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Vinton County Ohio - County Death Records


Special Comments for Volume 3
All data was copied from the LDS microfilm of the Vinton County Ohio Death Records. All data has been entered here as near as possible to what was written on the original record. No attempt has been made to change spelling or apparently incorrect data. Of course, there is sometimes a question about the interpretation of the 19th century style handwriting and just plain bad handwriting.

I have added a comment line or lines after each person where there was some discrepancy within the record or interpretation of handwriting. The person's name and page number are repeated on the comment lines for sorting purposes.

There are no page numbers in Volume 3. The records are alphabetical by the first letter of the surname, so you need to go to the section of the book based on the first letter of the surname, then search through that letter section. The page number given here was made up by me. It is the first letter of the surname followed by the relative page within that letter's section of the record book. For instance if there were three pages worth of records in the 'A' section, they would be called pages A1, A2 and A3. The "M" and "Mc" surnames have separate sections in the record book, but I have just combined the two sections into one "M" section when assigning page numbers.

seq  	Vol-	                     	           	M	
num  	Page	Last, First Middle   	Death Date 	C	Age      	Place of Residence
-----	----	---------------------	-----------	-	---------	--------------------
0670a	3-M1	Magee, Thomas        	1903 Jun 11	M	75y4m19d 	McArthur, O.        	
0715a	3-M2	Mahaffey, James      	1906 Jun 26	M	70y      	Hawks               	
0699a	3-M2	Malone,              	1905 Jan 09	S	stillborn	Zaleski             	
0699b	3-M2	Malone,              	COMMENT: parents- Chas. Malone and Martha Boring
0700a	3-M2	Malone,              	1905 Jan 09	S	stillborn	Zaleski             	
0700b	3-M2	Malone,              	COMMENT: parents- Chas. Malone and Martha Boring
0720a	3-M3	Malone, Iva Carpenter	1907 May 08	S	13d      	McArthur            	
0648a	3-M1	Manly, Malinda       	1901 Feb 08	W	80y4m8d  	Hope Fce., O.       	
0648b	3-M1	Manly, Malinda       	COMMENT: parents- Abram Johnston and Elizabeth Six
0693a	3-M2	Manning, Margaret    	1905 Jan 06	W	75y      	Zaleski             	
0696a	3-M2	Manns?, Martha Ann   	1905 Aug 23	M	46y3m29d 	Harrison            	
0696b	3-M2	Manns?, Martha Ann   	COMMENT: the surname could be Manis?, hard to tell
0656a	3-M1	Maple,               	1901 Mar 21	S	1d       	Richland            	
0660a	3-M1	Maple, E. B.         	1901 Jul 11	M	48y8m6d  	Richland S.         	
0724a	3-M3	Marcum, Melvina      	1907 Sep 06	-	26y      	Hawk                	
0676a	3-M1	Markham, Americus    	1903 May 28	M	42y6m8d  	Hamden              	
0655a	3-M1	Markin, Owen         	1900 Oct 17	S	5m29d    	Madison             	
0661a	3-M1	Markins, Lowden      	1902 Mar 31	S	13y4m2d  	Arbaugh             	
0661b	3-M1	Markins, Lowden       	COMMENT: According to Kenny Markin, nephew of Louden Markin,
0661c	3-M1	Markins, Lowden       	COMMENT: Louden is buried in Harkins Cemetery and he is
0661d	3-M1	Markins, Lowden       	COMMENT: the son of William Markin and Mary Hartman
0664a	3-M1	Martin, Ellison      	1903 Feb 04	S	69y11m23d	McArthur            	
0679a	3-M1	Martin, Maggie       	1903 Aug 08	M	38y10m4d 	Hamden              	
0658a	3-M1	Martin, Nancy        	1901 May 26	M	68y1m25d 	McArthur, O.        	
0709a	3-M2	Martin, Susannah     	1906 Mar 08	S	88y2m1d  	Knox                	
0677a	3-M1	Martin, Tyrus J.     	1903 May 16	M	63y10m10d	Hamden              	
0721a	3-M3	Martindill, Florence+	1907 Sep 13	S	13d      	McArthur            	
0722a	3-M3	Martindill, Sarah    	1907 Oct 31	M	78y2m23d 	Richland            	
0691a	3-M2	Mason, Annie         	1904 Oct 04	S	17y11m21d	Vinton Sta.         	
0652a	3-M1	Massie, Shubert      	1900 Sep 16	S	11m5d    	Elk Tp.             	
0692a	3-M2	Mathew, Margaret E.  	1905 Mar 11	S	6m       	Zaleski             	
0698a	3-M2	Mathews, Claud Ray   	1905 Oct 04	S	4y1m5d   	Zaleski             	
0675a	3-M1	Mathews, James W.    	1903 Oct 16	S	1m20d    	Zaleski             	
0689a	3-M2	Matteson, Alva F.    	1904 May 05	W	51y      	McArthur            	
0667a	3-M1	Matthew, Elizabeth   	1902 Jul 02	S	4y1m15d  	Zaleski             	
0690a	3-M2	Maxwell, George      	1904 Jul 16	S	17y11m15d	Harrison            	
0770a	3-M5	McAllister, Hila     	1906 Mar 14	W	81y      	Hamden              	
0765a	3-M5	McCain?, Lydia       	1904 Sep 20	W	66y6m13d 	Wilkesville         	
0765b	3-M5	McCain?, Lydia       	COMMENT: the surname could be McCann?, hard to tell
0762a	3-M5	McCarly, Mamie J.    	1905 Jan 22	M	22y7m17d 	Vinton Tp.          	
0774a	3-M5	McCarty, Elmer       	1905 Nov 23	S	18y3m24d 	Arbaugh             	
0784a	3-M5	McClain, Jane        	1907 Jun 16	W	81y11m16d	Wilkesville         	
0732a	3-M4	McClasky, Geo. W.    	1900 Dec 23	M	37y2m26d 	Richland            	
0764a	3-M5	McClory, Ann         	1905 Mar 14	M	78y2m14d 	Minerton            	
0745a	3-M4	McCoy, Annie         	1902 Apr 10	M	38y10m15d	Jackson             	
0782a	3-M5	McCoy, Catherine     	1908 Jan 22	S	15y4m24d 	Creola              	
0742a	3-M4	McCray, Amanda       	1902 Jan 03	S	3m16d    	Creola, O.          	
0739a	3-M4	McCray, Amanda G.    	1902 Jan 03	S	3m16d    	Swan Tp.            	
0737a	3-M4	McCray, Lorena May   	1902 Mar 11	S	4m2d     	Swan Tp.            	
0754a	3-M4	McCray, Nava? H.     	1903 May 23	M	22y9m    	Swan                	
0743a	3-M4	McCray, R. M.        	1902 Mar 10	S	4m1d     	Creola, O.          	
0783a	3-M5	McCroy, Ella L.      	1907 Sep 16	M	24y1m3d  	Swan                	
0776a	3-M5	McDaniel, Eliza      	1906 Dec 16	M	67y26d   	Brown               	
0750a	3-M4	McDaniel, John       	1902 Nov 14	S	28y7m10d 	Starr               	
0741a	3-M4	McDaniel, Myrtie M.  	1902 Feb 12	S	2y5m12d  	Hawks               	
0747a	3-M4	McDonald, Hiram      	1903 Jan 11	M	73y      	Elk Tp.             	
0771a	3-M5	McDonald, Isaac      	1905 Apr 21	S	3y7m3d   	McArthur            	
0760a	3-M5	McDonald, Leva L.    	1904 Aug 01	S	15y1d    	McArthur            	
0781a	3-M5	McDonald, Thomas     	1908 Feb 08	W	69y26d   	Pike Run            	
0735a	3-M4	McFadden, David D.   	1902 Feb 09	W	76y8m10d 	Richland S.         	
0736a	3-M4	McFarland, Geo.      	1902 -   - 	W	84y      	Richland S.         	
0780a	3-M5	McGathey, Eunice M.  	1906 Sep 10	S	1y29d    	McArthur            	
0748a	3-M4	McGathey, Howard     	1902 Dec 10	S	1y11m16d 	Hamden              	
0751a	3-M4	McGathey, Sylvester  	1902 Oct 11	S	18y7m27d 	New Plymouth        	
0746a	3-M4	McGee, James H.      	1902 Dec 18	M	55y5m29d 	Eagle Mills         	
0761a	3-M5	McGillivray, Nancy   	1905 Mar 17	W	84y4m17d 	McArthur            	
0769a	3-M5	McGirr,              	1906 Mar 26	S	1d       	Hamden              	
0769b	3-M5	McGirr,              	COMMENT: parents- _.? J. McGirr and Bertha Reid
0775a	3-M5	McGlothlin, James    	1905 Oct 16	S	16y      	Hawk                	
0763a	3-M5	McGlothlin, Josephine	1905 Mar 12	M	69y      	(died Hawk)         	
0728a	3-M4	McGonagle,           	1900 Nov 29	S	2d       	Knox                	
0728b	3-M4	McGonagle,           	COMMENT: parents- R. B. McGonagle and Mattie Leutner
0726a	3-M4	McGoon, Margaret     	1901 Jan 14	S	85y7m10d 	Clinton Tp.         	
0740a	3-M4	McGovern, Catherine  	1902 Jan 24	M	61y14d   	Hawk                	
0787a	3-M5	McGovern, John       	1907 Aug 10	W	86y      	Clarion             	
0744a	3-M4	McKee, Joseph H.     	1902 Nov 11	M	67y7m7d  	Richland            	
0786a	3-M5	McKenzie, Ruth M.    	1907 Jul 14	S	1y4m6d   	Clarion             	
0768a	3-M5	McKibben, Robert     	1905 Jul 20	S	infant   	Madison             	
0752a	3-M4	McKibbin, Lucinda? G.	1902 May 19	S	3m20d    	Knox Tp.            	
0777a	3-M5	McKinnis,            	1907 Jan 29	M	79y3m27d 	Hamden              	
0785a	3-M5	McKinnis, Murley     	1907 Jul 17	S	8m12d    	Hawk                	
0727a	3-M4	McKnight, Alva       	1901 Jan 27	S	21y7m    	Eagle Mills         	
0734a	3-M4	McKnight, Ethel      	1901 Dec 12	S	12d      	Eagle Tp.           	
