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Warren County Local History by Dallas Bogan

A Glimpse At Warren County School News In 1930

Dallas Bogan on 23 July 2004
Dallas Bogan, Warren County, Ohio and Beyond (Bowie Maryland:Heritage Press, 1979) page 50
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Inserted into The Western Star April 24, 1930, was news from several local schools. The writer at this time will try to bring back the happenings of yesteryear.

Ridge School

An "Easter Egg Hunt" was given on the preceding Friday afternoon, which proved to be a very exciting affair. The teacher furnished a gold and silver egg for each division. Virgil Jackson found the gold and Louise Drake the silver in the upper section, while in the lower Berneda Morgan the gold and Donald Armour the silver. After the hunt the children were treated in the school. The first graders were given baskets filled with chicken and eggs and the upper grades chocolate bunnies. Jimmie Cochran and Emmor Bailey, Jr., visited the school on the previous Friday, so that they might get their diphtheria test. Miss Dorothy Corwin and her niece, Pollyana Ayers, visited the school the previous Friday. Only one pupil failed to secure a "blue bird" seal the past week.

South Lebanon School

An honor roll list for the fifth semester was handed out which included: second grade; Elsie McIntosh, Kenneth Allen, Richard Doughman, Junior Smith, Phyllis Galbreath, Louise Hammiel. Third grade; William Collier, Willie Adams, Elsie Herald, and Verna Gabbard. Fourth grade; Glen Smith. Fifth grade; Edra Rowland, Estel Allen, Albert Frye. An orchestra was organized and played for the first time on the preceding Wednesday afternoon with Miss Helen Stevens as the director. The instruments included nine violins, three cornets, one clarinet, and piano. Miss Delma Wells of Columbus was a visitor to room V on Monday, visiting Miss Velma Gose. The South Lebanon grade baseball team played the Marienville team on the preceding Friday at Marienville, the latter being the victors by the score of 8 to 6.

Hart School

The "Reds" were losers to the "Blues" in the Health Contest. In consequence, the "Blues" were treated to an Easter party. Those on the Red team were: Arabella Rainey, Ruth Brown, Farrie Slusher, Ellen Miller, June Rainey, Edwin Miller, Darrell Thompson, Homer Slusher, and Lawrence Edginton. Edwin Miller was in charge of the entertainment and planned many interesting games, one in which was carrying hard-boiled eggs on a tablespoon to a basket. Della Slusher was the winner. Arabella Rainey was in charge of the eats and with help from the other girls, home made candy, sandwiches and popcorn was served. Each child was left a candy bunny by the Easter bunny. The school board had their regular meeting at the school Friday past. New equipment was checked, which consisted of new buff adjustable blinds, as well as paper towels and holder, dictionary shelf, stereographs, reading glass, and thermometer.

Merrittstown School

Marjorie McClure went home with Miss Foster to stay all night Saturday in order to go to church at 6:30 a.m. Eileen Earnhart burned a large blister in the palm of her right hand the previous Saturday. The honor roll included: Eileen Surface, Mary Surface, Maurice McClure, Leslie Rothman, Billy Clark, and Opal Downing.
The previous week found all the students spending one afternoon in the woods picking flowers and playing games. Helpers for the week were Virginia Surface and Marjorie McClure. The preceding Friday found the students having an egg hunt in the schoolyard. After the hunt each student had a basket of Easter candy. The perfect attendance roll for the two previous weeks were: Maurice McClure, Leslie Rothman, Arthur Phillips, Victor Earnhart, Robert McKeever, Leslie Earnhart, Harold Sears, Betty Clark, Eileen Earnhart, Ada Kendricks, Eileen Surface, and Marjorie McCluure.

Morrow School

The following students were on the honor roll for the fifth and sixth weeks test. They were: Alberta Parker, 85.5; Ruth Emma Stack, 97; and Romona Hizar, 96. Winners of the third and fourth grade geography test were the third graders. Those receiving 100 in spelling the previous week were: Miriam Achterman, Patricia Bennington, Eda Brown, Jane Easley, Ruth Hofer, Clyde Lee Conner, and Erle Miranda. Morrow high school won their third straight baseball game by defeating Waynesville the preceding Friday by the score of 16-2. B. Thompson had a perfect batting showing and Milton Marlatt had three hits in four at bats. Loretta Whitacre left the Bethesda Hospital the previous Saturday, and she was expected to be back in school in a few weeks.

Western Row School

Benny Downing was introduced to the students of the third grade as a new pupil, which set the enrollment for the school at 42. Those who received 100 in spelling for the week were: Lydia Dumford, Evelyn Bates, Harry Dumford, Albert Barnes and Harold Dumford. The county nurse made a visit to the school and found the children to be in good health. A visit from the music teacher found all the students excelling with good grades. Mamie Whitsel was absent from school on account of sickness.

Lick School

A visit from the County nurse found the students to be in good health. A practice of the first graders was that when they received good grades in spelling, they wrote it in their spelling books, which they have made. Emma May Bercaw visited the school in hopes she would be a student the following year. Some of the girls brought violets for the teacher and arranged them on her desk. An interest in baseball has caused several automobiles to stop and watch the students play.

Foster School

Plans for the Closing Day Program were in place for May 17, at 1:30. A basket dinner was the usual feature of the forenoon. The following list of students who had not been absent or tardy during the whole school term were: Vivian Rhodes, Mary E. Begley, Mildred Rhodes, Rema Gose, Ruth Mastio, Dortha Haney, Elmo Testerman and Eugene Maag.
The snake season was once again started. The pupils captured one the preceding Wednesday.
The honor roll for the past six weeks was: eighth grade, Rema Gose; seventh grade, Elmo Testerman; sixth grade, Richard Juterbock; fifth grade, Mildred Rhodes and Edith Gose; fourth grade, Rachel Brenner; third grade, Adolph Leder; second grade, Walter Perry; first grade, Glen Reynolds.
The teacher's desk was adorned with wild flowers that the children had brought.

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