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Vinton County Ohio - County Death Records


Special Comments for Volume 3
All data was copied from the LDS microfilm of the Vinton County Ohio Death Records. All data has been entered here as near as possible to what was written on the original record. No attempt has been made to change spelling or apparently incorrect data. Of course, there is sometimes a question about the interpretation of the 19th century style handwriting and just plain bad handwriting.

I have added a comment line or lines after each person where there was some discrepancy within the record or interpretation of handwriting. The person's name and page number are repeated on the comment lines for sorting purposes.

There are no page numbers in Volume 3. The records are alphabetical by the first letter of the surname, so you need to go to the section of the book based on the first letter of the surname, then search through that letter section. The page number given here was made up by me. It is the first letter of the surname followed by the relative page within that letter's section of the record book. For instance if there were three pages worth of records in the 'A' section, they would be called pages A1, A2 and A3. The "M" and "Mc" surnames have separate sections in the record book, but I have just combined the two sections into one "M" section when assigning page numbers.

seq  	Vol-	                     	           	M	
num  	Page	Last, First Middle   	Death Date 	C	Age      	Place of Residence
-----	----	---------------------	-----------	-	---------	--------------------
0016a	3-A1	Ackley, Emma         	1902 Oct 09	M	40y      	Harrison Tp.        	
0039a	3-A2	Adams, Olin?         	1906 Jul 10	S	1y2m     	Zaleski             	
0039b	3-A2	Adams, Olin?         	COMMENT: first name might be Olla? or Ollie?, hard to tell
0041a	3-A2	Aiken, Clifford B.   	1906 May 17	S	26y6m7d  	McArthur            	
0011a	3-A1	Albaugh, Fanny R.    	1901 Aug 26	W	76y3m7d  	Zaleski, O.         	
0021a	3-A1	Albaugh, Virgia E.   	1903 Apr 03	S	1y3m     	Zaleski             	
0020a	3-A1	Albin, John          	1903 Oct 04	M	77y1m15d 	Stella              	
0002a	3-A1	Albright, A. C.      	1900 May 25	M	80y      	Infirmary           	
0001a	3-A1	Alexander, Riley     	1900 Jun 21	S	25y10m12d	Chillicothe         	
0027a	3-A1	Alexander, Robt.     	1905 Mar 07	M	76y4m12d 	Zaleski             	
0037a	3-A2	Alexander, Sarah M.  	1906 Jul 09	S	1y4m     	Hamden              	
0035a	3-A2	Allen, Sarah         	1906 Mar - 	W	69y      	Arbaugh             	
0030a	3-A2	Allison, Ada V.      	1905 Aug 28	S	21y7m10d 	S. Bloomingville    	
0044a	3-A2	Allison, Amanda      	1907 Aug 16	M	33y8m4d  	McArthur            	
0038a	3-A2	Allison, Laura       	1906 Oct 12	W	73y4m18d 	Jackson             	
0010a	3-A1	Allison, Salina W.   	1902 Mar 13	W	78y7m13d 	Madison Tp.         	
0010b	3-A1	Allison, Salina W.   	COMMENT: both the married and widowed columns are checked
0036a	3-A2	Althar, Michael G.   	1905 Nov 20	S	71y11m5d 	Wilkesville         	
0040a	3-A2	Ambrose, Sarah       	1906 Jul 28	M	70y      	McArthur            	
0032a	3-A2	Anderson, Anna L.    	1905 Aug 06	W	80y5m11d 	Madison             	
0015a	3-A1	Anderson, Eliza      	1902 Apr 11	W	84y      	Elk Tp.             	
0024a	3-A1	Anderson, Flora J.   	1903 May - 	M	34y8m    	Eagle Mills         	
0003a	3-A1	Anderson, Howard R.  	1900 Sep 27	S	1m15d    	Harrison            	
0042a	3-A2	Anderson, Jas. G.    	1907 Oct 07	M	63y5m15d 	Eagle Mills         	
0023a	3-A1	Anderson, Shelba     	1903 May 16	S	7y11m9d  	Eagle Mills         	
0019a	3-A1	Ankrom,              	1904 Feb 01	S	1d       	Jackson             	
0019b	3-A1	Ankrom,              	COMMENT: parents- J. H. Ankrom and Annie Cline?
0005a	3-A1	Ankrom, Luma? M.     	1900 Jul 10	M	33y      	Allensville         	
0025a	3-A1	Ankrom, Nancy J.     	1904 Aug 29	M	49y2m20d 	Royal               	
0004a	3-A1	Ankrom, Walter M.    	1900 Oct 04	S	4m       	Royal               	
0031a	3-A2	Ansel, Benj.         	1906 Feb 27	M	63y9m22d 	Zaleski             	
0006a	3-A1	Ansel, David         	1901 Jul 21	S	68y      	Infirmary           	
0022a	3-A1	Ansel, Harry H.      	1904 Feb 20	S	6y4m20d  	New Plymouth        	
0014a	3-A1	Aplin, Blanche       	1903 Mar 27	S	42y22d   	New Plymouth        	
0026a	3-A1	Appleman, Dora       	1905 Mar 20	S	1y5m2d   	Ural                	
0043a	3-A2	Arganbright, Abe     	1908 Jan 05	W	85y2m15d 	Gillispieville      	
0009a	3-A1	Arganbright, Bertha  	1902 Feb 18	S	20y7d    	Harrison Tp.        	
0028a	3-A1	Arington?, Edward    	1905 Jan 25	M	73y      	Wilkesville         	
0008a	3-A1	Arkley, Ariadney     	1901 Oct 25	W	90y7m12d 	Harrison Tp.        	
0017a	3-A1	Arnett, Harlan       	1902? or 3?	S	-        	-                   	
0033a	3-A2	Arnold, Archibald    	1905 Jul 08	W	91y4m25d 	McArthur            	
0007a	3-A1	Arnold, Elizabeth    	1902 Apr 18	M	83y2m2d  	McArthur, O.        	
0029a	3-A2	Arnold, Silvia       	1906 Mar 30	S	28d      	Brown               	
0046a	3-A2	Atkinson,            	1907 Apr 02	S	1d       	Richland            	
0046b	3-A2	Atkinson,            	COMMENT: parents- Robt. Atkinson and Emma Stotters
0013a	3-A1	Atkinson, Clara M.   	1901 Jun 19	S	24d      	Ox P.O.             	
0045a	3-A2	Atkinson, Elizabeth  	1908 Mar 28	M	71y5m3d  	McArthur            	
0034a	3-A2	Atkinson, Esta Belle 	1905 Sep 04	S	1y8m26d  	Ray                 	
0012a	3-A1	Atkinson, Suretta    	1901 Jun 16	M	38y      	Ox P.O.             	
0047a	3-A2	Atwood, Clarence W.  	1907 Aug 28	S	7m28d    	Vinton              	
0018a	3-A1	Atwood, Lewis A.     	1903 Aug 23	M	82y3m1d  	Richland            	
0065a	3-B1	Bacchus, Backus      	1900 Dec 07	W	55y      	Oreton              	
0164a	3-B4	Bail, Luther R.      	1907 Oct 23	S	16y1m9d  	Arbaugh             	
0095a	3-B2	Bail, William F.     	1903 Dec 10	S	20y10m6d 	Arbaugh             	
0153a	3-B3	Baird, Mary M.       	1906 Dec 21	W	81y6m19d 	Wilkesville         	
0106a	3-B2	Ball, William        	1905 Feb 25	M	61y8m10d 	Brown Tp.           	
0084a	3-B1	Barber, Anna Belle   	1902 Dec 15	S	2m       	Madison Tp.         	
0152a	3-B3	Barber, Emma         	1906 Dec 29	M	35y3m16d 	Wood River, Neb.    	
0162a	3-B4	Barber, Florence     	1907 Nov 06	S	3y8m21d  	Zaleski             	
0163a	3-B4	Barber, Martha       	1907 May 22	M	37y7d    	Vinton Fce.         	
0099a	3-B2	Barber, Nellie       	1903 Jun 24	S	8m14d    	Madison             	
0170a	3-B4	Barnes, Cynthia      	1907 Dec 06	M	75y      	Vinton              	
0139a	3-B3	Barnes, Geo.         	1905 Aug 01	S	stillborn	Wilkesville         	
0140a	3-B3	Barnes, Jno.         	1905 Aug 01	S	stillborn	Wilkesville         	
0128a	3-B3	Barnes, John         	1905 Dec 30	S	25y      	Hamden              	
0165a	3-B4	Barnes, Lewis        	1907 Dec 05	S	2y2m8d   	Oreton              	
0105a	3-B2	Barnett, Charles     	1903 Jun 11	M	65y      	unknown             	
0073a	3-B1	Barnett, Francis     	1901 Nov 04	W	84y3m3d  	Harrison Tp.        	
0102a	3-B2	Barnett, Margaret    	1903 Nov 27	W	59y6m26d 	Richland            	
0085a	3-B1	Barney, Sylvanus     	1903 Feb 08	M	77y28d   	Richland            	
0112a	3-B2	Barnhill, James A.   	1904 Nov 26	M	46y      	McArthur            	
0063a	3-B1	Barnhouse, Phillip   	1900 Mar 27	M	56y10m5d 	Vales Mills         	
0062a	3-B1	Barrett, Allen       	1900 May 28	M	71y5m24d 	Vales Mills         	
0059a	3-B1	Bartlett, Emily      	1901 Feb 17	W	72y11m   	Swan Tp.            	
0126a	3-B3	Bartoe,              	1905 Oct - 	S	stillborn	Elk                 	
0126b	3-B3	Bartoe,              	COMMENT: parents- Dave Bartoe and B. Ireland
0149a	3-B3	Baufer?, Hulda       	1906 Oct 21	M	42y3m18d 	Knox                	
0149b	3-B3	Baufer?, Hulda       	COMMENT: surname might be Banfer?, hard to tell
0089a	3-B2	Bay, Rachel          	1903 May 28	W	73y8m11d 	Clinton             	
0101a	3-B2	Beckley, Jas. W.     	1903 Sep 04	S	9y11m4d  	Richland            	
0057a	3-B1	Beckley, Joseph      	1901 Feb 06	M	44y8m4d  	Knox Tp.            	