0755a	3-M4	McLain, David D.     	1903 Dec 28	S	55y3m15d 	Knox                	
0778a	3-M5	McLeish?, Eliza Anna 	1906 Dec 07	M	54y3m23d 	Hamden              	
0749a	3-M4	McManis, Gladys      	1902 Nov 10	S	7d       	Clinton Tp.         	
0738a	3-M4	McMurry, Irene C.    	1901 Dec 01	M	25y4m11d 	Swan Tp.            	
0731a	3-M4	McNamara, Stephen    	1901 Feb 10	-	86y1m15d 	Zaleski             	
0758a	3-M4	McNamara, Stephen    	1903 Nov 16	S	37y2m15d 	Zaleski             	
0772a	3-M5	McNanice, Mariah     	1906 Feb 04	W	84y2m4d  	Zaleski             	
0779a	3-M5	McNichols, Jane      	1906 Nov 12	W	65y10m9d 	Jackson             	
0753a	3-M4	McNight, Levi        	1903 Aug 24	M	41y8m4d  	Eagle Mills         	
0767a	3-M5	McNutt, Ethel Marce  	1906 Jan 20	S	6y6m26d  	Dundas              	
0759a	3-M4	McNutt, Genevieve    	1904 Mar 27	S	3d       	McArthur            	
0756a	3-M4	McNutt, James        	1903 Oct 22	S	13m19d   	Dundas              	
0766a	3-M5	McNutt, Nancy A.     	1905 Sep 21	M	33y5m21d 	Dundas              	
0730a	3-M4	McQuade, David       	1900 Aug 31	M	67y3m    	Zaleski             	
0733a	3-M4	McVay, O. O.         	1901 Jan 16	M	65y9m2d  	Swan                	
0773a	3-M5	McVey, Indiana       	1906 Jan 01	M	75y      	Knox                	
0729a	3-M4	McWhorter, Ninnian?  	1901 Feb 10	W	66y4m1d  	Knox                	
0757a	3-M4	McWilliams, Cora     	1904 Jan 10	S	15y10m26d	Clinton             	
0725a	3-M4	McWilliams, Thos.    	1900 Aug 01	S	7y8m14d  	Hamden              	
0707a	3-M2	Meikle, John         	1907 Mar 25	M	64y5m15d 	Harrison            	
0671a	3-M1	Mercer, Delmer O.    	1903 Jun 06	S	8m4d     	Stella              	
0665a	3-M1	Mercer, May M.       	1902 Nov 03	S	29y6m2d  	Jackson Tp.         	
0674a	3-M1	Merritt, Nathaniel   	1903 May 01	W	81y7m    	Zaleski             	
0650a	3-M1	Milhon, Delbert L.   	1900 Jun 05	S	10m8d    	McArthur            	
0688a	3-M2	Milhon, James        	1905 Feb 01	M	86y1m27d 	McArthur            	
0649a	3-M1	Miller, Bertha       	1901 Jan 27	S	8y2m     	Elko                	
0663a	3-M1	Miller, George C.    	1902 Dec 10	W	78y7m17d 	Hamden              	
0657a	3-M1	Miller, James B.     	1900 Apr 23	W	58y6m13d 	Wilkesville         	
0683a	3-M1	Miller, John         	1903 May 12	M	70y5m15d 	Wilkesville         	
0684a	3-M1	Miller, Phillip      	1904 Jan 10	M	67y      	Wilkesville         	
0680a	3-M1	Miller, Sarah A.     	1904 Mar 21	M	62y1m15d 	Dundas              	
0708a	3-M2	Mills, Wm.           	1906 Sep 17	W	74y23d   	Jackson             	
0701a	3-M2	Minor?, James Newton 	1905 Dec 23	M	65y7m9d  	Allensville         	
0672a	3-M1	Minton, Myrtle P.    	1903 Apr 24	W	11d      	Stella              	
0653a	3-M1	Mitchell, Thomas     	1901 Mar 30	S	51y      	Knox                	
0685a	3-M2	Moore, C. C.         	1904 Feb 10	S	1m       	Alice               	
0697a	3-M2	Moore, Catharine     	1905 Nov 04	M	69y7m18d 	Jackson             	
0668a	3-M1	Moore, Elizabeth     	1902 Sep 03	W	82y      	Minerton            	
0704a	3-M2	Moore, W. A.         	1905 Apr 11	M	51y1m11d 	Oreton              	
0723a	3-M3	Morehead,            	1907 Jun 06	S	6d       	Swan                	
0723b	3-M3	Morehead,            	COMMENT: parents- J. W. Morehead and Mary Newhen? (Newlun?)
0659a	3-M1	Morgan, Elizabeth    	1902 Mar 16	M	73y9m8d  	Zaleski, O.         	
0694a	3-M2	Morgan, Margaret     	1904 Oct 05	M	86y8m10d 	Richland            	
0673a	3-M1	Moriarty, Daniel     	1903 Jul 29	S	18y6m21d 	Zaleski             	
0717a	3-M3	Morley, Wm.          	1908 Mar 06	W	47y8m27d 	Elk                 	
0666a	3-M1	Morris, Davis        	1902 Aug 02	M	49y3m16d 	Madison Tp.         	
0686a	3-M2	Moseman, Mary Elizab+	1904 Oct 22	S	14y10m   	Hamden              	
0702a	3-M2	Moses, Martindill    	1905 Nov 25	M	69y9m19d 	Hamden              	
0695a	3-M2	Mossman,             	1904 Aug 31	-	stillborn	Clarion             	
0695b	3-M2	Mossman,             	COMMENT: parents- ___lon? Mossman and Clara Dickison
0714a	3-M2	Mossman, Ludlow      	1907 Mar 11	S	30y10m18d	Hawks               	
0681a	3-M1	Murdock,             	1903 Oct 17	S	4d       	Hamden              	
0681b	3-M1	Murdock,             	COMMENT: parents- Walter Murdock and Emma Newman
0706a	3-M2	Murdock,             	1907 Feb 24	S	1d       	Hamden              	
0706b	3-M2	Murdock,             	COMMENT: parents- Walter Murdock and Emma Newman
0687a	3-M2	Murdock, Carinda     	1904 Sep 03	M	59y6m14d 	(died Dundas)       	
0718a	3-M3	Murdock, Geo.        	1907 May 10	M	57y8m3d  	Hamden              	
0662a	3-M1	Murdock, George      	1902 Oct 21	S	5d       	Clinton             	
0678a	3-M1	Murdock, John        	1903 Apr 08	M	63y9m2d  	Hamden              	
0719a	3-M3	Murdock, Walter S.   	1908 Feb 26	M	36y9m13d 	Hamden              	
0703a	3-M2	Murphy,              	1905 Jul 13	S	2d       	Richland            	
0703b	3-M2	Murphy,              	COMMENT: parents- S. E. Murphy and M. Lofaleet?
0654a	3-M1	Murphy, Cora Maud    	1900 May 29	M	17y5m22d 	Madison             	
0651a	3-M1	Murphy, James A.     	1901 Mar 20	M	53y10d   	McArthur            	
0712a	3-M2	Murphy, John R.      	1907 Feb 07	S	17y4m21d 	Minerton            	
0669a	3-M1	Murphy, Mary         	1903 Feb 16	M	36y9m15d 	Minerton, O.        	
0716a	3-M3	Murphy, Mary E.      	1907 Sep 03	S	2m28d    	Eagle Mills         	
0713a	3-M2	Murphy, Simon        	1906 May 14	M	80y      	Minerton            	
0711a	3-M2	Murray,              	1906 Sep 29	S	1m8d     	Oreton              	
0711b	3-M2	Murray,              	COMMENT: parents- Louis Murray and Dora Riffle
0710a	3-M2	Murray, Jesse J.     	1906 Oct 16	S	10y9m4d  	Richland            	
0682a	3-M1	Murry, Lonnie? B.    	1903 Nov 01	S	5y1m2d   	Richland            	
0682b	3-M1	Murry, Lonnie? B.    	COMMENT: parents- A. Murry and Mary Hartman
0705a	3-M2	Myers, Miles         	1906 Dec 20	S	36y      	Infirmary           	
0799a	3-N1	Nabergall, Andrew A. 	1902 Dec 17	W	70y11m3d 	Lone Star           	
0792a	3-N1	Nagle, Stephen       	1901 Sep 22	M	68y      	Clinton Tp.         	
0792b	3-N1	Nagle, Stephen       	COMMENT: all info past occupation is written one line too low
0791a	3-N1	Napper, Annet? M.    	1900 May 03	S	1m1d     	Hawk                	
0817a	3-N1	Napper, Charlotte    	1906 Sep 10	S	1y6m3d   	Hawks               	
0810a	3-N1	Napper, Hila A.      	1905 Jul 05	S	1y10m30d 	Hawk                	
0807a	3-N1	Napper, John         	1903 May 23	S	20y2m    	Oreton              	
0807b	3-N1	Napper, John         	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
0796a	3-N1	Napper, Levi         	1902 Feb 14	M	93y      	Radcliff            	
0796b	3-N1	Napper, Levi         	COMMENT: all info past occupation is written one line too low
0800a	3-N1	Napper, Maggie       	1902 Sep 16	S	8m14d    	Minerton            	
0811a	3-N1	Napper, Marie        	1905 Sep 20	S	2y       	Minerton            	
0797a	3-N1	Napper, Mary L.      	1901 Aug 27	S	1y5m18d  	Hawks               	
0797b	3-N1	Napper, Mary L.      	COMMENT: all info past occupation is written one line too low
0805a	3-N1	Napper, Peter        	1903 Aug 14	M	83y      	Hawks               	
0806a	3-N1	Napper, Thomas       	1903 Feb 27	S	22y28d   	Oreton              	
0806b	3-N1	Napper, Thomas       	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
0812a	3-N1	Napper, Trilby       	1905 Dec 10	S	5y       	Minerton            	
0790a	3-N1	Napper, Vina         	1901 Jan 15	S	1y28d    	Minerton            	
0814a	3-N1	Naser, John W.       	1906 Oct 09	S	14y11m25d	Oreton              	
0820a	3-N2	Nelson, Floyd        	1907 Nov 09	S	18y      	Hawks               	
0808a	3-N1	Nelson, Martha       	1905 Aug 10	M	52y      	Zaleski             	
0794a	3-N1	Newton, Mary         	1901 Jul 14	M	54y5m11d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0794b	3-N1	Newton, Mary         	COMMENT: all info past occupation is written one line too low
0819a	3-N2	Nichols, Frank       	1907 Oct 26	M	52y9m2d  	Richland            	
0819b	3-N2	Nichols, Frank       	COMMENT: the age could be 22y9m2d, hard to tell
0809a	3-N1	Nichols, Madison     	1905 Sep 11	M	71y9m11d 	Richland            	
0795a	3-N1	Nickols, Goldie M.   	1901 Jun 25	S	6y5m28d  	Richland S.         	
