         	
1963a	2-W3	Ward, Edmon R.       	1897 Mar 04	S	1y2m13d  	McArthur            	
1954a	2-W3	Ward, Samantha       	1896 Feb 03	W	77y      	(died McArthur)     	
1884a	2-W1	Ward, Sumner T.      	1888 Dec 11	S	23y      	McArthur            	
1867a	2-W1	Ward, Zoa            	1887 Oct 02	S	1y6m3d   	Richland Tp.        	
1867b	2-W1	Ward, Zoa            	COMMENT: parents- Lorenzo Ward and Almira Plether?
1980a	2-W3	Warf, William        	1897 Aug 19	M	74y3m9d  	Swan Tp.            	
1922a	2-W2	Warner, George       	1894 Apr 09	S	26y3d    	Clinton Tp.         	
1922b	2-W2	Warner, George       	COMMENT: parents- Philip Warner and Eliz. Ebert
1079a	2-X6	Warner, Gladys L.    	1899 Apr 27	S	1y10m21d 	Vinton Tp.          	
1874a	2-W1	Warner, Phillip      	1888 Sep 22	M	62y8d    	Dundas              	
1872a	2-W1	Warren, Thompson     	1888 Oct 10	S	5m       	Wilkesville         	
1872b	2-W1	Warren, Thompson     	COMMENT: parents- Anthony Thompson and Jane Lewis
1872c	2-W1	Warren, Thompson     	COMMENT: This is recorded in the "W" section, but looks like it should be in "T"
0996a	2-X3	Warth, Chas. A.      	1900 Mar 24	M	60y3m20d 	McArthur, O.        	
1990a	2-W4	Waters, Franklin L.  	1898 Jul 14	S	10d      	Zaleski, O.         	
1948a	2-W3	Waters, H. A.        	1895 Oct 10	M	61y      	Zaleski, O.         	
1928a	2-W2	Watkins, Howard      	1893 Oct 15	S	8m       	Zaleski, O.         	
1904a	2-W2	Watkins, Rosa        	1891 Nov 06	S	3m       	Zaleski, O.         	
1977a	2-W3	Watson, Martha J.    	1897 Dec 16	M	59y7m7d  	Clinton Tp.         	
1901a	2-W1	Watts, Joseph B.     	1891 Oct 21	M	32y      	Hamden Jct.         	
1920a	2-W2	Waugh, James         	1893 May 29	W	82y3m11d 	Richland Tp.        	
1958a	2-W3	Waugh, Permelie      	1896 Feb 11	W	82y11m11d	S. Richland         	
1933a	2-W2	Weaver,              	1894 Aug 09	S	7d       	McArthur, O.        	
1933b	2-W2	Weaver,              	COMMENT: parents- S. A. Weaver and Hattie A. Bratton
1965a	2-W3	Webb, Rosa May       	1897 Jan 25	S	1m13d    	Arbaugh             	
1890a	2-W1	Weed, S. T.          	1889 Jul 28	M	57y6d    	Two Mile            	
1986a	2-W4	Weirheime?, Sarah A. 	1898 Dec 05	W	82y      	(died Vinton Co.)   	
1988a	2-W4	Well, Frankie E.     	1898 Jul 26	M	28y      	Wilkesville         	
1909a	2-W2	Wells, Hiram Dancil  	1892 Feb 04	S	63y2m25d 	Wilkesville, O.     	
1932a	2-W2	Wells, Lillian       	1894 Jul 04	-	1y8m5d   	Arbaugh P.O.        	
1089a	2-X6	Wells, Susan         	1900 Jan - 	M	68y7m4d  	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1946a	2-W3	Welsh,               	1895 Nov 17	S	stillborn	Harrison Tp.        	
1946b	2-W3	Welsh,               	COMMENT: parents- J. H. Welsh and Florence Huff
1864a	2-W1	Wescoat, Margaret    	1887 Dec 15	W	82y10m25d	McArthur            	
1887a	2-W1	Wescoat, Nathan B.   	1889 Nov 18	M	40y9m29d 	Elk Tp.             	