0116a	3-B2	Bedford,             	1905 Mar 19	-	stillborn	Darden,Harden       	
0048a	3-B1	Beebe, Annie?        	1900 Oct 10	M	26y      	Hamden              	
0064a	3-B1	Belcher, Henrietta   	1900 Jul 06	M	56y1m6d  	Oreton              	
0121a	3-B2	Bell, John R.        	1904 Jul 17	W	86y1m1d  	Richland            	
0157a	3-B4	Bennett, Mary        	1908 Feb 02	M	83y1m25d 	Eagle Mills         	
0077a	3-B1	Bennett, Rosa        	1902 Nov 01	M	33y10m27d	New Plymouth        	
0133a	3-B3	Berk, Thomas         	1906 Mar 27	M	86y      	Zaleski             	
0120a	3-B2	Bethel, Andrew D.    	1904 Aug 27	S	9d       	Richland            	
0159a	3-B4	Bethel, G. W.        	1908 Mar 19	M	54y5m3d  	Ray, O.             	
0049a	3-B1	Bethel, James        	1900 Jul 05	S	5y?9m3d  	Pike Run            	
0142a	3-B3	Bethel, LeRoy        	1906 Oct 29	M	48y5m14d 	Pike Run            	
0070a	3-B1	Betts, Henry         	1901 Oct 08	W	91y      	Infirmary           	
0070b	3-B1	Betts, Henry         	COMMENT: both the single and widowed columns are checked
0086a	3-B1	Betts, Nettie        	1902 Apr 26	S	5y2m3d   	Richland            	
0080a	3-B1	Betts, Otis Guye?    	1903 Feb 06	S	1y1m6d   	(died Eagle Tp.)    	
0050a	3-B1	Beyer, Elizabeth     	1901 Mar 26	M	74y7m4d  	Eagle Mills         	
0058a	3-B1	Bighouse, Catlin E.  	1900 Dec 04	M	68y10m2d 	Zaleski             	
0094a	3-B2	Bishop, Bretta L.    	1904 Mar 29	S	1y2m10d  	Creola              	
0122a	3-B2	Bishop, David F.     	1904 Aug 17	M	39y8m20d 	Creola              	
0113a	3-B2	Bishop, Fay          	1904 Jul 12	S	1m26d    	McArthur            	
0147a	3-B3	Bishop, Harry        	1907 Mar 05	M	75y15d   	Jackson             	
0076a	3-B1	Bishop, Stanley R.   	1901 Nov 08	S	15d      	Swan                	
0125a	3-B3	Blackford, Alexander 	1905 May 07	M	68y2m2d  	Hamden              	
0119a	3-B2	Blackstone, Vance R. 	1904 Nov 09	S	5m17d    	Richland            	
0088a	3-B2	Blevin, Alfred       	1903 Dec 18	S	21y3m11d 	Hamden              	
0097a	3-B2	Bloer, Wesley        	1903 Oct 30	M	24y1m13d 	Wood Co.            	
0075a	3-B1	Bobo, Della          	1901 Aug 15	M	20y16d   	Bolins Mills        	
0075b	3-B1	Bobo, Della          	COMMENT: parents- B. F. McVey and Lena Downard
0118a	3-B2	Bobo, Jane Eliza     	1905 Jan 30	M	64y9m25d 	Zaleski             	
0124a	3-B2	Boice, Peter         	1904 Nov 16	M	31y11m   	Oreton              	
0104a	3-B2	Boils, John          	1903 Jun 25	M	75y      	Infirmary           	
0136a	3-B3	Bolar, Alexander     	1905 Sep 05	W	85y9m5d  	Richland            	
0137a	3-B3	Bolar, Alexander     	1905 Dec 02	W	85y7m1d  	McArthur            	
0096a	3-B2	Bolen, Vince Ray     	1903 Jun 06	S	3y4m6d   	Vales Mills         	
0151a	3-B3	Boler, Edwin Leroy   	1906 Aug 31	S	2m22d    	McArthur            	
0092a	3-B2	Bolton, Minta        	1904 Apr 02	S	17y4m2d  	Knox                	
0078a	3-B1	Bond, Earl P.        	1903 Mar 08	S	1m8d     	Clinton Tp.         	
0129a	3-B3	Bond, Henrietta      	1905 Oct 14	S	14d      	Hamden              	
0109a	3-B2	Bond, Mabel F.       	1905 Feb 04	S	11m14d   	(died Clinton Tp.)  	
0135a	3-B3	Bond, Violet Pearl   	1905 May 07	S	1m24d    	Zaleski             	
0117a	3-B2	Bone, Dora           	1904 Sep 27	M	35y5m23d 	Stella              	
0146a	3-B3	Bone, Florence       	1906 Apr 10	S	10y5d    	Jackson             	
0169a	3-B4	Booth, Parthenia     	1908 Feb 02	M	69y6m9d  	Wilkesville         	
0166a	3-B4	Bowen, Elizabeth     	1907 Sep 23	M	74y10m   	Vales Mills         	
0167a	3-B4	Bowen, Leota         	1907 Apr 20	S	8y4m20d  	Vales Mills         	
0168a	3-B4	Bowen, Mattie        	1908 Jan 03	M	50y2m9d  	Vales Mills         	
0110a	3-B2	Bowers, James        	1905 Jan 25	M	(old age)	Infirmary           	
0154a	3-B3	Boyce, Maude M.      	1906 Nov 08	S	3y10m10d 	Hawks               	
0155a	3-B3	Boyce, Peter J.      	1907 Mar 21	S	1y11m    	Hawk                	
0087a	3-B1	Boyce, Stella May    	1902 Apr 15	S	4y8m28d  	Hawk, O.            	
0156a	3-B4	Boyer, David         	1908 Feb 07	W	85y10m27d	Eagle Mills         	
0053a	3-B1	Boyer, Grace E.      	1900 Aug 13	S	9m1d     	Elk Tp.             	
0053b	3-B1	Boyer, Grace E.      	COMMENT: parents- Jasper J. Boyer and Nancy Cox
0107a	3-B2	Boyer, Jasper        	1905 Mar 16	S	7m6d     	Dundas              	
0060a	3-B1	Bray, Margaret       	1900 Jul 20	M	47y2m10d 	Swan Tp.            	
0123a	3-B2	Brennon?, Bert       	1904 Oct 24	S	22y8m31d 	Swan Tp.            	
0132a	3-B3	Brewer, Amos Polk    	1906 Mar 03	M	61y4m    	Zaleski             	
0098a	3-B2	Brewer, Aura?        	1903 Jun 15	M	24y5m    	Madison             	
0081a	3-B1	Brinkley, Julia? A.  	1903 Mar 28	S	60y      	Harrison Tp.        	
0082a	3-B1	Brookman, Raymond    	1903 Jan 06	S	5m       	Zaleski, O.         	
0134a	3-B3	Brooks, Chas. Ambrose	1905 Oct 09	S	5y11m23d 	Zaleski             	
0103a	3-B2	Brooks, Christopher C	1904 Jan 01	S	4y5m2d   	Brown               	
0090a	3-B2	Brooks, David        	1903 Feb 21	M	52y4m22d 	Bolens Mills        	
0148a	3-B3	Brooks, Della        	1906 Sep 15	S	11d      	Knox                	
0056a	3-B1	Brooks, Hulow? J.    	1900 Dec 28	W	76y3d    	Knox Tp.            	
0141a	3-B3	Brooks, Lawrence     	1906 Aug 03	S	1y1m14d  	Brown               	
0161a	3-B4	Brooks, Mary E.      	1907 May 16	M	54y11m26d	Vinton              	
0083a	3-B1	Brooks, Robert       	1903 Feb 07	M	49y6m10d 	Zaleski, O.         	
0150a	3-B3	Brown,               	1907 Mar 23	S	1d       	McArthur            	
0150b	3-B3	Brown,               	COMMENT: parents- Sam Brown and Dora Robb
0051a	3-B1	Brown, Alva L.       	1901 Apr 07	S	10y5m14d 	McArthur            	
0069a	3-B1	Brown, Andrew        	1901 Mar 12	W	63y4d    	McArthur            	
0069b	3-B1	Brown, Andrew        	COMMENT: both the married and widowed columns are checked
0131a	3-B3	Brown, Elizabeth     	1905 May 26	W	90y8m19d 	Jackson             	
0052a	3-B1	Brown, Frank E.      	1900 Sep 13	S	7m7d     	McArthur            	
0074a	3-B1	Brown, Geo. W.       	1900 May 06	S	27y5m13d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0054a	3-B1	Brown, J. O.         	1900 Feb 01	M	48y8m20d 	Harrison            	
0068a	3-B1	Brown, J. W.         	1902 Mar 03	M	73y3m1d  	Eagle Mills         	
0114a	3-B2	Brown, Ora E.        	1904 Sep 14	S	13y5m4d  	McArthur            	
0071a	3-B1	Brown, Thom. Edward  	1901 Oct 30	S	6y4m7d   	McArthur            	
0160a	3-B4	Brown, Will Otto     	1907 Sep 30	S	17y3m3d  	Ray, O.             	
0055a	3-B1	Brown, Wm.           	1900 Dec 17	M	81y10m17d	Sant P.O.           	
0067a	3-B1	Buck, Sophie         	1901 Jan 25	W	75y10m28d	Minerton            	
0079a	3-B1	Buckley,             	1902 Oct 04	S	stillborn	(died Milton Tp.)   	
0079b	3-B1	Buckley,             	COMMENT: parents- F. Buckley and Della Garret
0127a	3-B3	Bulton?, Bertha      	1905 Nov 15	S	11m24d   	Zaleski             	
0066a	3-B1	Burhoop?, Izzie      	1900 Nov 10	M	29y1m13d 	Minerton            	
0066b	3-B1	Burhoop?, Izzie      	COMMENT: surname might be Bierhoop?, hard to tell
0093a	3-B2	Burke, Martha        	1903 Oct 08	M	47y      	Hawks               	
0108a	3-B2	Burns?, William S.   	1905 Feb 01	S	34y11m4d 	Hamden              	
0091a	3-B2	Burrett, Ella        	1903 Apr 05	M	32y5m25d 	Knox, O.            	