0795b	3-N1	Nickols, Goldie M.   	COMMENT: all info past occupation is written one line too low
0788a	3-N1	Nixon, Edna          	1900 May 10	S	10d      	Richland            	
0804a	3-N1	Nixon, Mary J.       	1903 Jul 26	M	52y2m2d  	Richland            	
0801a	3-N1	Nixon, May Elizabeth 	1903 Jan 12	S	32y2m15d 	Richland            	
0798a	3-N1	Nixon, Susan         	1902 Apr 29	W	68y4m27d 	Elk Tp.             	
0802a	3-N1	North, John Jr.      	1903 Aug 31	M	72y7m12d 	Ural                	
0803a	3-N1	North, Sarah F.      	1903 Apr 13	M	36y9m10d 	Sant                	
0818a	3-N1	Norton, Mary A.      	1906 Nov 25	M	52y8m2d  	Hawk                	
0789a	3-N1	Norton, Perry        	1901 Jan 26	S	21y9m8d  	Radcliffe           	
0816a	3-N1	Nunemaker, Daniel    	1906 Jul 05	W	76y4m16d 	Wilkesville         	
0813a	3-N1	Nunemaker, Hattie    	1906 Apr 30	M	31y12d   	Radcliff            	
0815a	3-N1	Nunnemaker, Dan'l    	1906 Jul 11	W	76y11m28d	Radcliff            	
0793a	3-N1	Nutt, William        	1902 Mar 21	M	66y2m20d 	Clinton Tp.         	
0793b	3-N1	Nutt, William        	COMMENT: all info past occupation is written one line too low
0829a	3-O1	Oakes, Eva Myrtle    	1908 Feb 02	S	3m       	Beecher? Belcher?   	
0825a	3-O1	Oakes, George W.     	1905 Aug 21	S	10d      	Harrison            	
0826a	3-O1	Oakes, Jane C.       	1907 Mar 25	M	51y8m28d 	Harrison            	
0828a	3-O1	Oakes, Walter T.     	1907 Oct 27	S	3y3m1d   	Ray                 	
0824a	3-O1	Oaks, Clinton        	1903 Sep 10	S	26y10m3d 	Harrison            	
0822a	3-O1	Ofarrah, Wm.         	1903 Feb 01	S	35y      	Elk Tp.             	
0823a	3-O1	Ogan, Laura F.       	1902 Aug 04	S	21y4m18d 	McArthur            	
0827a	3-O1	Oiler, Rhoda E.      	1906 Oct 15	M	35y      	Alice               	
0821a	3-O1	Oniel, Rosa          	1901 Nov 30	S	83y5m8d  	New Plymouth        	
0856a	3-P1	Palmer, Leander B.   	1905 Mar 06	S	25y5m27d 	Stella              	
0842a	3-P1	Panch?, Bernadine    	1902 Dec 25	S	1y10m25d 	Hamden              	
0838a	3-P1	Parish, Elizabeth    	1903 Feb 01	W	90y10m10d	Jackson Tp.         	
0877a	3-P2	Parrish, Thomas      	1907 Oct 31	M	59y9m18d 	Creola              	
0830a	3-P1	Partlow, Angeline    	1900 Oct 02	W	95y4m15d 	McArthur            	
0840a	3-P1	Peacock, Thomas      	1902 Nov 28	M	56y3m22d 	McArthur            	
0854a	3-P1	Pearce, Alexander    	1903 Jun 09	M	75y      	McArthur            	
0868a	3-P2	Pearce, Mabel Clara  	1905 Sep 06	M	33y11m20d	McArthur            	
0871a	3-P2	Pearce, Phoeba       	1906 Oct 25	W	70y1m5d  	Elk                 	
0845a	3-P1	Peck,                	1904 Feb 02	S	stillborn	Eagle Mills         	
0845b	3-P1	Peck,                	COMMENT: parents- Silas Peck and M. A. Garrett
0851a	3-P1	Peck,                	1903 May 16	S	2d       	Clinton             	
0851b	3-P1	Peck,                	COMMENT: parents- Madison Peck and Vina Westfall
0859a	3-P1	Peck, Gertrude       	1904 Apr 28	S	19y7m22d 	Lone Star           	
0846a	3-P1	Peck, Jesse F.       	1903 Sep 13	S	6y11m18d 	Eagle Mills         	
0879a	3-P2	Peck, Margaret       	1907 Jul 21	W	82y5m4d  	Vinton              	
0861a	3-P1	Peck, Wade           	1905 Feb 22	S	4y7m7d   	Radcliffe           	
0874a	3-P2	Pendleton, John L.   	1906 Nov 18	S	1y8m     	Radcliff            	
0841a	3-P1	Perry, Braxton       	1902 Aug 08	S	6m12d    	Hamden              	
0832a	3-P1	Perry, Lydia C.      	1900 Aug 04	S	14y10m16d	Vinton              	
0831a	3-P1	Perry, Mary E.       	1900 Oct 25	M	52y1m23d 	Vinton              	
0867a	3-P2	Peters, Allie        	1905 Apr 06	M	29y3m11d 	Zaleski             	
0873a	3-P2	Peters, Mary May     	1906 May 10	M	22y4m2d  	Madison             	
0873b	3-P2	Peters, Mary May     	COMMENT: age may be 28y4m2d, hard to read
0865a	3-P2	Pettit, Gilbert R.   	1905 Jun 22	S	15y11m13d	Jackson             	
0878a	3-P2	Pettitt, Hulda M.    	1907 May 07	M	59y9m18d 	Creola              	
0844a	3-P1	Petty, Maggie        	1903 Jul 14	S	5y6m     	Arbaugh             	
0863a	3-P1	Phetteplace?, Sophia+	1904 Nov 19	W	54y3m13d 	Wilkesville         	
0857a	3-P1	Philips, Lillie M.   	1904 Oct 02	M	35y4m15d 	Stella              	
0858a	3-P1	Philips, Lillie May  	1904 Nov 18	M	25y7m12d 	Athens Co.          	
0848a	3-P1	Phillipps, (1)       	1903 May 12	S	1d       	Wilkesville         	
0848b	3-P1	Phillipps, (1)       	COMMENT: parents- Geo. Phillips and Catherine Fee
0848b	3-P1	Phillipps, (2)       	COMMENT: parents- Geo. Phillips and Catherine Fee
0849a	3-P1	Phillipps, (2)       	1903 May 12	S	1d       	Wilkesville         	
0837a	3-P1	Pierce,              	1902 Dec 11	S	1m8d     	Arbaugh, O.         	
0837b	3-P1	Pierce,              	COMMENT: parents- D. H. Pierce and Mattie Booth
0839a	3-P1	Pierce, Chas. I.?    	1903 Jan 22	S	19y9m21d 	McArthur            	
0870a	3-P2	Pierce, George S.    	1906 Jan 24	M	42y5m24d 	Radcliff            	
0833a	3-P1	Pierce, Goldie       	1900 Jul 05	S	2m8d     	Vinton              	
0843a	3-P1	Pierce, Hannah       	1903 Oct 17	W	74y9m1d  	Radcliffe           	
0880a	3-P2	Pierce, Hannah       	1907 Jul 28	M	28y      	Radcliff            	
0869a	3-P2	Pierce, Herbert A.   	1905 Apr 18	S	3m27d    	Radcliff            	
0862a	3-P1	Pierce, Nora Elsie   	1904 Dec 29	M	19y10m6d 	Vinton Tp.          	
0852a	3-P1	Pierce, Thos. Ray    	1903 Nov 19	S	6y3m4d   	McArthur            	
0836a	3-P1	Pilcher, Eliz. A.    	1901 Apr 25	M	75y7m20d 	Elk Tp.             	
0853a	3-P1	Pilcher, John M.     	1903 May 17	M	66y5m13d 	McArthur            	
0855a	3-P1	Pilcher, Sophia      	1905 Mar 13	M	38y4m4d  	McArthur            	
0876a	3-P2	Pinney, Cyntha J.    	1907 Nov 18	M	68y7m    	Hope                	
0847a	3-P1	Pinney, David        	1903 Sep 26	M	45y10m12d	Brown               	
0875a	3-P2	Pinney, Eli          	1908 Jan 15	M	69y8m29d 	Hope                	
0860a	3-P1	Pletcher, Jno. W.    	1904 Jun 22	M	77y8m7d  	Richland            	
0850a	3-P1	Pletcher, Samuel     	1903 Jun 19	S	18y9m4d  	Richland            	
0866a	3-P2	Plummer, Precious Pe+	1905 Aug 23	S	17y1m7d  	Zaleski             	
0834a	3-P1	Pond, Samuel         	1901 Mar 28	M	74y7m2d  	Minerton            	
0872a	3-P2	Potter, William      	1907 Mar 04	M	46y7m13d 	Zaleski             	
0864a	3-P2	Pratt, Alpheus       	1905 Oct 19	M	55y11m28d	Harrison            	
0835a	3-P1	Pritchard, Philip    	1901 Jul 19	M	62y2m10d 	Eagle Tp.           	
0882a	3-Q1	Queen, Eva           	1903 Jun 28	S	16y6m28d 	(died Van, O.)      	
