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Pioneer Families of Van Wert Co., Ohio

(Settled in Van Wert County between 1 Jan 1861 to 31 Dec 1880)

Inductions in November 2008 and November 2009

Member: Lois A. Snouffer Certificate #59
Hiram James TOPE Willshire Twp. 1870
Levi TOPE Willshire Twp. 1870
Sarah DAVIS TOPE Willishire Twp. 1870

Membeer: Jeffrey Eugene Perry Certificate #60
Ridge Twp. 1880
Eliza J. GIBSON PERRY Ridge Twp. 1880
Oliver PERRY Ridge Twp. 1880

Member: Angela K. Landis Dixon Certificate #61
Alexander Peter FOUST Hoaglin Twp. 1880
Susan JENKINS FOUST Hoaglin Twp. 1880
John Walter FOUST Hoaglin Twp. 1880

Member: Valerie Lynn Landis Rusk Certificate # 62
Alexander Peter FOUST HoaglinTwp. 1869
Susan JENKINS FOUST Hoaglin Twp. 1880
John Walter FOUST Hoaglin Twp. 1880

Member: Ralph Snyder Certificate # 63
Amelia SPRAW SNYDER Jennings Twp. 1869
George F. SNYDER Jennings Twp. 1869

Member: Ariel Renee Thomas-Masih Certificate # 64
David McCOLLUM Van Wert 1880
james Mounty McCOLLUM Van Wert 1880
Elizabeth Jane MOUNTS McCOLLUM Van Wert 1878
Jonas WOODS Harrison Twp. 1870
William WOODS Harrison Twp. 1870
Mary Elizabeth  FOSSE WOODS Harrison Twp. 1870
William Vernon WOODS Harrison Twp. 1879
George W. HOWELL Harrison Twp. 1861
Ruth Ann HOWELL Harrison Twp. 1870
Nancy LOWERY HOWELL Harrison Twp. 1870
Orley Josiah SHEETS Harrison Twp. 1879

Member: Esther Jean Foust Lyons Certificate # 65
John Walter FOUST Hoaglin Twp. 1880
Peter Alexander FOUST Hoaglin Twp. 1880
Susannah JENKINS FOUST Hoaglin Twp. 1873

Member: Isabella Harrison Truax Certificate # 66
William Edgar GLOSSETTE Lincoln Twp. 1870
George GLOSSETTE Lincoln Twp. 1869
Clara Bell BALL GLOSSETTE Lincoln Twp. 1879

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Posted: 6 February 2010

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