1914a	2-W2	West, Carry          	1893 Jan 25	S	6d       	Knox Tp.            	
1892a	2-W1	West, Ethel F.       	1890 Jun 24	S	5m26d    	Elk Tp.             	
1880a	2-W1	West, Ollie E.       	1888 Dec 26	-	2m7d     	Knox Tp.            	
1955a	2-W3	Westfall, Harrey?    	1896 Mar 14	M	60y2m14d 	Vinton Tp.          	
1955b	2-W3	Westfall, Harrey?    	COMMENT: first name might be Harvey?, hard to read
1992a	2-W4	Westfall, Ida B.     	1898 May 17	M	29y      	Arkansas            	
1917a	2-W2	Wharf, Elcie V.      	1892 Dec 28	S	10m      	Swan                	
1876a	2-W1	Wharf, Osman         	1888 Sep 23	M	26y11m28d	New Plymouth        	
1873a	2-W1	Whetstone, Anna      	1888 Sep 02	M	27y2m4d  	Vinton Tp.          	
1937a	2-W2	White,               	1894 Oct 10	S	stillborn	Richmondale, O.     	
1937b	2-W2	White,               	COMMENT: parents- Robert White and Mary Dawer? (or Danur? or Damer?)
1983a	2-W4	White, Edgar J.      	1899 Feb 16	S	31y      	(died McArthur)     	
0970a	2-X2	White, John          	1900 Feb 27	M	67y9m3d  	Eagle Tp.           	
1989a	2-W4	White, Matilda       	1899 Mar 04	W	86y      	Brown Tp.           	
1886a	2-W1	White, Nancy         	1890 Mar 19	M	30y4m19d 	Wilkesville         	
1961a	2-W3	Whitlatch, Edna      	1896 Oct 12	S	1y5m     	Vinton Sta.         	
1878a	2-W1	Whitlatch, Eliza     	1888 May 01	M	69y5m24d 	Madison Tp.         	
1973a	2-W3	Whitlatch, Elizabeth 	1897 Aug 17	M	52y5m10d 	Madison Tp.         	
1950a	2-W3	Whitlatch, Fanny     	1895 Nov 23	M	26y      	Madison Tp.         	
1974a	2-W3	Whitlatch, Thomas J. 	1897 Sep 13	M	57y23d   	Madison Tp.         	
1942a	2-W2	Wiesenbarger, Freddie	1894 Dec 26	S	2y11m23d 	McArthur, O.        	
1995a	2-W4	Wilber, Lavina       	1898 Aug 06	M	22y      	Clinton Tp.         	
1902a	2-W1	Wilber, Stephen      	1892 Jan 22	S	8y5m11d  	Clinton Tp.         	
1947a	2-W3	Wilcox, Carl C.      	1896 Jan 24	S	1y       	Alice               	
1907a	2-W2	Wilcox, Etta         	1891 Nov 22	-	1y8m     	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1900a	2-W1	Wilcox, Etta M.      	1891 Mar 20	S	1y5m12d  	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1968a	2-W3	Wilcox, Mary Jane    	1897 Feb 28	W	87y      	Hamden Jct., O.     	
0971a	2-X2	Wilkison, Harrison   	1899 May 19	M	76y6m22d 	Eagle Tp.           	
1888a	2-W1	Will, Alfred Henders+	1890 Feb 15	S	8y8m21d  	Zaleski, O.         	
1894a	2-W1	Willard, S. F.       	1891 Mar 29	S	20y8m20d 	Knox Tp.            	
1894b	2-W1	Willard, S. F.       	COMMENT: Male is noted beside the name
1895a	2-W1	Williams,            	1891 Feb 20	S	stillborn	Madison Tp.         	