0883a	3-Q1	Quick, Bessie L.     	1903 Nov 17	-	-        	-                   	
0883b	3-Q1	Quick, Bessie L.     	COMMENT: only name and date is entered, then entire entry is lined out
0884a	3-Q1	Quick, Manervia      	1905 Mar 06	W	83y4m26d 	McArthur            	
0885a	3-Q1	Quick, Tacy          	1906 Mar 20	W	86y10m19d	Knox                	
0881a	3-Q1	Quinn, Ellen         	1900 May 25	W	70y9m15d 	Hawk                	
0886a	3-Q1	Quinn, Mary          	1906 May 17	S	39y      	Minerton            	
0935a	3-R2	Radcliff, Katie      	1904 Oct 09	S	16y2m13d 	Vinton              	
0954a	3-R3	Radcliffe,           	1907 Dec 25	S	infant   	Inghams             	
0954b	3-R3	Radcliffe,           	COMMENT: parents- J. Radcliffe and Grace Music
0887a	3-R1	Ralph, Delilah       	1901 Feb 07	M	68y8m9d  	Eagle Mills         	
0917a	3-R1	Ralph, Francis M.    	1903 Apr 30	W	72y3m25d 	Eagle Mills         	
0916a	3-R1	Ramsay, Philipp S.   	1903 Jun 20	S	9y14d    	Pike Run            	
0892a	3-R1	Ramsey, David H.     	1900 Dec 03	M	59y11m27d	Harrison            	
0899a	3-R1	Ramsey, Henrietta    	1901 Nov 13	S	16y18d   	Eagle Tp.           	
0939a	3-R2	Rankin, Harriet M.   	1905 Jun - 	W	72y8m10d 	McArthur            	
0937a	3-R2	Rannals, Earl H.?    	1905 Sep 08	S	7y18d    	Hamden              	
0923a	3-R1	Rannells, C. S.      	1903 Dec 15	M	59y      	Zaleski             	
0889a	3-R1	Rannells, Sarah E.   	1900 Dec 31	M	74y2m19d 	McArthur            	
0915a	3-R1	Rardean?,            	1903 Dec 22	S	stillborn	Starr               	
0915b	3-R1	Rardean?,            	COMMENT: parents- L. J. Rardian? and Emma Walker
0898a	3-R1	Ratcliff, Howard S.  	1902 Jan 26	M	27y1m13d 	Eagle Tp.           	
0898b	3-R1	Ratcliff, Howard S.  	COMMENT: parents- David Ratcliff and Mollie Ratcliff
0957a	3-R3	Ratcliff, Sarah      	1907 Dec 25	M	80y5d    	Richland            	
0895a	3-R1	Ratcliff, William C.?	1900 Jul 01	S	1y3m12d  	Richland            	
0930a	3-R2	Ratcliffe, Minnie    	1904 May 05	S	27y1m    	Harrison            	
0943a	3-R2	Ream?, Elizabeth     	1906 Jul 27	W	85y7m5d  	Brown               	
0902a	3-R1	Redd, John           	1901 Oct 12	M	48y      	Infirmary           	
0950a	3-R2	Redd, William        	1906 -   - 	S	29y      	McArthur            	
0893a	3-R1	Reed, John           	1900 Nov 06	M	23y5m16d 	Harrison            	
0891a	3-R1	Reed, Rutheda        	1901 Jan 27	S	19y4m27d 	Harrison            	
0932a	3-R2	Reeder, Emily B.     	1903 Sep 17	S	11m5d    	Knox                	
0949a	3-R2	Reeves, Henry        	1906 Aug 30	M	63y      	Madison             	
0920a	3-R1	Reisinger, Chas. E.  	1903 Nov 28	S	13y8m8d  	Richland            	
0906a	3-R1	Reisinger, Helena    	1901 May 27	W	73y8m1d  	Wilkesville         	
0910a	3-R1	Remy, Catherine      	1903 Apr 02	M	83y3m    	Richland            	
0911a	3-R1	Remy, Dora E.        	1902 Sep 18	S	18y1d    	Richland            	
0922a	3-R1	Remy, Estella Mae    	1903 Dec 06	S	11y19d   	Richland            	
0958a	3-R3	Remy, Hiram          	1907 Dec 16	W	83y2m13d 	Vinton Co.          	
0941a	3-R2	Remy, Lula           	1906 Jan 22	S	1m21d    	Richland            	
0921a	3-R1	Remy, Minnie I.      	1903 Oct 28	S	22y3m3d  	Richland            	
0900a	3-R1	Reynolds,            	1901 Jul?17	S	stillborn	McArthur            	
0900b	3-R1	Reynolds,            	COMMENT: parents- Frank Reynolds and Dell Sampson
0901a	3-R1	Reynolds,            	1902 Jul 07	S	stillborn	McArthur            	
0901b	3-R1	Reynolds,            	COMMENT: parents- Frank Reynolds and Dell Sampson
0903a	3-R1	Reynolds, Eli        	1901 Jun 13	M	63y4m11d 	McArthur, O.        	
0896a	3-R1	Reynolds, George     	1900 Sep 22	W	78y11m18d	Swan                	
0940a	3-R2	Reynolds, Sarah Jane 	1905 Jul 25	W	58y      	McArthur            	
0940b	3-R2	Reynolds, Sarah Jane 	COMMENT: there is a written oath attached from L. W. Thorp,
0940c	3-R2	Reynolds, Sarah Jane 	COMMENT: undertaker, correcting her death date as 25 July 1905  
0940d	3-R2	Reynolds, Sarah Jane 	COMMENT: and gives her husband as Eli Reynolds.
0948a	3-R2	Rhoades, Albert A.   	1906 Oct 17	S	1y11m13d 	Zaleski             	
0908a	3-R1	Rhoades, Murl        	1902 Sep 01	S	1y1m20d  	Zaleski             	
0956a	3-R3	Richey, John         	1907 Dec 27	M	74y7m14d 	McArthur            	
0926a	3-R2	Richmond, Sarah Emily	1904 Jan 08	M	55y1m10d 	Vinton Co.          	
0918a	3-R1	Rickey, Geo. W.      	1904 Feb 13	M	68y18d   	Swan                	
0933a	3-R2	Rider, Oras          	1905 Mar 11	S	20y5m27d 	Zaleski             	
0953a	3-R2	Riffle, Geo. F.      	1906 Mar 9 	S	1m       	Minerton            	
0924a	3-R1	Riley, Anthony       	1904 Jan 06	S	7m20d    	Zaleski             	
0931a	3-R2	Rinehart, Annie      	1905 Mar 09	M	67y8m23d 	Stella              	
0909a	3-R1	Rinehart, Annie E.   	1903 Jan 19	W	43y      	Richland            	
0942a	3-R2	Ring?, William       	1905 Sep 25	M	72y      	Minerton            	
0912a	3-R1	Roach, Anna          	1902 Jul 23	M	76y      	Richland            	
0934a	3-R2	Roach, John          	1905 Mar 08	W	78y      	Richland            	
0913a	3-R1	Roach, Margaret      	1902 Aug 18	M	78y3m15d 	Richland            	
0945a	3-R2	Robb, Chas.          	1907 Dec 24	S	29y27d   	Elk                 	
0888a	3-R1	Robb, Lora H? or A.? 	1900 Nov 06	M	37y9m11d 	Elk Tp.             	
0944a	3-R2	Robb, Lydia A.       	1906 Nov 06	M	56y5m3d  	Elk                 	
0936a	3-R2	Robbins,             	1905 Oct 08	S	14d      	Hamden              	
0936b	3-R2	Robbins,             	COMMENT: parents- E. Robbins and L. McKinnis
0946a	3-R2	Robbins, Elmer E.    	1906 Aug 31	M	44y6m6d  	Hamden              	
0897a	3-R1	Roberts, Margaret Ann	1900 Feb 15	M	56y      	Wilkesville         	
0928a	3-R2	Robinet, Jeremiah    	1904 Oct 06	M	79y7m27d 	McArthur            	
0947a	3-R2	Robinett, Henry      	1907 Mar 04	W	79y5m5d  	Knox                	
0938a	3-R2	Robinson, Allen      	1905 Apr 05	M	57y5m11d 	Zaleski             	
0951a	3-R2	Robinson, Bessie     	1906 Jun 24	M	30y8d    	McArthur            	
0929a	3-R2	Robinson, Ned.       	1905 Feb 11	M	26y4m10d 	Gallipolis          	
0955a	3-R3	Rose, Charlotte Ethel	1907 Jul 27	S	2m14d    	So. Bloomingsville  	
0927a	3-R2	Rose, Ezekiel        	1905 Feb 02	M	83y7m28d 	Brown Tp.           	
0925a	3-R1	Rose, Guy W.         	1903 Sep 26	S	5m10d    	Sant                	
0904a	3-R1	Rose, Tychicus       	1901 Dec 11	W	87y11m16d	Jackson Tp.         	
0904b	3-R1	Rose, Tychicus       	COMMENT: both the married and widowed colums are marked
0914a	3-R1	Ross, M. N.          	1902 Jul 02	M	56y5m5d  	New Plymouth        	
0907a	3-R1	Rosser, Edwin A.     	1903 Feb 17	M	25y4m2d  	Luhrig, O.          	
0894a	3-R1	Rosser, Mary E.      	1900 Jul 04	M	49y3m3d  	Knox                	
0919a	3-R1	Rosser, Susan J.     	1904 Feb 06	M	31y4m2d  	Swan                	
0952a	3-R2	Runyon, Adam         	1905 Apr 18	S	80y23d   	Vinton              	
0890a	3-R1	Runyon, Edgar H.?    	1901 Mar 05	S	1y1m12d  	Elk Tp.             	
0890b	3-R1	Runyon, Edgar H.?    	COMMENT: parents- N. Runyon and Alice Ogan
0905a	3-R1	Russ, Goldie         	1901 Oct 01	S	3m4d     	Vinton Tp.          	
0998a	3-S1	Salts, Joseph Leslie 	1901 Aug 04	S	6m15d    	Zaleski, O.         	
