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Rachel Kinder/Funk Letter dated 30 May 1901

John Walker & Larry Schnorf on 4 May 2005
Transcription by John Walker added 23 August 2005
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The Funk Letter dated 30 May 1901

Ladoga,Ind. May 30,1901

My Dear Brother

Your Letter received and I suppose you have one from me are? this time in regard to the Chambers corrispondance your first enquiry of Jacob Schnorf Sr. and his wife Mary Kinder Schnorf,they settled on a farm in Warren Co. and a short distance south of the old village of Red Lion and about the same distance from Shaker Village,they are both burried on the same farm,also Isaac a son.Jacob died in 1827,the wife in 1832,I well remmember of seeing her burried.I took these dates from the tombstones a few years ago when I visited the place.

Their children were John,I don't think I can be sure of his wife's maiden name,Jacob married Rachel Cook,Mary married William Anderson,Rosanna married Peter Wintrode,Margaret married Mathias Corwin,Isaac married Jane Hormel(correction=Jane Rigg),Catharine married William Coffeen,Abram,I can't remember who he married(he mar.Mary Branch),Sarah never was married.George and Sarah lived and died on the home place.I can remember of being at all their houses in my younger days and after I was married it was John's daughter Elizabeth that married John McClung and also his daughter Euphamia married Joseph McClung,the McClungs were cousins.

I have perhaps not writen these names in tious?as they were born but I know John was the oldest and our grandfather was among the oldest I know mother had cousins older than she was,some of John's sons and some of the Andersons.I know Abram,Isaac,George,and Sarah were the four youngest.Isaac died a middle age man and left seven children.They are all dead but one,the rest all lived to old age.You will remember of my speaking of the anual feast held on the old homstead.Bon? speak of our Grandmother Mrs? Kinder not coming to Ohio until 1818,they came in 1800,our father was just about one year old and I know aunt Nancy and Polly were.

Parents of Eliza Schnorf Kinder

Jacob Schnorf was born in Pennsylvania June 15 1782.emigrated to Ohio Warren Co. and in 1832 to Fountain Co.Ind died(and is burried) a few mile south of Covington,died Nov.11,1862 was in the war of 1812 was in Hulle surrender always grew indignant when talking of the surrender said there was no need of it.

Rachel Cook,wife of Jacob Schnorf was daughter of Able and Catharine Bailey Cook was born Jan 1788 died May 6 1851 is burried by her husband,to them were born eleven children Eliza, Cyntha,Amanda,Ann,Charity,Narcissa,Rachel,Mary,Aurthur,Hannah and Martha .Rachel died in childhood,most lived past middle age.Eliza,the oldest outlived all the rest.

Parents of Jacob Schnorf

Jacob Schnorf was born in Germany(Switzerland?),emigrated to Pennsylvania later to Warren Co. Ohio near Shaker Village,lived to very old age,died in 1827 also Mary Kinder,his wife died in 1832,both burried on the farm entered from Government now owned by strangers.To this union were born ten children:Mary Elizabeth,Rosannah"Rosetta",John C.,Kathryn,Jacob,Isaac,Abraham,Margaret,George,and

Sarah remained unmarried,all the rest had large families all lived to old age.?-was regular caston? to meet once a year(in Autum) to hold feast-now called reunions,met at the homestead only decendents were there in the last few years.More than a hundred were present,prizes were given to those who had added to the number during the past year,which generally consisted of full set of wooden ware made by the host.They did not go with loaded baskets as at the present time but all was bountifuly provided for by host and hostests and consisted of roast meats and fowl vegetables,eggs,pickles,home made cheese,bread and butter,pies,doughnuts and cookies,coffee and milk,fruit and custard for desert,all wore homespun clothes gathered will will grapes and nuts,Oh what a happy family.

The writer of this scetch being one of the number a few times being the oldest great grand child.

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