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Post card transcription, punctuation as written; sent by Myrtle

Postmarked June 5 1912, Yorkshire, Ohio            Addressed to Mrs Zulo Stemen
June 5 1912 baby weighs 7 lbs                            Grover Hill, Ohio
Dear cousin Zulo Got your letter, Got up last Sat AM so stout I couldn’t wear my clothes hardly.
I have a sweet little girl looks like Cecil. Her name is Treva. Cecil just loves her Cecil is so fat you
wouldn’t know him. I would love to see you I will send money or bring it to you. I haven’t forgot it yet.
I don’t know whether I will get to come this summer or not. I may. My baby is so small I will have to
keep her out of the hot sun. You come if you can. Ma says hello. Charley is well.
Goodbye with love from M, little Cecil and sister
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