1095a	3-S4	Salts, Nancy         	1906 May 15	W	90y1m3d  	Dundas              	
0968a	3-S1	Salts, Susan         	1900 Jun 22	M	65y8m    	Harrison            	
1089a	3-S4	Salts, Thomas        	1905 Jul 08	M	57y3m4d  	Richland            	
1016a	3-S2	Sampson, Chas. H.    	1902 Nov 02	S	19y3m27d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0961a	3-S1	Sampson, Effie       	1900 Dec 15	S	22y7m24d 	Hamden              	
0960a	3-S1	Sampson, Mary A.     	1900 Nov 18	M	43y2m10d 	Hamden              	
1053a	3-S3	Sampson, Sarah E.    	1905 Mar 11	M	59y10m6d 	McArthur            	
1087a	3-S4	Sampson, Sarah E.    	1905 Mar 11	M	59y10m6d 	McArthur            	
1030a	3-S2	Sanger, Sarah        	1904 Feb 24	W	79y9m11d 	Madison             	
1037a	3-S2	Saucer, John N.      	1903 Aug 15	M	86y11m3d 	Brown               	
1103a	3-S4	Schall, Bernard      	1906 Oct 04	S	5y7m     	Zaleski             	
1112a	3-S4	Schurtz, Daniel      	1906 Feb 28	W	86y      	Swan                	
1057a	3-S3	Scott, Ansel M.      	1904 May 30	M	31y7m2d  	Ural                	
1038a	3-S2	Scott, Esther        	1903 Jul 18	M	50y6m20d 	Hope Fce.           	
0973a	3-S1	Scott, Francis       	1900 Jun 06	M	73y1m2d  	Madison             	
1098a	3-S4	Scott, John          	1907 Jan 17	M	68y30d   	Harrison            	
1115a	3-S4	Scott, John M.       	1906 Aug 26	M	70y9m8d  	Wilkesville         	
1008a	3-S2	Scott, Myrtle B.     	1902 Jun 10	S	5y1m     	Richland            	
0959a	3-S1	Scott, Oscar         	1900 May 22	S	17y11m12d	Hope Fce., O.       	
0959b	3-S1	Scott, Oscar         	COMMENT: parents- Wiley? Scott and Esther Keeton
1125a	3-S5	Scott, Rhoda         	1907 Dec 03	M	76y      	Richland            	
1009a	3-S2	Scott, William       	1902 Jul 22	S	1y2m     	Richland            	
1054a	3-S3	Seal, Hannah         	1904 May 11	W	71y26d   	McArthur            	
1022a	3-S2	Seaman, Ellen        	1902 Sep 03	W	70y8m3d  	Hamden              	
0986a	3-S1	Searls, Eliza        	1901 Aug 25	W	76y      	Infirmary           	
0986b	3-S1	Searls, Eliza        	COMMENT: both the married and widowed colums are marked
1000a	3-S1	Searls, Mary         	1901 Jun 08	W	79y10m14d	Richland S.         	
1012a	3-S2	Segberr?, Phillip    	1902 Nov 11	S	18y9m13d 	Zaleski, O.         	
1059a	3-S3	Seitz, Elisha H.     	1904 Oct 26	M	73y      	Royal               	
1120a	3-S5	Seitz, Everett R.    	1907 Jun 27	S	3m27d    	Allensville         	
1025a	3-S2	Seitz, Samuel G.     	1903 May 13	M	39y6m5d  	Royal               	
0981a	3-S1	Semans, Edward       	1900 May 25	-	78y      	Minerton            	
1088a	3-S4	Seymour, Agnes B.    	1905 May 23	S	3y9m11d  	Richland            	
0975a	3-S1	Seymour, Hazel E.    	1900 Sep 11	S	2y5m28d  	Richland            	
1068a	3-S3	Shaeffer, Nannie L.  	1905 Mar 06	S	2m21d    	Swan                	
1023a	3-S2	Shafer, Ernest       	1902 Jun 23	S	1y3m19d  	Clinton Tp.         	
1092a	3-S4	Shafer, Thomas A.    	1906 Jan 17	S	6y11m29d 	Swan                	
1065a	3-S3	Shall, Monica        	1904 Dec 11	S	7m12d    	Zaleski             	
1077a	3-S3	Shangenberg, Edna    	1905 May 10	M	22y      	Hamden              	
1063a	3-S3	Sharp, Chas. R.      	1904 Sep 03	S	1y7m     	Zaleski             	
1039a	3-S2	Sharp, Leota Bell    	1903?-   - 	-	-        	-                   	
1039b	3-S2	Sharp, Leota Bell    	COMMENT: only the name is written, then crossed out
1040a	3-S2	Sharp, Stella        	1903 Jun 30	S	3m       	Radcliffe           	
1040b	3-S2	Sharp, Stella        	COMMENT: everything past occupation is written one line too far up
0980a	3-S1	Sharp, Zinn?         	1901 Feb 11	W	54y10m   	Radcliffe           	
1126a	3-S5	Shepherd, Joseph     	1907 Sep 20	S	19y5m    	Vinton              	
1052a	3-S3	Sherwood, Edith      	1904 Jul 29	S	17d      	McArthur            	
1055a	3-S3	Sherwood, Josephus?  	1904 Sep 28	M	35y1m22d 	Harrison            	
1114a	3-S4	Shields, Caroline    	1907 Feb 17	W	85y      	Vinton              	
0984a	3-S1	Shiplet, Almeda      	1901 Sep 11	W	67y      	Clinton Tp.         	
1062a	3-S3	Shipley, Francis J.  	1904 Sep 13	S	5m14d    	Zaleski             	
0999a	3-S1	Shipley, Watson      	1902 Jan 21	S	35y10m4d 	Zaleski, O.         	
1078a	3-S3	Shirkey, Allis       	1905 Sep 12	M	36y      	Elk Fork            	
0979a	3-S1	Shirkey, Phoebe      	1900 Jul 11	M	64y24d   	Vinton              	
1086a	3-S4	Shively, Henry H.    	1905 Oct 23	M	52y23d   	McArthur            	
0969a	3-S1	Shively, Rutha D.    	1901 Feb 22	S	6y       	Stella              	
1011a	3-S2	Shlosser, William    	1902 Jul 19	S	29d      	Zaleski, O.         	
1051a	3-S3	Shockey, John J.     	1904 May 18	W	79y9m26d 	McArthur            	
1124a	3-S5	Shockey, Lawrence G. 	1907 Jul 23	S	1m7d     	McArthur            	
0967a	3-S1	Shockey, Pheobe A.   	1900 Nov 25	M	68y3m19d 	Elk Tp.             	
0985a	3-S1	Shoemaker, Edward    	1901 Nov 08	M	48y3m13d 	Eagle Tp.           	
1034a	3-S2	Shoemaker, Gertrude  	1903 Sep 30	S	11d      	Richland            	
1034b	3-S2	Shoemaker, Gertrude  	COMMENT: parents- Clinton Shoemaker and Bertha Pletcher
0976a	3-S1	Shook, Henry H.      	1900 Oct 09	M	38y5m4d  	Richland            	
1110a	3-S4	Short, Wm. Edwin     	1906 Jun 13	S	27y4m19d 	Richland            	
1105a	3-S4	Shry, Lottie M.      	1906 Oct 15	S	31y15d   	McArthur            	
1085a	3-S4	Shry, Sylvester      	1906?Mar 10	M	65y11m10d	Zaleski             	
1085b	3-S4	Shry, Sylvester      	COMMENT: death year is hard to read, could be 1905 or 6
0978a	3-S1	Shry?, Allie Bessie  	1901 Feb 28	S	18y6m4d  	Swan                	
0971a	3-S1	Shull, Ephriam       	1900 Sep 03	M	82y      	Sant                	
0970a	3-S1	Shull, Florenc E.    	1900 May 19	-	6m11d    	Sant                	
1082a	3-S4	Shull, Jacob         	1905 Dec 03	M	58y2m16d 	Jackson             	
1060a	3-S3	Shull, Lydia         	1904 Jun 11	W	84y2m15d 	Ural                	
1099a	3-S4	Shull, Susan         	1906 Dec 13	S	3d       	Jackson             	
0977a	3-S1	Shurtz, Andrew       	1900 Oct 28	S	74y11m28d	Swan                	
1084a	3-S4	Shuster, Edward      	1905 Jul 20	M	36y4m12d 	Zaleski             	
1064a	3-S3	Shuster, Elza A.     	1905 Feb 17	S	27y3m26d 	Columbus            	
1083a	3-S4	Shuster, John Shafer 	1906 Feb 14	M	63y5m26d 	Zaleski             	
1069a	3-S3	Simmons, Andrew      	1904 Jun 20	M	75y      	Hawk                	
0964a	3-S1	Simmons, John        	1901 Mar 20	W	96y1m21d 	Elk Tp.             	
1049a	3-S3	Sisson, Gay          	1904 Aug 29	M	37y5m22d 	McArthur            	
1013a	3-S2	Sisson, George       	1902 Jun 02	W	47y4m18d 	Bolen's Mills       	
1122a	3-S5	Sisson, Simeon S.    	1907 Oct 18	M	76y3m29d 	Vinton              	
1075a	3-S3	Sively, Austin H.    	1906 Jan 19	S	10y10m24d	Pike Run            	
1111a	3-S4	Slack,               	1907 Mar 06	S	-        	Richland            	
1111b	3-S4	Slack,               	COMMENT: parents- A. J. Slack and Ethel Dixon
1121a	3-S5	Slagle,              	1908 Feb 02	S	1d       	So. Bloomingville?  	
1121b	3-S5	Slagle,              	COMMENT: parents- Howard Slagle and Maggie Tatman
1116a	3-S5	Slagle, Nancy        	1907 Jul 30	M	73y      	Eagle Mills         	
1028a	3-S2	Smallwood, Lewis     	1903 Mar 20	S	30y2m8d  	Harrison            	
0995a	3-S1	Smallwood, Mary      	1901 Nov 18	M	74y5m20d 	Harrison Tp.        	
1041a	3-S2	Smathers, Chester A. 	1903 Aug 08	S	14d      	Elk Fork            	
0988a	3-S1	Smathers, Clarence E.	1901 Nov 11	S	12d      	Glenroy, O.         	
0988b	3-S1	Smathers, Clarence E.	COMMENT: parents- C. H. Smathers and Carrie Lacy
1007a	3-S2	Smathers, Elmer      	1903 Mar 27	S	3d       	Minerton, O.        	