0144a	3-B3	Burris, Helen Viola  	1906 Jul 26	S	1y16d    	Harrison            	
0138a	3-B3	Burroughs, Chas. W.  	1905 Jul 29	M	65y6m14d 	Swan                	
0061a	3-B1	Burroughs, Emily     	1901 Nov 28	W	84y2m6d  	Swan Tp.            	
0145a	3-B3	Burt, Edward         	1906 Aug 15	M	63y8m10d 	Harrison            	
0111a	3-B2	Burtenshaw, A.       	1905 Mar 08	M	73y      	Infirmary           	
0072a	3-B1	Bush,                	1901 Oct 07	S	stillborn	McArthur            	
0072b	3-B1	Bush,                	COMMENT: parents- Samuel Bush and Etta Gaskill
0130a	3-B3	Buskirk,             	1906 Mar 03	S	3d       	Hamden              	
0130b	3-B3	Buskirk,             	COMMENT: parents- Cooper? Buskirk and Cora Roach
0143a	3-B3	Buskirk,             	1906 Mar 01	S	3d       	Hamden              	
0100a	3-B2	Buskirk, Henderson   	1903 Oct 25	M	83y      	Richland            	
0158a	3-B4	Byers, Isaac         	1907 Sep 18	M	56y4m    	Hamden              	
0115a	3-B2	Byers, Oscar Everet  	1905 Mar 16	S	2y5m4d   	Harrison Tp.        	
0267a	3-C3	Camp, Arthur         	1907 May 07	M	74y10m8d 	Hamden              	
0196a	3-C1	Camp, Franklin J.    	1902 Jul 19	S	2y5m28d  	Clinton             	
0172a	3-C1	Camp, Homer          	1900 Aug 31	S	10y10d   	Clinton Tp.         	
0223a	3-C2	Camp, Ottie A.       	1904 Mar 10	S	13y18d   	Clinton             	
0264a	3-C3	Camp, Wm. Allen      	1906 Jun 05	M	53y6m18d 	Swan                	
0207a	3-C2	Campbell,            	1903 Aug 29	S	stillborn	Royal               	
0207b	3-C2	Campbell,            	COMMENT: parents- W. H. Campbell and Mary Hawk
0278a	3-C3	Campbell, Julia M.   	1907 Dec 02	S	27y11m28d	Radcliff            	
0179a	3-C1	Canney?, Michael D.  	1900 Jun 09	M	48y6m15d 	Knox                	
0256a	3-C3	Cannon?, Alice       	1906 Feb 18	M	75y      	McArthur            	
0256b	3-C3	Cannon?, Alice       	COMMENT: surname might be Camron, hard to read
0261a	3-C3	Canny?, God__on?     	1906 Nov 18	M	68y      	Knox                	
0260a	3-C3	Canny?, Margaret     	1906 Oct17?	W	89y      	Knox                	
0174a	3-C1	Canode, Alie         	1900 Aug 19	S	3d       	McArthur            	
0265a	3-C3	Cardwell, Edna       	1906 May 28	S	12d      	Hawk                	
0243a	3-C2	Cardwell, Gladys     	1905 Feb 15	-	8m15d    	Alice               	
0177a	3-C1	Carnel?, James E.    	1900 Jul 05	M	45y10m11d	McArthur            	
0259a	3-C3	Carns?, Mary         	1906 May 18	W	78y3m11d 	Jackson             	
0197a	3-C1	Carpenter, Abraham   	1902 Sep 10	W	83y4m23d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0193a	3-C1	Carpenter, Michael   	1901 Jul 01	M	83y9m29d 	Hawk, O.            	
0255a	3-C3	Carr, Frederick      	1905 Dec 23	W	84y9m14d 	Wilkesville         	
0171a	3-C1	Carr, Martha         	1900 Sep 10	W	61y4m16d 	Hamden              	
0191a	3-C1	Carr, Rebecca        	1902 Jan 07	M	64y9m23d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0276a	3-C3	Cassell, Abraham     	1908 Mar 10	M	79y6m    	Vinton              	
0252a	3-C3	Cassill, Chas.       	1905 Sep 12	W	51y3m5d  	Richland            	
0268a	3-C3	Cassill, Edith W.    	1908 Feb 23	S	17y9m19d 	Hamden              	
0241a	3-C2	Castor, Malvina      	1904 Aug 30	W	54y7m15d 	Vinton Tp.          	
0274a	3-C3	Cavenaugh, Margaret  	1908 Jan 24	W	76y3m    	Zaleski             	
0251a	3-C3	Chaffen, Annie       	1905 Oct 13	S	6y6m8d   	Zaleski             	
0187a	3-C1	Chaffin, A. Marion   	1901 May 26	S	10y1m16d 	Zaleski, O.         	
0212a	3-C2	Chaffin, Jesse Chest.	1903 Feb 27	S	7m15d    	Zaleski             	
0246a	3-C3	Chalfen, Mary E.     	1905 Jun 02	M	22y28d   	McArthur            	
0244a	3-C3	Chamberlain, Minerva+	1906 Mar 25	M	63y9m15d 	(died Clinton Tp.)  	
0198a	3-C1	Chamberlain, Robert  	1902 Jun 15	M	79y6m7d  	Madison Tp.         	
0213a	3-C2	Chamberlain, Sarah   	1904 Jan 17	W	77y3m21d 	Madison             	
0279a	3-C3	Chambers, Sarah G.   	1908 Jan 08	M	75y1m1d  	Radcliff            	
0266a	3-C3	Chapman, Flo?        	1906 May 24	M	56y8m15d 	Clarion             	
0195a	3-C1	Chapman, Gladys      	1902 Aug 09	S	11m9d    	Brown Tp.           	
0182a	3-C1	Chenoweth, Harvy R.  	1901 Sep 16	S	48y1m26d 	Clinton Tp.         	
0263a	3-C3	Cherry, M. M.        	1906 Jun 21	M	60y4m17d 	McArthur            	
0221a	3-C2	Chesser, Edward      	1904 Jan 26	S	28y8m8d  	Knox                	
0250a	3-C3	Chesser, Elizabeth   	1906 Feb 28	W	91y2m13d 	Knox                	
0204a	3-C1	Clark,               	1902 or 3? 	-	-        	McArthur            	
0228a	3-C2	Clark, Edward B.     	1904 Dec 23	W	79y2m1d  	McArthur            	
0269a	3-C3	Clark, Emma?         	1907 Sep 08	W	62y2m28d 	Elk                 	
0270a	3-C3	Clark, John W.       	1907 Apr 07	M	55y27d   	Ray, O.             	
0178a	3-C1	Clark, Olie? May     	1900 Apr 11	S	13y8m14d 	Harrison            	
0178b	3-C1	Clark, Olie? May     	COMMENT: first name might be Otie?, hard to tell
0208a	3-C2	Clary,               	1903 May 20	S	premature	Harrison Tp.        	
0208b	3-C2	Clary,               	COMMENT: parents- J. W. Clary and Emily C. Post
0185a	3-C1	Clary, Jesse J.      	1901 Sep 18	S	6d       	Harrison Tp.        	
0247a	3-C3	Clary, John Riley    	1905 Aug 07	M	34y5m1d  	Harrison            	
0231a	3-C2	Clary, Mary Elizabeth	1904 Dec 05	M	57y9m20d 	Harrison            	
0232a	3-C2	Clary, Mary Lucinda  	1905 Feb 03	S	1y8m9d   	Harrison            	
0211a	3-C2	Clary, Orpha F.      	1903 Nov 15	S	-        	Harrison Tp.        	
0211b	3-C2	Clary, Orpha F.      	COMMENT: parents- J. W. Clary and Emily Post
0180a	3-C1	Claypole, Susan      	1900 Aug 18	-	43y10d   	Richland            	
0277a	3-C3	Claypool, John B.    	1908 Mar 31	M	64y7m11d 	Vinton              	
0229a	3-C2	Clements, Hannah     	1904 Nov 13	M	41y11m9d 	McArthur            	
0226a	3-C2	Clifford, Michael    	1904 Sep 03	M	75y      	SE Brown            	
0272a	3-C3	Cliffords, Lena      	1907 Oct 02	M	31y2d    	McArthur            	
0240a	3-C2	Cline, Gus           	1904 Dec 18	M	24y3m5d  	Shawnee             	
0254a	3-C3	Cline, Joseph Johnson	1905 Jul 09	M	74y9m21d 	Wilkesville         	
0222a	3-C2	Cline, Ruth          	1904 Feb 10	W	77y8m8d  	Wilkesville         	
0203a	3-C1	Clipner, Iva A.      	1902 Aug 10	S	2y5m10d  	Cox, O.             	
0209a	3-C2	Collins,             	1903 Oct 05	S	premature	Harrison Tp.        	
0209b	3-C2	Collins,             	COMMENT: parents- Chas. L. Collins and Media Duffy
0239a	3-C2	Collins, Anna E.     	1904 Oct 15	W	81y2m23d 	Richland            	
0206a	3-C2	Collins, Annie       	1903 Sep 13	M	41y9m17d 	Richland            	
0205a	3-C2	Collins, Hazel       	1903 Sep 09	S	1m9d     	Richland            	
0205b	3-C2	Collins, Hazel       	COMMENT: parents- L. B. Collins and Annie Young
0186a	3-C1	Collins, J. Wesley   	1902 Mar 04	M	31y4m4d  	Pincher, O.         	
0230a	3-C2	Collins, May         	1905 Feb 14	M	62y8m14d 	Harrison            	
0210a	3-C2	Collins, Media L.    	1904 Feb 23	M	-        	Harrison Tp.        	
