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Descendants of Jacob Schnorf to the 4th Generation by Kay S. Palmer
["Hans" (Johannes)Jakob* Schnorf /Snuff]
Acknowledgement: 90% of Schnorf history that is out there to be gleaned, came from Dr. Erik Conard. Even the LDS got early information from him. A retired college professor who has invested most of his life doing this work.
  1. "Descendants of Jacob Schnorf to the 4th Generation" prepared by Kay S. Palmer added 11 May 2005. Kay writes,
    "Dr. Erik Conard has credit for the majority of this research. His dedicated efforts over the last 40 years to compile this material are astounding." (forwarded to us by John Walker on 9 May 2005)
  2. Schnorf/Snorf/Snuff History (in red) submitted by Larry B. Schnorf on 4 May 2005
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"The Descendants of Jacob Schnorf to the 4th Generation " by Kay S. Palmer contains 1,578 descendants and 1,453 source citations. In order to preserve the formating in the original rtf type document (superscripts, tabs, etc.) and reduce the download time, it has been converted into a seperate pdf type document for each generations plus a 5th document for the endnotes. (You will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to view these files.)
Generation 1 (pdf) Generation 2 (pdf) Generation 3 (pdf) Generation 4 (pdf) Endnotes (pdf)

Schnorf/Snorf/Snuff are all spelling variations of our Family name. The oldest known Schnorf (in this country) was Hans Jacob Schnorf. Often confused with his poss. Dad from Switz. We are linked directly to his blood line & this book will show pictures & other information for these links. I have photo’s of all our tombstones (My Line) except for Old Jake & Mary. We have not found his. Jake & Mary & at least one Child are buried on his Home Place. I have located this place & walked it several times. Have found where I think the general location of the home was. However our history states the family cemetery was destroyed sometime near the late 1800’s. We do need to prove old Jakes date of birth in that the date that is recorded in Switz. (when he left there) does not line up with the date we have recorded on old Jake landing in this country. A two year gap there. They show he was born March 17, 1741 or 1742 they just can not be sure from the writing if it is a 1 or a 2. On this side we have absolutely nothing on his date of birth, not one known record. What we do have is a Toledo Ohio crime lab expert whom Brandon Schnorf employed to compare Jake’s signature from his Will to his signature from the Ship Chance passenger list. His comments were “ I have never seen two signatures of the same person so identical, yet written with such a long period of years intervening”. So we do know our Jake is this Jake. We do not know our Jake is the same Jake that links us to Switz. We think so but need to prove this point. If so we have our Family recorded back into the 1300’s. Hope all enjoy this info. & hope there will be more to follow (God Willing).

At the time of this writing we have over 2 thousand people in our data base & over 1,600 are directly related. Have been getting new info. Monthly.

Note Dr. Erik Conard is & always will be the owner of this info. He has labored throughout his adult life getting us this info. Thank You Mr. Erik Conard & Mr. Allen Schnorf also is owed much credit for this info. The rest of us to a lesser degree have been & will continue working this Good History!

Larry Blaine Schnorf
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