0989a	3-S1	Smith,               	1901 Aug 10	S	stillborn	McArthur            	
0989b	3-S1	Smith,               	COMMENT: parents- Joseph Smith and Cora Mondan
1113a	3-S4	Smith, Albert R.     	1907 Feb 07	S	2m       	Swan                	
1109a	3-S4	Smith, Benj. A.      	1906 Jul 29	S	not known	Richland            	
1019a	3-S2	Smith, Charles       	1902 Dec 12	S	33y4m26d 	McArthur            	
1081a	3-S4	Smith, Chas. Edwin   	1905 Sep 09	S	1m3d     	Harrison            	
0965a	3-S1	Smith, Coonrod       	1900 Dec 12	W	78y1m28d 	Elk Tp.             	
1046a	3-S3	Smith, George S.     	1904 Dec 15	M	63y10m12d	(died Hamden)       	
0963a	3-S1	Smith, Joseph        	1900 Dec 22	M	81y5m    	Eagle Mills         	
1014a	3-S2	Smith, Joseph        	1903 Feb 05	M	72y10m15d	Knox Tp.            	
0974a	3-S1	Smith, Lydia         	1900 May 29	W	79y5m17d 	Allensville         	
1102a	3-S4	Smith, Walter        	1907 Mar 25	S	1d       	Knox                	
1006a	3-S2	Snider, Isaac H.     	1903 Mar 01	M	72y2m9d  	Vale Mills, O.      	
1107a	3-S4	Snook, Harvey        	1907 Mar 25	M	37y10m9d 	McArthur            	
1044a	3-S3	Snook, Nancy         	1903 Apr 23	M	75y      	Chillicothe         	
1018a	3-S2	Snyder,              	1902 Nov 12	-	stillborn	Elk Tp.             	
1018b	3-S2	Snyder,              	COMMENT: parents- Howard Snyder and Emma Redd
1029a	3-S2	Snyder, Nellie M.    	1904 Feb 03	M	25y6m14d 	Harrison            	
1073a	3-S3	Sorrel,              	1905 Jul - 	S	1d       	Hamden              	
1073b	3-S3	Sorrel,              	COMMENT: parents- Robert Sorrel and W. Harris
0983a	3-S1	Sorrel, Earl         	1901 Jul 29	S	5y4d     	Clinton Tp.         	
0983b	3-S1	Sorrel, Earl         	COMMENT: parents- father not listed and Adda Harris
1031a	3-S2	Sorrell, Edith M.    	1904 Mar 22	S	8m5d     	Clinton             	
1047a	3-S3	Souders, Chas. H.    	1904 Sep 12	S	20y3m25d 	Vinton Co.          	
1067a	3-S3	Sowers, Bundy        	1904 Apr 09	S	19y15d   	Richland            	
1079a	3-S3	Sowers, Garnet       	1905 Dec 02	S	1d       	McArthur            	
1108a	3-S4	Sowers, Matilda      	1906 Nov 03	M	57y7m28d 	Richland            	
1117a	3-S5	Spangenberg, Bessie  	1907 Jul 06	S	1m6d     	Hamden              	
1080a	3-S4	Speakman, Amos C.    	1905 Aug 21	M	28y3m4d  	Harrison            	
1017a	3-S2	Speakman, Earl       	1902 Oct 02	S	2y10d    	Pike Run, O.        	
1118a	3-S5	Speakman, Edgar      	1907 Nov 05	S	2y5m1d   	Ray, O.             	
1042a	3-S2	Spence, John M.      	1903 Aug 03	S	24y11m3d 	McArthur            	
1032a	3-S2	Sperry, Anna M.      	1904 Apr 14	S	3m1d     	Hamden              	
0992a	3-S1	Spires,              	1901 Oct 15	-	stillborn	Marietta            	
0992b	3-S1	Spires,              	COMMENT: parents- J. E. Spires and Anna B. Starkey
1050a	3-S3	Spires, John         	1904 Sep 01	M	43y6m7d  	Downardsville       	
0991a	3-S1	Sprague,             	1901 Oct 14	-	stillborn	McArthur            	
0991b	3-S1	Sprague,             	COMMENT: parents- B. P.? Sprague and Nellie McGrath (or McGath?)
1043a	3-S3	Sprague, Wallace B.  	1903 Nov 12	S	46y2m25d 	McArthur            	
1066a	3-S3	Sprouse, Ruth Grace  	1904 Sep 11	S	8m24d    	Zaleski             	
1104a	3-S4	Sprouse, Wm. E.      	1906 Oct 28	S	17d      	Zaleski             	
0972a	3-S1	Stamart?, Hattie H.? 	1900 Dec 03	S	2y5m18d  	Bolen Mills         	
0997a	3-S1	Stanley, Francis     	1901 Oct 18	M	42y3m21d 	Knox, O.            	
1123a	3-S5	Stanley, Matilda     	1907 Oct 18	M	28y3m8d  	Columbus            	
1091a	3-S4	Steele, Bert         	1906 Jan 16	S	31y11m15d	Swan                	
1072a	3-S3	Steele, Eva Lucile   	1905 Sep 03	S	1y3m     	Wilkesville         	
1070a	3-S3	Steele, John R.      	1905 Jan 05	M	61y4m3d  	Wilkesville         	
1001a	3-S1	Steele, Mary Jane    	1902 Mar 30	-	77y10m14d	Swan Tp.            	
1090a	3-S4	Steele, Nancy        	1905 Apr 24	W	86y7m18d 	Swan                	
1036a	3-S2	Steele, Pearl C.     	1903 Dec 26	S	13y7m27d 	Wilkesville         	
1127a	3-S5	Steele, Sarah M.     	1907 Sep 27	W	61y28d   	Wilkesville         	
1010a	3-S2	Steinbrook, Oma      	1902 Aug 03	S	1y3m19d  	Richland            	
1005a	3-S2	Stephen, Hezekiah    	1902 Feb 21	M	64y2m6d  	Hawk                	
1020a	3-S2	Stephenson, Chas. F. 	1902 Nov 26	W	29y7m17d 	McArthur            	
1106a	3-S4	Sterling, Hilas      	1906 Oct 22	M	-        	McArthur            	
1015a	3-S2	Stevens,             	1902 Aug 12	S	10d      	Harrison            	
1015b	3-S2	Stevens,             	COMMENT: parents- A. C. Stevens and Nancy J. Graves
0993a	3-S1	Stevens, Aaron       	1902 Jan 09	M	81y2m24d 	Harrison Tp.        	
1056a	3-S3	Stevens, Jane        	1905 Mar 14	W	85y8m12d 	Harrison            	
1058a	3-S3	Stevens, Samuel C.   	1904 Jun 22	W	76y6m25d 	Ural                	
0996a	3-S1	Stevens, Sophia      	1901 Dec 12	S	72y5m10d 	Harrison Tp.        	
1002a	3-S2	Stewart, Charles     	1902 Mar 14	S	66y11m14d	Wilkesville         	
1002b	3-S2	Stewart, Charles     	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
1096a	3-S4	Stewart, Cleva?      	1907 Jan 10	S	9y24d    	Eagle               	
1101a	3-S4	Stewart, Frances L.  	1906 Jul 25	S	1m       	Jackson             	
1093a	3-S4	Stewart, Rosa        	1906 Mar 08	M	22y1m2d  	Meigs Co.           	
1074a	3-S3	Stilwell, Sarah A.   	1905 Aug 21	W	74y10m   	Brown               	
1045a	3-S3	Stoller, Carlos C.   	1905 Feb 14	M	29y4m1d  	Brown Tp.           	
1076a	3-S3	Stone, Ada L.        	1905 Aug 16	M	38y      	Hamden              	
1097a	3-S4	Stone, Sarah J.      	1906 Oct 03	S	26y10m15d	Harrison            	
1024a	3-S2	Stopher, Bertha P.   	1902 Aug 25	S	7m26d    	Manango, O.         	
1033a	3-S2	Straten, Nettie E.   	1904 Apr 14	W	39y3m13d 	Hamden              	
1004a	3-S2	Strausbaugh, Elizab. 	1901 May 22	W	78y4m24d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1003a	3-S2	Strausbaugh, Eph.    	1901 Apr 26	M	80y3m3d  	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0982a	3-S1	Strausbaugh, Nancy   	1901 Feb 24	S	86y4m16d 	Wilkesville         	
1048a	3-S3	Strawser, Elizabeth  	1904 Nov 15	S	14y1m    	Pike Run            	
0962a	3-S1	Strawser, Martha     	1900 Sep 08	M	27y11m14d	Pike Run            	
1100a	3-S4	Stringfellow, Phoebe 	1906 Dec 03	W	65y7m7d  	Jackson             	
1026a	3-S2	Stringfellow, Robt.  	1903 Jul 26	M	70y2m26d 	Ural                	
1035a	3-S2	Strong, J. J.        	1904 Feb 05	W	74y3m7d  	Wilkesville         	
1021a	3-S2	Strong, Meryl        	1902 Nov 01	S	3m7d     	McArthur            	
1071a	3-S3	Strong, Sophrona     	1904 Sep 20	W	74y      	Wilkesville         	
1061a	3-S3	Summers, Elizabeth   	1904 Sep 27	S	1d       	Allensville         	
1119a	3-S5	Summers, Lawrence H. 	1908 Feb 17	S	2m15d    	Allensville         	
1027a	3-S2	Summers, Mary E.     	1903 Oct 27	S	19y8m19d 	Royal               	
1094a	3-S4	Summers, Sanford     	1907 Feb 28	M	88y8m17d 	Brown               	
0987a	3-S1	Swartz,              	1901 Oct 25	S	stillborn	Elk Tp.             	
0987b	3-S1	Swartz,              	COMMENT: parents- W. S. Swartz and Christian Hohl
0966a	3-S1	Swartz, Homer C.     	1900 Oct 01	S	20y6m13d 	Elk Tp.             	
0994a	3-S1	Sweney, Herald E.    	1901 Apr 28	S	5d       	Harrison Tp.        	
0990a	3-S1	Swepston, Edward     	1901 Oct 29	M	78y9m5d  	McArthur            	
1147a	3-T1	Tatman,              	1902 Apr 28	S	stillborn	Jackson Tp.         	