0233a	3-C2	Collins, Nettie      	1904 Nov 18	M	19y5m14d 	Harrison            	
0219a	3-C2	Collins, Thos. W.    	1903 Oct 25	M	83y1m8d  	Swan                	
0258a	3-C3	Collins, Wm. W.      	1906 May 10	M	65y5d    	Harrison            	
0258b	3-C3	Collins, Wm. W.      	COMMENT: everything to right of occupation is written one line up from correct line
0181a	3-C1	Comer, Edna          	1900 Nov 22	M	27y8m    	Swan                	
0199a	3-C1	Comer, May           	1902 Aug 26	S	1d       	Zaleski, O.         	
0216a	3-C2	Conaway,             	1903 Feb 20	S	stillborn	Pike Run            	
0216b	3-C2	Conaway,             	COMMENT: parents- George Conaway and Mary A. Donahoe
0183a	3-C1	Conaway, Byron       	1902 Feb 07	M	79y5m23d 	Eagle Tp.           	
0217a	3-C2	Conaway, Ellen       	1904 Feb 10	S	32y10m30d	Pike Run            	
0220a	3-C2	Condron?, Chas.      	1903 Nov 22	S	1y4m     	Minerton            	
0253a	3-C3	Connor, Robert A.    	1905 Jun 23	W	37y8m4d  	Swan                	
0257a	3-C3	Conway, Mabel        	1906 Jun 16	S	16d      	Pike Run            	
0257b	3-C3	Conway, Mabel        	COMMENT: everything to right of occupation is written one line up from correct line
0194a	3-C1	Cooney, Mary         	1902 Feb 23	W	85y9m8d  	Hawk, O.            	
0215a	3-C2	Cooper, Leola R.     	1903 Apr 04	S	5y8m5d   	Radcliffe           	
0242a	3-C2	Cooper, Lizzie       	1905 Jan 02	S	45y8m12d 	Vinton Tp.          	
0248a	3-C3	Cooper, Mary Jamima  	1905 Sep 08	S	1m20d    	Harrison            	
0201a	3-C1	Cooper, Rachael      	1902 Apr 15	S	4y8m28d  	Radcliff, O.        	
0190a	3-C1	Cottrell, Oliver     	1901 Oct 18	M	22y6m16d 	Vinton Tp.          	
0214a	3-C2	Cottrill, Clyde W.   	1903 Jul 11	S	11m20d   	Radcliffe           	
0235a	3-C2	Cowden, Elizabeth    	1904 Aug 06	W	69y4m10d 	Ural                	
0234a	3-C2	Cowden, Rufus        	1904 Sep 28	M	24y4m20d 	Stella              	
0188a	3-C1	Cox, Nancy           	1902 Jan 30	W	71y2m9d  	Richland S.         	
0184a	3-C1	Cox, Thomas          	1901 Jan - 	M	61y8m6d  	Elk Tp.             	
0275a	3-C3	Cozad, Sarah Ida     	1907 Oct 21	S	26y11m7d 	Richland            	
0238a	3-C2	Crable?, Addie Ellen 	1905 Jan 23	M	26y4m22d 	Richland            	
0218a	3-C2	Crago, Missouri      	1903 Jan 01	M	28y8m3d  	Cox                 	
0227a	3-C2	Crain?, Daniel       	1905 Feb 12	W	89y6m    	Zaleski             	
0176a	3-C1	Cremmens?, A. J.     	1900 Aug 10	S	42y      	McArthur            	
0262a	3-C3	Crist, Jacob         	1906 Nov 08	M	67y8m20d 	Zaleski             	
0173a	3-C1	Crosby, Cora         	1901 Mar 10	M	18y8d    	Pike Run            	
0202a	3-C1	Cross, Jno Morris    	1903 Mar 17	M	54y1m17d 	Wilkesville         	
0200a	3-C1	Crow, Edna Belle     	1902 Jul 30	S	13y3m21d 	Creola, O.          	
0224a	3-C2	Crow, John T.        	1904 Jan 21	S	22y      	Michigan            	
0192a	3-C1	Crowell, Hannah      	1901 Oct 02	S	89y7m27d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0175a	3-C1	Croy,                	1901 Jan 10	S	4d       	McArthur            	
0175b	3-C1	Croy,                	COMMENT: parents- G. H. Croy and Mary Sowers
0189a	3-C1	Culbertson, Chas. W. 	1901 Jun 28	S	23y7m10d 	Radcliff, O.        	
0236a	3-C2	Cuningham?, John M.  	1905 Jan 28	S	4m9d     	Zaleski             	
0237a	3-C2	Cuningham?, John M.  	1905 Feb 28	M	31y10m   	Zaleski             	
0225a	3-C2	Curran?, David       	1904 Oct 11	W	80y      	SE Brown            	
0273a	3-C3	Curry, Amy           	1907 Dec 21	W	90y9m7d  	McArthur            	
0271a	3-C3	Curry, Oliver P.     	1907 Jul 02	M	69y11m15d	Allensville         	
0249a	3-C3	Curry?, Mary A.      	1905 Dec 26	S	63y10m   	Jackson             	
0245a	3-C3	Cutright, Lucy A.    	1905 Oct 05	M	50y3m14d 	Eagle Mills         	
0292a	3-D1	Daft,                	1901 May 21	-	5d       	Zaleski, O.         	
0292b	3-D1	Daft,                	COMMENT: parents- Wm. E. Daft and Lilly Atkinson
0332a	3-D2	Daft, Ellen          	1905 Apr 16	W	67y7m    	Zaleski             	
0291a	3-D1	Daft, John G.        	1901 Jul 29	M	66y1m9d  	Madison Tp.         	
0326a	3-D2	Daft, Rosa E.        	1904 Apr 25	S	11m17d   	Zaleski             	
0339a	3-D2	Dalton, Mahala C.    	1908 Sep 18	M	75y2m3d  	Swan                	
0338a	3-D2	Dalton, Wm.          	1907 Dec 27	M	85y7m17d 	Swan                	
0325a	3-D2	Daly, James          	1904 Apr 29	S	42y      	Zaleski             	
0324a	3-D2	Dane?, Lewis S.      	1905 Jan 02	S	55y      	Ural                	
0294a	3-D1	Darby, Louisa Lorane 	1901 Dec 12	S	36y2m20d 	Allensville, O.     	
0317a	3-D1	Darrow, George       	1903 Nov 10	M	27y9m    	McArthur            	
0301a	3-D1	Davis, Laura E.      	1902 Feb 23	S	22y2m3d  	Bolen Mills         	
0334a	3-D2	Davis, Mildred S.    	1907 Mar 04	S	10d      	Eagle               	
0300a	3-D1	Davis, Rachel        	1902 Jun 16	M	43y7m12d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0304a	3-D1	Davis, Rebecca       	1903 Jun 29	M	64y10m27d	Dundas              	
0318a	3-D1	Davis, Rebecca       	1903 Jul 29	M	60y      	Elk Tp.             	
0337a	3-D2	Davis, Robert        	1907 Dec 10	W	76y8m20d 	Richland            	
0309a	3-D1	Davis, Wesley        	1903 Jun 24	W	76y6m28d 	Swan                	
0284a	3-D1	Dawson, Mahala       	1900 Oct 15	W	66y      	Vinton              	
0283a	3-D1	Dean, Corintha       	1901 Apr 08	M	31y7m14d 	Richland            	
0297a	3-D1	Dearth, Albert       	1901 Nov 17	S	3y4m     	(died Oreton)       	
0298a	3-D1	Dearth, David        	1903 Mar 18	S	57y7m15d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0314a	3-D1	Dearth, Elizabeth    	1903 Dec 04	M	66y7m26d 	Harrison            	
0312a	3-D1	Dearth, Mary         	1903 Dec 19	S	4m13d    	Oreton              	
0313a	3-D1	Dearth, Mary         	1903 Dec 24	M	38y9m5d  	Oreton              	
0286a	3-D1	Dearth, Thomas       	1901 Nov 13	M	71y7m26d 	Harrison Tp.        	
0310a	3-D1	Defigh, Euzeta B.    	1903 Jul 31	-	37y9m1d  	Swan                	
0281a	3-D1	Dennen, Anna M.      	1900 Dec 10	M	29y9m20d 	Detroit, Mich.      	
0329a	3-D2	Denney, Anona        	1904 Oct 16	M	63y      	Wilkesville         	
0330a	3-D2	Depue, Chas. Leroy   	1905 Nov 02	M	33y10m3d 	Dundas              	
0311a	3-D1	Detty, Phillip       	1904 Mar 31	S	6m10d    	Eagle               	
0328a	3-D2	Dickenson, Hettie    	1905 Feb 20	S	13y3m23d 	Clarion             	
0316a	3-D1	Dickson, Frances E.  	1904 Mar 11	S	14d      	Vinton              	
0331a	3-D2	Diehl, Wesley        	1906 Apr 12	S	15y10m6d 	Pike Run            	
0296a	3-D1	Dixon,               	1901 Sep 29	S	-        	Richland S.         	
0296b	3-D1	Dixon,               	COMMENT: parents- John Dixon and Elsie E. Colville
0335a	3-D2	Dixon,               	1906 Dec 27	S	premature	Harrison            	
0335b	3-D2	Dixon,               	COMMENT: parents- L. J. Dixon and Dorcas Ringer
0305a	3-D1	Dixon, Sarah         	1904 Feb 16	S	64y4m18d 	Hamden              	
0293a	3-D1	Dixon, Tacy Ann      	1901 Nov 06	M	59y7m3d  	Allensville, O.     	
0287a	3-D1	Doles, Charles       	1901 Jul 12	S	42y9m28d 	Harrison Tp.        	
0295a	3-D1	Doles, Early L.      	1901 Nov 13	S	14y26d   	Richland S.         	
0282a	3-D1	Doles, Hester Ann    	1900 Aug 08	M	37y11m13d	Harrison            	
0327a	3-D2	Doles, James H.      	1905 Jan 12	M	45y29d   	Richland            	
0288a	3-D1	Doles, Martha Ann    	1901 Nov 13	M	69y11m   	Harrison Tp.        	
0289a	3-D1	Dommey, Rosana       	1901 Dec 27	M	62y11d   	Harrison Tp.        	
