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Jabaez Turner (12 Nov 1817 - 17 Jul 1861)

Debee Mancz-Bush on 10 April 2005 - an 8th generation Warren Countian
Original Manuscript by Debee Mancz-Bush
  • I have the Turner line all the way back to 1712.
  • I also have information on Eleanor Edwards, the wife of Jabaez Turner
  • I also have found some major incorrect spellings of my family name Thoma it was changed to Thomas in the birth records for the children.
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Jabaez Turner was the son of William Turner and Edith Thompson married 8 Sep 1814
They lived in Springfield MM,Guilford/Wilkes County, North Carolina.

William Turner was born 4 Dec 1790 and died in Indiana
Edith Thompson was born on 11 Feb 1788 and died 1875 [estitmate]

Their children were

  1. Hannah Turner born 6 Nov 1815, married David Hadley
  2. Jabaez Turner born 12 Nov 1817; married Eleanor C. Edwards 1 Jul 1841
  3. Daniel Turner born about 1818 [can not find anything on him]
  4. David H. Turner born 11 Sep 1819 married Cerelda Manwarren
  5. Eliza Jane Turner born 26 Jan 1822; married John D. Edwards (brother of Eleanor C. Edwards) Eliza Jane died in 1857.
  6. William P. Turner born 1 Mar 1824; died 1848
  7. Jesse T. Turner born 6 Nov 1826; died 1901 [He had several wives].

They all lived in Ohio around Waynesville, Massie Township, Clinton County. The farm Jabaez and Eleanor lived on is now part of Caesar Creek or I should say under it.

Jabaez and Eleanor Turner's children were:

  1. Edwin C. Turner born 1842; died 1862 [he also served in the Civil War]
  2. Eliza A. Turner born 1845; married John Vandervoort
  3. Martha J. Turner born 1847; married David Edwards who was the son of John D. and Eliza Jane Edwards.
  4. Albert I. Turner born 1850; died young of disease [Grandpa told me this].
  5. Emma Butterworth Turner born 15 Jun 1856; married David Samuel Parlett on 31 Mar 1886.
    [Emma is Debee Mancz-Bush's great great Grandmother]
    1. Emma's infant son in the Warren County births name was Albert Parlett born 1886 died 1886

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