1147b	3-T1	Tatman,              	COMMENT: parents- __elat?_n? Tatman and Hattie Graves
1156a	3-T1	Tatman, Altha E.     	1903 Jun 16	S	5y7m7d   	Sant                	
1155a	3-T1	Tatman, Harvey       	1903 Jun 26	S	1y1m3d   	Eagle Mills         	
1163a	3-T2	Tatman, Jennie E.    	1905 Mar 03	S	5m10d    	Sant                	
1185a	3-T2	Tatman, Pattie       	1906?-   - 	M	-        	Swan                	
1185b	3-T2	Tatman, Pattie       	COMMENT: death date not listed should be about 1906 or 7
1179a	3-T2	Taylor, Garnet       	1905 Dec 24	S	1y4m     	Clarion             	
1146a	3-T1	Taylor, Margaret W.  	1902 May 06	W	80y      	McArthur, O.        	
1145a	3-T1	Taylor, Mary Ethel   	1902 Aug 26	S	1m10d    	Elk Tp.             	
1151a	3-T1	Taylor, Susan        	1902 -   - 	-	-        	(died Columbus)     	
1151b	3-T1	Taylor, Susan        	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
1173a	3-T2	Tedrow, Henry        	1905 Mar 06	M	83y10m20d	Knox                	
1165a	3-T2	Tedrow, Heppie Theora	1905 Mar 10	M	28y1m25d 	Mineral             	
1191a	3-T2	Tewksbury, Elmer     	1908 Feb 19	S	17y11m9d 	Vinton              	
1142a	3-T1	Thacker,             	1901 Jul 22	-	1d       	Minerton            	
1142b	3-T1	Thacker,             	COMMENT: parents- H. Thacker and Ella Williams
1193a	3-T2	Thacker, Arthur D.   	1908 Jan 30	S	6m8d     	Clarion             	
1157a	3-T1	Thacker, Carl C.     	1903 Sep 04	-	2y       	Minerton            	
1166a	3-T2	Thacker, Chas. F.    	1904 Sep 06	S	5m26d    	Hawk                	
1167a	3-T2	Thacker, Dora        	1904 Apr 29	M	25y6m21d 	Clarion             	
1134a	3-T1	Thacker, Francis J.  	1901 Mar 27	W	79y2m12d 	Hawk                	
1135a	3-T1	Thacker, Geo. W.     	1900 Aug 25	M	58y5m    	Hawk                	
1129a	3-T1	Thacker, Hiram P.    	1900 Dec 02	S	25y4m16d 	Harrison            	
1149a	3-T1	Thacker, James W.    	1902 Dec 12	M	49y      	Minerton            	
1178a	3-T2	Thacker, Jane        	1905 Sep 03	M	48y6m22d 	Hawk                	
1161a	3-T2	Thacker, Jno. A.     	1905 Mar 08	M	80y4m28d 	Hamden              	
1186a	3-T2	Thacker, Joseph      	1906 Sep 15	S	2y       	Hawks               	
1187a	3-T2	Thacker, Patrick     	1906 Aug 11	S	38y14d   	Minerton            	
1164a	3-T2	Thacker, Ruth        	1905 Jan 09	M	33y1m6d  	Harrison            	
1150a	3-T1	Thacker, Sylvester   	1902 Dec 19	S	1y       	Minerton            	
1170a	3-T2	Thomas, J. M.        	1905 Apr 20	-	78y      	Hamden              	
1131a	3-T1	Thomas, Pearl B.     	1901 Jan 23	S	24y4d    	Royal               	
1132a	3-T1	Thomas, Sarah        	1900 Apr 09	M	55y8m27d 	Knox Tp.            	
1160a	3-T1	Thomason, Harold     	1904 Feb 24	S	2m10d    	McArthur            	
1177a	3-T2	Thomason, John J.    	1905 Jan 02	M	41y4m17d 	Swan                	
1177b	3-T2	Thomason, John J.    	COMMENT: death year is hard to read, could be 1905 or 6
1190a	3-T2	Thompson, Geo. W.    	1907 Dec 20	M	71y2m5d  	Hamden              	
1162a	3-T2	Thompson, John C.    	1905 Jan 20	M	52y6m26d 	Eagle Mills         	
1141a	3-T1	Thompson, Sarah J.   	1902 Jan 11	W	44y6m26d 	Swan Tp.            	
1176a	3-T2	Thorp,               	1905 Jan 26	-	stillborn	McArthur            	
1176b	3-T2	Thorp,               	COMMENT: parents- Geo. Thorp and Inez Johnson
1175a	3-T2	Thorp, Mabel         	1905 Jan 25	S	4y       	McArthur            	
1136a	3-T1	Tilton, Bessie Ellen 	1901 Aug 06	S	1y6m18d  	Eagle Tp.           	
1169a	3-T2	Tilton, Cora A.      	1905?Mar 12	M	30y6m14d 	Pike Run            	
1169b	3-T2	Tilton, Cora A.      	COMMENT: death year is hard to read, could be 1905 or 6
1181a	3-T2	Timmons, Ruth R.     	1906 Sep 08	M	36y8m8d  	Harrison            	
1180a	3-T2	Timms, Chas. W.      	1906 Nov 04	M	67y3m10d 	Dundas              	
1189a	3-T2	Tipton, Carl Edson   	1907 Oct 06	S	2m6d     	Pike Run            	
1168a	3-T2	Toney, Carrie        	1904 Aug 03	S	20y      	Wilkesville         	
1168b	3-T2	Toney, Carrie        	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
1133a	3-T1	Towell, Bridget E.   	1901 Jan 23	M	76y      	Zaleski             	
1183a	3-T2	Townsend, Mary       	1906 Feb 19	M	71y9d    	Knox                	
1140a	3-T1	Townsend, S. Henry   	1901 Jan 05	-	10m10d   	Van, O.             	
1140b	3-T1	Townsend, S. Henry   	COMMENT: parents- Allen Townsend and Louise Thorn
1139a	3-T1	Townsend, Wilson     	1901 May 29	M	42y1m11d 	Lone Star           	
1139b	3-T1	Townsend, Wilson     	COMMENT: parents- Wm. Towsend and Martha (Zena? or Dena?)
1153a	3-T1	Trainer, Mathew      	1903 Sep 15	M	22y6m10d 	Madison             	
1154a	3-T1	Trainer, Violet      	1903 Jul 11	S	9m3d     	Madison             	
1143a	3-T1	Trimmer, Anthony     	1902 Aug 06	W	88y7m16d 	Elk Tp.             	
1182a	3-T2	Triplet, Wm.         	1906 Mar 23	M	38y2m8d  	Knox                	
1158a	3-T1	Tripp,               	1903 Dec 04	S	premature	Richland            	
1158b	3-T1	Tripp,               	COMMENT: parents- _.? O. Tripp and Lizzie Livengood
1130a	3-T1	Tripp, A. C.         	1901 Dec 11	M	52y11m   	Royal               	
1128a	3-T1	Tripp, Catherine     	1900 Jan 26	W	75y11m4d 	Elk Tp.             	
1171a	3-T2	Tripp, Lucinda       	1905 Jun 10	M	53y      	Hamden              	
1144a	3-T1	Tripp, William M. K. 	1902 Dec 13	S	5m1d     	Elk Tp.             	
1188a	3-T2	Trout,               	1908 Mar 16	S	stillborn	Inghams             	
1188b	3-T2	Trout,               	COMMENT: parents- Isaac Trout and Alice Addes
1174a	3-T2	Trout, Margaret      	1905 Nov 24	M	-        	Knox                	
1138a	3-T1	Tucker,              	1901 Jul 30	-	stillborn	McArthur            	
1138b	3-T1	Tucker,              	COMMENT: parents- W. E. Tucker and Jessie Clark
1184a	3-T2	Tucker,              	1906 Aug 07	S	2m       	McArthur            	
1184b	3-T2	Tucker,              	COMMENT: parents- no father listed and Enie? Tucker
1192a	3-T2	Tucker, Susan        	1908 Feb 11	W	80y7m    	Richland            	
1148a	3-T1	Turner, Edith        	1902 Apr 02	S	11y6m    	Madison Tp.         	
1137a	3-T1	Turner, Hannah       	1902 Mar 13	-	22y6m10d 	Eagle Tp.           	
1172a	3-T2	Turner, Lydia        	1905 Apr 30	W	93y4m16d 	Jackson             	
1152a	3-T1	Turner, Mary E.      	1903 Dec 17	S	1m17d    	Allensville         	
1159a	3-T1	Turner, Mattie Jane  	1904 Feb 06	M	20d      	Swan                	
1194a	3-U1	Ullom, Jesse         	1903 Mar 16	M	74y8m10d 	McArthur, O.        	
1199a	3-V1	VanBibber, Jennie    	1907 Dec 07	M	18y2m2d  	Vinton              	
1196a	3-V1	Vanbibber, Sarah E.  	1904 Mar 26	M	78y7m7d  	Van, O.             	
1195a	3-V1	Vanderford, Julia    	1900 May 31	W	73y      	McArthur            	
1200a	3-V1	Verigan, George      	1907 Oct 11	M	68y6m26d 	Zaleski             	
1197a	3-V1	Vest, Abraham        	1907 Jan 05	M	58y5m18d 	Swan                	
1198a	3-V1	Vickers, Fay Irene   	1907 Sep 17	S	21d      	Eagle               	
1247a	3-W2	Walden, Gerta L.     	1902 Apr 21	S	1y7m2d   	(died Richland)     	
1247b	3-W2	Walden, Gerta L.     	COMMENT: parents- Chas. Walden and Hattie Eagon
1247c	3-W2	Walden, Gerta L.     	COMMENT: parents are written in 'cause of death' and 'residence' columns
1273a	3-W2	Waldron, Chas.       	1907 Jan 09	M	28y4m27d 	Richland            	
1274a	3-W2	Waldron, Hiram?      	1906 Jul 03	M	unknown  	Richland            	
1228a	3-W1	Waldron, Michael F.  	1901 Jul 13	M	32y21d   	Ox P.O.             	
1222a	3-W1	Waldron, Susana      	1902 Apr 29	M	67y      	Elk                 	
1269a	3-W2	Walker, Frank        	1906 May 19	M	52y11m8d 	Brown               	
1213a	3-W1	Walker, G. B.        	1900 Dec 09	M	21y5m29d 	Stella              	
1257a	3-W2	Walker, Isabell      	1905 Mar 05	W	78y11m26d	Stella              	
1264a	3-W2	Walker, Lyndall      	1905 Nov 15	S	2y9m15d  	Elk Fork            	
1212a	3-W1	Walker, W. M.        	1900 Oct 14	M	69y6m25d 	Stella              	
1260a	3-W2	Wallace, Amanda      	1905 Jan 02	M	60y12d   	Richland            	
1224a	3-W1	Wallace, Eleanor     	1901 Dec 03	M	57y4m6d  	Harrison Tp.        	