0306a	3-D1	Donahoe, Carrie? A.  	1904 Mar 15	-	1m15d    	Hamden              	
0285a	3-D1	Donahoe, James B.    	1900 Aug 14	M	58y9m28d 	Hawk                	
0303a	3-D1	Doolittle, Carl      	1902 Nov 11	S	6m12d    	Wilkesville         	
0340a	3-D2	Dorton, Alice        	1908 Feb 25	S	18d      	Hawk                	
0307a	3-D1	Dorton, Arthur       	1904 Mar 09	S	1d       	Hawks               	
0341a	3-D2	Dorton, Ethel        	1908 Feb 25	S	18d      	Hawk                	
0308a	3-D1	Dorton, Orpha        	1904 Mar 10	S	1d       	Hawks               	
0342a	3-D2	Dorton, Theodore     	1908 Feb 25	S	18d      	Hawk                	
0280a	3-D1	Dowd, Martha         	1901 Jan 23	S	9y3m9d   	McArthur            	
0321a	3-D2	Dozier, Noah         	1904 Jul 27	S	54y7m11d 	Harrison Tp.        	
0322a	3-D2	Dozier, Samuel       	1905 Mar 24	W	71y4m5d  	(died Harrison Tp.) 	
0336a	3-D2	Drixol, John         	1907 Oct 28	S	22y11m18d	Zaleski             	
0299a	3-D1	Dudleson,            	1902 Sep 23	S	stillborn	Jackson Tp.         	
0299b	3-D1	Dudleson,            	COMMENT: parents- J. H. Dudleson and Tena Harbarger
0323a	3-D2	Dudleson, James H.   	1905 Mar 20	M	35y8m3d  	Ural                	
0333a	3-D2	Dunkle, Columbus B.  	1906 Mar 05	W	59y5m    	McArthur            	
0302a	3-D1	Dunkle, Elizabeth M. 	1902 Oct 04	S	10m9d    	Creola, O.          	
0315a	3-D1	Dunlap, Audra C.     	1903 Jul 16	S	2y15m16d 	Harrison            	
0290a	3-D1	Dunlap, Margaret     	1902 Jan 04	M	66y4m5d  	Harrison Tp.        	
0319a	3-D2	Dunn, Effie          	1904 Mar 05	M	38y      	McArthur            	
0320a	3-D2	Dunn, John           	1904 Sep 13	S	26y4m30d 	SE Brown            	
0343a	3-D2	Dunn, Michael        	1908 Jun 10	S	12d      	Minerton            	
0346a	3-E1	Eagon, Barnard       	1900 Oct 25	W	89y10m15d	Richland            	
0357a	3-E1	Eagon, Jessie F.     	1903 Feb 21	S	14y2m2d  	Richland            	
0353a	3-E1	Earnheart, Amanda    	1902 Jan 06	W	48y5m23d 	Swan Tp.            	
0351a	3-E1	Eberts, Della Blanche	1901 Oct 18	S	3y6m     	Clinton Tp.         	
0350a	3-E1	Eberts, Ernest Clyde 	1901 Oct 27	S	11d      	Clinton Tp.         	
0358a	3-E1	Eberts, Mabel M.     	1904 Mar 30	S	1y6m29d  	Clinton             	
0354a	3-E1	Edgar, Charles J.    	1902 Sep 26	S	18y7m    	Star, O.            	
0361a	3-E1	Edson, Hannah        	1904 Mar 30	W	80y7m23d 	Swan Tp.            	
0344a	3-E1	Eggleston, Adda W.   	1900 May 12	S	4y6m13d  	New Plymouth        	
0369a	3-E2	Eggleston, L. Mahala 	1907 Dec 29	S	21y2m7d  	New Plymouth        	
0367a	3-E1	Ellis, Albert        	1905 Jan 03	M	63y9m17d 	Harrison            	
0352a	3-E1	Ellis, Stephen       	1901 Nov 07	W	72y1m    	Infirmary           	
0364a	3-E1	Ellis, William O.    	1905 Jan 06	M	39y5m13d 	(died Oreton)       	
0356a	3-E1	Enbody, Roda         	1903 Jan 04	M	26y7m2d  	Swan Tp.            	
0366a	3-E1	England, Rosanna     	1905 Aug 28	W	83y4m5d  	McArthur            	
0370a	3-E2	Enlow, Abram         	1908 Mar 16	M	60y4m6d  	Zaleski             	
0370b	3-E2	Enlow, Abram         	COMMENT: surname might be Eulow?, hard to tell
0368a	3-E1	Ervin, Wm. H.        	1906 May 14	M	50y4m14d 	Dundas              	
0365a	3-E1	Ervin, Wm. Oscar     	1905 Nov 30	M	38y8m27d 	Dundas              	
0345a	3-E1	Eustler, Mariah      	1901 Feb 28	M	69y10m26d	Elk Tp.             	
0349a	3-E1	Eutsler, Sanford B.  	1902 Feb 15	M	48y2m20d 	Dundas, O.          	
0349b	3-E1	Eutsler, Sanford B.  	COMMENT: parents- Henry Eutsler and Moriah Franklin
0347a	3-E1	Evans, David         	1900 Jul 15	W	72y9m16d 	Richland            	
0348a	3-E1	Evans, Elmer         	1900 Jul 10	S	19y4m    	Radcliffe           	
0355a	3-E1	Evans, Erma V.       	1903 Mar 12	M	29y2d    	Elk Fork            	
0362a	3-E1	Eveland, J. H.       	1903 Aug 20	S	22y2d    	Ural                	
0363a	3-E1	Ewing, Cora          	1904 Mar 13	S	4y4m13d  	Children's Home     	
0360a	3-E1	Ewing, Cora Dell     	1904 Mar 13	S	3y6m     	Wilkesville         	
0359a	3-E1	Ewing, R. V.         	1903 May 20	M	30y8m    	Wilkesville         	
0388a	3-F1	Farley,              	1904 Feb - 	S	stillborn	McArthur            	
0388b	3-F1	Farley,              	COMMENT: parents- Chas. Farley and Ellen Rose
0388c	3-F1	Farley,              	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
0404a	3-F2	Farley, Ella         	1907 Mar 06	M	37y      	McArthur            	
0402a	3-F1	Farley, John         	1906 Mar - 	-	82y      	Knox                	
0375a	3-F1	Fee, John            	1901 Jul 07	S	64y      	Elk Tp.             	
0382a	3-F1	Fee, Tena Ann        	1903 Oct 23	S	36y1m20d 	New Plymouth        	
0385a	3-F1	Fee, William         	1904 Mar 17	M	82y6m7d  	Swan                	
0401a	3-F1	Ferry, Edward        	1905 Oct 22	M	82y      	Minerton            	
0391a	3-F1	Finerty, Georgia     	1905 Jan 06	M	25y9m8d  	(died Hamden)       	
0398a	3-F1	Finney, Lewis B.     	1905 Nov 15	S	56y11m15d	Swan                	
0381a	3-F1	Finney, Margaret H.  	1902 Dec 25	S	15y4m25d 	New Plymouth        	
0399a	3-F1	Fitzpatrick, James   	1905 Oct 28	S	3y11m    	Alice               	
0386a	3-F1	Fitzpatrick, James W.	1903 Dec 28	S	55y3m15d 	Knox                	
0383a	3-F1	Flack, Thelma Jane   	1904 Feb 29	S	5m27d    	Cox                 	
0390a	3-F1	Flannigan, Patrick   	1904 Jul 26	M	-        	SE Brown            	
0376a	3-F1	Fletcher, Malinda    	1901 Oct 04	W	80y1m    	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0400a	3-F1	Fletcher, Mary       	1905 Jul 17	S	85y1m4d  	Wilkesville         	
0395a	3-F1	Foit, Gladys M.      	1906 Mar 04	S	1d       	Elk Fork            	
0371a	3-F1	Foley, Thomas        	1900 Aug 06	W	93y      	Infirmary           	
0406a	3-F2	Foreman,             	1906 May 14	S	stillborn	Alice               	
0406b	3-F2	Foreman,             	COMMENT: parents- Dan Foreman and Myrta Garby?
0392a	3-F1	Foreman, Anna L.     	1904 Sep 25	M	25y3m    	McArthur            	
0372a	3-F1	Foreman, Carl? O'Kel+	1900 Nov 29	M	23y2m28d 	McArthur            	
0373a	3-F1	Foreman, Esther A.?  	1900 Jul 11	M	48y9m15d 	Richland            	
0373b	3-F1	Foreman, Esther A.?  	COMMENT: Middle initial could be "H.", hard to read
0396a	3-F1	Foreman, Margaret    	1906 May 11	M	64y18d   	Elk Fork            	
0408a	3-F2	Foreman, Mary E.     	1908 Jun 16	M	59y1m16d 	McArthur            	
0397a	3-F1	Forest, Sarah E.     	1905 Nov 01	M	57y1m2d  	Jackson             	
0403a	3-F2	Frame?, Orville Thom+	1907 Mar 01	S	25y7m27d 	Brown               	
0378a	3-F1	Frampton, Elizabeth  	1901 Sep 27	W	45y      	New Plymouth        	
0394a	3-F1	Frances, Nelson      	1905 Dec 28	M	64y9m10d 	Pike Run            	
0379a	3-F1	Frazee, Della M.     	1902 Oct 10	S	17y3m12d 	Elk Tp.             	
0387a	3-F1	Frazee, Isaac        	1903 Sep 26	W	76y      	Hamden              	
0407a	3-F2	Frazee, Pearl        	1907 Jun 24	S	14y10m   	Hamden              	
0384a	3-F1	Freeman, Cora        	1903 Mar 15	S	10m      	Hawks               	
0405a	3-F2	Freeman, Elizabeth   	1907 Feb 01	M	47y9m17d 	Minerton            	
0377a	3-F1	Freeman, Viola       	1901 Aug 01	S	15y5m11d 	Hawk                	
0389a	3-F1	French, Overton      	1905 Feb 03	S	1y8m24d  	SE Brown            	
0389b	3-F1	French, Overton      	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
0380a	3-F1	Friend,              	1902 Sep 24	S	18d      	Madison Tp.         	
