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Jeffery Family History

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John Jeffery
On the 7th of January 1728 was born in what is now Ocean Co., New Jersey, John Jeffery, with whom this narrative begins. He was the son of Francis and Mary Jeffery, the date and place of whose birth is not at hand. His wife was Elizabeth Irons, daughter of James and Deborah Irons, and was born April 23, 1737. The children were:

James born August 6, 1760
John born March 18, 1763
Charity born October 23, 1765
Jacob born August 23, 1768
William born April 20, 1771
Jesse born October 14, 1773
Elizabeth born July 31, 1776
Francis born July 12, 1779
Deborah born February 14, 1782

Mrs. John Jeffery died October 29, 1808.

Francis Jeffery, sixth son and eighth child of John and Elizabeth Irons Jeffery was born in what is now Ocean County, New Jersey, July 12, 1779. He married Eleanor Irons, daughter of Garrett and Esther Irons, who was born January 19, 1785. In the autumn of 1816 he emigrated west and located in Turtle Creek Township, Warren County, Ohio. The following is the record of the family:

Garrett I. born June 6, 1804 married Ann McCray
John born March 17, 1806, died November 24, 1869
Samuel born March 27, 1808 married twice
Esther born May 24, 1810 married Henry Sherwood, died May 20, 1863
Elizabeth born December 13, 1812 married Jonathan Sherwood died April 3, 1851
Sarah born May 11, 1815 died July 13, 1873
Francis born November 9, 1817 married three times
Eleanor born January 31, 1820 died November 28, 1858
James born February 14, 1822 married Sidney Berry
Mary born June 16, 1824 died December 10, 1843
Jacob born August 26, 1827 married Frances Blake [Jacob was a civil war soldier and was buried in Old Section Lot 86 at Lebanon Cemetery]
William born November 23, 1829 married Rhoda J. Warwick

Samuel Jeffery, third child of Francis and Eleanor Irons Jeffery, is one of Warren County’s most substantial and highly esteemed citizens. He was born in what is now Ocean Co., N. J., March 27, 1808, and came to Ohio with his family when he was eight years old. The early pioneer subscription school furnished his only opportunities for learning, with the exception of such leisure hours as occasionally fell to the lot of an active, industrious farmer’s boy. This time was regarded as valuable, and young Jeffery, possessed of an earnest desire for knowledge, improved it in study and reading. When nineteen years of age he found himself very fairly qualified to take charge of the common school. This proved a congenial employment, and engaged his attention, either for the whole or part of the time, for some twelve years.

On July 15, 1830, he married Miss Jane Hathaway, who was born in Warren County, October 10, 1809. The children of this marriage were:

Benjamin born January 24, 1832
Margaret E. born June 8, 1833
Martha A. born October 25, 1836
Polly H. born July 24, 1838
Abram born June 15, 1842
Naomi A. born December 22, 1845
S. Frank born July 17, 1847
Horace born July 27, 1849

Benjamin and Abram served in the War of the Rebellion in Co. A 79th O.V.I. Abram died in the hospital at Frankfort, Ky., October 29, 1862. Benjamin was wounded at the battle of Resaca, and died from the results of his wound, in the hospital at Nashville, Tenn., July 1863.
The death of these promising young men was a great affection to the family. Their remains were brought home and interred in the Lebanon Cemetery.

Margaret married Charles Lewis, August 17, 1853. Children:
Sylvana A. born November 2m 1854
Mary A. born April 20, 1856
Addie V. born April 26, 1857
Margaret J, born July 22, 1859
William B. born January 14, 1865
Charles K. born November 2, 1867
Horace W. born July 27, 1871

Martha married John Graham, December 31, 1857, by Rev J.H. Cotter. Their children were:
Jennie born December 22, 1858
William S. born December 23, 1861
Maggie S. born July 5, 1865
Nollie E. born December 4, 1870 died January 5, 1872

Polly married John Hathaway, June 13, 1861. Children:
Charles L. born April 4, 1862
Mary A. born September 29, 1863
Mattie M. born March 12, 1870
Harry O. born August 16, 1872 died June 16, 1873
Unnamed Infant died in March 1864

Naomi married Smith Hatfield.