1895b	2-W1	Williams,            	COMMENT: parents- W. H. Williams and Catharine James
1895b	2-W1	Williams,            	COMMENT: Male is noted beside the name
1899a	2-W1	Williams,            	1890 or 91?	S	born dead	Richland Tp.        	
1899b	2-W1	Williams,            	COMMENT: parents- Perry Williams and Sarah Searls
1899c	2-W1	Williams,            	COMMENT: Male is noted beside the name
1905a	2-W2	Williams, Catharine  	1892 Mar 24	M	40y      	Zaleski, O.         	
1908a	2-W2	Williams, John L.    	1891 Oct 07	S	18y4m1d  	Wilkesville, O.     	
1926a	2-W2	Williams, William Wi+	1893 Nov 27	S	2m5d     	Creola, O.          	
1926b	2-W2	Williams, William Wi+	COMMENT: parents- J. W. Williams and Jessie Nicholas
1869a	2-W1	Williamson, Chas.    	1887 Sep 25	M	42y      	Wilkesville         	
1869b	2-W1	Williamson, Chas.    	COMMENT: parents- Andy Williamson and mother "unknown"
1869c	2-W1	Williamson, Chas.    	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
1927a	2-W2	Wills, Amanda D.     	1893 Dec 03	S	7y6m24d  	Harrison Tp.        	
1927b	2-W2	Wills, Amanda D.     	COMMENT: parents- A. (or H.?) Wills and Amanda Coon
1896a	2-W1	Wilson, A. M.        	1890 Sep 25	W	88y1m18d 	Madison Tp.         	
1896b	2-W1	Wilson, A. M.        	COMMENT: Female is noted beside the name
1993a	2-W4	Wilson, Ervilla Anet+	1898 Mar 22	S	31y      	(died Swan Tp.)     	
1925a	2-W2	Wilson, Frank        	1893 Jul 21	M	22y10m21d	Wilkesville, O.     	
0947a	2-X1	Wilson, H. C.        	1900 Feb 18	M	58y1m5d  	Hamden              	
1918a	2-W2	Wilson, Mary A.      	1893 Oct 13	W	75y8m14d 	(died Brown Tp.)    	
1916a	2-W2	Wilson, Vina         	1892 May 09	S	4y       	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1987a	2-W4	Wine, Esther         	1898 Apr 04	M	70y      	(died Vinton Co.)   	
1944a	2-W3	Wine, Loretta        	1894 Nov 16	S	18y      	(died Jackson Tp.)  	
1885a	2-W1	Wine, Nancy L.       	1889 Sep 09	S	19y5m7d  	Jackson Tp.         	
1951a	2-W3	Wine?, Homer C.      	1896 Jan 07	S	6m22d    	Jackson Tp.         	
1953a	2-W3	Wine?, Ivy E.        	1895 Jun 20	S	2y7m5d   	Jackson Tp.         	
1861a	2-W1	Winters, Enos W.     	1887 Oct 05	S	17y23d   	Elk Tp.             	
1970a	2-W3	Winters, Helen L.    	1897 Jul 24	S	1y8m     	Elk Tp.             	
1970b	2-W3	Winters, Helen L.    	COMMENT: the residence is written one line above where it should be
1994a	2-W4	Winters, Ira C.      	1899 Jan 05	-	6m       	Clinton Tp.         	
1943a	2-W3	Wiscaver?, Rebecca   	1895 Mar 16	M	92y      	(died Jackson Tp.)  	
1090a	2-X6	Wiseman, Emeline     	1899 Aug 16	W	75y6m6d  	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1090b	2-X6	Wiseman, Emeline     	COMMENT: both the married and widowed columns were marked
1868a	2-W1	Wiseman, S. J.       	1887 Aug 01	-	3y       	(died Vinton Tp.)   	
1059a	2-X5	Witherspoon, Mable E+	1900 Jan 23	S	3y10m9d  	Swan Tp.            	