0380b	3-F1	Friend,              	COMMENT: parents- Genoah Friend and Stella Malone
0393a	3-F1	Friley, Ida          	1905 Jan 08	M	43y11m8d 	Harrison            	
0374a	3-F1	Fuller, Lemuel       	1901 Dec 11	M	64y8m11d 	New Plymouth        	
0413a	3-G1	Gaffney, Geo. Roseve+	1900 Nov 22	S	3m8d     	Swan                	
0430a	3-G1	Gafney, Edward       	1903 Apr 14	W	76y9m    	Swan                	
0439a	3-G1	Gardner, Ella        	1904 Aug 08	M	32y10m26d	Richland            	
0423a	3-G1	Gardner, Hazel R.    	1902 Aug 06	S	3y6m10d  	Richland            	
0449a	3-G2	Garey, Mary          	1907 Jul 30	M	69y17d   	Hamden              	
0410a	3-G1	Garrett, Isam?       	1900 Aug 14	M	76y7d    	Clinton Tp.         	
0450a	3-G2	Garrett, Sam         	1907 Nov 20	S	1d       	Allensville         	
0433a	3-G1	Gaskill, Mary E.     	1903 Oct 22	M	59y2m7d  	Vinton              	
0416a	3-G1	Gear, Jane           	1901 Oct 18	M	25y10m10d	Richland S.         	
0414a	3-G1	George, Laver? Cliff+	1901 Jan 09	S	1m14d    	Swan                	
0444a	3-G2	George, Rachel       	1905 Sep 01	W	84y1m7d  	Harrison            	
0422a	3-G1	George, Robert       	1902 Jun 19	M	56y      	Jackson Tp.         	
0409a	3-G1	Gibbons, Jane        	1900 Jun 05	W	79y8m29d 	New Plymouth        	
0443a	3-G2	Gibson, Lavina       	1905 Mar 17	W	70y11m   	Harrison            	
0436a	3-G1	Gilman, O. W.        	1905 Feb 19	M	74y5m12d 	McArthur            	
0445a	3-G2	Glacken?, Agnes      	1905 May 06	S	1y7m6d   	Minerton            	
0438a	3-G1	Glandon, Louisa      	1904 Aug 25	S	20y1m7d  	Harrison Tp.        	
0441a	3-G1	Goddard, Agnes C.    	1904 Nov 11	W	55y6m11d 	Wellston            	
0451a	3-G2	Goodin, John C.      	1907 Jun 17	M	73y3m11d 	Zaleski             	
0431a	3-G1	Gordon, William      	1903 Oct 15	W	87y3m    	Swan                	
0432a	3-G1	Gorsuch, William     	1903 Apr 17	S	25y2m11d 	McArthur            	
0420a	3-G1	Grady, Edna          	1902 Aug 01	S	3y       	Harrison Tp.        	
0415a	3-G1	Graft, Charles       	1901 May 01	M	53y29d   	Knox                	
0415b	3-G1	Graft, Charles       	COMMENT: parents- A. Graft and Phebe Tedrow
0417a	3-G1	Graham, Robt.        	1902 Apr 02	S	11m18d   	Arbaugh             	
0425a	3-G1	Grate, John T.       	1903 Dec 11	W	75y2m25d 	Zaleski             	
0426a	3-G1	Graves,              	1904 Jan 13	S	1d       	Richland            	
0426b	3-G1	Graves,              	COMMENT: parents- E. J. Graves and Emma Davis
0419a	3-G1	Graves, Alta Ann     	1902 Jul 15	M	30y      	Harrison Tp.        	
0411a	3-G1	Graves, Clyde        	1900 Nov 19	S	1y6m14d  	Vinton Co., O.      	
0428a	3-G1	Graves, Emma B.      	1904 Mar 01	M	32y9m4d  	Richland            	
0448a	3-G2	Graves, Ida Allen    	1906 Nov 24	M	46y9m24d 	Richland            	
0424a	3-G1	Graves, Laura S.     	1903 Jan 25	M	30y5m28d 	Richland            	
0412a	3-G1	Graves, Lovina       	1900 Jul 31	M	57y      	Richland            	
0427a	3-G1	Graves, Nathan       	1903 Oct 16	W	70y7m    	Richland            	
0452a	3-G2	Graves, Robert       	1907 Nov 18	W	54y6m16d 	Richland            	
0437a	3-G1	Graves, Samuel       	1904 Jun 21	M	83y6m21d 	Harrison Tp.        	
0453a	3-G2	Graves, Thurman      	1908 Jan 30	W	62y8m26d 	Richland            	
0446a	3-G2	Graves?, Eli         	1906 Jul 26	M	62y8m11d 	Harrison            	
0446b	3-G2	Graves?, Eli         	COMMENT: name could be Groves, hard to tell
0429a	3-G1	Greathouse?, George D	1903 Oct 23	S	19y10m13d	Bolen Mills         	
0440a	3-G1	Gregory, Elsie Cathe+	1904 Oct 19	S	20y7m7d  	Vinton              	
0442a	3-G1	Gregory, Nancy       	1904 Apr 09	M	63y      	Wilkesville         	
0418a	3-G1	Gregory, Susan       	1901 May 25	W	65y      	Vinton Tp.          	
0421a	3-G1	Grubb, John          	1902 Aug 10	M	68y5m29d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0447a	3-G2	Grubbs, Mandana      	1906 Jul 06	M	69y5m23d 	Zaleski             	
0434a	3-G1	Gullum?, Barney      	1905 Feb 22	M	53y1m13d 	Hamden              	
0435a	3-G1	Gunning, Orvill      	1904 Sep 22	-	67y4m24d 	Dundas              	
0495a	3-H2	Haas, Abraham        	1904 Jan 29	M	63y3m29d 	Swan                	
0536a	3-H3	Haas, Anna Mariah    	1905 Aug - 	W	62y      	Swan                	
0528a	3-H2	Haas, Ta__son?       	1905 Oct 26	W	65y18d   	Swan                	
0528b	3-H2	Haas, Ta__son?       	COMMENT: name could be Tawson? or Tamson? or something else
0513a	3-H2	Haburn, Harvey O.    	1905 Jun?27	M	39y6m21d 	Hamden              	
0503a	3-H2	Haburn, William      	1905 Jan 25	W	53y      	Infirmary           	
0477a	3-H1	Hale, Ivy            	1901 Jan 22	M	25y2m22d 	Elk Fork, Ohio      	
0515a	3-H2	Hall, Catharine Jane 	1905 Sep 30	S	1y9m8d   	Dundas              	
0500a	3-H2	Hall, George W.      	1905 Mar 25	M	37y9m24d 	Dundas, O.          	
0529a	3-H3	Hall, Mary M.        	1907 Feb 09	M	55y5m4d  	Dundas              	
0492a	3-H2	Halterman, Mary E.   	1903 May 03	M	64y11m7d 	Radcliffe           	
0463a	3-H1	Hampton, Barbra      	1901 Mar 09	W	82y1m8d  	(died Columbiana)   	
0463b	3-H1	Hampton, Barbra      	COMMENT: age could be 82y8d, the 1 in months col. looks partially erased
0485a	3-H1	Hanning, Harriet J.  	1903 Feb 09	W	77y19d   	Eagle Tp.           	
0454a	3-H1	Hanson?, Alice Gertr+	1900 Nov 15	S	2y10m15d 	Carbondale          	
0454b	3-H1	Hanson?, Alice Gertr+	COMMENT: name could be Hawson? or Howson?, hard to tell
0489a	3-H1	Harden, Jennie M.    	1902 Dec 12	S	28y7m20d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0493a	3-H2	Hardman, Bruce       	1903 Oct 10	S	4y6m     	Gillespieville      	
0524a	3-H2	Harkless, Geo.       	1905 Nov 12	S	24y6m18d 	Allensville         	
0533a	3-H3	Harper, Benj. T.     	1906 Nov 11	S	10m      	Jackson             	
0534a	3-H3	Harper, Benj. T.     	1906 Oct 17	W	78y6m4d  	Jackson             	
0516a	3-H2	Harper, Cora Blanche 	1905 Dec 12	S	7y1d     	Hamden              	
0491a	3-H1	Harper, Harriet      	1902 Apr 08	W	85y6m    	Clinton             	
0509a	3-H2	Hartley, Amos        	1904 Oct 13	M	63y      	Hawk                	
0505a	3-H2	Hartley, Isaac H.    	1905 Feb 13	M	73y11m6d 	McArthur            	
0481a	3-H1	Hartman, John        	1902 Feb 18	S	67y12d   	Richland S. Tp.     	
0545a	3-H3	Harvey, Evelyn       	1907 Jun 02	S	2y18d    	Pt. Rock            	
0523a	3-H2	Hashbarger, Lindsay  	1906 Feb 14	S	2y3m25d  	McArthur            	
0461a	3-H1	Hastings, Wm.        	1900 Jul 05	M	79y      	McArthur            	
0511a	3-H2	Hausher?, Precilla   	1904 Sep - 	M	87y      	Wilkesville         	
0511b	3-H2	Hausher?, Precilla   	COMMENT: the name might be Hansher?, hard to distinguish.
0464a	3-H1	Haverty, Bridget     	1900 Jul 16	S	42y      	(died Zaleski)      	
0483a	3-H1	Hawk, David W.       	1901 Jun 22	S	51y20d   	Wilkesville         	
0474a	3-H1	Hawk, Michael        	1900 Aug 03	W	84y4m9d  	Wilkesville         	
0547a	3-H3	Hawk, Oscar F.       	1907 Jul 22	M	60y      	Hawk                	
0486a	3-H1	Hawk, William C.     	1902 Jun 27	M	40y1m1d  	Elk Tp.             	
0487a	3-H1	Hawk, William D.     	1902 Nov 16	S	13y7m5d  	Elk Tp.             	