1237a	3-W1	Waller, Howard E.    	1903 Sep 21	S	1y1m3d   	Richland            	
1204a	3-W1	Walter, Zachariah    	1900 Feb 13	W	82y2m3d  	Hamden              	
1207a	3-W1	Walters,             	1900 Dec 07	S	-        	Elk Tp.             	
1207b	3-W1	Walters,             	COMMENT: parents- Bert Walters and Mary Ullom
1279a	3-W3	Ward, Alexander      	1907 Nov 07	M	75y      	New Plymouth        	
1280a	3-W3	Ward, Chas.          	1907 Jun 28	S	8y6m11d  	Hamden              	
1271a	3-W2	Ward, Chas. O.       	1906 Aug 21	S	26y3m14d 	McArthur            	
1209a	3-W1	Ward, Faithful R.    	1900 Apr 23	W	79y4m16d 	Harrison            	
1265a	3-W2	Ward, Rachel         	1905 Aug 10	M	73y8m5d  	Dundas              	
1251a	3-W2	Ward, William U.     	1902 Nov 06	M	34y8m14d 	New Plymouth        	
1262a	3-W2	Warner, Effie B.     	1904 Oct 10	S	19y      	Vinton              	
1242a	3-W2	Warner, Ella M.      	1902 Oct 14	M	29y8m8d  	Wilkesville         	
1239a	3-W1	Warren, Mary Jane    	1904 Feb 18	M	76y6m    	McArthur            	
1240a	3-W1	Warth, Gertie        	1903 Aug 03	S	20y      	Chillicothe         	
1205a	3-W1	Waugh, Minnie        	1901 Jan 13	M	24y3m4d  	Elk Tp.             	
1253a	3-W2	Waxler, Fenton R.    	1905 Mar 24	S	4m       	McArthur            	
1216a	3-W1	Weaver, Nellie B.    	1901 Mar 08	S	11y6m26d 	Richland            	
1258a	3-W2	Webb, Edna           	1905 Mar 27	S	4m7d     	Zaleski             	
1226a	3-W1	Webb, Ralph          	1901 Aug 28	S	1y1m1d   	Madison Tp.         	
1288a	3-W3	Webb, Robert Edison  	1907 Jul 18	S	9m       	Radcliff            	
1270a	3-W2	Weed, Elmer Elsworth 	1906 Nov 12	S	73y19d   	Brown               	
1278a	3-W3	Weed, Mary           	1907 Jun 24	M	23y3m11d 	Hope                	
1243a	3-W2	Weise, Mary E.       	1903 Mar 01	S	2m14d    	Radcliff, O.        	
1238a	3-W1	Weisenbarger,        	1903 Sep 20	S	3d       	McArthur            	
1238b	3-W1	Weisenbarger,        	COMMENT: parents- A. Weisenbarger and Allie Cannon?
1254a	3-W2	Weisenberger, Frank  	1905 Feb 10	S	39y10m15d	McArthur            	
1244a	3-W2	Welden, Lydia        	1903 Jan 03	S	4y9m12d  	Radcliff, O.        	
1229a	3-W1	Wells, Daniel Booth  	1902 Mar 24	M	74y20d   	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1230a	3-W1	Wells, Esther        	1901 Jul 15	M	46y8m23d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1277a	3-W2	Wells, Prudence      	1906 Dec 03	S	76y16d   	Wilkesville         	
1255a	3-W2	Wescoat, Hannah      	1904 Nov 29	W	73y2m25d 	McArthur            	
1225a	3-W1	Wescoat, Hazel       	1901 Jun 08	S	8y2m10d  	Jackson Tp.         	
1285a	3-W3	Wescoat, Nancy H.?   	1907 Aug 03	M	67y28d   	McArthur            	
1214a	3-W1	Wescott, Edna B.     	1900 Dec 06	S	15y10m10d	Royal               	
1221a	3-W1	West, Levi           	1901 Sep 16	M	56y7m14d 	McArthur            	
1235a	3-W1	West, Nancy M.       	1903 Apr 05	M	46y4m18d 	Knox                	
1201a	3-W1	Weston,              	1900 Nov 25	S	3m23d    	Hamden              	
1201b	3-W1	Weston,              	COMMENT: parents- Edward Weston and Mariah Ratcliff
1256a	3-W2	Weston, Edith        	1905 Mar 04	S	5y       	McArthur            	
1281a	3-W3	Weston, Florence     	1907 Jun 28	S	8y8m4d   	Hamden              	
1202a	3-W1	Weston, Mariah       	1900 Nov 01	M	28y5m24d 	Hamden              	
1231a	3-W1	Wharf, Leota Bell    	1903 Sep 02	M	31y4m12d 	Swan                	
1263a	3-W2	White,               	1905 Aug 18	S	5d       	Hamden              	
1263b	3-W2	White,               	COMMENT: parents- T.? S. White and Bertha Higgens
1241a	3-W2	White, Charles L.    	1902 Jun 01	M	61y8m28d 	McArthur, O.        	
1286a	3-W3	White, Grace         	1907 Aug 24	S	3y5m15d  	Vinton              	
1234a	3-W1	White, Harriet J.    	1903 Apr 26	M	51y5m26d 	Starr               	
1259a	3-W2	Whitlatch, Flora     	1904 Jun 05	M	21y      	Prattsville         	
1227a	3-W1	Whitlatch, Minnie    	1902 Mar 03	W	74y11m11d	Madison Tp.         	
1203a	3-W1	Wilbur, Mariah       	1900 Sep 19	S	19y10m5d 	Hamden              	
1252a	3-W2	Wilbur, Sylvester    	1904 Oct 09	M	73y2m25d 	Vinton Co.          	
1210a	3-W1	Wilcox, A. M.        	1901 Feb 09	W	82y20d?  	Harrison            	
1245a	3-W2	Wilcox, Florence     	1902 Nov 29	S	9y11m    	Alice, O.           	
1282a	3-W3	Wilkinson, John      	1907 -   - 	S	62y10m24d	Pike Run            	
1272a	3-W2	Will, Jacob S.       	1907 Jan 28	M	69y7m1d  	McArthur            	
1287a	3-W3	Will, Jacob S.       	1907 Jan 29	M	-        	McArthur            	
1283a	3-W3	Williams, Ida        	1908 Feb 18	M	29y9m6d  	Hamden              	
1275a	3-W2	Williams, John W.    	1906 Oct 12	M	72y9m22d 	Swan                	
1284a	3-W3	Williams, Lottie?    	1907 May 06	M	33y      	Hamden              	
1276a	3-W2	Williams, Nannie     	1906 Aug 27	S	26y2m28d 	Alice               	
1248a	3-W2	Wilson, Clarence     	1902 Jul 17	S	17y      	Zaleski, O.         	
1248b	3-W2	Wilson, Clarence     	COMMENT: death date may be Jul 17 or Jul 14, hard to read
1246a	3-W2	Wilson, Delilah      	1902 Sep 11	M	59y7m24d 	New Plymouth        	
1215a	3-W1	Wilson, George W.    	1900 Nov 10	M	63y1m    	Zaleski             	
1211a	3-W1	Wine, Harley C.      	1901 Oct 10	S	10m10d   	Sant                	
1232a	3-W1	Winget, Michael      	1904 Jan 04	M	77y10m6d 	Madison             	
1233a	3-W1	Winget, Myra         	1903 Dec 12	S	22y8m2d  	Madison             	
1220a	3-W1	Witherspoon, M. R.   	1901 Feb 15	-	3m       	Swan                	
1208a	3-W1	Wolf, Edward         	1900 Oct 17	W	81y10d   	McArthur            	
1249a	3-W2	Wolf, Loyd A.        	1903 Jan 06	S	1y2m     	Pike Run            	
1223a	3-W1	Wolf, Pauline        	1902 Feb 04	-	90y      	McArthur            	
1267a	3-W2	Wolfe, Elizabeth     	1905 Aug 24	W	92y10m   	Zaleski             	
1217a	3-W1	Woltz, Eva Jane      	1900 Jul 07	S	16y11m7d 	Richland            	
1268a	3-W2	Wood, Ira            	1906 Feb 19	W	78y8m4d  	Wilkesville         	
1218a	3-W1	Woodman, Isaac V.    	1900 Nov 25	M	48y3m7d  	Richland            	
1250a	3-W2	Woolweaver, Mary E.  	1902 Dec 24	W	-        	Dundas              	
1219a	3-W1	Wortman, Harrison    	1901 Apr 06	W	67y8m21d 	Richland            	
1236a	3-W1	Wyatt, Edna Opal     	1904 Mar 07	S	1m4d     	Richland            	
1261a	3-W2	Wyatt, Mary J.       	1905 Jan 26	W	68y3m13d 	Richland            	
1206a	3-W1	Wyckoff, George      	1900 May 08	M	41y11m14d	Elk Tp.             	
1266a	3-W2	Wymer, Wilson P.     	1905 Nov 18	W	52y      	Zaleski             	
1290a	3-Y1	Young, Emma B.       	1907 Jul 28	S	3y2d     	Hamden              	
1289a	3-Y1	Young, Joseph        	1901 Jul 24	M	74y11m2d 	Bolens Mills        	
1289b	3-Y1	Young, Joseph        	COMMENT: parents- Fred Young and Fanny Huffman
1291a	3-Z1	Zeigler,             	1900 Jul 07	S	-        	Richland            	
1291b	3-Z1	Zeigler,             	COMMENT: parents- _. R. Zeigler and Cora Bell Sands
1293a	3-Z1	Zervis, George W.    	1905 Mar 12	S	20y2m2d  	Hamden              	
1292a	3-Z1	Zimmerman, Susan J.  	1904 Mar 18	M	70y4m16d 	Vinton Co.          	
1294a	3-Z1	Zinn, John           	1906 Nov 12	W	58y4m13d 	Radcliff            	

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