S. Frank married Emma Blake.
Mrs. Jeffery died May 31, 1863, leaving a husband and two young children.

Mrs. Samuel Jeffery died August 9, 1849, leaving an infant son twelve days old. In religious belief and profession she was a Presbyterian. For some twelve years previous to her death she suffered from poor health. She was consistent, conscientious Christian woman and died rejoicing in the redeeming grace. She was beloved by a large circle of acquaintances.

In October 1850, Mr. Jeffery married a second wife in the person of Miss Mary Jane Kersey, a native of Lebanon, Ohio, born October 10, 1818. One son resulted from this Union:
Howard born February 28, 1858
This second companion died November 24, 1870. She was an exemplary member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and a noble woman, whose life gave evidence of the genuineness of her profession. [Note: Her maiden name was Chamberlain. Her 1st marriage was to Henry Kersey on 3 Feb 1842]

Mr. Jeffery is nearly sixty-seven years of age, but has never been seriously ill, and has never had occasion for a prescription from a physician, a very remarkable circumstance. With the exception of a long and prominent connection with the educational interest of his Township, he has never held any public office, thought often solicited to do so. His Life has been one of quiet retirement upon his farm. He has been very busy industrious and frugal and during a residence in the county for over half a century, by his inflexible integrity, accommodating sprit, and genial manners, he has earned that confidence and esteem which he now enjoys. For a man who has spent his life upon the soil he has been a great reader. He possesses an excellent Judgment, a cultivated taste, and a very warm and sympathetic nature, and feels very sensibly his afflictions in the loss of his companions and sons, and he cannot allude to these bereavements without betraying strong emotion.

Captain Francis Jeffery, fourth son and seventh child of Francis and Eleanor Jeffery, already noticed was born in Warren Co., Ohio, November 9, 1817. The first twenty-one years of his life were spent upon a farm, with such meager facilities for learning as the primitive schools of the county could afford. When he became of age he paid more attention to study, and having qualified himself for a teacher, engaged for some eight years in teaching. He has thrice married, first to Polly D. daughter of Abraham and Margaret Hathaway, on January 3, 1841. This companion died February 22, 1843, having been the mother of one daughter Linda, who died February 7, 1843. Mrs. Jeffery was an estimable woman, and died as she lived, in the hope of the Christian.
The second wife was Sarah, a sister of the first, and was married December 11, 1845. The children were:

J. Milton born October 3, 1846 married Hattie Chamberlain, May 29, 1872, died October 5, 1873.
Mary A. born March 25, 1848
Silban W. born December 12, 1849
Letetia E. born October 18, 1851 married Eli L. Campbell May 18, 1855
Ephraim R. born October 21, 1853
Gely L. born August 8, 1855
Viola A. born August 29, 1860.

Mrs. Jeffery died March 28, 1867. She ably filled her place in the family circle, and was an active Christian.
On the 24th of February 1869, Mr. Jeffery became the husband of Mrs. Olive Lambert, daughter of George W. and Susan L. Carter.
Demand has been made upon Mr. Jeffery’s services in a number of offices of public trust. For many years he was Township Trustee, and for twelve years Justice of the Peace. He is also a Notary Public. While the late war was raging he led a company from Warren County to aid in the repulse of Morgan, who was menacing Camp Dennison, at Cincinnati. Mr. Jeffery is a modest man, very quiet and unassuming, but is known as one of the substantial citizens of the county.

Original Article by Vivian Combs Moon
Vivian Combs Moon
1 October 2003 

Descendants of Eugene Albert Jeffery

Generation No. 1

1. EUGENE ALBERT1 JEFFERY was born December 14, 1873 in WARREN CO., OH., and died November 13, 1961 in WARREN CO., OH.. He married LOLA BESSIE SMITH July 21, 1909 in WARREN CO., OHIO, daughter of AARON SMITH and MARTHA SMITH. She was born April 23, 1891 in WARREN CO., OH., and died September 15, 1945 in WARREN CO., OH..

Children of EUGENE JEFFERY and LOLA SMITH are:
2. v. ALBERT AARON JEFFERY, b. March 08, 1918, Oregonia, Warren County, Oh.; d. July 31, 1998, North Bethesda Hospital, Cincinnati, Oh..

Original Article by Dallas Bogan
Dallas Bogan
23 September 2006 

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