0512a	3-H2	Haybron, Mary A.     	1906 Feb 19	M	48y9m21d 	Brown               	
0475a	3-H1	Haybron, Richard     	1901 Aug 12	M	81y10m5d 	Hope Furnace        	
0468a	3-H1	Hayes, Chas. Henry   	1900 Dec 12	M	75y11m28d	Zaleski             	
0544a	3-H3	Hays, Elizabeth      	1907 Apr 07	W	70y7m7d  	Richland            	
0465a	3-H1	Heasley, Daisy       	1900 Sep?10	S	8d       	Zaleski             	
0527a	3-H2	Henderson, Arthur L. 	1906 Jan 05	S	25y10m17d	Richland            	
0508a	3-H2	Henderson, Caroline  	1904 Sep 10	M	73y3m23d 	Richland            	
0510a	3-H2	Henderson, Elisha    	1904 Jul 07	M	53y      	Wilkesville         	
0526a	3-H2	Henderson, Fred      	1905 Aug 31	W	79y28d   	Richland            	
0479a	3-H1	Henderson, Mathew W. 	1901 Sep 11	M	48y7m6d  	Ox P.O., Ohio       	
0494a	3-H2	Henderson, Mona      	1903 Oct 25	M	44y11m25d	Pike Run            	
0472a	3-H1	Hensler, Jacob       	1901 Jan 20	M	37y11m25d	Radcliffe           	
0482a	3-H1	Hensler, John        	1902 Feb 09	W	81y6m12d 	Radcliff            	
0471a	3-H1	Herl, Elizabeth      	1900 Aug 23	W	72y6m13d 	Swan                	
0476a	3-H1	Herrold, Chas. P.    	1902 Jan 26	S	29y4m14d 	Mt. Liberty, Iowa   	
0466a	3-H1	Herwich?, John V.    	1901 Jan 27	M	54y11m18d	Zaleski             	
0466b	3-H1	Herwich?, John V.    	COMMENT: name could be Hernich?, hard to tell
0460a	3-H1	Heskett, Levi M.     	1900 Apr 27	M	53y7m24d 	Ural                	
0521a	3-H2	Heskett, Wm. T.?     	1905 Apr 18	M	61y7m17d 	Jackson             	
0542a	3-H3	Hewitt,              	1907 Oct 27	S	1d       	McArthur            	
0542b	3-H3	Hewitt,              	COMMENT: parents- G. W. Hewitt and Lizzie Kelly
0497a	3-H2	Hewitt, Lavina L.    	1904 Feb 21	S	4y7m6d   	Swan                	
0478a	3-H1	Higgins, Mary        	1901 Aug 10	M	80y      	Wellston, Ohio      	
0520a	3-H2	Hill, Chas. R.       	1905 Nov 26	M	31y8m24d 	Jackson             	
0543a	3-H3	Hill, Malissa        	1908 Feb 01	M	63y3m6d  	McArthur            	
0539a	3-H3	Hill, Sarah          	1906 Apr 06	W	96y3m26d 	Alice               	
0473a	3-H1	Hoctor?, Timothy     	1900 Sep 30	M	69y6m10d 	Minerton            	
0456a	3-H1	Hoffhine, George     	1901 Feb 24	M	90y1m24d 	Hamden              	
0530a	3-H3	Hoffhine, Voss       	1907 Feb 27	W	86y4m11d 	Elk                 	
0501a	3-H2	Hoffhines, Nelson    	1905 Mar 03	M	86y4m19d 	Vinton Co.          	
0514a	3-H2	Hoffhines, Nelson    	1905 Mar 03	M	87y4m19d 	Dundas              	
0514b	3-H2	Hoffhines, Nelson    	COMMENT: entry is probably a duplicate in the records
0498a	3-H2	Hoffman, Joseph      	1903 May 03	W	87y10m17d	(died Harrison Tp.) 	
0504a	3-H2	Hohl, Catharine      	1904 Sep 25	W	72y8m14d 	McArthur            	
0484a	3-H1	Holcomb, Stella E.   	1901 Nov 27	S	24y9m16d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0488a	3-H1	Hooks, Washington    	1903 Feb 17	M	73y9m11d 	Harrison            	
0499a	3-H2	Horton,              	1903 Jun 20	S	stillborn	McArthur            	
0499b	3-H2	Horton,              	COMMENT: parents- L. W. Horton and Edith P. Thompson
0538a	3-H3	Horton, Sara J.      	1907 Feb 18	W	54y11m8d 	(died Oreton)       	
0462a	3-H1	Hoselton, Rutha      	1900 Jun 10	W	71y1m    	Sant                	
0546a	3-H3	Hoskins, Amaryllis   	1907 Dec 28	W	64y2m2d  	Oreton              	
0531a	3-H3	Howell, Inez         	1906 Jun 01	S	14y10m22d	Elk                 	
0522a	3-H2	Hoyd, Letitia        	1906 -   - 	W	79y8m2d  	Knox                	
0506a	3-H2	Hoyd, Ora May        	1904 Jun 25	S	4y2m1d   	Knox                	
0490a	3-H1	Hoyt, Abigail        	1902 Nov 01	W	86y      	Point Rock          	
0517a	3-H2	Hoyt, Ella           	1905 Dec 01	S	51y      	Infirmary           	
0537a	3-H3	Hudson, Joanna       	1906 Aug 18	W	85y10m11d	Radcliff            	
0532a	3-H3	Hudson, Mary M.      	1906 Sep 06	W	68y4m23d 	Hamden              	
0459a	3-H1	Huff, Austion?       	1900 Oct 15	W	82y10d   	Harrison Tp.        	
0459b	3-H1	Huff, Austion?       	COMMENT: first name could be Hustion?, hard to tell
0541a	3-H3	Hufman, Mamie        	1907 Dec 24	M	27y6m24d 	Ray                 	
0458a	3-H1	Huggan, Susan        	1901 Feb 26	W	83y3m    	Elk Tp.             	
0455a	3-H1	Hughes, Laura F.     	1900 Jun 29	M	43y4m16d 	New Plymouth        	
0467a	3-H1	Hulbert, Elihu A.    	1900 Sep 27	W	60y11m26d	Zaleski             	
0496a	3-H2	Hull,                	1903 Nov 29	S	4d       	Swan                	
0496b	3-H2	Hull,                	COMMENT: parents- Sanford Hull and Anna Enbody
0502a	3-H2	Hunter?, Levi D.     	1905 Jan 27	M	62y3m4d  	McArthur            	
0519a	3-H2	Husan, Martin        	1905 Apr 04	M	62y5m17d 	Jackson             	
0540a	3-H3	Hutchinson,          	1906 Jun 14	S	stillborn	Hawk                	
0540b	3-H3	Hutchinson,          	COMMENT: parents- Marion Hutchinson and Reb Boyce
0507a	3-H2	Hutchinson, Isaac    	1905 Mar 03	W	48y11m19d	Zaleski             	
0470a	3-H1	Hutchinson, Ivy B.   	1900 Aug 05	S	4y16d    	Richland            	
0480a	3-H1	Hutchinson, Lewis S. 	1901 Jun 11	S	1y2m3d   	Richland S. Tp.     	
0535a	3-H3	Hutchinson?, Lydia?  	1906 Oct 15	M	45y9m22d 	Zaleski             	
0518a	3-H2	Hutt, John J.        	1905 Sep 01	M	74y2m    	Harrison            	
0469a	3-H1	Hutt, Nancy          	1901 Feb 27	W	81y6m17d 	Richland            	
0525a	3-H2	Hutt, Nancy          	1905 Jun 26	W	65y11m2d 	McArthur            	
0457a	3-H1	Hysel, Sargeant      	1900 Sep 18	M	55y      	Eagle Mills         	
0550a	3-I1	I? (unknown infant)  	1905 -   - 	-	-        	-                   	
0550b	3-I1	I? (unknown infant)  	COMMENT: surname listed as unknown, recorded in the "I" section (for infant?)
0549a	3-I1	Irvin, Clara C.      	1903 Dec 08	M	26y4m7d  	McArthur            	
0548a	3-I1	Irwin, Floyd         	1901 Oct 17	S	2m19d    	Oreton              	
0566a	3-J1	Jackman,             	1904 Jun 16	S	premature	Richland            	
0572a	3-J1	Jackson, Mary Leah   	1907 Feb 15	M	29y11m20d	Brown               	
0551a	3-J1	James, Michael       	1901 Mar 12	W	80y      	Infirmary           	
0565a	3-J1	Jayjohn, Florence M. 	1904 Apr 27	S	11m27d   	(died Jackson Co.)  	
0561a	3-J1	JayJohn, Harley E.   	1904 Jan 19	S	19d      	Clinton             	
0571a	3-J1	Jeffers, Daisy       	1905 Apr 23	M	24y5m7d  	Vinton              	
0556a	3-J1	Jenkins, D. R.       	1901 Dec 13	M	26y      	Harrison Tp.        	
0560a	3-J1	Jenkins, Jonas       	1902 May 06	S	33y      	Elk Tp.             	
0577a	3-J2	Jewell, Paul Miles   	1907 Oct 12	S	4y10m6d  	Elk                 	
0562a	3-J1	Jewell, U. S. Grant  	1903 Jul 17	M	32y5m20d 	Madison             	
0574a	3-J1	Johnson, Armilda     	1906 Apr 21	M	46y      	Minerton            	
0558a	3-J1	Johnson, Caroline E. 	1902 Mar 06	-	78y6m    	Swan Tp.            	
0568a	3-J1	Johnson, Della O.    	1905 Sep 11	M	30y7m19d 	Madison             	
0557a	3-J1	Johnson, Eva         	1901 Sep 20	S	10y8m11d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0563a	3-J1	Johnson, John        	1903 May 10	S	86y4m1d  	Vinton Co.          	
0575a	3-J1	Johnson, Mildred     	1906 Apr 21	S	stillborn	Minerton            	
0555a	3-J1	Johnston,            	1902 Mar 05	S	-        	McArthur            	
0555b	3-J1	Johnston,            	COMMENT: parents- J. Johnston and Nacy A. Tucker
0570a	3-J1	Johnston, Jane       	1906 Feb 16	M	73y10m15d	Swan                	
0552a	3-J1	Jolly,               	1900 Aug 03	-	stillborn	Richland            	
0573a	3-J1	Jones, Emma          	1906 Nov 04	S	7y3m     	Oreton              	
0576a	3-J2	Jones, John E.       	1908 Feb 04	M	85y      	Eagle Mills         	
0559a	3-J1	Jones, Louisa        	1902 May 14	W	92y      	Minerton, O.        	
