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Early Reminiscences - Miscellaneous


Transcription contributed by Martie Callihan 2 March 2005


The History of Warren County Ohio
Part IV Township Histories
Hamilton Township by Horace Clinton
(Chicago, IL: W. H. Beers Co, 1882; reprint, Mt. Vernon, IN: Windmill Publications, 1992)


The following, copied from the original receipts, will show the rate of early taxes. Walker then paid taxes on 1,100 acres of land:
Received of Saml B. Walker sixty cents, it being in full of his County tax for the year 1805. JAMES MIRANDA.
Received of Saml B. Walker the sum of Two dollars and twenty-six cents, being in full of his State tax for the year 1805. I say received by me.

The following is a "verbatim'' copy of a rather remarkable document found among the papers of the late Samuel B. Walker, viz. :
Resolution of the Grand Jury for them to meet at the time of adjournment or otherwise to be obliged to pay one-half pint of whisky viz, to come in proper order to do business and not to be intoxicated, otherwise they shall be obliged to pay four half pints of whisky.

February Term 1811. Resolution of the Grand Jury of Warren County.
Resolved that they will meet according to the time they appointed to meet according to adjournment, or if not, to be obliged to pay one-half pint of whisky, each one who does not meet against the time agreed upon, and if any person, who is a Juror as aforesaid shall attend intoxicated, he shall be entitled to pay the sum of fifty cents. Also we resolve that all drink that is brought in for the use of us the Jurors aforesaid shall be equally divided, or in other words each Juror pay his part of the same. And we do agree to adjourn to ten o'clock to-morrow. Absent Jacob Barker and Joseph Mounts. Resolved also that we will appoint John Craft a moderator during the time the Jury sit.

Among the early records of the township we find the following :
Taken up, by John Gillis, a black heifer rising two years old. Appraised to $2.75 by Robt Shields and Hugh McCullough—Dec 22d 1814.
Taken up by John Cramer a sorrel horse Colt supposed to be one year old past. Appraised to $7.00 by Thos Spence and Jacob Morgan. Jany 27th 1816.
Taken up by Saml W. Spence six stray Sheep. Appraised to |4.50, by Saml B Walker and George Shields—Dec 4th 1829.

The following, copied from the original, will show the form of marriage license sixty years ago:
THE STATE OF OHIO, Warren County, ss
License is hereby granted unto Samuel Anderson and Judith Clinton to be joined in marriage agreeable to the law of the State of Ohio, entitled "An act regulating marriages." Therefore, any Justice of the Peace, or Minister of the gospel legally authorized, may join the said Samuel Anderson and Judith Clinton in marriage, agreeable to said law, provided always that there is no legal objection.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the Court of Common Pleas at Lebanon, the 24th day of April, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty.

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