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Collected Portraits from The History of Warren County


Arne H Trelvik 6 November 2005


The History of Warren County Ohio
(Chicago, IL: W. H. Beers Co, 1882; reprint, Mt. Vernon, IN: Windmill Publications, 1992)

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James Bowyer
(page 563)
David Brown
(page 385)
William Butterworth
(page 583)
Charles F. Chapman
(page 315)
Frederick Cline
(page 638)
R. M. Cox
(page 602)
S. R. Crane
(page 265)
John E. Dey
(page 295)
Henry Dilatush
(page 225)
John Drake
(page 346)
Davis Furnas
(page 246)
David Graham
(page 305)
S. B. Greely
(page 574)
S. S. Haines
(page 211)
I. H. Harris
(page 187)
Samuel Harris
(page 396)
W. H. Heighway
(page 483)
Alfred Holbrook
(page 170)
William Hollcroft
(page 494
Jabez Hollingsworth
(page 443)
Thomas P. Hutchinson
(page 425)

WIlliam Jackson
(page 619)

Mahlon T. Janney
(page 554)
Nathan Keever
(page 416)
T. C. Kersey, M. D.
(page 255)
J. W. Keys
(page 134)
W. C. Lewis
(page 275)
Joseph Lukens
(page 503)
Salathiel Lukens
(page 514)
John T. Mardis
(page 434)
A. G. McBurney
(page 151)
John Morris
(page 543)
Jeremiah Morrow
(page 115)
Job Mullin
(page 326)
John N. Oswald
(page 474)
James Perrine
(page 376)
John Perrine
(page 365)
Thomas Rich
(page 523)
Jonathan Sherwood
(page 534)
Isaac K. Steddom
(page 235
Aaron Stephens
(page 463)
J. L. Stephens
(page 454)
Benjamin A. Stokes
(page 205)
William Swank
(page 676)
Mrs. Eleanor Thompson
(page 656)
John L. Thompson
(page 655)
A. Voorhis
(page 693)
T. M. Wales
(page 286)
Aron Wilson
(page 335)
D. M. Worley
(page 405)
(page 355)
(page 356)

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