1060a	2-X5	Witherspoon, Mary F. 	1899 Jul 16	W	90y1m13d 	Swan Tp.            	
1978a	2-W3	Wittenberg, Mildred  	1898 Jan 23	S	3y10m    	Clinton Tp.         	
1931a	2-W2	Wolf, Andrew         	1894 Jun 16	M	74y7m5d  	(died Jackson Tp.)  	
1962a	2-W3	Wolf, Andrew         	1896 Apr 07	M	85y9m12d 	McArthur            	
1929a	2-W2	Wolf, Edith Lorie    	1894 Mar 20	S	1y1m9d   	Eagle Tp.           	
1960a	2-W3	Wolf, Hannah         	1896 Nov 10	W	71y6m10d 	Eagle Tp.           	
1891a	2-W1	Wolf, Hiram Edward   	1891 Mar 05	S	5m4d     	Eagle Tp.           	
1934a	2-W2	Wolf, Icy Eliza      	1895 Mar 21	S	8m25d    	Elk Tp.             	
1031a	2-X4	Wolf, Jacob          	1900 Jan 27	S	36y5d    	Zaleski             	
1940a	2-W2	Wolf, John Daniel    	1895 Mar 13	S	13y4m18d 	(died Elk Tp.)      	
1915a	2-W2	Wolf, Lovina         	1892 Aug 02	M	62y6m23d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0972a	2-X2	Wolf, Thomas         	1900 Jan 10	M	56y6m14d 	Eagle Tp.           	
0991a	2-X3	Wood,                	1900 Feb 16	-	-        	-                   	
1032a	2-X4	Wood, Alwilda        	1899 Dec 05	M	40y8m5d  	Lone Star           	
1956a	2-W3	Wood, Elizabeth      	1895 Jul 04	M	69y9d    	Vinton Tp.          	
1966a	2-W3	Wood, Elizabeth      	1897 Jan 17	S	4m23d    	Point Rock          	
1871a	2-W1	Wood, George         	1889 Jan 30	S	10y      	Brown Tp.           	
1879a	2-W1	Woods, George        	1888 Nov 15	M	57y      	Zaleski             	
1949a	2-W3	Woods, George        	1895 Oct 01	M	73y      	Zaleski, O.         	
1991a	2-W4	Woods, Goldie        	1898 Jun 16	S	1y6m16d  	Brown Tp.           	
1991b	2-W4	Woods, Goldie        	COMMENT: parents- Charles Woods and (no first name) Bodkins
1969a	2-W3	Woods, Joshua        	1897 Mar 19	-	62y6m8d  	Lone Star           	
1921a	2-W2	Wortman,             	1893 May 20	S	-        	Richland Tp.        	
1921b	2-W2	Wortman,             	COMMENT: parents- J. L. Wortman and Lena Dempsy
1910a	2-W2	Wortman, Henry       	1893 Sep 16	M	52y9m9d  	Clinton Tp.         	
1964a	2-W3	Wortman, Isaac       	1897 Jan 19	M	42y8m20d 	(died Richland Tp.) 	
1971a	2-W3	Wortman, Mary M.     	1897 Jun 27	M	62y3m24d 	South Richland      	
1870a	2-W1	Wortman, W. L.       	1888 Dec 18	S	1m       	Richland Tp.        	
1870b	2-W1	Wortman, W. L.       	COMMENT: parents- F. E. Wortman and F. M. Cox
1979a	2-W3	Wortman, William E.  	1897 Jan 05	S	2y4m5d   	Clinton Tp.         	
1924a	2-W2	Wrightsel, Celia I.  	1893 Dec 23	S	16y3m4d  	Elk Tp.             	
1911a	2-W2	Wrightsel, Floyd     	1893 Jan - 	S	5m       	Madison Tp.         	
1893a	2-W1	Wyant, Hannah        	1890 Jul 18	W	-        	Clinton Tp.         	
1967a	2-W3	Wyatt, Benjamin      	1896 Aug 07	M	49y11m29d	(died Richland Tp.) 	