0559b	3-J1	Jones, Louisa        	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
0553a	3-J1	Jones, Margaret      	1901 Aug 15	W	67y      	Clinton Tp.         	
0554a	3-J1	Jones, Meda          	1902 Feb 22	S	13y3m10d 	Eagle Tp.           	
0564a	3-J1	Jones, Mirandy       	1904 Aug 21	W	73y5d    	(died SE Brown)     	
0569a	3-J1	Jones, Pearl C.      	1905 Aug 07	S	16y6m8d  	Richland            	
0567a	3-J1	Jordan, Sarah A.     	1905 Oct 07	W	84y6m17d 	Jackson             	
0588a	3-K1	Kale, Hazel          	1903 Jun 10	S	1d       	Zaleski             	
0600a	3-K1	Karr, Nancy S.       	1906 Feb 08	S	29y7m9d  	Cox                 	
0594a	3-K1	Kean, Norman?        	1905 Mar 09	M	40y2m8d  	Denver, Colo.       	
0603a	3-K1	Keck,                	1905 Dec 06	-	stillborn	McArthur            	
0603b	3-K1	Keck,                	COMMENT: parents- E. D. Keck and Clara Bierhoh? (or Bierhop?)
0609a	3-K2	Keck,                	1908 Apr 09	S	stillborn	McArthur            	
0609b	3-K2	Keck,                	COMMENT: parents- E. D. Keck and Clara Bierhop
0605a	3-K1	Keck, Fauchion? M.   	1906 Dec 22	S	12y26d   	McArthur            	
0605b	3-K1	Keck, Fauchion? M.   	COMMENT: the first name could be Fanchion?, hard to tell
0592a	3-K1	Keck, James Noel     	1903 Jan 26	S	4y9m29d  	McArthur            	
0590a	3-K1	Keck, Phillip        	1903 Jul 28	M	72y      	Hawks               	
0584a	3-K1	Keeton, Anna         	1902 Sep 15	S	85y9m16d 	Brown Tp.           	
0580a	3-K1	Keeton, Sarah        	1902 Mar 21	W	82y2m27d 	Hope Furnace        	
0593a	3-K1	Keeton, Washington   	1904 Aug 07	M	84y3m14d 	SE Brown            	
0602a	3-K1	Keller, Julia A.     	1905 Apr 10	W	84y5m    	Madison             	
0586a	3-K1	Keltanbach, Martha   	1902 Jul 20	M	42y      	Wilkesville         	
0601a	3-K1	Kennedy, A. J.       	1905 May 29	S	34y3m28d 	Jackson             	
0578a	3-K1	Kennedy, Vance C.    	1901 Feb 10	S	21y6m10d 	Allensville         	
0578b	3-K1	Kennedy, Vance C.    	COMMENT: death date is written over, could be wrong
0595a	3-K1	Kennedy?, Hester     	1904 Sep 04	W	90y7m22d 	Zaleski             	
0585a	3-K1	King,                	1902 Aug 08	M	stillborn	Clinton             	
0585b	3-K1	King,                	COMMENT: parents- David King and Mary McClory
0585c	3-K1	King,                	COMMENT: the Married column is marked, obviously wrong
0608a	3-K2	King, Elza           	1907 Aug 08	M	60y4m24d 	Zaleski             	
0606a	3-K1	King, Harry D.       	1907 Mar 05	S	27d      	Oreton              	
0583a	3-K1	King, Maria Ina      	1901 Jul 11	S	15y9m22d 	Wilkesville         	
0598a	3-K1	Kinkead, Franklin P. 	1905 Mar 03	M	53y10m24d	Wilkesville         	
0587a	3-K1	Kinney, Sarah A.     	1903 Nov 30	W	58y11m18d	Ural                	
0599a	3-K1	Kirkendall,          	1905 May 12	S	stillborn	Dundas              	
0599b	3-K1	Kirkendall,          	COMMENT: parents- Pearl Kirkendall and Mattie? Collins
0579a	3-K1	Kirkendall, Rachael A	1901 Feb 18	M	74y11m11d	Creola              	
0604a	3-K1	Knapp, Isaac         	1907 Feb 24	W	88y1m4d  	Hamden              	
0591a	3-K1	Knapp, Merrill E.    	1903 Apr 19	S	6d       	Pt. Rock            	
0581a	3-K1	Knight, Ezekiel      	1901 Aug 16	W	78y5m24d 	Allensville         	
0596a	3-K1	Knowlton, Katharyn   	1904 Sep 03	S	3m24d    	Zaleski             	
0597a	3-K1	Knox, Clarence       	1904 Apr 22	S	11m9d    	Vinton Tp.          	
0607a	3-K2	Knox, Evalena        	1908 Feb 03	S	17m2d    	Hamden              	
0607b	3-K2	Knox, Evalena        	COMMENT: the 17 is in the months column
0582a	3-K1	Knox, Nancy          	1902 Feb 27	M	84y2m26d 	Richland S.         	
0589a	3-K1	Kruskamp, Homer G.   	1904 Jan 21	S	6y22d    	Wilkesville         	
0630a	3-L1	Lair,                	1905 Jan 28	-	14d      	Richland            	
0630b	3-L1	Lair,                	COMMENT: parents- Nathan Lair and Nancy Knighton?
0616a	3-L1	Lambert, Lillie?     	1902 Aug 19	W	29y      	Alice, O.           	
0638a	3-L1	Lanan, John F.       	1906 -   - 	M	50y      	Dundas              	
0627a	3-L1	Lantz, Amanda B.     	1904 Oct 04	W	73y7m19d 	McArthur            	
0623a	3-L1	Lantz, George        	1903 Jul 13	M	75y4m7d  	McArthur            	
0626a	3-L1	Larrick, Benjamin S. 	1905 Feb 03	M	68y8m26d 	McArthur            	
0610a	3-L1	Latta, Mary          	1900 Dec 13	S	75y7m3d  	New Plymouth        	
0619a	3-L1	Latta, Rachel        	1902 Jul 28	S	72y      	New Plymouth        	
0634a	3-L1	Lee, Dora            	1905 Apr 27	M	33y3m27d 	Jackson             	
0644a	3-L2	Lefler,              	1907 Nov 17	S	1d       	Swan                	
0644b	3-L2	Lefler,              	COMMENT: parents- P. Lefler and Emma Inboden
0614a	3-L1	Levis, Emma May      	1900 Jul 03	S	7m21d    	Wilkesville         	
0640a	3-L1	Levis, Warren        	1906 Sep 27	S	18y7m15d 	Wilkesville         	
0640b	3-L1	Levis, Warren        	COMMENT: the age might be 12y7m15d, hard to tell
0624a	3-L1	Lewis, Alpheus L.    	1905 Jan 26	S	75y7m11d 	Hamden              	
0622a	3-L1	Lewis, Lucinda       	1903 Dec 15	W	79y11m10d	Wilkesville         	
0622b	3-L1	Lewis, Lucinda       	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
0646a	3-L2	Libby, Chas.         	1908 Mar 21	M	32y1m8d  	Minerton            	
0617a	3-L1	Lightfoot, Samuel V. 	1903 Mar 22	M	60y2m15d 	Zeal, O.            	
0613a	3-L1	Lions, Jane          	1900 Mar 30	W	66y8m18d 	Vinton              	
0613b	3-L1	Lions, Jane          	COMMENT: age could be 8d instead of 18d, hard to read
0639a	3-L1	Little, Hazel Daisy  	1907 Apr 14	S	15d      	Harrison            	
0645a	3-L2	Littlejohn, Geo.     	1907 Sep 08	M	49y5m8d  	Swan                	
0620a	3-L1	Lively, Henry        	1904 Jan 26	M	65y13d   	Knox                	
0633a	3-L1	Livingston, A.       	1906 Feb 02	M	27y      	Hamden              	
0629a	3-L1	Livingston?, Eli     	1904 Jul 05	M	77y2d    	Richland            	
0621a	3-L1	Llewellyn, Aaron     	1903 Dec 19	M	69y11m19d	Knox                	
0635a	3-L1	Llewellyn, Hester M. 	1905 Jun 08	W	86y6m23d 	McArthur            	
0618a	3-L1	Lomax, Jessie        	1902 Jul 12	S	8m26d    	McArthur            	
0641a	3-L2	Loper,               	1907 Oct 12	S	stillborn	Dundas              	
0641b	3-L2	Loper,               	COMMENT: parents- A. Loper and T. Gates
0642a	3-L2	Loper, Joanna E.     	1908 Feb 08	M	49y1m12d 	Dundas              	
0615a	3-L1	Lowe, Pricilla       	1901 Jul 10	M	62y5m1d  	Wilkesville, O.     	
0631a	3-L1	Lowry, John          	1905 Feb 07	M	79y      	Hawk                	
0632a	3-L1	Lowry, Mary          	1905 Feb 17	W	77y      	Hawk                	
0637a	3-L1	Lucas, Andrew        	1905 Oct 20	S	42y      	Minerton            	
0611a	3-L1	Lucas, Elizabeth     	1900 Sep 13	M	58y5m9d  	Elk Tp.             	
0647a	3-L2	Lucas, Noble         	1907 Oct 09	M	83y      	Minerton            	
0612a	3-L1	Lyle, Catherine      	1901 Feb 23	W	72y2m16d 	Harrison            	
0643a	3-L2	Lyle, Eva            	1907 Oct 14	M	48y5m    	McArthur            	
0636a	3-L1	Lyle, Samuel D.      	1905 Nov 09	W	58y2m17d 	Allensville         	
0628a	3-L1	Lynch, Blanche       	1905 Mar 03	-	25y      	Zaleski             	
0625a	3-L1	Lynch, Humphrey      	1904 Nov 26	W	96y      	McArthur            	

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