1913a	2-W2	Wyatt, William       	1893 Jan 18	M	77y1m7d  	Richland            	
1975a	2-W3	Wyckoff, Jno. W.     	1898 Feb 04	M	68y      	Madison Tp.         	
1982a	2-W4	Wyckoff, Joseph      	1898 May 10	S	3y2d     	Elko                	
1936a	2-W2	Wyckoff, Samuel      	1895 Sep 04	M	24y      	(died Vinton Sta.)  	
1941a	2-W2	Wyckoff, Samuel      	1895 Jan 04	M	23y10m23d	Elko, O.            	
1897a	2-W1	Wykoff, Samuel       	1891 Jan 30	W	90y3m28d 	Richland Tp.        	
1889a	2-W1	Wyman, Andrew Wilson 	1890 Feb 11	S	3d       	Madison Tp.         	
1882a	2-W1	Wyman, John          	1889 Mar 04	M	45y3m    	McArthur            	
1862a	2-W1	Wyman, Levi          	1888 Jan 05	M	76y9m27d 	Elk Tp.             	
1984a	2-W4	Wyman, Sarah         	1899 Mar 03	W	80y      	Elk Tp.             	
1877a	2-W1	Wymer, Frederick     	1888 Dec 26	W	82y      	Madison Tp.         	
1952a	2-W3	Wyscarver, Isaac     	1895 Dec 01	W	93y      	Jackson Tp.         	
1997a	2-Y1	Yaple, Alfred S.     	1888 Jan 04	S	22y8d    	Eagle Tp.           	
1996a	2-Y1	Yaple, Henry         	1888 Feb 05	M	60y3m7d  	Eagle Tp.           	
2000a	2-Y1	Yaple, William       	1891 Jul 12	M	29y2m7d  	(died Eagle Mills)  	
1998a	2-Y1	Yeager, Barney       	1889 Dec 28	M	65y      	Madison Tp.         	
2002a	2-Y1	Young, Carl O.       	1896 Feb 17	S	24y8m21d 	S. Richland         	
2002b	2-Y1	Young, Carl O.       	COMMENT: parents- Jeremiah Young and Rachel Nichols
1999a	2-Y1	Young, James R.      	1891 Oct 12	M	69y5m20d 	Dundas, O.          	
2003a	2-Y1	Young, Jeremiah      	1896 Apr 25	W	11y1m11d 	(died Richland Tp.) 	
2001a	2-Y1	Young, Mary          	1892 Dec 12	W	83y      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
2009a	2-Z1	Zech, Adam           	1899 Feb 25	S	45y      	(died Minerton)     	
2007a	2-Z1	Zeigler, Benj. H.    	1893 Oct 05	S	3y9m4d   	Richland Tp.        	
1042a	2-X5	Zeigler, Cora M.     	1899 Apr 05	M	35y8m1d  	(died Richland Tp.) 	
2004a	2-Z1	Zeigler, Geo.        	1888 May 25	M	78y9m15d 	Richland Tp.        	
2004b	2-Z1	Zeigler, Geo.        	COMMENT: parents- Andrew Zeigler and no mother listed
2010a	2-Z1	Zeigler, Rachel      	1898 Jun 14	W	85y      	Richland Tp.        	
0992a	2-X3	Zimmerman, E. A.     	1900 Sep 18	M	44y9m16d 	Elk Tp.             	
0993a	2-X3	Zimmerman, Hattie M. 	1900 Feb 17	S	7y5m19d  	McArthur            	
2008a	2-Z1	Zimmerman, Jennie    	1895 Nov 20	M	41y4m10d 	Hamden, O.          	
2005a	2-Z1	Zinn, Edward         	1889 Dec 02	S	22y7m27d 	Radcliff            	
2006a	2-Z1	Zinn, Harriett       	1891 Sep 08	M	43y9m23d 	Vinton Tp.          	

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